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My Story - My Bike Was Stolen And Geico Canceled My Policy
By -

I had a 2004 Honda Crf250r dirt bike. My wife insured this bike on June 18, 2009 with Geico Indemnity Company. It was made perfectly clear from day one that my bike was used for racing. There was no problem at the time. The premium was paid via credit card.

On June 19, 2009 my dirt bike was stolen out of my garage. I received a correspondence letter stating they were sorry about my loss and an adjuster would be in contact with me. No such event happened. I received a phone call to schedule an appointment with Geico's private investigation unit agent. As I expected Geico launched an investigation.

A private detective came to my home to administer an audio affidavit. I cooperated with the utmost politeness. After this I received several correspondence letters stating that they were going to cancel my insurance policy. As an intelligent person, I thought duh the bike is stolen. What caught my attention was the reason. This is a direct quote from the correspondence letter: "We consider anyone who uses their vehicle for racing as voluntarily taking an obvious risk. This type of activity is contrary to our conservative underwriting guidelines and is inconsistent with our business and economic purpose. Therefore, we will be unable to continue your policy."

I thought to myself, "Wow what a statement!" Here is a company that pumps millions of dollars into Geico Powersports racing team for advertising with their name plastered all over the bikes. It's not like I insured my bike and myself for personal injury even though I do have 12,500/25,000 bodily injury liability on the policy. I only wanted it insured for theft and fire.

Now that I have a claim, Geico says they don't insure customers that race! What!? That would be like Honda saying, “Hey public, we put our names all over these motorcycles so you can buy one." But when you call Honda to purchase one of their motorcycles, guess what, Honda only sells bicycles and roller skates. This is a classic case of false advertising. Now eight weeks later I have scheduled on August 27, 2009 an examination under oath with Geico's attorneys.

Now it's personal. Geico has made me feel like a criminal and not a victim. Not only have they made me feel like a criminal, but an incompetent one by suggesting that I have stolen my own bike the very next day that I had it insured. I am cooperating as much as I can with the utmost politeness and courtesy, but it is getting very hard to put on a polite face.

Today is August 28, 2009 - My wife and I completed our Examination Under Oath that was scheduled for Aug. 27, 2009 at 10am. My wife, god bless her, decided that she was going to go first. The attorney kept us apart so they could verify our story. I gave her all the evidence and paperwork including the police reports obtained from the Columbus Police Department of the criminal activity surrounding our time of theft. I could hear slightly some of the questions that were being asked, but the sound was muffled. The room was surrounded by glass sectioned walls on two sides.

There was a scratched etching approximately eye level when you sat down outside of the room. From a seated position you could see everyone's feet and the chair legs, but you could not see the torso of the people occupying the room. Since the glass walls were sectioned, it allowed a 1/4 inch gap in between the sections. Unfortunately, I could not hear everything that was being asked, but I could hear when my wife was getting a little evasive with her answers because she would increase her voice to a new decibel level.

It took approximately one hour for the attorney to conclude his questioning with my wife. She came out of the room with a look of mental despair. It had seemed at first glance that all of the knowledge that she had in her brain was sucked out with a vacuum cleaner. Now it was my turn.

Before I proceeded into the room I decided to ask the attorney a few questions... off the record. I asked, "Is Geico still entertaining the idea of paying this claim?" His response was "I don't think they would have taken it this far if they were not." I then asked him, again off the record, "if Geico can cancel my policy due to the vehicle being used for racing, can they deny this claim on the same principle? Is my time being wasted today?"

I then proceeded to show him my cancellation notice. He looked it over and told me that Geico still kept some of my money. So they have to provide services that have been already paid for. If they gave me a complete refund then it would be a different story.

As of today, my wife saw on our credit card statement only a prorated credit refund. So the fact still remains in my own option the policy was in effect as of 12am on June 19, 2009. I tossed around the idea of just bailing and withdrawing the claim. I looked at my wife who had the look of defeat spread all over her face. I couldn't bear it. It is not about the money anymore. It's about the principle. I was not about to let a huge gorilla of a corporation bully this hardworking family. I proceeded through the glass doors and was sworn in.

Now I am not going to go on and on about every question that was asked. I can tell you that every aspect of our lives were investigated. The questions ranged from my relationship with my wife and how we met to very specific details regarding the theft of my Honda dirt bike.

It was grueling, tricky and exhausting. I was short and to the point with my answers. Only yes or no and I can only speculate were my favorite phrases used. Oh yes, and wife even threw in the Geico sponsoring the Honda Powersports team statement. She said the attorney had a smirk on his face when she said it. It was priceless. That's right. These big shot attorneys are not dealing with an average couple. This average couple knows how to do a little research of their own.

After the questions were concluded I was told that this attorney's office will forward all the examination notes and their review to Geico. We will have approximately 2 weeks before they make a decision. I was thinking at the time, "Humph! Where have I heard that statement before. Oh ya, that's right. I heard that statement before when the private investigator left my house after I took the audio affidavit." The only decision I got in the mail was a correspondence letter stating that I have to schedule an Examination Under Oath with GEICO's attorney.

I took a business card from the stenographer and was told that I could have a copy of the notes at a nominal fee. Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't even know how much it is yet, but I am thinking the nominal fee may not be so nominal. I am going to let the two weeks pass and see what happens. I will update this review as I receive the information.

I will let you know how things come together or unfold as this story comes to a closing. Let me know if I have a story at all. If you want some good research, just Google Geico reviews; it's very interesting to see what people have to say. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Trying To Buy Back My Recovered Stolen Motorcycle
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- My V-Rod was stolen. Geico paid me at about same time bike was recovered and I want to buy it back. One time I was told I would be the first chance to buy it back - then was told could buy back at auction. Now being told cannot buy it back because I cashed their check. Insurance representative was in Dallas, Tx and adjuster in Des Moines Office.

Exercise in patience
By -

Took 3 weeks to get proof of insurance sent to California. Paperwork was improperly filed. Repeatedly told the matter was handled when it had not been. I will never use this company again.

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