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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- I've seen Genie's products for a long time and they really looked comfortable. In Dec. of 2012 I had my right eye amputated. As a reward for having the courage to go through with it I decided because I needed bras that I would watch the infomercial and order bras. Then I saw the Cami and the leggings. At this time I was almost blind, needed more surgery and shopping was extremely difficult. When I placed my order it came to a lot more than I could afford at one time. I explained to the sales Rep that I had my Social Security check directly deposited to a debit card and would it be a problem to pay it in three payments. She assured me it was fine, no problem.

I waited from Jan 3rd and 3 weeks into Feb. I received a letter telling me that my order could not be processed because of the debit card. Now I was determined and not too bright and still blind. I called in a smaller order on March 9th, called to make sure it was processed, it was. The order was for 109.41. At the beginning of April, my balance didn't add up and there was a transaction for 153.91 from Camilla shaper aka Genie. They decided that they didn't charge me enough, put the 109.41 back into my account and kept hitting my account until there was enough money in my account to put it through. When I found this out, I called the customer service department.

To me, if you take money from a customer's account and they don't agree or even know, you are a thief. They did offer to refund 30.00 back to my account but I wasn't going to let what they called a little mistake go and wanted corporate's number - they will not give it to you. I have searched all over the web and I think that I might have a lead. It is now April 10th. I can't get my money back because they claim that they shipped it out 2 days ago. The bright side is that I'm no longer blind and I can hunt that number down.

Cheap and Poorly Manufactured
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Rating: 1/51

After over a month I finally received my Genie bras. I was extremely upset at the poor quality and fit. The bottom of the bra curled up and didn't lay flat against your body. I called Fingerhut and complained, but didn't get anywhere. I never read reviews, and now I'm kicking myself. I could've gone to a thrift store and got a cheaper and better quality bra. Maybe I'll shop there next.

Don't Buy Genie Bra From TV Ad.
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WALLINGFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Do not be tempted at 2 am by watching TV when nothing else is on but ads to buy a Genie Bra! It takes 2 months to send them. You are charged $25.00 for shipping and your bill, without you realizing it, becomes $85.00, which you can never get back because you can't get them on the phone. They finally said they would refund me $59.00 if I returned them. They make their money on the shipping cost. The Chinese makers charge them about a dollar to produce the worthless pieces of rubber. I am so mad.

TriStar is the holding company that sells tons of TV products. I am going to give these away but will never stop warning people of anything TriStar or Genie Bra produces. The warnings are all over the internet. I didn't do my homework, obviously. I'm cancelling my credit card too, all because I couldn't sleep one night and bought something easily purchased at Walmart for 90% less.

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After hearing 1st hand how bad the bras are I tried to cancel my order 30 minutes after ordering. I was told I had to wait 24 hours. I then tried the next day and was told the system was down. I tried an hour later and I was told it shipped. I find it amazing they shipped in less than 24 hours. Ladies don't do it, don't order the Genie Bra. You will not be allowed to cancel the order.

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