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Unjust Late Fees, Overcharges and Unauthorized Charges
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As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. Without my consent, Chase Manhattan Bank started billing my account a monthly fee for fraud service. I repeatedly disputed this in writing and over the phone to their customer service. They would add this fee after my statement so I would not send enough money then credit it and charge me $35.00 late fees and extra finance charges. I have tried for 15 months to resolve and correct my account. I closed the account after I was harassed on the phone and held for a hour and forced to pay $68.00 I did not owe.

I continue to call and even sent a registered letter to: ** or whom it may concern at Office of the President, Attention: Mail Stop - 2500 Westfield Dr. Elgin, IL. 60123 as customer service rep advised with listed transaction dates and details as a last resort to collect unjust late fees, overcharges and unauthorized charges to my account. I feel Chase customer service reps are stalling and making excuses waiting for legal time limits to expire. As a resolution, I would like the following:

I would like the total amount of over, unjust and unauthorized charges of $226.98 refunded to me as listed below. I would like to see Chase Manhattan Bank stop this practice of adding unauthorized charges to customers' accounts and not following through and researching customer disputes in a timely manner. It should not be legal to use this as a means to increase their profits.

Unjust Late Payments:
01/2004-$35.00 03/2004-$35.00 04/2004-$35.00
10/2004-$35.00 11/2004-$35.00 02/2004-$15.00
03/2004 - $15.00 Charged Totals = $ 205.00

Unjustified Finance Charges:
01/2004-$2.00 03/2004-$2.00 04/2004-$2.00
10/2004-$2.00 11/2004-$2.00 02/2004-$1.00
03/2004-$1.00 Over Charged Totals = $ 12.00

Unauthorized Fraud Detector Withdrawals:
03/2004-$1.99 04/2004-27.97 04/2004-$7.99
06/2004-$7.99 07/2004 $7.99 01/2005-23.97

Unauthorized Charges Total = $ 57.92

Unauthorized Fraud Detector Credits:
07/2004-$23.97 08/2004-$7.99
08/2004-$7.99 08/2004

Charges Credited Back Total = $ 47.94
$ 226.98 Total Amount should be Refeunded

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

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