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Cannot Trust Anybody Starting With the Owner
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- We bought LG Dishwasher from Gerhard's Appliances on Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia PA on July 29, 2016. It was installed on Sunday 31 and we tried it on August 1st for our first wash. Results were absolutely awful! Tines on upper rack will not hold if anything put against it. Dishes came out dirty and wet. We tried heavy duty cycle and extra drying - same results and it took over 3 hrs.

My wife called store next day, because in the warranty says we can return within 7 days with 20% of restocking fee. But since it was not something that was wrong with the machine - they needed to initiate a service call. We were assured that since everything logged in within 7 days we will not have problem with it. I had to take off work to wait for serviceman Pete. He came in on Tuesday, Aug. 9th.

We explain the situation and he didn't even look too much (spend total of 15 min, just unscrewed kickboard). He said they would need to replace motor (to clean dishes), heating element (to dry dishes) and upper shelf and that will not guarantee for machine to work right. So, I told him that we were not willing to go through all this for brand new machine. He said he understand and he will write everything in the report. He didn't show me the report and didn't ask to sign which was odd but I figured this is their rules.

The same evening we went back to the store and pick different dishwasher (double the price of LG) and after explaining situation to salesperson (Ed) he said should be no problem and he will call us with the date of exchange. But next day we received call from service manager (Diane) who said she understand that we want to replace dishwasher and to expect call from salesperson. We didn't get call next day and call back ourselves.

Ed told us that serviceman said there is nothing wrong with the machine and he, Ed, send e-mail to an owner of the store Rich Gerhard to make a decision because it is out of his hand. I was taken aback and confused, so I called service to find out what exactly did they said.

I spoke to service supervisor Diane, who told me that she doesn't know what Pete (serviceman) told me, she could only go by what written in the report that there are no problems with the machine but she can talk to him to check if he made a mistake, but only next day because he is in the field. When I asked if she could get in touch with him on phone she responded: “We can call our servicemen if they're in somebody's house. Would you like him to take phone call when he is in your house?” I said that he did take a call while in my house but I didn't make a big deal of it.

After going back and forth she told me she will try to get in touch with Pete and call me. Nobody called me so before they were closed (about 20 min till 5 pm) I called again. After being on hold for 10 min, representative told me that supervisor on another line but she will call me back. I ask if that going to be today because it was close to five and she assured me that she will call anyway. Of course nobody called. Nobody called from the store either and when my wife stop by, ED (salesman) told her he didn't hear anything from the owner and that we should give him call tomorrow if we will not hear from him.

Next day (Fri, Aug. 12) I was waiting until 2 o'clock from any calls and then called service. I spoke to Diane again and she told me she spoke to Pete and he said that he put everything in the report. I asked what was in the report and she said that it says that there was nothing wrong with the machine and everything was repairable. I was confused: If there nothing was wrong with the machine, what was repairable? She didn't have an answer. I asked her to e-mail me report but she said she could only do it by mail even though Pete had tablet with him. I asked her to mail it me asap, but I will not hold my breath.

My wife called the owner Rich Gerhard after 3pm. The conversation was highly unprofessional and rude. First he said he doesn't know anything about our issue but he can't help us anyway. He could send his head serviceman Richard. He then switched my wife to his assistant who was even worse than him. She said we cannot return anything since it was over 7 days and when my wife said that was not what she was told she said there is nothing she could do.

My wife ask Rich back on the phone and he screamed at her that she makes his staff nervous, that she has too much time on her hands, that he saw service report and they are covered. He will not authorize return and we can do whatever we want with that dishwasher.

Horrendous Customer Service/ Handy Men
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Rating: 1/51

GLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA -- This place is a joke and so are the people that work there. Been waiting on a part for my stove for over 1.5 yrs. Glad I didn't hold my breath. Our fridge made this awful noise for the 4th time so instead went with a local guy. Turns out Gerhard's put in the wrong motor and rigged it with electrical tape to keep it there. Pathetic.

Horrible Customer Service. Avoid!
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Rating: 1/51

GLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Oh. Where to begin? If I could select more than one category of complaint, I would have many to choose from. We bought from them based on their promise of superior customer service. We have never seen them make good on that promise.

At first when we purchased an approx. $2,000 Frigidaire Professional Refrigerator, it was delivered with a mal-fitting freezer handle. Six months later and countless service visits later, we had to keep hounding them to repair it, install a proper one, or in any other way get a handle on our freezer. At every turn we felt treated as a bother and no exceptional customer service was given to us to make us happy. EVENTUALLY we got a handle. As I said, about SIX MONTHS after delivery after CONSTANT pressure on them.

Now a year-and-a-half into our extended warranty they sold us on, our ice maker stopped working. Six repair visits later, still no ice maker. Most recently, they sent out their "top guy" Mark, who diagnosed it as a bad solenoid or something like that. He said it should take 2 weeks to order. Three weeks later, no call. I called in, and mysteriously the part had arrived that same day.

We scheduled a service date (again, our 5th or 6th one!!!) and when Mark arrived he did NOT have a solenoid, what he had was a standard water filter that anyone can purchase at a Home Depot. When I asked him how this could happen, he claimed he didn't even remember being at our house 3 weeks prior. Eventually his memory started to return and he said he would have to get back to us. I calmly told him that I have had enough and that they really need to get their act together. He said he would do just that, and hung up on me, huffed to my wife and left our house.

I have spoken about a dozen times with the head of customer service, Sonja, who speaks a good game but has never delivered. Most recently I told her I wanted to speak with a Gerhard or anyone with a financial interest in this business and she said I could mail a letter but that he probably wouldn't get it. She then said, "give me one more chance to make it right." Bob (I believe) who was head of service called me, I missed his call, and now have returned his call numerous times in the past 2 weeks, asking him to call me. No avail.

My wife and I have NEVER encountered such a company. We want to do everything possible to protect other consumers from making our mistake and dealing with this company. A quick check of web-based review sites will show that we are certainly not alone in this experience. Please help us protect others!

Gerhard's - Buyer Beware
By -

GLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Having purchased thousands of dollars of appliances from Gerhard's for a kitchen renovation, 3 of the appliances have stopped working within two months of their being installed. The customer service people are the WORST that I have ever encountered ANYWHERE. They are unhelpful, rude and one told me that "Gerhard's just sells the appliances, they're not responsible for how they work." And, boy, did she ever mean it. Even the owners, particularly, Gerry Gerhard, is not willing to take responsibility for the goods that he sold and profited from. GO ANYWHERE ELSE TO BUY YOUR APPLIANCES - this is simply the worst vendor around.

Warning: Tried To Delivery Appliances Never Ordered
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DOYLESTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Having recently moved one of our first priorities was a complete kitchen makeover. After the contractors completed the work we decided on all new stainless ultra high-end appliances. Gerhard's was having a sale so we went to look and get pricing. The sales person was very polite & professional. We found a few appliances of interest but being this was the first store we shopped, we were not ready to commit and order. We wanted to shop & compare.

The sales person explained that in order to lock in the sales price, she would have to write it up. This way the price would be honored but would require no deposit or commitment from us. We agreed just so we could have the price in writing should we decide to order.

Fast forward. We found a much better price at another dealer and purchased there. About two weeks later Gerhard's delivery truck pulls into our driveway with over $10k of appliances that we "ordered". Delivery was refused. Ten minutes later the sales person is calling, wanting to know why I didn't accept the order. I went ballistic and gave her a real ear job. This is a horrible greedy business practice, trying to force the customer to take delivery of an order that was never made so they can make a sale. Buyer beware.

Terrible Service and Not Standing Behind Their Product
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Rating: 1/51

GLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We bought an air-conditioner from Gerhard's Appliance which was broken when it was installed by a professional. Gerhard's said it was the manufacturer's problem but reluctantly sent out one of their techs without giving us a new air-conditioner. Tech agreed it was broken and sent out another air-conditioner which was also broken.

Gerhard's did not want to be responsible for this and wanted to charge us for delivery of a third air-conditioner. We gave up and went to Home Depot. No communication between staff, rudeness, and not standing behind their product. They wanted us to deal with the manufacturer even though the product was broke when we got it from them. Never going back!

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