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Can't Read Court Documents Correctly
By -

OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON -- So I applied for a job and was informed that I would have to have a background check done. So after waiting 2 weeks with no word about the job, I get a copy of the background check that they performed in the mail. In the county criminal section I had 2 misdemeanors for driving on a suspended license, yes very stupid on my part. Went to the arraignments on both of them was sentenced and started a payment plan. Well I missed the last couple of payments on those tickets. Yes once again stupid on my part. So 2 FTAs (failure to appear) were issued because of the missed payments, it just meant that the tickets were sent to collections on 04/24/07 and 01/08/08.

Well on the copy it read that on those dates FTA warrants were issued, so I called the courts to make sure and they confirmed only FTAs were issued no warrants. Both courts gave me copies of the court dockets, and I called the company and asked what to do. The guy I was speaking with said I needed to dispute it, but then proceeded to tell me that it would be a waste of both of our times if I had warrants and he asked "Are you positive you have no warrants?" I told him I had the court documents to prove it. He told me I had to fax them. He told me that it would at best the dispute would be resolved in 10 business days but that it could take up to 30 days.

I asked the court clerk why it would say that in my records, she informed me it doesn't. A lot of the time what happens is the person or people performing the background checks don't read the court documents correctly. I read in some magazine that this company was like number 13 on the list of the best employer screening companies. How can a company be in the top 20 on that list and not be able to read a court document?

Mistaken For Sex Offender
By -

I applied for employment at the Kroger Grocery Store, located in Staunton, VA. I have a Law Enforcement Background and have NEVER been arrested. Kroger has General Information Services (GIS) perform pre-employment background checks. As an Officer I conducted background checks, and GIS made an unprofessional mistake. GIS, HAD ALL MY CORRECT INFORMATION and then assumed I was an individual on the Virginia Sex Offender registry.

I lost the opportunity for employment as Kroger and GIS would not communicate. After e-mails to GIS and KROGER stating I was getting an ATTORNEY, contacted the press, and contacting the Better Business Bureau, GIS did confirm their mistake. Kroger has never replied!

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