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Failed at All Agreements and Promises
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Rating: 1/51

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- I was in credit card debt and was looking for a debt consolidation loan in order to lower my payments and keep my excellent credit so when I received advertising from Global Client Solutions (AKA Finance Solutions) pitching a consolidation loan it got my interest. When I called GCS and spoke to Mr. Luis ** he informed me that I was not eligible for the loan consolidation program but that he had a much better program to pay off my debts much quicker.

He put together a plan where GCS would negotiate with 5 of my credit cards and arrange reduced payoff within 24 months, but probably sooner and most likely less money. The deal was to pay through GCS $2133.00 per month for 24 months and after the plan was complete my credit score would jump back up quickly. The end result is that it is 24 months later, during which I boosted my payments to $2400 per month which was requested by GCS, and I still owe 2 credit cards over $18,000.

I asked Mr. Luis ** how they were going to now help me boost my credit score and they sent me a letter that I had fulfilled GCS program which neither of the three credit reporting agencies care about. GCS took their money out of my account upfront so of course they have been paid.

I know I cannot do anything to correct this, it is my fault for falling for this deceitful plan but I want to help you not fall into this trap. They failed at everything they were supposed to accomplish, they failed at the 24 month payoff, they failed at the amount from the original agreement by over $22,000, and they failed to help bring my credit score back up. Total fail!

A Company Specializing in Fraudulent Practice
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Rating: 1/51

TULSA OKLAHOMA, OKLAHOMA -- I signed on with the company Global Client Solutions. I thought all would be well but after paying 1500 US dollars I was informed by the attorney they were to hire that the firm was not at all paid and I was out my money. I got nothing but became a victim of fraud by this company. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! DO NOT BE THEIR NEXT VICTIM.

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TULSA, CALIFORNIA -- The short story: They said they could reduce and pay off my debt, and that I do not have the resources to do it myself. They took $4500 from me and then put that money to over $3000 worth of fees, leaving me no money to pay my lenders. They never made a payment to any of my lenders, and my lenders offered me better settlement offers than Global Client Solutions.

Two of my lenders outright refused to deal with them, because they thought they were crooked. Now I have no money to accept the offers, and I could have paid two of them off with the money I gave GCS. Oh, yeah, now they are refusing to refund my money, even though they never even provided a service.

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