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Avoid Global Net Warehouse!
By -

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- In May 2005, as a result of a telemarketing phone call from a Dustin, I signed up for Global Netwarehouse. I don't remember there being a start-up fee -- I do remember a web hosting fee of $19.95 a month for your initial website. I had just had a bad experience with another similar company which was supposed to have a whole website of products for you to market on eBay -- that company was Online Supplier.

I was charged $29.00 a month for Online Supplier on my credit card and when someone actually bought something on eBay, I could not get anything to work to get the item shipped. Needless to say, I canceled Online Supplier immediately. Dustin claimed to have somehow gotten my name and contact info from Online Supplier. Maybe they are somehow part of the same company?!

As a result of a follow-up phone call from David, I then signed up for the premium marketing plan at that time, which was $9,999.00 and was going to give me 400,000 banner ads for my Global Net Warehouse website, and I assumed those would be on 400,000 websites. The $9,999.00 was split over 2 credit cards -- one for $4,999, the other for $5,000.

I had just gotten my credit cards paid off, and I was needing them to keep my landlord business afloat. I have been struggling with bad tenants, bad management company, and was and have been going deeper and deeper into debt, just trying to keep up with all the maintenance and repair issues of being a landlord. I wanted Global Net Warehouse to provide me with some additional income.

I never got a dime from Global Net Warehouse -- nada, nothing. I called and called, and finally got them to waive the monthly website hosting fee. They kept putting it off when my so-called marketing plan was going to start, finally saying it was supposed to have started Christmas 2005.

I asked until I was blue in the face, "is there anyway that I can independently verify you are doing what you say you are doing with this website?" I kept asking if there was anything I could do to market my site -- no, David and Steve kept saying -- just let our marketing plan do the work.

In March 2006, David called, said that I should have been updating my site every month with new products (he NEVER told me that!), that this would somehow keep the links fresh in google (?), and he talked me into jumpstarting my site for another $2,000. I started to ask my same questions and realized I was getting nowhere. I did a reverse charge on my credit card, which David tried to talk me out of doing that.

In July 2006, I unequivocally asked Global Net Warehouse to cancel my website. Sometime in fall 2006, I got several answering machine messages from a Mr. ** from Global Net Warehouse. He wanted me to sign up for some higher level of website, he said that google had changed its program, that's why their so-called marketing program did not work anymore(!). I never responded to Mr. **. Then in January and February 2007, I started to get charged the $19.95 for web hosting from them!

I immediately disputed these charges with my credit card company, and sent Global Net Warehouse a demand letter, asking for a full refund of my $9,999.00. I sent this letter by certified mail, return receipt requested, and return receipt was signed by Steve.

After receiving the February 2007 charge, I sent them another certified letter, which they refused. I hired a Tempe Arizona process server to deliver this letter to their last known address, 225 West University Drive, Tempe, Arizona. The process server said that they are basically located in a boiler room, and it is just a telemarketing operation! They also claimed that Global Net Warehouse has not been located at that address for 2 months, and that someone there would give my letter to management. Also note that Steve's email ** has had lots of bounce backs lately. His email box is apparently too full. This company has not responded to my emails.

I am very interested in being a part of a class action suit against this company or whoever is involved in this scam. They had until April 17, 2007, to refund my money, and they have not responded at all. I also plan on filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau, my congressional delegation from Arizona and Wisconsin, the Arizona Attorney General's office, all websites similar to, and to even set up my own website to warn others about this company or other similar scams. I feel sad that other people have also had problems. I feel angry that dishonest scam artists like Global Net Warehouse are out there, preying on people.

Global Net Warehouse Scammed Us of $7,000
By -

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- In May 2006, I, opened a web store with Global Net Warehouse. The company promised a web store with 10,000 products. After purchasing the web store we were promised an advertising coach. Well, supposedly our coach had food poisoning for two days and then got bit by a brown recluse spider. We loved how the store looked and were satisfied with the look. After opening the store, the company set me up with an advertising coach, **, who was working on putting together an advertising proposal in the amount of $6,500 for my store

The coach told my wife that they needed our account information to be put on the proposal and that when the proposal and authorization letter was signed by us they would then draft out the money for a year of advertisement costs. She gave them our account information over the phone after they assured her that the money would not be drafted until we signed the authorization form that was being faxed over with the proposal. After I received the proposal I never signed the authorization form but tried to get in touch with the coach to ask questions about the proposal, in which my call was never returned.

Three days later $6,500 was drafted from my bank account, unauthorized. When I tried to call the company and speak to my coach about this manner I was told that the coach was out sick with food poisoning. Customer service manager, ** said that they didn't know about the $6,500 dollars and I would have to speak to my coach, who was out sick. Two days later I called back and then I was told that the coach was bit by a Brown Recluse Spider and would be facing surgery that week.

At this point I knew the company was lying and demanded $6,500 to be immediately sent back to me, they refused, the customer service manager claimed that the authorization was signed and I was stuck in a 1 year contract with advertising. When I asked to speak to another manager I was refused. I was refused the names of any other managers, my refund, and was told to stop calling, and hung up on- on several occasions. I closed the bank account - it was drafted out of to make sure they couldn't take anything more.

After three weeks of phone calls, the General Manager, **, finally called and I was told I would receive a refund for the amount $6,500. From there I was told to speak to the General Manager **. Shaun promised a refund within 30 days. Since June, I still have not received my refund. After calling several times wondering where the refund was, I spoke to the customer service manager, again and taped the phone call with the manager stating it would take 10 – 14 more days for the refund, this was July 5th. The refund was never received.

When I called back I spoke to the Assistant General Manager, again who said he would call me back after he found out what happened to the refund. Within 5 min. I was called back by the customer service manager and was told to stop calling because it's harassment and they had other customers to cater to.

A week later the company had Robert in customer service, to call and promise that the money had been sent out and that the tracking number would be available within 2 days. When I called in for the tracking number, know one could give one to me, I asked them how it had been shipped out, no one knew.. Since then, no one in the company will return my messages and no one will give a status or confirmation of it being sent out. I was finally able to get a hold Shaun again and was told to speak to the accounting department, I was told by the customer service manager, Steve that he would not let me speak to the accounting department for any reason.

To this day the company still has not returned our refund; in addition the company has cancelled our web store with no prior warning, even though the $399.00 was a signed contract for 1 year. We have decided to sue Global Net Warehouse in the amount of $6,500 for the advertisement cost, $399.00 for the web store. In addition, we have notified the Better Business Bureau and also the Federal Trades Commission.

Just so you know, the whole time the company has had our $6,500 NO MARKETING WAS EVER DONE and now our website is closed......WHY? Because they are a huge scam. In order to make the public aware we are contacting many media outlets such as local news papers in Tempe AZ and Phoenix AZ and local News channels to help spread the word so that this company cannot do this anymore. I am sure that when the company reads this they will know exactly who published this I am the one who has called several times a day Since May wondering where our refund is.

Please be aware of this company and other companies that are running similar scams. Please check the Better Business Bureau before paying any company or even giving them an account number. And please spread the word the Global Net Warehouse is a big scam.

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