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GMAC Broke my heart
By -

My heart is honestly just broken. Thanks to GMAC. In 2007 I was involved in an auto accident. It was the fault of the drunk driver. My husband and I thought in at least regards to the car we owned we would be alright. When we bought our car with GMAC we were told about the GAP insurance.

GAP insurance is a special insurance that if something bad happens like the car gets totaled it will be paid off in full. The drunk driver caused me to become 100% disabled I will never walk again and I am now in a Wheelchair. GMAC sounded great very supportive at the time and we thought they were on our side all the way. Gap insurance paid off our car so again we thought.

My husband worked two jobs for the past two years to buy a home that is all one level because our home is up stairs down stairs. We ran our credit and WOW BANK. We learned that it took Gap almost 6 yes six months to complete the payoff. We were never contacted EVER but on our credit it shows 6 late payments or 6 times late 30 days.

So we called GMAC again and again we got no-place. No remember our car was paid off the account closed and they still would not help even when we were able to show them all of the thank you for your business letters from them and the supportive letters they had sent. All I wanted was for them to change the listing on our credit to say paid as agreed. Being in this darn chair has been so very hard y'all. I became sad and for the most part withdrawn. I as a wife just honestly wanted to be able to sleep next to my husband in the same room.

We did finally get the loan for the ground floor house with disability access but we got it at a much higher interest rate and a higher payment all because of one single account. Word to the wise if you are ever late on a payment Joe Blow is better than GMAC. A national company and if you have the Gap insurance PLEASE PLEASE call your lender no matter what and ask them if you are in good standing. Do not wait or listen to them say everything is alright especially if you are hurt.

They are trying to I guess be helpful as in "don't worry get better" but the person who calls and tells you this might not be the person who is looking at your loan or making sure that your payments are being processed with GAP or by you yourself. ALSO PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. The man who hit me was given 90 days in jail and he lost the privilege to drive his car for one year.

I got a lifetime in a Wheelchair with spinal cord damage. I will never walk again. I will never drive again. I will never be able to dance with my husband again or walk and rock my grandchildren when they are hurt or cry. So please for the love of GOD (DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE).

GMAC Lease Scam! Bogus end of lease charges
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I leased a 2006 Hummer from GMAC. In May of 2009 my lease was up and I followed the procedures that GMAC gave me to turn in my vehicle. I had never had a late payment or missed a payment and if fact turned the vehicle in under my allotted miles. When I took the vehicle to the dealership to turn it in both myself and an employee of the dealership walked around the vehicle and did a visual inspection. The car had no exterior damage to it. I left the keys with the dealership and went home.

About a week later I get a letter from GMAC saying that they had done an inspection of my Hummer and that it had some dents in the hood and I owed the $273.90. I immediately notified GMAC and indicated that I was disputing any claim of damage to the vehicle. They referred me to their asset recovery team to look into this dispute. In the mean time I looked at the pictures of this so called damage that their inspector took and could not notice any damage. A short time later I was told that the Asset recovery program had made a determination that the money was still owed. What a Joke!

I immediately told them that I wanted to have an independent inspection done of the vehicle and have this dispute handled through the proper legal channels because I disagree with the findings. I was told that the vehicle was already sold at auction and that I could not inspect it. I was also then told that if I did not pay this amount then it would be turned over to collection and then credit bureau if I didn't pay what they said. Again I told them I did not agree that damage has occurred and wanted this to proceed through the proper legal channels.

Of course I have not heard from them since except for months of harassing phone calls from two separate collection agencies. They even called my work place! Mind you I have owned may GMAC products in my life, turned the car in with never a missed or late payment, and I have had perfect credit my whole life. Well it has now come to my attention that GMAC has reported this to the credit bureau as bad debt and I now have credit card companies that I have had for years with never a late payment and in fact with zero balances cancelling my credit. My credit has been ruined by this scam.

I have seen that many other have the same horror stories have and can not believe that GMAC after all its problems practices business like this, especially with such a good customer. No wonder they are in trouble. I will never buy another GMAC product nor will the rest of my very large family. I hope that $273 scam was worth it. Further after seeing many other people with very similar complaints about GMAC bogus end of lease charges I have decided to gather as many people as frustrated as I about the business practice of GMAC bogus lease charges and initiate a class action lawsuit against the company for fraudulent business practices.

I have already filed complaints with the state's attorney general office and the Better Business Bureau I encourage you to do the same. I am sure that there are thousands of individuals who have just paid these charges even knowing that they are not owed in fear of having what happened to me happen to them. I want to put a stop to this. If you are interested in joining my fight please email me at **.

Horrible Horrible Horrible
By -

This extravaganza began back in September 2009. I made my lease payment on, like I do every month. Typically an email confirmation is sent a minute, or up to a few hours after making payment. On this day, I received an email 24 hours after payment that read: "Your payment did not go through, please make your payment now."

After reading the email, I had to make another payment. I made the same payment on the website, and received an email 2 days later that read: "Do not make payment to your account. Your payment has gone through, technological difficulties, yadda yadda..." Well, as of that moment both payments went through, and made my bank account negative, and I was hit with overdraft charges up the wazoo.

I called GMAC who's customer service is located in India and the Philippines. They said I can be reimbursed if I send them an account statement. They gave me their fax number, and the statement was sent. I waited a week, no phone calls, no letter, NOTHING. I called a second time, they gave me another fax number to send it to, a number that was completely different from the first. I again, faxed it, and waited a week. And NOTHING. I called a third time, now pissed, going off on the borderline English speaking so called customer service representative who informed me I WILL receive a phone call after my statement was received and looked over.

I decided to wait 2 weeks this time, thinking there was something they had to really search for in my statement. Maybe looking for Waldo? I dunno. No phone calls, no nothing. At this time my bank account was still negative, and I could not make the next month's payment. I had to save enough to bring my account back up to status and my payment was 30 days passed due, which now shows and affects my credit score. I had called again numerous times, and they kept saying "it is being reviewed".

At this time, I no longer even wanted my reimbursement back, I was just so livid about the whole situation, I had asked customer service to kindly take the discrepancy on my credit off, they AGREED they can do it, and will fax me an account detail that I could send to the creditor to take my passed due problem off. I received the information the next day, but to my surprise it was another GMAC account holder's information, not mine! Someone who had my first name, but that was it! I now have in my hands a woman's account #, address, telephone #, and few other personal credit details.

I called and complained, and they sent me my correct information, BUT, according to the customer service manager, they are unable to take a passed due problem on my credit. My lease is up in that time, I will be getting a vehicle by another maker, and pray their customer service reps are in AMERICA. I do not recommend using their online site for making payments anymore. THANKS **!

GMAC is the most unorganized, dishonest, shameful, money hungry financial company, no wonder they're bankrupt!
By -

I would like to start off by saying that my problems with GMAC in the first few months I financed with them. I received a loan for a Pontiac G6 with my first payment due on January 30th 2008. In June of 2008 is when the problems began. In the month of May I was in the hospital for appendicitis for a week and then out of work for an additional 2 weeks via doctor's orders. I asked for an extension on my June payment and was told all I had to do was fill out the paperwork, which was never sent.

I called two weeks later to check on it and was told there wasn't any record of an extension before. They granted me an extension and told me to pay half of my June payment on the due date (June 30th) and another half in July. I constantly received phone calls in the next month stating that I was a month behind and that they had no record of anyone setting up a payment plan for me. I eventually got tired of it and stopped answering my house phone.

The next couple of months money was tight due to the economy and my payments were always a few days to weeks late. GMAC's online center always blocked me from logging in and I had to call every month to have my account reset just so I could pay the note. Each time I called and explained the situation I was told something different every time. A. I was using the wrong email address B. The password was incorrect, or C. they couldn't give me an explanation at all.

I was unable to pay for December and January of this year due to my hours being cut back at work and problems with overcharging at my bank. I called them and told them of the situation and made a payment as soon as it was possible, on February 18th. For some reason my payments were not being deducted from my bank account. When I checked the records online I saw that GMAC had the wrong bank account information saved. I found that very strange since I only used a different bank account other than my current one one time for a November payment.

After that I deleted the information. I was told by many people that even though you delete the information many financial institutions will save it for their records. I found that a little strange since when I called and asked them they explained that they do not keep records of my information because it is strictly confidential. I asked the representative why then it was on my account and she told me I must have forgotten to change it. At this point I was two months behind on my car note. I wasn't allowed to set up payments online and had to call to set it up.

After I got everything sorted out with my bank information I arranged for a payment to come out on a certain date after my bank deposit went through. I called my bank to check on the deposit and was told I was negative over 600$, I called GMAC to ask what was going on and I discovered that GMAC had set up TWO payments to come out the day I called. I was very upset because it was not what I arranged, GMAC told me you can't set up payments on the phone, that once again they don't keep records of bank account information.

I thought that was odd, since before I had been told that if you're more than a month behind (which I was) that you can only set payments up over the phone. I spoke to a supervisor about the incident and he told me he would review my account and call back the next day. I wrote down his name and job description. The next day I had not yet heard from the supervisor and so I called him back.

Representatives told me this manager did not exist! I was at this point very very upset because I felt that GMAC was refusing to take the blame and give me my money back (in overdraft situations most of you already know that your bank has to have written documentation that the company will refund your money before they take of overdraft fees), after going in circles with GMAC for weeks I gave up and paid the overdraft fees myself.

Starting in March of this year I had been receiving phone calls from GMAC almost every hour of the day. I made another payment on the 25th. I knew I was still a month behind but I was giving them every penny I had saved. Near the end of April I was close to having enough for my last payment that would bring me current. I was still receiving many phone calls every day. I called them to tell them I was sending a payment as soon as I could to bring me current, but I was told that I had miscalculated my payments and was still 2 months behind even though I was positive I was about to be current.

I spoke to a Collections Representative and was told my last payment was for February, and that I was still two months behind and not one. I immediately made two payments more than the amount I typically owe each month. One on May 5th, and again when I had saved enough on the 19th. Since it was two payments, that should have brought me current and I would then owe for the month of May, on the 30th. Since I had paid two payments that month, I knew the May payment wouldn't be on time.

On June 18th my mother received a phone call from GMAC, upon answering the phone she was immediately asked for verification of her identity and her work number, my mother stated that she wasn't giving them her work number since they constantly called her at work and she wanted to know why they were calling her. The man she spoke asked if she was refusing to verify her identity in which case my mom replied “yes because I need to know why you've called my house 12 times today already.” The man became visibly impatient and told her I was 3 months behind on my car note and that it was unacceptable.

My mom told him that I was only one month behind and informed him that I am working two jobs just to pay a car note and am also expecting. The representative then insulted my mother and asked him why she was a slacker and not paying my bills, and why if I worked two jobs could I not pay a note. At that point I grabbed the phone and asked who I was speaking to. The man refused his name and instead told me he was a representative of GMAC, which I already was aware of. I explained to him that I was only one month behind and would be making a payment as soon as I could.

He rudely told me I was mistaken and was about to be three months behind. I then firmly told him that my bank records and my online records both confirmed that I was only one month behind. The representative began to laugh at me. I was very shocked and asked him why he was laughing at me. He stated that I obviously did not know to pay my bills correctly. At that point I was so angry at the nerve of him that I cussed him out and hung up the phone! I filed a formal complaint immediately. When I checked my records online they CONFIRMED THAT I WAS ONLY ONE MONTH BEHIND. Based on all my experience with GMAC I recommend that NO ONE ever buy a car from them.

All in good faith!
By -

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was very recently in an accident that destroyed my dependable car. I was not seriously injured, but did have to go to the hospital by ambulance. Immediately after the accident I was contacted by GMAC and told I would have the use of a rental car for 30 days to insure I would be able to get to and from my job.

I had no close family that could help and had recently moved to far to walk. After arriving at an agreement on the price of the car, which was too low, but agreed anyway, the rental car was then removed before I received the payment to purchase another car which left me without transportation and lost my job.

Immediately after that there was another part of the claim agreed upon regarding the hospital bills, another bill arrived and I asked what to do with it and asked them about compensation for the loss of the job which was a result of the accident and dealing with them. I was sent an email telling me that they were sending me a release form and I had to have it signed and notarized and they had to receive it first and then they would pay the ambulance bill.

I did not sign the release form, I did send them the bill, and didn't know if they were going to pay it, they didn't respond to that until I sent them a copy of the letter of complaint made ready to send to the Insurance Commission, and letters of complaint have been sent out now to appropriate offices of authority.

Their latest response referred to all their good faith in resolving the claim, A LOT of good faith happened in removing the rental car in 10 days instead of 30 days and before receiving payment for the lost vehicle to purchase another one, and their good faith in trying to obtain a release form by holding the ambulance bill over my head and their good faith in causing the loss of my job all in a good days work.

Bogus end of lease charges
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- We have leased from GMAC for 15 to 20 years and have enjoyed very much the fact that we could always drive a dependable car. Last year 2009, my husband's lease ran out and at that time, GMAC Smartlease was not a option as GM was going through its restructuring. He had the dealer run the figures on a new truck and found that it would be better for us financially to finance a pre-owned GMC Sonoma.

The dealer inspected our lease turn in and told my husband that the scratches that my husband pointed out to him were surface scratches and could and would be buffed out not hurting the car at all. The car was clean and had very low miles on it. We take care of our leases as we would a car we were financing.

A few weeks after he turned in the lease, we received a letter stating that our obligation to the lease had been fulfilled and that the vehicle had been sold and the lease satisfied. A few days later, we receive a bill of sorts from GMAC Smartlease stating that the damages to the vehicle were $464.38 and it was due immediately.

I sent 2 letters to address the bills disputing the charges. We got a letter threatening to turn us over to collections. My husband called GMAC and spoke with a very rude customer service representative. She told my husband to either pay up a discounted amount that she quoted him of $350.00 or let it go to collections and we could deal with them.

We feel we are being penalized for not releasing or buying a new vehicle. This was the goal but was unattainable. Then our dispute was not only not investigated or addressed, but we feel we are being harassed. We were lease loyal GM driving consumers. Not that it will matter but we are seriously thinking of taking our business elsewhere. By the way, my husband works for **, my father worked for GM and my brother in law works for GM. It is the little people like us who can make or break a company with our stories.

Desperate for Money, Cheat You Any Way They Can
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Rating: 1/51

NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- I moved to an apartment that required a higher renter's insurance amount. They did not offer that coverage or offer any alternative. Since it was a packaged deal with auto and renters insurance they refused to let me out a contract that they self renewed. It's not like I sent in a notice saying I renew my insurance. Never filed a claim, it was nearly impossible to get them on the phone and when I did the person I got was from a recent merger and had no idea what she was suppose to be doing.

Now I get a collection's call saying that they charged me a 80.00+ dollar fee for cancelling my policy. How dare they charge me when they don't even offer what I needed? It should be against the law. I wouldn't take their insurance if it was free, as another reviewer stated. So desperate for money they will take it whether it's a legitimate reason or not. Sad way to do business. I hope they go bankrupt financially, to match their bankrupt moral standing.

GMAC Smart Buy now in collections
By -

Hello. I have a big issue with GMAC. I HAD a truck from them in 2005 using their Smart Buy program. When it came time to either purchase the truck or turn it in, because of financial problem, I chose to turn it in. I was told I could do that, pay the disposal fee plus any overage on the mileage or damages to the truck and that would be that.

I did that in 2009, now 2 years later, they want me to pay them 11k because I defaulted on the contract. Now come on, what crap is that? I went through this about a month after I turned in the truck. They hadn't received the paperwork from the dealership. After I explained that to GMAC's financial department, they said they got the papers and that was all that was needed, they would bill me for the rest.

They then sold the truck at an auction then informed me that I owed the $5500 for what they didn't recoup in selling the truck. I again explained to them that I did not owe them anything. That as it is stated in the SMART BUY LITERATURE, that I followed its instruction and did what was written.

I also checked with them that I could turn the truck in and do as stated above. Now they're, GMAC, is trying to sue me for it, 2 yrs after the fact. WHAT THE HECK is up with that? Anybody ever had to deal with them on the same issue, please advise me here.

Vehicle Repossession
By -

BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- Bought 2006 Chevy truck for 72 months financing with zero interest in July 2006 Husband became disable and unemployed in May of 2009.He lost his mother and asked company for FMLA but they could not hold his job so they let him go. He started receiving unemployment in August 2009. At the time of purchase he brought an Insurance that covered disability and loss of employment.

His account had already been sent to the GMAC loss recovery and meanwhile insurance had sent in payment for February through July 2009. That is 4 years or 48 months out of the 72 mos. he financed. Amounts paid into this account were about $26046.00 balance due in 24 mos. Then GMAC is now ALLY bank and this finance company has repossessed our truck.

I have tried calling them. I have sent a certified letter and no response. I have been treated rudely and it has been a month and a week since they took our only transportation. They have been receiving payments from our insurance how do I get hold of someone I can't afford and attorney and that is their advantage HELP!!!

Try to get a subordination from GMAC
By -

Ever try and get a call back or a straight answer from customer service at GMAC Mortgage? By far, in an industry that has incompetence written all over it, GMAC Mortgage is King of the Crap. I have tried to get a reasonable time table as to when I can obtain a subordination to refinance my 1st mortgage and I am given a different day every time. My rate lock expires and it costs me significant money to extend it.

I am now going to call David Applegate, President & CEO, whom I am sure I will not be able to make contact with since this company trains their customer service to block everything they possibly can. Pretty pathetic company. David Applegate is in Horsham, Pa and their number is (215) 682-1000.

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