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GMAC Continues to Destroy Dreams
By -

100 WITMER ROAD P.O. BOX 963, HORSHAM, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am sending this letter anywhere I can. GMAC has ruined my life and taken our home like so many others. What a joke because really no one at GMAC actually gives a damn how they are treating Americans, so really it is a big joke and waste of my time. I am not sure why I am writing this letter, because God knows it will not help or make a difference. Apparently whoever heads up the mortgage department does not care about customer service, nor can they read. If they could read, they would see that GMAC has hurt so many hardworking, struggling American families with their horrible ethical practices.

After the American government bailed GMAC out of their financial struggles, this is how we are repaid. Having my home foreclosed has been one of the worst feeling I have ever had. GMAC has caused my family and so many others to be forced from their homes, without even a second thought. Oh GMAC says they try, but do they really? Honestly does anyone really review each case? No because if they did, no one who has an ounce of humanity would cause this much destruction.

All I hear is how they don't want our home, why would they? It is worth $50,000 less than we owe. But yet here I am with an income of $6,800 and two stable incomes (a Master's prepared nurse and a teacher) dealing with the loss of our home, the home we build and were so proud of.

At 27 years old, my husband and I were living the American dream. We grew up poor, worked our way through college, and now we have a home, or we did have a home. I do not even want to hear how you give a damn, because it is just a paper signing mill, and everyone knows that. Just open your internet browser and type in GMAC Complaints and wow it is amazing, thousands of complaints posted about how horrible GMAC has treated them in this time of need. Most of the complaints are all the same based on hardworking American losing their homes, because GMAC lied to them, and was not willing to help.

My heart goes out to so many American hurt by GMAC's dishonest, deceitful, falsehearted, fraudulent and pathetic practices. This is why so many states are in the process of investigating the illegal practice of foreclosure mills. I do believe that in the future GMAC will get everything that is coming to them and they will pay for what they have done to hurt America. Processing this high number of foreclosures and causing families that are hardworking to lose their homes will come back and hurt GMAC. The economy will never recover if you do not change how you treat Americans.

I would assume that whoever is the head of GMAC Mortgage department knows that the economy is struggling and families are losing their homes due to financial struggles, but they are just enjoying their big bailouts and fancy house, while American are hurting so bad. I was just like so many families, I got behind on my mortgage, I was trying to help my struggling family remain in their home. I then became behind on my mortgage and that was it. We got behind in September and GMAC never gave us the help we needed to stay in our home. How can you sleep at night, knowing the nightmare you have caused tens of thousands of Americans.

I work as a nurse and my husband is teacher. I save lives every day at work and my husband influences the lives of our youth. I have put myself through graduate school and Nurse Practitioner school to better myself and the world, but what world am I bettering? The one where GMAC the company who represents American causes such harm and sadness to so many.

As fellow Americans how can you do this to people that are hard working and just fell behind for two months. A series of failed loan modifications, poor customer service, and just plain horrible misconduct and our home is gone just like that. Now we are back on track, we have two incomes and two stable great paying jobs, but it was too late for us. Our home is gone, gone, gone and I cry everyday at how stupid I was to allow this to happen, I am a nurse with a master's degree, wow what is wrong with me. I am sure each and every one of you has been sick and helped by a nurse, and now when I need help, this is how I am repaid.

It is disgusting to me how an American company can do this when we are in the worst economical downturn ever, with no end in sight. Removing families from their homes will only harm the economy more. Why, why, can GMAC not see this.

I will not stop until I am able to sue GMAC for myself and for the others they have hurt. I will succeed and sue GMAC somehow. I know it will not get my house back, but I will do this one way or another. I have contacted a lawyer, but I do not have the money to spend at this time, but I will find a way. I know this letter was a pointless waste of my time, but it helps a little to write about it. I have spent probably 60 hours researching how to get help and all I find are like stories below about the pain caused by GMAC.

Customer Service And Foreclosure.
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Let me start by saying that I am self-employed and my wife works full time. We purchased our home around 8 years ago and it has been in the family for about 40+ years. We have been struggling like a lot of people for the last three years. The first two years I sold off personal belongings and assets to maintain my mortgage. By the end of last year it became very hard to maintain. I received a hamp trial payment modification in November I made the November and December Payment. I was late on the third payment and called in and was told they would not accept it as it was late and I was required to be on time. I accept my role in this.

At this point we were at a low and thought we WOULD lose the home. In April things picked up so we decided to submit for a loan modification again. We contacted GMAC mortgage and spoke with them, they directed us to their website for the financial analysis packet and loan modification packet. All seemed to be normal and on May 1st 2010 we submitted all paperwork.

A few times in May and June I called to check the status and was told it is in review. June 30th 2010 I contacted them and was told I was missing two important pieces of paperwork. I decided at this time I better start documenting every call to them. I faxed off the two papers, again. Within a week they were missing a different form I had previously faxed, I faxed that in. July 13th I was told they had my paperwork and would receive and answer within 15 days. July 26th 2010 I called and was told they needed another 15 days.

The first week of August 2010 I called and another paper was missing and needed to be faxed. I expressed my concerns and was told it happens. Thousands of people a day submit paperwork. I told the representative I was worried about foreclosure and was told not to worry, my default letter had expired because they did not follow up at the time and they would not foreclose on me while they were reviewing a loan modification. I re-faxed it in for the third time. I was then told that I would again, have an answer in 15 days.

Aug 11th, 2010 I called. They said I will have an answer in 15 days. Aug 11th 2010 I received a letter stating I was past due and should contact them to discuss options on the best way they could help me. Aug 12th 2010 I called and was informed I was denied for the hamp loan but they were reviewing it for a traditional loan modification. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no, call back in 15 days. Aug 12th 2010, 1 hour later. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they cannot transfer me to one but I should call every 3 - 5 days.

August 16th 2010, I call. Guess what? I was missing another signed sheet. I then faxed it in. Aug 19th 2010. I called: still reviewing it for a traditional modification. Aug. 23Rd 2010. I called in: still no word. They only received my completed packet on August 16th 2010. They needed 30 - 60 days to get an approval. I was told to call back in 30 days. Aug 26th 2010 I called: no word. Just call in whenever I want. August 31, 2010 I called: loan mod in review. I was told they have to answer within 30 days so call back by Sept, 17th 2010. They didn't get my packet until the 16th of Aug.

Sept 8th 2010 I called: oops, it was late, they were closed. Sept 10th 2010 I called: still in review for a traditional modification. Now informed that a loan modification in review will not stop a foreclosure. Sept 15th 2010: I called: was asked if I was calling about the home currently in foreclosure!!! I said "What? No, checking status of a loan modification." The representative said "The loan modification should have been approved or denied 4 days ago. Still looks like it's in review." The representative said I might still be approved for a loan modification. Call back in 15 days.

Sept 16th 2010, I called: no help, no answers, no supervisors??? I was told "they will call you shortly on the loan modification" I said "what's that mean?" The representative said, "we will call you back shortly." I told the representative I needed some help, some answers. I was told they cannot do anything until the review process department contacts them.

Sept 17th 2010. I called: the account was turned over to a lawyer yesterday for foreclosure. Still in review for a traditional loan modification. The representative recommended I call back weekly to check status. I was told there was no sale date pending.

Sept 17th 2010. 1-888-995-Hope representative calls them and conferences me in on the call. The GMAC representative is made aware I am on the call and asks if they can discuss the account with the hope representative I stated yes. The hope representative and myself were informed that my family home would be auctioned off OCTOBER 4th 2010. The hope representative asked if we could postpone the auction date and the GMAC representative stated no. It was turned over to the attorney and we would need to contact them. I was directed to call back on the traditional loan modification in 15 days.

Note the timeline here: Sept 15th 2010. Put into foreclosure status. Sept 16th 2010. Sent to the attorney. Sept 17th 2010 auction date set for October 4th 2010, 17 days away. I immediately call my spouse who was attending a family funeral. I told my spouse they were auctioning our house off in less than 20 days. All I heard for 20 minutes was sobbing on the other end of the phone.

Sept 17th later that day: I called their attorney. He was very polite and professional. He answered my questions. He also stated that there is no, I repeat, no auction date set for my home. The information I received was not accurate. The attorney then told me about the procedure and the timelines involved. 1-2 Weeks to record the default. 90 Day waiting period. Then an auction date is set. If the traditional modification review is finished and approved in that timeline then the foreclosure is stopped. If it is declined then they proceed without stopping or delaying. But this timeline is in California. I do not know if they have the same timeline in other states.

I ask, is this false hope? The traditional review? Why would they do this? They would lose so much money taking this property. I just need help. Reduce the payment. Extend the loan. Just "make my home affordable". But guess what, we are still in review. Call back in 15 days.

The sad thing is I would not have any of this information had I not called them. I think I have received 1 collection call in 8 months and 1 letter in 6 months. I just don't understand why they have to deceive us. The mental anguish we have been through I wish on no family. We want to keep our home.

I know several people that just walked away from the homes they purchased. Real estate offices have key drop off stations for people from what I hear. People just move out and drop the keys off with the agents that sold them the home. We just need some help, some answers. Why trip over pennies and lose dollars? Where are the supervisors at GMAC mortgage?

Resolution Update 10/15/2010:


GMAC Mortgage Lies - Forecloses on Minister and His Terminal Wife
By -

WATERLOO, IA -- We fell behind in our mortgage as I was in hospice care and my husband lost his job and were assured by GMAC Mortgage that we had several options. We could do a loan modification, "catch up" by increasing our monthly payments, or tack what we owe on the back of the loan. To this end, we supplied GMAC Mortgage with our financial information. GMAC Mortgage also stated that they were sympathetic to our situation and would work with us -- they really didn't want the house back.

Even after the sheriff came to the door in January with a foreclosure notice (with sale set for April 28, 2010), we were not worried as GMAC Mortgage lulled us into a false sense of security by telling us they were still "working on it", and that we had "several options" and they "didn't want our house back" and they were "sympathetic to our hardship". My husband stayed in constant communication with this company, and no issues were raised over the next months leading up to our foreclosure date of April 28, 2010.

We knew that as long as you had an active open loan application that a foreclosure could not take place until there was a determination from the lender, so we were not panicking. On April 27th, GMAC Mortgage contacted us and asked us to fax over some additional information. As this was "last minute“, my husband scrambled around to make copies and find a fax machine to use. He then called GMAC to confirm that they had received his fax, and they said they had the information requested and they would get back to us. There were 9 pages in all that were faxed to GMAC.

Early the next morning, we were informed that we were "denied by everyone". I was a bit suspicious about this, as GMAC couldn't have possibly submitted our information to lenders and receive an answer literally overnight. And what happened to our other "options"? Our home was put up for sale that same day with the sheriff's office, and there was nothing we could do to stop it.

Not trusting what we were told by GMAC Mortgage regarding being "denied by everyone", I repeatedly requested the evidence of whom we were submitted to and their reason for denial, but were not supplied this information. Finally, on June 18th, with me on one extension and my husband on the other and with a tape recorder running, I got a customer service representative on the phone, Mary. She informed us that we were never submitted anywhere, so there wasn't ever a denial!

My husband asked about the 9 pages they had asked us to fax to them. The representative told us that she was showing this documentation as received on the 29th, not the 27th as we claimed. We knew that we faxed over 9 pages of information and they were, in fact, received the day before the foreclosure sale was set on April 28th and that GMAC had confirmed that they were in receipt of this information. We also knew that if we had an active application for consideration of funding, that a foreclosure could not happen. And we knew that it would take at least a full business day during regular business hours to submit and have a response to our application.

As it was past business hours when GMAC said they received our information, there was no way that there could be any determination regarding our application. Why in the world would we dash around to accommodate a last minute request for information unless they asked us for it? And why were we "denied" if there wasn't any application? What had GMAC Mortgage been doing all these months on our supposed behalf?

What really bothers us is, if GMAC Mortgage never had any intention of assisting us in the loan modification program, they should have just told us. That way, we could attempt to procure financing on our own. GMAC Mortgage violated our rights by denying us this process. And they have conveniently altered the timeline of the events of April 28th to reflect their position -- we never provided any financial information so there was no application to be done, so no denial was ever issued.

My husband and I appeared on the 10:00 news (WWL-TV, Channel 4, New Orleans) on June 17th. The station's "Action Reporter", Bill Capo, took up our cause. The network even gave Mr. Capo extra time to present our story as it was so timely and compelling. We are grateful to Mr. Capo and Channel 4 for their assistance and their efforts. We plan to do a follow up interview and hope to have some resolution to report. Our home is now property of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. As I am permanently disabled, we are trying to work a subsidy plan out with our Federal Government and are working toward that resolution.

Our attempts to contact any key management or decision makers of GMAC Mortgage has been unsuccessful. For those of you that have wanted to simply have a conversation with anyone from this company past their inept customer service, you know that they only provide their customer service line or an online form to complete. It wasn't until after I filed a complaint with our Attorney General's Office (Mr. James D. "Buddy" Caldwell) and the Department of Justice, that I received a response from GMAC Mortgage through the Attorney Generals' office, with some viable contact information.

Yes, GMAC Mortgage continues to lie about the events of April 27 and 28. But, I now have the name of a real live person who is an "Advocacy Resolution Specialist" for GMAC Mortgage (yes, they actually have one of these!). Mr. Bryan ** can be reached at 1 -800-627-0128 extension ** or directly at **. I'm confident that if GMAC Mortgage has an advocacy specialist, then they certainly would welcome calls from their customers, the people that keep them in business, regarding their experiences, concerns and dissatisfaction with their business practices.

It's funny, with all of our attempts to come to some resolution in this matter, we were never referred to such a department. The way we deal with such entities as GMAC Mortgage, is by not doing business with them. But for many of us, it's already too late for that. But there are actions you can take. File a complaint with every elected official representing our country and your particular state. Some examples of such contacts are the President, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Attorney General (Department of Justice), along with your state government officials (Governor, Senators, Congressmen).

Remember, it was our government that gave GMAC a whole bunch of our tax money. In addition, file a complaint or report with any watchdog group or consumer advocacy organization pertaining to mortgage companies, such as the Better Business Bureau. When filing a complaint of this nature, I can't stress enough that documentation is key here. Write down who you speak to, their title/department, the date, time, what was discussed, and if applicable, their extension or direct line.

And get them on tape… Let them know you are recording the conversation. How often is it that we, as consumers, are told when we call a company or organization that "the call may be recorded for quality assurance or training purposes."? There's no better evidence than their own words! But for others currently doing business with GMAC Mortgage, there is hope -- they now have Mr. Bryan **, Advocacy Resolution Specialist, to listen and act on their inquiries and concerns. I know I feel so much better just knowing that Mr. **, Advocacy Resolution Specialist is "there" for me!

There are numerous reports of GMAC Mortgage's unethical business practices available online with consumer report groups. I know that realistically, almost every business in our country has had some form of complaint filed against them by a consumer, whether warranted or not. But the sheer volumes of complaints filed against GMAC, I believe, speaks volumes. Even if what GMAC Mortgage did pertaining to us is not, on paper, against the law, there is a moral side to what sort of operating procedures this company subscribes to. If GMAC Mortgage would lie and cheat a Baptist Minister and his terminal wife, I think it's pretty safe to say, no one is safe.

GMAC Mortgage
By -

Over the last several months my husband and I have been trying to work with GMAC Mortgage to save our home. I am unemployed and my husband is self-employed and as many others have....we too have fallen on hard times. I wanted to share with you my horrible ordeal The easiest way to do this would be a time line.

In September 2009 I contacted GMAC to explain my hardship. They were kind enough to give us a 4-month forbearance taking us through December 09 (We truly appreciated this. I had hopes that within the next 4 months our business would pick up and I would be able to find a job. Unfortunately this did not happen). December 22, 2009 we received a letter from Orlans/Moran (GMAC's Attorney's) stating that our Mortgage was in default and that we needed to contact GMAC to make some kind of arrangements. I contacted GMAC immediately and asked what the process would be. They stated to submit paper work for a Loan Modification.

January 11, 2010 all necessary paper work including a financial analysis for loss mitigation workout, a financial hardship affidavit, request for transcript of tax returns, bank statements and the source of income (which was Massachusetts Unemployment) was faxed. I called and confirmed that they received all paper work. On January 21, 2010 we were sent by certified mail a Notice of Intention to foreclose on Tuesday, February 16, 2010.

January 22, 2010 I contacted both GMAC and Orlans/Moran (GMAC's Attorney's) to see how I could stop this from happening. Both parties told me two things - That I needed to contact the Loss Mitigation department (which I had already done) and that if we called on Thursday, February 11, 2010 (5 days prior to the auction date) and not any earlier we could ask to postpone the auction. At this point I had high hopes of delaying the auction and saving our home because of the Hope for Homeowners and/or a Loan Modification.

January 26, 2010 I contacted GMAC to see what the Status of the Loan Modification was. They said it was still in review. February 3, 2010 I was sent a letter regarding some additional documentation they needed. They were missing a copy of the most recent pay stub (which I had sent them already), Unemployment award letter and 2008 Taxes (which again...I had already sent them).

February 8, 2010 called to see if there was any update on the loan modification and to explain that we maybe filing for Bankruptcy. Nothing at this point. Instructed at this time to call on Thursday, February 11th to ask to postpone the auction as instructed.

February 11, 2010 I called to asked to have the auction postponed. A ticket was entered. I instructed the gentlemen to make sure that they called me on my cell if they had any questions or need anything. I was adamant about it! I also asked them to put in the notes that I was very very close to getting a job....I am on the 3rd round of interviews and all I was asking was for a couple of weeks to see if I got the job. They told me that they would document that.

February 11, 2010 - At 2:00 Eastern time I received a call from a woman named Maureen who asked me to give her a call. It was late that evening and I had to wait until the morning to contact her. February 12, 2010 - Called Maureen around 10 AM regarding message left the night prior (888-714-4622, option #5 and extension - 2365415). I left all the information needed for her to get back in touch with me including my cell phone.

About an hour later I tried calling Maureen back and still got voicemail. I finally called the regular call center in which I was told that the request had been denied due to missing documentation. The documentation stated that they did not have the signed 2008 tax form which I had already faxed over twice before. Very upset I stated that I would send the information right way. The representative told me that the fax could take up 24 to 48 hrs to receive and once received I could ask for the auction to be postponed. 24 to 48 business hours would bring us to TUESDAY! This was unacceptable to me and demanded a different solution...she gave me an emergency fax line (866-355-6034).

I still wanted to talk with Maureen who I was told was a supervisor....I called and left a total of 6 message throughout the day asking Maureen to contact me. I begged her to just call me and update me as to where I stood. I never received a phone call from her. I called the call center at least 5 to 6 different times demanding to speak with a supervisor....NO ONE would put me through to one.

Everyone told me that they would need to enter a ticket for a call back and I would be contacted within 24 to 48 hours! WHAT!!! I was so upset...all I was looking for was answers....all I wanted was for someone to "own" my file so I did not have to speak with 7-8 different representatives who I had to repeat my story to 7-8 different times.

Finally at 4:33 while speaking with a woman I was told that my fax was received, that a request to have the auction postponed was submitted once again and I was insured that I would be contacted by a supervisor that evening before closing. I waited all night...NO ONE called.

February 15, 2010 - first thing in the morning I called Maureen and left a message on her voicemail and then I called the call which time I was informed that I would not be granted the postponement of the auction because I was denied for both the Hope for Homeowners and a Traditional Modification because I could not afford to pay the mortgage. I am sure you can imagine how upset I was/am. I tried to explain to the representative that all I am asking for is a couple of weeks to postpone the sale. That I have a 3rd round job interview this week that if I get the job would allow me to pay my mortgage and get me on my feet again.

I asked why a supervisor never contacted me and they stated that there was a ticket still open for one to call and I told them it was unacceptable. I told the gentleman that I would not get off the phone until I was talked with a supervisor. The gentleman came back 3 times and told me that there was no one to speak with...but I told him I was not going to get off the phone.

Finally they placed me with Stacey. I explained to Stacy what I had gone through over the last couple of days, I explained to her how many calls I had placed to Maureen, I explained to her my situation with my employment and that all I needed was 2 weeks to find out if I got the job. All I was asking was for 2 weeks. The answer was no. At this time Ms. ** we truly feel that GMAC has intentionally deceived us for the following reason:

They knew that we might file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy which would immediately hault any foreclosure or auction process. We feel that they intentionally delayed our request to speak with a superior so we could not escalate the situation. We were adamant that my cell phone number be the only contact number and we also stated not to call the house number which is where Maureen left the message.

We were never contacted to be notified that any of our packets were missing documents...the only time we found this out was when I called them to request an update. At which point we did receive a letter of missed items...but only after I had called them days prior and request what info was missing. We believe that GMAC knew all along that we did not qualify for either one of the plans but chose to tell us only hours before the deadline and on a Federal/State Holiday so we would not have access to the courts to save our home by way of filing the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Ms. ** - I know that at this time we can not afford the home. I am not naive to that. All I am asking or was asking for was a delay in the order to see if I did get the job. 2-4 weeks tops! I am not sure why waiting another couple weeks would hurt them or their investors. (GNMA) If I don't get the job...then we move on. At least I know I had the option and can tell my children we tried.

GMAC Mortgage Are Thieves
By -

My mortgage was sold to GMAC in 2006, and I have paid on time etc. etc. on every payment, as I do with all my bills. I have a credit score of 795, no debt (other than mortgage) and have a good salary income and a long term position with a fortune 100 company. I have been trying to refinance this property with GMAC for nearly a year!!! Each time I start the process, I am quoted a reasonable rate (30 year fixed) and start the process. As I get into the process, they tell me they have "questions" about this or that and send me a NEW good faith estimate with higher interest rates and fees, and want me to "buy the rate down".

This has now happened twice. I complain, and they eventually say they don't know what's wrong but the answer is to let the current lock run out and start over. Since I have now been through this several times, I have explained that "I expect that we not do this again." Since then, I call, I email, I write, I fax, and they won't even call me back. I got one call (at 11:52 PM on Sunday night) where the "agent" left me a very brief message saying (for the third time in 9 months) that they have been out of the office and I was told to call back.

5 calls and 3 emails, and two weeks later. AGAIN, no contact and no call back. The more I know, the less they want to talk to me. Now that I can see what they are doing and know rates, etc. etc. etc. They revert back to "I don't know why" and just get off the phone, saying they will call me back. Which they NEVER do. I sincerely believe they are working VERY hard for one of two things.

Wait for rates to go up so that it isn't worth it for me to refinance (and they can keep the higher interest loan) or wait until I give in and give up altogether, or give in and they give me a loan where I am paying high fees, and "buying down" the rate to what is even then higher than market rates (5.25% at this writing) as opposed to market rates of around 4.5%. Disgusting and Shameful. I really don't know how people that work there doing this kind of thing live with themselves.

Stay Away From This Company
By -

WATERLOO, IOWA -- I want to thank the gentleman who posted the address and name of the president of GMAC so I could contact him. But it did no good to do so. After sending him 3 letters, it was as good as contacting the morons in the mortgage department. I have literally spent hours, days and months regarding wrong charges, unpaid balances, 11 home inspections in one year with a charge each time, on a three-month new loan modification! After spending over 2 hours on the phone yesterday, being transferred three times, getting the tax department only to have the woman I was speaking to who could not answer my questions - I got hung up on!!!

This has gone on for the last five years and has caused me a nervous breakdown and high blood pressure. It is about time to give them the house back and add one more to their already hundreds or thousands of foreclosures. From the president on down are the dumbest and laziest employees of any company I have ever dealt with. Stay away from this company. I have beem tax exempt for two years now and they are still adding taxes onto my mortgage.

Being disabled and ill, I am exempt from property taxes in Virginia. The state sent a letter stating 100% exempt from taxes and GMAC said that wasn't good enough. So the state issued a second letter which runs through 2012. That got faxed to them yesterday, January 25, 2011. Oh, on top of it all, they gave me the wrong fax number twice so it made me have to get dressed, get to my car with my walker, and get to a fax machine.

My fourth trip was yesterday. I only wish another company would buy my mortgage as I know there could not be another company could never be as stupid as GMAC is. If you think I'm kidding, plug in GMAC into the box of this home page and you will find 19 pages of complaints.

Complete Lack of Follow Through by Customer Service Representatives
By -

1100 VIRGINIA DRIVE, FORT WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- We have both our regular mortgage and a home equity account with GMAC mortgage - both always in 100% good standings. A couple of months back, GMAC credited the home equity account payment to the regular mortgage and then contacted us about lack of payment to our home equity account. Even though our initial contact with them resulted in an assurance that they'd made the mistake and would immediately get it corrected, within just a couple of days, they locked up our home equity account and notified us we were in default.

After many, many, many calls, we finally talked to various supervisors, all of which told us it was our responsibility to prove to them that they made an error even though they could see that they had credited two payments to the same account, and even though they could see that our history indicated that we always made two separate payments to the two separate accounts. After getting copies of the paid checks and sending to them, they still did not reinstate our locked up home equity account nor did they provide any confirmation as they had assured us they would that our credit score would not be affected by their error.

In trying to reach a manager or official, all you get is customer services representatives apparently in some other county. We're still waiting for confirmation of this being cleared up weeks after it all started. This company has absolutely no outlet for contacting anyone at any level that can make sure they've fixed their own errors - at least none that customers are made aware of.

Customer Service representatives are apparently not allowed to provide written confirmation that any errors were made on their side. Their Customer Service representatives are apparently not allowed to provide management names and/or telephone numbers to dissatisfied customers. I would never recommend GMAC to anyone looking for financing of any type.

Deceitful Business Practices
By -

WATERLOO, IOWA -- GMAC, LLC is handling my loan and I recently qualified for AD-Valorem Tax Exemption because I am a Totally and Permanently Disabled Veteran. I file all the appropriate forms with my county and was granted the tax exemption. I then proceed to call GMAC to notify them of my tax exempt status with the county and they inform me to fax the documentation to them which I proceeded to do the next day. This was done on November 2, 2011.

I then get a letter from them dated November 10, 2011 stating to me, "In response to your request, we updated our records to reflect receipt of your partial tax exempt status 2012. Your escrow account has been updated to reflect non-ad valorem taxes only (solid waste and water control). Analysis scheduled for December". None of this was done and I have called them 7 times to hold them accountable with what they stated to me. Till this day they have not updated my escrow account and no analysis was ever performed in December 2011 and all I get is a run around.

As far as I am concerned, this is Deceitful Corporate Malpractice. It is also unprofessional and unethical conduct for a company to mail a letter to one of their customers bluntly lying to them. It is no more or no less than armed robbery. To all new home buyers, beware. Do not get into an ESCROW clause. Steer clear of them because if not the mortgage company will screw you out of your hard earned money, make interest on your own money and don't give it to these filthy rich corporate criminals.

Worst Customer Service I Have EVER Experienced!
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In all my 52 years have I EVER dealt with such a horrible customer service division! The people are definitely outsourced from another country and are ridiculous to deal with. They do nothing to help the customer. I might add that I am a fantastic customer and have never been late and have always paid more than is due each month. I am trying to get them to sign a subordination letter while I refinance my first mortgage and you can never get past these droids!

If you know what's best for you, NEVER willingly do business with this company! I am so outraged that I am trying to find any outlet possible to let everyone know how AWFUL they are! SHAME on them for being the typical huge entity that doesn't care about the individual customer... This is what's wrong with big impersonal companies like GMAC. The government should have let them go out of business!

Reaching a Human Is IMPOSSIBLE!
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HORSHAM, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have a second home equity line of credit (HELOC) loan on some investment property that is now in the hands of GMAC Mortgage. (The account was bought by them last November.) This morning I tried over and over to speak to a human regarding an endorsement they were supposed to process for an insurance check sent to them about a month ago (for the December 14 severe windstorm in Seattle).

The IVR system is extremely convoluted, and when one does connect to a human it's "not their department" and/or one is on the phone with a call center in India. I even had the bright idea to try to reach the "new loan department" but after a few sentences... "sorry pal - not my department".

It seems GMAC Mortgage is less than willing to speak with or have anything to do with their current clientele. After about an hour of the complete runaround I gave up. This is beyond pathetic. Yes - most companies are trying to be competitive and/or cut costs - but this is way over the line.

Once the damage to my property is fixed and I can re-fi this place I am using my credit union. The rates are competitive enough and when I call I actually get a human that has an interest in my account. GMAC Mortgage is gettin' the boot.

In frustration - I sent a rather pointed letter to the president of the U.S. Residential Finance Group at the following address: Mr. David M. Applegate, GMAC Mortgage Corporate Headquarters, 100 Witmer Road, P.O. Box 963, Horsham, PA 19044. Anyone else who has the "pleasure" of having a GMAC Mortgage account with similar problems is urged to contact Mr. Applegate at the address above.

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