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Stop The Scam - GNS- Acai Berry - Slim Seduction - Take Action With These Ideas
By -

ARVADA, COLORADO -- This is a huge SCAM run by GNS. They offer diet pills ACAI berry for free, just pay $3.97 shipping charge, with 30 days trial period and 100% money-back guarantee. When and if you received the product- you will informed that you now only have 21 days from the time you placed the order to the time they need to receive the product back to them before charging you. Even if you managed and were lucky enough to return it on time, well, it doesn't matter.

There will be no refund and don't bother with getting a delivery notification because it won't help and the Return Authorization #, useless. I contacted a local Post Office and unfortunately, they are familiar with this company who is known to REFUSE ALL returns to them. After 21 days from order date, you will be charged $79.90 and this will continue until you cancel your credit card.

Here are some things you can do. Dispute the charge from your credit card company immediately. If you live near their address: 6452 fig street, unit A, Arvada, CO 80004, visit them. File a complaint at and Attorney General, Better Business Bureau

Also, contact businesses near them and inform them of this scam and urge them to get with others in the community to help put pressure on these people to stop. Westwoods Center of Performing Arts, 6452 Fig St, Unit D, 303-467-0334. Colorado Precision Machining, 6452 Fig St, Unit F, 303-467-3835. Doppelmayr Ctec, 6452 Fig St, Unit B, 303-277-9476.

Here is a timeline of my ordeal. Order on 1/29 at 7pm. Call and email to cancel 1/30 at 9am. Received pills on 2/10. Did not open. Return same day with Return Authorization number. Got charged for shipping. Found out recently from Post Office, this company doesn't accept returns. No record of my return received from them. Charge again for $79.90.

Sometimes you make a decision and then you realized you shouldn't have or you find out the product is not right for you. If there was a warranty expressing full return within 30 days even for an empty bottle and I returned mine unused. There is no reason to continue charging me. This is just bad business. I think if we are going to get any money back or stop this so one of our friends, or love one won't find themselves in our shoes, we have to unite, spread the word, and make official complaints to agencies listed above. With enough complaints, I've read there might be a chance for a class-action lawsuit file against them.

Company Response 10/15/2009:


If there was some confusion about your subscription, we honestly didn't mean to inconvenience you in any way. Our goal is not to inconvenience our customers' .The terms and conditions of our offer are very visible on the order page, they are stated on the order page where you confirm your order, located directly to the left of where your credit card information was entered. There is also a link at the bottom of the home page that opens up the terms and conditions in a separate window. Customer service is our number one priority and we do everything we can to be open with all of our customers. Of course, mistakes can be made; and if you were not aware of our terms and conditions in our site, we are happy to offer you a full refund if you return the unused product back to us. We have always honored our 60-day guarantee and will continue to do so.

You can talk to customer support seven days a week. Our U.S.-based help lines are also staffed each and every day of the week to respond to any questions you may have both before and after your order. Simply call us at 888-591-2190 or visit our 24/7 live help at and we will be happy to walk you through the entire cancellation process.

Your satisfaction is our number one concern,

Very Upset
By -

ARVADA, COLORADO -- I place an order for pills on 2/9, received almost two week later. After reading that my account would be debit before I had enough time to know if the pills work I called and cancelled and was given a cancellation and return auth. number. The representative tried to sell me other things, I refuse. She then told me she would extend my trial period and if I still wanted to return the unused portion to use the number she gave me.

I return one full bottle and the balance of the unused bottle which was received on 3/18. My account was debit 3/17 for $79.90. They started debiting my account since 3/2 but I did not have the funds. I tried to talk to a supervisor and was told he would only tell me the same thing, the representative refuse to let me speak with one also refuse to give me her name kept offering me other products of which I refuse so she hung up on me. I plan to take this further, and is also going to write to Oprah about this product she and Dr. Oz is recommending.

Poor Customer Service
By -

I made the mistake of getting a "free" trial of the Colon Med 700 product without reading ALL the fine print. The product did not work for me so no harm no foul, right? Apparently, they can go ahead and charge you and send you another set of pills, even if you have not requested it because they assume that it is working for you. I contacted them right away to find out why I got the $80+ charge on my credit card. Two weeks later I got an answer to my email stating that it was right there in the "terms and conditions" which I should have read.

I cannot fault them for that as I don't generally have time to read the lengthy legal mumbo jumbo for every product that I buy. With that said, I had informed them that I didn't even open the package that has come and was wondering if I could go ahead and send it back for a refund. The answer "NO". Be aware of the "free" trials everyone. If you don't read the fine print or forget to call in the 15 days you signed up for the free trial, you will pay. I consider this poor customer service. And as a consumer I have chosen to refrain from purchasing anything from this company or their subsidiaries. Thanks for listening.

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