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The Goddard School of Allen, Texas is a Pre-School/Day Care Sans the Care
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ALLEN, TEXAS -- I have always cared for my child full-time since birth. But because he will be attending kindergarten next year, I decided to enroll him in the Goddard School in Allen, Texas for two days a week from 6:30 AM until 12:30 PM to get acclimated to a structured, classroom setting with others his own age. At 6:30 AM on April 29, 2011 when I brought my child to the Goddard School at 1695 East Exchange Parkway, Allen, TX 75002, there were only two adults present: the "Academic Director"€ and the woman who cares for infants.

The director had me bring my four-year-old child into his office where I saw an infant in a carrier on the center of the floor and the director'€™s son asleep on the couch. The woman who cares for infants was outside the office cleaning up in front of the door to the infant room. The director immediately sat down at his desk and began typing away at his computer with his back to the children.

Over the next few minutes, the director told me several times that he would bring my child back to the classroom himself in a few minutes after he is finished with what he is doing with the computer. This is in spite of the policy that parents are the ones who are supposed to take their children to their assigned classrooms themselves.

Suspicious, I asked him where the teachers/day-care providers were and he told me an assistant didn'€™t show up this morning due to sickness and that he himself would watch the kids until 7:00 AM. A few moments later, the woman (infant caretaker) told me the assistant is "running late". When it became obvious to the director that I would not leave until my child was situated in a classroom with a teacher and/or care provider to supervise him, he had me, my child, and his son follow him into a classroom my son is not scheduled to be in.

Later that day when I arrived to retrieve my child, I spoke with the on-site owner about what had occurred. She gave me multiple conflicting explanations including: no teachers/care providers are scheduled to arrive until 7:00 AM each morning (even though school opens at 6:30AM), an assistant is scheduled to arrive at 6:45 AM but "something must have happened to her", the owner concluded by stating she has "no idea" who, if anyone, is actually scheduled to arrive prior to 7:00 AM and that she will "investigate" and contact me later.

Because of this disturbing event, the blatant dishonesty of those involved (whom I entrusted to care for my child), and the eight violations with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services I subsequently discovered when I checked with the state as a result of this situation, I decided to cancel my child's enrollment at the Goddard School in Allen, Texas. For information about the Goddard School in Allen, Texas state violations, check out: **.

Side note: the on-site owner said during her presentation of the Goddard School in Allen, Texas (policy booklet states as well) that as a snack, the children are served "milk, juice, and seasonal fruits". I found out they are in fact provided with only tap water and crackers.

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Goddard School of Allen, Texas
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Allen, TX 75002
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