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Company Sold FAKE Jewelry and Claimed It Was Real Platinum!!!
By -

LYNBROOK, NEW YORK -- I purchased a solid platinum chain initially online from on 29 Dec 06. Once I received the chain I was not pleased with the length or the quality of the color. I called Goldspeed and received a return authorization number and returned this first chain via USPS Insured mail to I waited for Goldspeed to receive the chain and I called Goldspeed on the telephone and spoke to Amy on 09 Jan 07.

I intended to return the chain, but Amy talked me into returning it and upgrading it for another solid platinum chain, only thicker and heavier. She also indicated that I would have to pay more, which is why there is a second charge on my credit card statement. I believed Amy and went ahead and upgraded my order over the telephone, not on the website as Neil has suggested.

On 09 Jan 07 after I confirmed my order for a solid platinum chain with Amy on the telephone, I received an email regarding my order indicating the item was out of stock and I could expect delivery in 3 to 4 weeks. A couple hours later I received another e-mail indicating I could disregard the previous e-mail and my item would be shipped in 2 days. I now question whether or not they spliced multiple inferior chains together.

On 12 Apr 07 I was polishing the chain with a cloth provided by for polishing and one of the links on the chain broke and became bent. After this break occurred I was able to observe the inside of the chain. It was hollow inside and there was a considerable amount of a brown colored metal inside the hollowness, appearing to add weight to what was supposed to be a solid platinum chain. I immediately called and spoke to Gene. I discussed the problem and asked for a return authorization number. I returned the chain via USPS Insured mail.

In the ensuing weeks I had called's customer service numerous times and spoke to Amy (twice), Scott (once), Gene (twice) and finally the owner Neil (three times). Each time I called to find out what was happening with the chain I was told something different. At first they said that they had to send it back to their supplier in Italy for the repairs and assessment of my concerns. Then they said it is in repair in the Los Angeles region.

After numerous calls I started getting frustrated and told them point-blank that I was not happy with their quality and I felt deceived that they sold me a hollow platinum of substandard quality. That is when I was able to start communicating with the owner Neil. However, each time he indicated that he would get back to me with an update. He would drop the ball and another week would pass until I called them again.

Finally, without addressing the quality concerns on the chain that was in for repair, Neil told me that he wanted have a solid chain custom made for me. But, once again I'd have to pay more, considerably more. He then tried to talk me into a ten thousand dollar platinum chain that was only a few grams heavier than the chain that was in for repair. He even tried to increase, almost double the price per gram for this chain. I turned down his offer to have a new chain made. I then asked him for a refund for the following reasons:

I told him that I was not confident that he is selling quality merchandise. The chain was supposed to be solid according to Amy and it was hollow. The chain broke with very little force from a polishing cloth they provided with the purchase. Real platinum is more pliable than gold and has a tensile strength and resistance to breaking that exceeds that of gold. However, only if it's purity levels are that commonly accepted in the production of platinum jewelry.

Inside the chain was a considerable amount of a brown colored metal inside the hollowness, appearing to add weight to what was supposed to be a solid platinum chain. This is a deceptive practice to add weight to the inside of something that was supposed to be solid just to make it appear to be heavier.

When speaking to Neil last week, I respectfully requested a full refund for these aforementioned reasons. And, because after this experience with I did not have the confidence that any product coming from was in actuality authentic precious metals made to the quality of industry standards.

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