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US Energy Savings Scam
By -

ONTARIO -- I would like to expose what I believe is a huge misrepresentation on the part of U.S. Energy Savings Co. (USES), which is an Energy Service Company (ESCO), in the way they conduct business. My wife and I switched our gas and electric supply from National Grid and ConEdison respectively to US Energy Savings. The latter's modus operandi is basically like this: They sent an independent contractor who was visiting all the homes in our neighborhood. She warned that we may be paying too much for our energy supply and that she knew a way to save us money.

Naturally, when the economy is in a recession and you're stretching every dollar to be able to pay your bills, you are willing to listen to this kind of pitch. Furthermore, the representative proceeded to elaborate on the three misrepresentations which are, first, that there would be no term or that it would be open term and we were free to change USES at any time. Second, that there would be no fee whatsoever if and when we switched from USES, and third, that if and when the energy supply rate dropped, our rate would adjust automatically. All three proved to be false consequently when we called USES.

I am a big skeptic and when this representative made these big promises to my wife and me, I made it a point to ask the questions over and over again, ad nausea. I stopped short of recording our conversation; in hindsight, I think I should have.

Moreover, when the switch to USES was finally reflected on our gas bill, I compared the rate of National Grid to that of USES and to my shock and dismay, the latter's was higher by 50 cents. This adds up to a lot of money over time. Immediately, I called USES to question my findings and they told me that they "don't promise any savings." I tried to cancel our agreement and they refused, citing that my wife and I should have read the contract.

I argued that we had an understanding with their representative, thus reaching an agreement. USES did not honor this, saying instead that the written agreement supersedes anything that was said. I mentioned a clause on the agreement regarding the "Extended Cancellation Period of 30 days from the date of our first bill" and they refused to honor that by saying that they have their own start date which is much sooner than the one reflected on the bill. In conclusion, this is a disgrace. U.S. Energy Savings is preying on the public's quest to save on energy by enticing them and then changing the rules thereby hooking them for up to 5 years at higher rates.

Pa. Government does not care about its people
By -

I want you to know that I have written emails to a lot of government officials with not one reply. I wrote to the Senators for Pa., Local government, and state agencies. If you have a problem or issue don't even bother going this route. They do not care. These are people elected to represent us and they are nowhere to be found. And if you reach a person you will now I am telling you the truth. You can ask for help, plead for it and nothing. You have wasted your time. I am including both parties. Neither one of the 12 I wrote responded. If you are in an insurance situation get a lawyer. You'll have to fight for your rights.

Taxpayers Should Not Bailout Detroit Automakers
By -

The chief executives of G.M., Ford and Chrysler have been lobbying hard in Washington for at least $25 billion in addition to the $25 billion that the government has already lent them. I understand that Congressional leaders expressed some support but have not made specific promises.

Please urge your senators and representatives not to give more taxpayer money to automakers who are failing because they cannot compete. Long before this recession, Detroit automakers were losing market share to Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai and Volkswagen. Detroit's overly-generous union contracts and failure to produce efficient well-made automobiles has contributed more to their demise than the bad economy. The recession is also hurting Asian and European automakers, but their governments are not bailing them out. Why should we?

Selling off Loans and Perpetual Debt
By -

GREENSVILLE, TEXAS -- The selling of student loans and the perpetual Debt Scam. Is the American government at war with its own people? You might think so after this. After not being contacted for over 10 years on student loans that I had believed were discharged in bankruptcy, I received a letter from NCO Financial, concerning the loans.

Naturally I demanded verification of a contract between myself and NCO Financial, but they have failed to respond within the 30 days as required by law. Then again, over the years, most 3rd party collections agencies fail to respond properly when faced with the situation that they have to validate their claims.

Upon further research, it seems the US Department of Education has a habit of selling uncollected Government student loans to these 3rd party parasites. Yet nowhere in my original contract does it allow for this to happen. Therefore I believe we have a breach of contract.

Go back and re-read that. The US Dept of Ed, is selling your debt, to another party and is forcing people to deal with 3rd party collections agencies, (aka parasites) for whom the debtor has NO contract with, such as NCO Financial, whom has a VERY VERY bad reputation. The reports on this company that I am finding on the internet, clearly shows they are one of the biggest violators of the Fair Credit and collections act. Not to mention the stress and outright rudeness of its workers when they call people on the phone.

The US dept of Ed's procedure of selling debt to 3rd party collections agencies, is, in my humble opinion, a clear violation and conflict with the fair credit and collections act. Under this act, A debtor must deal with the original creditor, UNLESS the original contract contains a clause that allows the original creditor to transfer the debt/contract to a 3rd party. This happens in most home mortgages. However, with student loans, I am not sure.

I do know that the latest Paperwork sent to me from US Dept of Ed, contains NOTHING other than a written address where I can contact them. All phone numbers shown on the letters belong to a 3rd party collections agency that I refuse to do business with.

The crime here is that the US dept of Ed is violating the fair credit and collections act, by forcing people to deal with parties which whom they hold no contract. Not only is that a violation of law, but of the Constitution's 13th amendment of involuntary servitude. The reason US dept of Ed is doing this, is because they refuse to deal with the fact that many people in the USA suffer financial hardship. And cannot pay their loans the way US Dept of Ed wants them to.

Any other loan, if filed on for bankruptcy can result in the debtor paying as little as 2 cents on the dollar, or having the contract declared void. But not so for debts owed to the government. Not unless you are totally disabled and depend on others for your mere survival, I.E. they have to spoon feed you. Either that or you are dead. Only then will they eradicate their claim of indebtness against you.

And the whole time the interest keeps piling up. Soon your payments won't even cover the basic interest. And by that time, it's too late. Unless they are willing to stop the interest, you will be forever paying it off. You cannot pay on the principal until you pay the interest. PERIOD. They won't allow it. You cannot even send in a conditional payment.

One of the questions I sent to US dept of ed over the years, concerned a fee that was listed on one of my applications. The fee was for insurance. What insurance, and who was the beneficiary of said insurance? I never got an answer from US Dept of Ed concerning this. It makes me believe that someone is involved in an insurance fraud, and it might be the US Dept of Ed.

But back on topic. Selling our contracts and debt to 3rd party collections agencies, that then tack on another 5 to 30 percent for collections fees. Why should any of us, who are experiencing financial hardship have to deal with parasitic personages like NCO?

For example, I just got off the phone with a place called Coastal Solutions Debt Consolidation company. They proposed a 36 month settlement, at a cost of 500 per month for 36 months. For me, 500 is my home/rent payment, that represents 2/3rds of my take home pay! Being a dead beat that is refusing to pay your debts is one thing. Being financially unable to, is another, and its these people that the 3rd party parasites attack the most. Under the Fair credit and collections act, We are required to deal with the original creditor, NOT a 3rd party parasite like NCO.

I also found out that some of these loans are growing at a HIGHER rate than some people can afford to pay them back. Monies sent in, even if a small amount is NEVER paid on the principal, so one can get the amount of interest being accrued to be lower. Instead, they first apply the amount to cost of collection, then interest, THEN principal. So if you make 48 payments of 50 dollars a month and that doesn't even cover the cost of collection and interest, then all you end up paying over that 4 year period is interest! WHEN DOES IT END?!

If you cannot discharge these in bankruptcy, you have become a FINANCIAL SLAVE to the government, who will hound you until you either disappear or die! How UN-American can this get? If US Dept of Ed refuses to deal with us, it is the same (I believe) as refusing payment, and that invalidates their claim. It's time we the people stop dancing to US Dept of Ed's sloppy Foxtrot, and make them start dancing to OUR Tune. After all, they work for us, and get their paychecks from OUR tax dollars.

US government racketeering
By -

Predatory and Racketeering Energy Polices of US Senate? For several decades now the US Government has systematically protected the manufacturers of low efficiency insulations, less than 10% efficient, while at the same time publicizing misinformation about high efficiency insulations, 97% efficient, in order to steer the public to low efficiency insulations which increased the home energy consumption up to two to three times what it would have been if high efficiency insulations had been used.

By doing this they are collecting 10s of billions of dollars in energy taxes. They have been doing this despite the obvious input into the atmosphere of trillions of tons of carbon gases. As early as 1958-1960 the US Senator from Colorado, at the request of the Mineral Wool Assoc., had a law passed that prohibited the use of high efficiency insulations in government buildings.

This law severely crippled the high efficiency insulation companies which were in the process of becoming the dominant insulation. It wasn't until 1964 when the US Navy issued material document HH-I-1252 so that they could use these materials in the Arctic that this ban was broken. These materials are still used there as well for the space program plus residential and commercial buildings.

In 1981 at the request of the fiberglass manufacturers the US Senate again intervened when the Federal Trade Comm. issued regulations that required all insulation materials be tested in the installed conditions, as opposed to the almost meaningless tests now used. For two days the operating funds of the FTC were shut off until the regulations were rescinded. This regulation would have led to the demise of fiberglass insulation as it would have had to reduce its advertised values up to 50%.

There have been funny things going on with the California Energy Comm. also. When presented with valid data showing that, in the installed condition the high efficiency insulations were superior to the fiberglass in reducing energy costs the commission rated the fiberglass superior.

The DOE has a warped view of priorities. Although they tout their agency as searching for ways to bring forth energy reduction technology, they minimize the available low tech technology that is reliable and low cost for high tech technology that very technical and is costly and expensive to maintain. Today, you can build a home that uses low cost passive heating and a ground coupled (not geothermal) cooling system for about the same price as an energy hog. In some cases for a lot less.

As if this wasn't bad enough the DOE and FTC have minimized the obvious detrimental health effects of fiberglass in favor of the tax revenue it brings. They are subject to industry influence and are controlled by the Senate. Every summer we hear about older folks dying in their homes from excessive heat because they couldn't afford to operate the air conditioner. Some of these homes have fiberglass insulation.

What these people don't know is that with fiberglass it can get hotter inside the building than outside. Tens of thousands of construction related craftsmen are suffering from lung conditions as a result of working in and around fiberglass as are children and parents in these infested homes.

People die of fiberglass lung cancer; others are affected by the mold that grows in fiberglass walls. Children are particularly sensitive to mold. Because of deep pockets it is almost impossible to sue these large insulation manufacturers. Politicians, president on down, refuse to do anything about this because of the high tax revenue and donations made to them by the energy producers and insulation manufacturers. This has to stop. NOW!

Social Security Card Replacement Lack of Security
By -

I recently had the pleasure of trying to replace my lost Social Security card. What a joy visiting the local office was, but I'm not here to complain about that, it is a government run agency so I did not expect the level of service to be anything above abysmal. My major complaint is the security of my coveted Social Security number.

We have been raised since birth here in the US to guard the SS number against theft since once thieves have this number and our address they can wreak all sorts of havoc (Don't even get me started on why we now have to give it out to every Tom, Dick and Harry every time we need any sort of service). I applied for a replacement card, which would take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

Within days I received an envelope from the US SS office, which was sealed and gave no indication of its contents, with a letter stating someone had recently applied for a SS replacement card in my name and if this wasn't me to immediately contact them. That's a great security feature and that's not the issue. The issue is, two weeks later I received the actual envelope with the SS card in it.

This time, instead of a nicely sealed envelope concealing the contents, the US SS office sent me an envelope with a large clear address window in it (I'm assuming this was done to save cost so they didn't need to print the address on the outside as well), with a large return address clearly stating it was from the SS office. The best part was that my new SS card was clearly visible through the address window, in fact without even bending the envelope it was possible to read the first three digits of my SS number and my first name. WTF???

Everyone knows there are new stories every week how some government agency failed to secure its computers and massive amounts of personal data is stolen, but I think by far the easiest way for thieves to get this info is from trash sifting or intercepting mail. Why wouldn't the government bother spending a couple of more pennies per mailing to protect the privacy of its own citizens? Because they don't really care, to them it's all about bottom line cost. Screw the poor people who have to deal with identity theft because of our cheapness. We as consumers of these large government entities need to start demanding better security and accountability for these agencies.

I for one will try to do my part by posting this letter here and various other sites to help get the word out and am sending copies of this to my representatives letting them know how dissatisfied I am with the level of security offered. If you are interested in increasing the security of your personal info please contact your Senator and let them know you want something done. Thanks.

Government should change the way to keep milk prices high
By -

I know that the government has been paying farmers to pour milk down the drain for decades to keep milk prices high. But it doesn't mean a better idea doesn't come along. There are lots of studies saying that kids do not get enough milk in their diet. Let's face it, 80 cents for half pint of milk is very expensive compared to the 1 gallon of milk for $3 in the store. Why not have the government buy the same amount of packaged milk and send them into schools for free milk for the kids?

By -

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- My only source of income is social security which since has had no cola increases for two years (which is essentially a tax hike), it seems it would be difficult to raise objections to a government employee raise freeze.

Government should buy milk for school instead of pouring milk down the drain
By -

Studies show that kids do not drink enough milk. Our government pays milk farmers to pour milk down the drain before processing it to keep milk prices high. The government instead of pouring milk down the drain but to buy the excess of post processing and supply our school's with free milk for our kids.

The check was not in the mail
By -

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Someone I work with had a problem with their nephew's annuity through the Government Printing Office, Office of Personnel Management Retirement Board. When he turned 18 or sometime after that, the agency stopped his payments. If you are 18 and are not in school full-time you are no longer entitled to benefits. Even though he is 18 he is still in school full-time so he was and is eligible for the benefit.

He called the agency's 888 number and another number and waited on as I like to call it, “the phone line from hell,” listening to music to torture terrorists by only to leave a message or speak to no one at all. His nephew tried to resolve the matter on line as well, but all to no avail. They were not getting results so he asked me to help him out. This is what I live for, so I told him, I would gladly help him.

I called the automated “phone line from hell,” myself, and I waited about 15 minutes on the phone listening to that awful music that no one in their right mind would ever listen to. Then I called our state senator's office and spoke with someone there. She informed me that his office would gladly help us if we needed. She informed me that the time-frame for getting a response to a Senator's inquiry is between 2-4 weeks. I was pleased to see that his office would help if we needed his assistance. The lady I spoke to there was very pleasant and most concerned about the situation.

I decided I needed to call the main office in Washington DC. I got a regular toll number for the office in Boyers PA. I spoke with a most pleasant and lovely lady there. She listened attentively and then offered me the correct number in Washington DC to call. I called the number in Washington she had given me and was connected to just the right person's direct line. I left her a message and in about 15 minutes or so she called me back.

I provided her with the appropriate and necessary information and she promptly, professionally, and courteously responded with assistance. She had the client reinstated and he started getting his annuity in about two weeks as promised. His file had been "just sitting" on someone's desk she informed me so that is why nothing had been done about his case. About two months later his checks stopped again. We contacted her office, she got right on it and got the problem fixed again. In about a week he received his check in the mail. Amazing response I would say!

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