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Reckless, Non-Skilled...
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Rating: 1/51

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Update: as of May/2018... I asked and received my entire “Jacket”/medical records from a crash in Jan/2016 where I was a Trauma 1 patient. Because of your mishandlings injuries were NOT properly resolved. Having read the “Jacket”/MedicalRecords in its entirety I am once again SHOCKED!, as it explains the TERRIBLE care Received during my stay there/here. You make NO mention of the Extreme Hematomas to my face or those layered throughout my body (There are photographs, how could you miss them!?).

There is NO reference to my speech being impaired from the TBI sustained, you refer to me as a male (sporadically) throughout (my) “Jacket” of Medical Records, you have Blood Bank charged to me and I never received any external blood, and there is more I could list. You should be sued!

PREVIOUSLY LEFT 2016: This place is utter ridiculousness!!! If You care about your health DON'T USE THIS hospital. I unfortunately had no choice in the say, as I was knocked out in a car crash (sustained a TBI) I was taken to this SO-NOT trauma unit, how this place gets a Level 2 trauma clearance, much less a Level 1 clearance is beyond me!! I was admitted for 4/5 days and was told, "There is nothing more we can do for you, as you are fine". I was SO-NOT fine.

I had neurological problems that affected my speech(did you people think that was just normal!?) (since I was told that I had no brain damage, but did have a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). I had 3 disks in my C-Spine that were damaged, and was told that my Xray/CTs showed nothing adverse (Wrong again great trauma personnel). My left hip and both knees were messed up so I couldn't get up and just walk (you cleared that as well (No ortho problems, scans clean). Wrong again!! And there is much more.

This place needs to be thoroughly audited and reviewed! These said Physicians/Drs are not of high caliber and/or knowledge or Humanity. I even had a Nurse Splitting Unscored pills (to where I said something to her at one point!). (Me) Coming from a Pharmacy background... That showed her knowledge of Score Lines on Medication. (You CAN'T split pills that are unscored, as the MAIN/Active chemical is NOT DISTRIBUTED EVENLY throughout the compound that comprises the pill.) SMH.

If you are awake and/or able to make a choice of where to be taken Grand Strand Reg Medical Center IS NOT IT! You have cost me EXTRA money to seek 2nd options that showed your mistakes, and have caused extreme stress when I received a LIEN!!! for a bill of over $100,000.00 3 days after I Ieft the hospital. (You should have sent it to ADDICT that hit me that was taken there!) Just DON'T GO TO GRAND STRAND REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER if at all possible!

Poor Healthcare
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Rating: 1/51

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Husband had open heart surgery! When I would ask a question the nurses were so defensive! For example: when I arrived for 8:30 visit, the nurse could not put my husband into bed. She would not let me enter his room. (After sitting in a chair for 15 hours) l ask a male nurse that came out of another room if he could please help put my husband into bed, his reply "I got it."

The next day when they sent him to step down unit, his bathroom toilet had feces on toilet lid. Also feces on the back of his gown and on draw sheet on his bed! Food was horrible. Very cold which breakfast was served at 9:30 am. The doctor which made his rounds at 9 am said my husband could go home! At 2:30 pm after no release! I had to go to nurse's station and tell them he was going to pull out his PIC line out himself and walk out! Finally at 4:30 pm they received order for discharge! Not to mention I went into bathroom in lobby "no toilet tissue!" This is only a fraction that happen!

Grand Strand Hospital, Unsafe
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MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Please, if you need medical services, go somewhere else. If you go to the ER, you may wait days in the hall for a bed. That is if you are sick enough to be admitted. If not, they will treat in street. Once on the floor, you may be 4 people to a room, can you say HIPPA violation? Don't have surgery by the Grand Strand Surgeons. Go to a private surgeon. DO not have robotic surgery, oh yeah, none of the surgeons can do robotic since one of the docs nearly killed several people with it. If you do have surgery, you are just a number. A statistic. No one cares about you the patient, only getting you in and out of the OR quickly so that the numbers are good.

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MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I am a self employed business owner without insurance. Times are hard. Upon having symptoms visited my doctor who sent me to have an x-ray. I called the hospital to see how much a procedure would cost and gave them the exact information the doctor had written on a prescription pad. I was told there would be a charge of $365. I would need to pull my bills to get exact information but this is close.

I got to the hospital and asked again how much the procedure would cost and showed my information written by the doctor and again was told the same amount of money yet an additional charge would be for the x-ray to be read. FOR $168. OK I could swallow that.

I paid for the hospital service the day I was there with a credit card. I then received a bill a month or so later for another almost $500 saying that there were two parts of my body x-rayed and two charges the 2nd being about $500!!! Now months later I am still getting bills two separate billings for the x-rays which were read. I called the hospital and told my situation to a biller and she told me she would get back to me. I never heard back from her but did hear back from a collection agency who said that I was told nothing could be done and that the charge stood as billed.

Grand Strand Regional is a for profit hospital and the most important thing to the hospital as a whole is money. But are they deceptive? I am not the type of person who has a lot of trust in hospitals and find it difficult at best to have any procedure done. This whole situation has further fed my mistrust. It is important that the public be given the correct information. SOME Hospitals have full control of what they charge and how they treat patients and do not deserve the trust placed in the facility. What choice do consumers have? Only not to use this hospital!!!

I had even asked for something in writing and was told that since I was paying the day of service that would be in writing! This is an outrage!! I can say that not one person showed an bit of concern for the situation and acted as if I were the idiot.

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