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Tried to get a pillow pet...
By -

After a torturous experience with this company I decided to look on their website for a complaint number and located this direct quote. "Backed by a sophisticated customer management system and brand-specific training, the CSRs can go beyond providing exceptional service to also drive meaningful incremental sales." After having an experience that left me feeling completely disappointed and appalled I felt compelled to write.

I attempted to purchase a pillow pet for my daughter's 3rd birthday on June 8th with requested expedited shipping. I received a notice that my order had shipped within 48 hours. I thought this was great until I realized that the UPS shipping status had remained the same "billing information received" for days. So Tuesday of this week (a week later) I decided to call and follow up in order to determine why the package had not arrived. While the man on the other end was pleasant he was very unapologetic and basically told me that the package got lost. When I asked what happened he said "people make mistakes."

He did refund my money and an additional 5 bucks since it missed my daughter's birthday. He said he hoped the package would go out the next day. Two days later on Thursday when I still hadn't received a confirmation of shipment I called again. When I got nowhere with a representative who told me she saw the order but couldn't guarantee when it would ship I asked to speak with a supervisor. An apologetic supervisor spoke to me and at this point I was ready to cancel the $75.00 order however she assured me that it would ship out same day on Thursday with the highest priority shipping.

Later the same day I called to check on the status and it had still not shipped but the gentleman on the phone let me know that it was ready to be shipped at that point and that it was being handled by two supervisors. When I asked for their names he initially told me that they do not give out supervisor's names until I said that I had spoken with one of them earlier. Lo and behold it is Friday and my order has still not been shipped. Yet another call to an unapologetic representatives who did not even acknowledge the fact that this had already been escalated and said the order had only been placed the day prior, and I have canceled the order entirely.

Never in my experience have I witnessed an organization have a more difficult time getting an order out the door than this and I am a frequent electronic shopper. So back to my original point, in my opinion, that quote needs some retooling. I would describe their system as ineffective since my product never shipped, the CSRs didn't at all go beyond providing exceptional service they barely provided me with acceptable service and in this case lost a sale and have certainly not given me any incentive to deal with them or the associated product in the future.

I hope that this was an isolated incident. I have to say, I thought the days of dealing with CSRs who are basically robots regurgitating policy were over considering that with this economy every sale counts. It is apparent that mine however did not. - A very disappointed Mom of an even more disappointed 3 year old little girl.

Beware - This company ships products you do not order and shipping is 2/3 of the total charge.
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- On August 19, 2010 we contacted a telephone number posted on a TV ad to order the Deluxe PageBrite magnifying reader. During the order process, after you provided your credit card information, you are bombarded with additional offers of products that you don't want and cannot avoid listening to. Additionally, as we discovered, you cannot cancel the order if you change your mind as we did during the process. We kept declining all offers, including the PageBrite, and hoped that an order had not been placed.

After a month, just when you think you no longer have to be concerned with this order you have cancelled, it shows up on an E-Mail that they have charged your account not only for the one unit of the product that you originally were going to order, but have added an additional unit for $5.00 plus a 1 yr. warranty for $5.95 and four (4) shipping charges for an additional $5.95 each. The total for what should have been a maximum of $15.95 ($10.00 for product and $5.95 for shipping) becomes $42.96. OUCH! We contacted GSI and asked what could be done since apparently the order had been shipped.

The customer service agent stated to us that if we refused the delivery and re-contacted the customer service number again (1-800-711-3914) that they would simply accept our word that we did not take delivery of the product shipment and would issue a full refund on that day. Since to date we have not received the shipment (via regular US Mail, by the way), it remains to be seen whether or not the company will issue the refund. Meanwhile, I have disputed the charge with my bank and they are investigating this matter.

Regardless of the outcome, GSI will have had the use of our $42.96 for approximately 7-10 days when it's all said and done to "bulk up" their bank accounts. Can you imagine how many $42.96 charges they can accrue in just a single day in this manner? What a scam!!!! An update will be provided once we have rejected the delivery and re-contacted GSI for our refund. Wish us luck!!

Can not get a refund
By -

I called in to this company on Friday 2/12/2010 to order a Swivel Sweeper. They have an automatic system that takes your information. Once they have your card number they start adding on other stuff that you don't want on your card and the machine won't let you cancel out your order. I call right back and they gave me a cancellation number.1-800-711-3914 I called the cancellation number and they told me it would take 48 hours to cancel out my order and I would have to call back then. I called back Monday morning 2/15/2010 and they cancel out my order but they still took the money out of my account.

Wednesday they send me an email telling that they do not return any shipping charges and the charge you for 2 shipping charges. Which they shouldn't had any because I cancel it out as soon as I put it in.. because they were adding on a lot of other stuff and the machine wouldn't cancel it out. The shipping charge adds up to as much as the Swivel Sweeper. I would like for everyone to know how they work with that Automatic System that adds on more stuff and won't let you cancel out so they can charge you shipping charges and than they charge you for 2. And they don't tell you what you owe or what you bill come up to.

Resolution Update 02/22/2010:

Swivel Sweeper
After I put my report in here and a couple of email back to GSI COMMERCE DR OPERATION... They have refund all of my money back into my account.
Thank you

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