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Truth in Advertising
By -

WEST CHESTER, OHIO -- I recently purchased a GT Xpress 101. Through the ordering process the consumer is offered to upgrade their order and receive a GT Xpress 4 chamber Unit for an additional 19.90. By upgrading the order the consumer is under the impression that with the additional 19.90 you will now receive the GT Xpress 101 PLUS the 2nd GT Xpress 101 for free, the recipe books for an additional 9.95 then the GT Xpress 4 chamber unit for the additional 19.90. Your online order confirmation will list all of these products.

However, when you actually receive the order the second GT Xpress 101 will not be shipped. It is 'understood' that when you 'upgrade' to the 4 chamber unit you do not then receive the second GT Xpress 101 (this is the smaller unit by the way). The shipping invoice will list all the above products as if they should be shipped but will not have an asterisk by the items not shipped. These are the products that you will have 'paid' for. Are you confused yet? Now either I am as dumb as a rock or I've been hoodwinked.

When I called the company for an explanation I was told to 'focus' on the upgrade. That I received an upgraded model in place of the second 101 even though it is clearly printed on the order confirmation and through the ordering process that the consumer receives all the products that I have listed. I cannot stand dishonesty. It drives me up the wall. Apparently, the customer service folks have been well trained in this area because they will talk you around in circles and try and get you to 'focus' on the fact that you received the upgrade. They will disregard what is actually printed on the confirmation or invoice.

I asked if they were therapists considering that they seemed to be running some sort of 'focus' group. The individual I was speaking to (not from the US but this one could at least speak English) didn't think my remark was funny. I guess no one has a sense of humor anymore because I am not amused at this either.

Beware With This One!
By -

I love this website. People get to tell others and sometimes help them not to lose money. That is my intention. I bought the (that is the product name and the website) on August 14, 2006 at the insistence of Big Mama. I must say that on TV it looked like it could do anything but stand on its head and sing "La Bamba". The so called host is a popular figure in infomercials and I must admit she brings authority and confidence with her presence (she reeled me in like an innocent trout) and her demonstration was the A to Z of convenience and efficiency.

Big Mama seen this same infomercial two or three times and she finally could not resist this desire to own the GTXpress101. The product is like a George Foreman type grill but not quite. It is mostly designed for sandwiches, burritos and small portions of food so they can fit in the assigned two compartments. The concept looked pretty darn good. So I bought it and of course while in the process they keep trying to ante the sale to a larger version of the same product for 30 or 40 percent more money, which I refused.

This is the deal: Buy one, Get one for free (just pay S&H). Sounded good! The non stick surface would guarantee the minimum of mess and easy cleanup. Oh this master manipulator was good! I believed her in more ways than one but when I received the shipment (total expense $70.00 or very close) and I opened the package I was dismayed to realize that this thing was way too small (and recriminated myself for not having bought the larger version they tried to sell me for 30-40 percent more) and I realized that not all manners of food would fit in this thing.

Well, I tried to adjust by cutting the bread on my first try and proceeded to create a common ham and cheese sandwich with extra garlic for me. I had the good sense not to use both products, left one untouched while I tried one. The sandwich came out tasty, cheese melted, garlic alive with flavor and ham hot. So I kind of resigned myself to its small size and figure eggs (two at a time) could be made over medium, omelet. That is when I noticed that the non-stick coating had peeled off. On its second try! WOW! So cleaned it, put it back on its box and returned it.

To make sure I went to the Post Office and insured the box, ended up paying almost $16.00 for sending it back. I already knew this was a losing proposition. Today 10-3-06 I received my refund from the GTXpress101 (at least they did not rip me off completely) and the amount returned was $39.99. Lost almost 30 dollars plus 16 for shipping and handling. That is money that could have been put to better use!

Sorry if it took so long but I would like to share something that the mail woman told me when I went to return the package. She said: "If they don't sell it in Walmart or Target you probably do not need it". Wise words and even though I do shop in the internet quite a bit (,,, etc) I will never buy anything an infomercial offers. These people are all paid actors, be whatever product they offer. There is not a sincere statement or a real consumer in there. These companies that make the infomercial are skilled manipulators and I guess they target individuals just like Big Mama and me.

Needless to say, we are a little down to throw money so easily and in such a wasteful way, but tarde piaci! Too late to cry about it. Thank you for listening or reading. I feel a lot better now so I am going to get my George Foreman griller and make a hot sandwich and forget this silly loss. GTXpress101?! Beware with this one!

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