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Waste of Money
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Rating: 1/51

SAUGUS, MASSACHUSETTS -- After reading a few reviews, the price overrode my common sense and I still purchased from Bob's Discount Furniture. I thought if I purchased the Guardian Protection Plan I could extend the life of my couch. Wrong again. Just as claimed, Bob's furniture lasted a little under a year before ripping at the seams. I attempted to make a claim but to no avail. They seem to have an exclusion for everything and their customer service reps are less than professional to say the least. Spend a little more and get quality furniture with a company that stands behind their product.

Company Response 05/09/2017:


This review is not for Guardian Protection Services Inc., the home security company. You are attempting to review Guardian Protection Products furniture protection.

Nathan D.
Customer Satisfaction Advocate

Don't Use This Company - Crooks!!! No Clause For Active Duty Military
By -

PHOENIX, ARKANSAS -- DO NOT use this company - They are a bunch of crooks. I have been fighting to with them for 4 1/2 years. I could write a book about all the customer service problems that we've had. Short version of our story is - signed up for service in DC in 2003 - thought we had a 3 year deal. We are a Air Force family that moves every 2-3 years. Dealer scratched out dates after we signed the contract and made it 5 years. We would have never agreed to it because we know we'll move in 3-2 years. You can tell on their copy that the contract length was changed. I fought that for months - we no luck.

So..we moved to Phoenix, AZ and they don't have service there. They tell us they will have service in a few months. 4 months go by and too many phone calls to count by me to get service. Meanwhile I'm still having to pay $29.00 a month for service I can't get. They finally hook us up and try to extend out contract another 36 months for moving. Many more calls and letters later they finally wave the extra time but still say I have to pay for 5 years which we were hoodwinked into.

The installer finally shows up and it's a joke. He can't find the wire/service box for ADT that was already in the home and on and on. At the end of the install when I asked how to work and set up the system he told me to read the book. I called to complain again and they said "Just read to book". So much for customer service.

2 years goes by - we pay on time etc. and it's time for the AF to move us again. I call to say that we are moving again - this time into a rental home so we can't get service. Can we get out??? NO. They say we must pay for 6 months left. There is no clause for active military that is forced to move every 2 years. We are not selling our home (in AZ) but renting - our renters offered to pick up the service. I called again and asked if we could put transfer our 6 month balance to them plus they wanted to pay for another extra 6 months. Was told NO - we'd have to keep it our name and they could pay us for the service. Makes no sense.

Months ago when I found out we were moving again I had called and talked to a supervisor and was asked by her if a family member would be interested in there ** Service - I told her there was NO way I would want them to be robbed. Now again they change their tune and I am actually bringing them more money and they still won't work with me. RUN screaming away from this company. Stick with ADT!!! Don't get robbed like we did!

You have to pay for the service even after your home is sold
By -

Please advise everyone you know that is in the market for a home security system, such as Guardian Protection Services, one of the Armstrong group of companies, that they should pay close attention to the contracts they are signing for the service. I was never told, or disclosed the fact that if I sold my home I would have to continue paying for the service.... The system is attached to the home, "the real estate", "real property".

How do they get away with charging a fee for a service attached to a system which is attached to a home you no longer own??? Can anyone answer that??? And don't give me... "you signed the contract". It is the contract itself and its legalities that I am contesting... Please advise everyone to fight this injustice... Not for the couple of hundred dollars but for the principle.

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