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Don't Waste Your $$ on Guardsman Protection Plan
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Rating: 1/51

Can I do 0 star? The protection plan is useless, it covers nothing, or they just lying... 5 years ago we purchased a 10K sofa sectional set for the new house we just bought, the salesperson suggested us to buy a protection plan state it will cover "any" damage include fading. That is the only reason I bought the plan as at that time we don't have kids, pets, we don't drinking... This only possibility I can see if the sun damage as we have not decide what window treatment to put on.

This Oct, I noticed there's some scratch and stain on all pieces. As our dog, adopted after purchasing the sofa set, must sneak in and eat his food on each pieces of the set... I was thanking good that I purchased the plan, so I immediately go online and start preparing my claim. First of all, the claim interface is confusion, a lot of questions but not very well organized so it is not easy to fill out. They also suggest to add pictures so that the process will be faster (total BS!!).

After figure out issues adding pictures (they don't accept certain formats but the website won't tell you, just show a lot scripting, but I am ok with tech so I figure out the issues eventually myself. After finally submitted the claim, it still took them 2+ week to deny my claim, possible it's because my follow up. Without my follow up who knows how much longer!!! So if the plan don't cover scratch and oil stain, what else this protection plan is good for? On the other hand, the furniture store should stop promote these plans, it makes you part of the crime!!!

Lack of Customer Service - Always Looking for Way Out of Paying Claim
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- I have made numerous attempts to contact Joyce ** or her office "before submitting comments" to the BBB as it has posted on the BBB site. Have had no response for over a month now. I spoke to a Jill who advised "they (Joyce ** office) said to give it 3 days due to the volume of callbacks". Today makes 3 weeks and no response. My complaint is what is repeated over & over - denial stating didn't meet the deadline. I've used Guardian once & it wasn't nearly this difficult of a process requiring the consumer to provide "proof" before they send someone out. I was living in MI caring for my dad w/ dementia & didn't get all the requirements in.

When I returned to AZ I called and advised to resubmit my claim. After doing all the requirements as directed I received a denied claim stating over 30 days because the "first" contact was over 30 days. VERY frustrated & disappointed about directing me to resubmit the claim, denial and lack of response from the "designated office". As hard as Mor Furniture pushed to purchase the "ELITE" Guardsman warranty, neither have amounted to anything credible. Will return to Pruitt's Furniture where they stand by their product, warranty and have customer service.

Terrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- We purchased Guardsman protection on all of our furniture for our new home. We had two items damaged during the warranty period. One claim was denied outright because we didn't know what caused the stain on the vanity, most likely marker seeping through paper by our 9-year-old daughter playing in her room, but we didn't actually witness it so they denied the claim.

The second claim is a daybed that has broken support slats and the frame board also broke. We filled out the claim paperwork and waited for the response. They sent a technician to review the damage. The technician sent his report to Guardsman. Guardsman offered three remedies. They would pay us to keep the broken item, they would replace it, or they would replace it and we would pay $90 to keep the broken item. We chose to just replace the broken item.

They contacted the retailer and apparently the item is no longer manufactured. All the while, to find out all of this information, I've been calling Guardsman and the retailer several times. On hold for approximately 30 minutes before anyone answers each time. I'm actually on hold right now, 21:55 and counting to let Guardsman know that I spoke to the retailer and know the item is no longer available from the manufacturer.

I have no idea what their option(s) will be to remedy the claim, but this is ridiculous. I will NEVER purchase a Guardsman warranty again. We filed our claim July 7 and it's September 23. We've been without use of the daybed for two and a half months without any idea how much longer it will be. 24:49 and counting BTW.

Stay Away! Complete Joke and a Complete Ripoff.
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- Zero stars. There is just no option for that. I submitted a claim for my dining room table within days of my noticing the peel/scratch. I received an email back saying it was not covered, because "peeling was not covered." I called them back and read them the plan that I had in front of me. Peeling was covered. The lady put me on a hold for about ten minutes, seemingly looking for a reason to deny my claim. She came back and said that it was because I never put a reason for how it happened. I said that how would I put anything if I didn't see what happened?

I have three kids - should I be standing in front of the table 24/7 to watch every person that sits down at the table? I also asked if I should have just made something up then, would that have been better? No response to that. She then said, "how can we know it actually happened in your house." My reply was "do you think I took the table for a walk and it happened?" This place is a legit ripoff. I already contacted the corporate office of where I bought the furniture and told them of this service. Based on these reviews, I am surprised they are still in business. To make matters worse, I was hung up on! The "manager" kept saying the same thing over and over again and had no defense to what I was saying. She then said, "there is a bad connection."

Great Service on Time #1; Deplorable Service on Time #2
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Rating: 2/51

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- My first claim with Guardsman was handled absolutely beautifully. They were quick to respond; the technician did an awesome job!! Not good on this most recent occasion: I filed a claim for service on a sofa. After not hearing anything for 3 weeks, I called and gave them my Guardsman protection number. They had never received my claim and told me I'd have to submit a new claim. I submitted a new claim. After not hearing back, I called to check on its status. They wanted to schedule service for a period of time that was 3 weeks out--that was "all they had." So I said OK. I didn't figure I had any choice. But the more I thought about it, the more I worried about the stain sitting for so long and becoming permanent.

I called to request a different technician. They seemed amenable to that and said they'd have someone call me. That person never called. I have called Guardsman and because they are unable to answer their phone, I chose to leave a message. It puts me through to their HIRING department. I have called several different numbers for Guardsman today and to no avail. Finally, someone send me an email with the number for the actual technician. I am hoping he or she will be calling me back. But surely they can get their telephone numbers better organized than what they currently have. It's amazing if they are talking to that many people that they are NEVER able to answer their phone--and then no one calls you back.

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Rating: 1/51

Guardsman, Elite furniture protection plan, to buy or to not buy? I feel it is extremely important to make possible future customers fully aware of how this company chooses to conduct its business. Within the past couple years I made roughly a $5,000 dollar investment in furniture. During the transaction with Ashley Furniture, I made the decision to protect my investment by purchasing coverage through Guardsman for about $400.

About 3 months ago, the electric motor that drives the recliner broke. I filed a claim with Guardsman to have the recliner motor serviced or replaced. The process to have a technician come to my house to evaluate the issue took almost an entire month. The technician spent less than 30 minutes at my house and made the determination that indeed the electric motor was broke. He ordered the necessary parts which would take another 6-8 weeks to arrive at my house.

Just over 8 weeks passed and still no motor arrived. I called Guardsman and discovered that the motor had been shipped to the wrong address, and that it would be another 10-14 days to have them shipped to the correct address. Once they arrived at my house, I contacted Guardsman. I was told I would have to wait another 7-10 days to have a technician contact me to schedule installation of the new motor. The technician took 11 days to contact me. The earliest availability to send a technician to my house was another 9 days away. Additionally, I was told they would call me the night prior to establish the service window for the following day.

Evidently the customer, myself in this case, has nothing better to do than to wait around the house for a technician to come at their earliest convenience. So the night prior I end up calling the technician's office around 5 pm to determine what time they would be coming to my house the next day, but I get a voicemail. About 45 minutes later I received a return call and I was told the window would be from 1-4 pm the following day. I clearly state that I am not available after 3 pm because I have to take my son to his doctor's appointment, which must be scheduled a week in advance, not the night prior.

The technician's representative tells me that the new window is 11 am – 3 pm. So the following day at 10:15am I leave my job to be at my house by 11 am to meet the technician. I arrive at my house at about 10:50 am. By 3 pm no technician, no one has bothered to call me, and now I have to leave to take my son to the doctor's office. I call the next morning and I am rather rudely told that the technician did in fact come to my house and that no one was home. He even sent a picture of the house to prove that no one was there at 3:25. 3:25? That is correct, no one was there, just as I had explained the day prior and why the service window was 11am – 3pm.

But lucky for me she can reschedule me 8 days from today. So just to recap the timeline, this has now been more than 3 months that my recliner has been broken. Not that big of a deal right? Well kind of is an issue because it is stuck in the ¾ extended position. Additionally, I had to move during this time because I am in the military and I was transferred. Ever try to move a recliner in the upright, extended position? Lots of fun to be had. So now I call Guardsman again.

After explaining my situation and being transferred to three different departments, I am essentially told I can stay with the current technician and wait another 8 days or I can change technicians which will take 10-14 days. I am tired of waiting! I explain to all Guardsman representatives that that I am not asking for someone to “hook me up” or do me a favor. I paid hundreds of dollars for this service and I, as the customer, am getting no value from their service.

I also provide what I determine to be a reasonable solution. I requested they call a technician in the area and schedule the repair to be completed immediately, within 24-48 hours. This may require Guardsman to pay the technician contractor additional pay (overtime), but at this point I felt it was a reasonable request. I was told this is not a possibility. Service repairs and customer satisfaction is the sole reason you, Guardsman, sell your protection plan, or is it?

I submit that maybe making the process so difficult and time consuming may in fact be a business strategy to deter your customers from seeking to file claims for repair, thus allowing you to take their money (earn revenue) without ever having to provide any real service (expenses) to your customers.

Horrible, Waste of Money, Waste of Time
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I reported an issue with a wooden piece pushed through the mattress inside the couch. No idea where it came from. No issues with the couch and no one had ever slept on it. Mattresses are not covered so I accepted it. A couple of weeks ago I submitted a new claim because I sat on the couch and felt a shift. The wood where the sleeperbed is attached to broke down. I took pictures and submitted everything.

Today Guardsman told me that they denied my claim because it was the same claim. It wasn't. Then she tried to say it was a frame issue back then! How do you know when you never came out? There is nothing wrong with the back of the couch. Guardsman is a joke and fraud to me. They lay it out how they want it. They did not cover the S arches on my bedroom furniture either! Do not waste your money.

Cracks in Leather Chair
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Rating: 1/51

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- We have had the worst experience with our Guardsman plan. We purchased the 5-yr gold service plan about 2 1/2 yrs ago for 2 matching recliners that each had an electrical mechanism (just in case the electrical might fail). We paid about $300 for this plan. The chairs are a combination of leather and vinyl.

Well, 2 1/2 yrs later the electrical parts are still great but within 6 mo of purchase the leather or vinyl material on one chair began to crack. We submitted a service request to Guardsman as soon as the situation was noticed. At that time Guardsman said the plan we purchased wasn't applicable to the problem. Thankfully the vendor stepped up and repaired, and all was well for a time, but recently some cracks appeared again in same chair and so we submitted again, after which Guardsman said we "didn't act soon enough."

Why do they offer a plan that says it covers leather and vinyl cracks if it doesn't? We thought we purchased the premiere plan that covered ALL issues. The initial phone conversation with customer service was good, but everything since (by mail or email) has been disappointing to say the least -- and of course their plan is totally disappointing. What a collosal waste of $300. We will NEVER purchase another warranty from Guardsman and we do not recommend this service plan to anyone. Buyer beware.

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Rating: 1/51

I cannot be more disgusted with the way that Guardsman does business.I purchased the insurance from Haverty's for my bedroom suit.
I scratched the footboard with a laundry basket and submitted a claim on April 22. I thought that the process was cumbersome because of the requirements to compress my photos. There seemed to be other technical issues where I had to start over several times before the claim was officially submitted. But, it would be worth the time since my scratch would be fixed -- or so I thought.
The very young (and I found out that he was also very inexperienced) technician showed up and assessed the scratch in all of 3 minutes. He said that it could not be repaired and besides, there were other scratches. I do no dispute that there are other scratches but I consider those to be normal wear and tear after 2 years. The only damage that I was concerned with was the one scratch that I submitted the claim for.
However, after his "thorough" 3 minute assessment, he told me that the entire piece needed to be replaced. I thought that was overkill but since this was my first experience with Guardsman, I just assumed that this was how things must work with this company. I had a second claim a few weeks later fr some water damage on my nightstand. When the experienced and very professional technician came to fix it, I showed him my other claim and asked him if this scratch on my footboard was repairable, he replied, "Yes!
It would be very easy to repair this scratch". He went on to fix my nightstand (which I was very happy with) and I expected to hear back from Guardsman regarding my footboard. Unfortunately, several months went by with no communication. I tried calling a few times, but the very long wait times did not allow me to stay on the call.
I made the decision to stay on hold as long as it took to get some type of status. Finally after 43 minutes on hold, I spoke with someone. After I gave her my information, she transferred me to another person (6 more minutes on hold) who told me that he was the wrong person that I needed to speak with so he transferred me to another person (4 more minutes on hold) who told me that my claim was denied. I asked why I was not notified, she told me that I was sent an email on June 6th.
I have pulled up all of my emails with Guardsman and I have nothing from them on June 6th. It is interesting that I have other emails from them but nothing after May 22nd. I am not saying that she is lying, but I am saying that the message was not received. My biggest complaint is that the claim was denied by someone who has not seen my furniture.
The young and inexperienced technician who either did not know what he was doing or did not want to take the time to fix the scratch made a decision in haste. And, furthermore, the decision to deny my claim was based on either his report that there were excessive scratches (of which I have not made any claims for nor do I even need to have them repaired) or that Guardsman is derelict in their obligations to their customers in that there was no effort to even try to remedy the situation and absolutely zero attempt to make this customer happy. Well, this representative did send me to a voicemail system that I am sure will yield no results. I am assuming that this voicemail system is where representatives send unhappy customers in order to placate them and not have to deal with them.
Well, I was too disgusted to simply leave a voicemail (which I did -- but I don't expect to hear anything back), so I called back. Another 26 minutes on hold to ask to speak to someone who could possibly help me. So, she transferred me (another 4 minutes on hold) to an alleged "customer care representative". I told her my information and she towed the "party line" and informed me that my claim was denied because of "excessive scratches".
I told her how angry that made me considering that no one at Guardsman other than the inexperienced (and in my opinion - "Lazy") technician who did not seem to want to repair it and the other experienced technician who said that it was an "easy repair" had seen it. I asked her if I could get a second opinion and she said, "No, there would be no second opinion and that the claim was denied and will stay denied". Yip! That is stellar customer service!!
I felt "well-served" for by the alleged "customer care representative". I did continue to tell her what I thought of your product and that I would ensure that I invested time in calling furniture companies that peddle your lousy product and let them know about my experience with you and recommend that they look into any competitor that you have. I do apologize for allowing a word out of my mouth that I never use, but I cannot be more repulsed by your company's apparent lack of ethics and concern for customers who pay a lot of money for nothing. That is the message that I gave to Haverty's when I called them.
Thankfully, they are at least a sympathetic ear and seem willing to help me. We will see.
But, I can assure you that yours is absolutely the WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE that I have experienced in my 50 years.I cannot emphasize that point enough nor can you expect me to have anything but negative reviews in every venue that I can access.
Reason of review: Poor customer service.
Monetary Loss: $2000.
Preferred solution: Let an experienced technician repair the scratch on my bed (he said he could do it easily).
I didn't like: Website, Product, Policies that do not protect customer.

Worthless Lying Protection
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Rating: 1/51

USA -- Sofa wear is uneven and unsightly and because they tricked me into saying it has been there more than 5 days they denied my claim and stated that it wasn't reported within the time frame. This company is a total sham. NEVER buy the protection plan.

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