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Caveat Emptor Shipping and Service
By -

CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- Item: Fender Standard Stratocaster. Left Handed. Candy Apple Red w/ Maple Neck. A brief outline; On 7/6/10 I ordered a Fender Standard Stratocaster Left Handed Candy Apple Red with a Maple neck from Guitar Due to circumstances beyond my control concerning UPS, my street address and security reasons, I had the guitar shipped to the Guitar Center Store # 825 in Cherry Hill NJ. A place I've frequented for a few years now and enjoy dealing with.

On 7/12/10 I received tracking information that the guitar was damaged and was being returned to
I nor anyone else at GC #825 or UPS claims to have seen the damaged guitar but it was returned to the Main warehouse. I contacted and spoke, in person, on 7/13/10, with the store # 825 manager Eliot and he assured me GC would handle everything and I had to do nothing to get this guitar replaced A. S.A. P. After tracking down what was actually happening I was told differently that I had to return to the store and re/placed my order.

On 7/20/10 I visited store #825 Cherry Hill NJ out of frustration to get this order placed/replaced although why it couldn't be done by me and how I wanted it, I haven't quite figured out. At this point my patience is wearing thin from excuses and finger pointing. I simply wanted the guitar delivered to the store. Not delivered to my sun drenched front porch in a record heat wave, in a not so great neighborhood to be stolen or delivered to the wrong address which by the way is a house full of junkies. Was this asking a little too much on my part? Did I not have it shipped to the store to begin with?

Upon arrival at store # 825 I was passed off by the manager Eliot to an "asst. manager" whose name I quickly forgot (Alex??) (a young, thin, sallow looking, caucasian fellow with what looked like dreadlocks) and my order quickly became the nightmare from hell. This "asst. manager" done the total opposite of what this customer requested
after repeatedly being told what I did not want to do for approximately 25 minutes. I left this store more frustrated and now angered at the situation.

It confused me to the point to which I called afterward to make sure the order was correct. I'm guessing this so called "new order" will get delivered to the correct address undamaged also. All I know is GC got my money very quickly and the service I received back from them totally sucked, was slow, and very time consuming.

By the time this guitar is ever delivered to me it will close if not over 4 weeks. This seems to be the only solution for me to receive this guitar which is already bought and paid for. Now I await the "we'll over night it to you" story. No such thing!! It will be at least two days providing everything goes according to plan. All this ** over replacing an order either damaged by UPS or store #825. Not good customer service.

And judging from how I saw a Marshall Amp head dropped and then replaced back on it's cabinet by a staff member. I'm not ruling out that this so called "damaged" guitar happened through GC #825. My plans were to purchase two (2) other guitars from GC, A Telecaster and Les Paul Studio but I'm holding off and rethinking exactly where I should purchase these items from.

I've spent a few thousand dollars at GC in the past year or so. I'm sure a few of the other stores could use a customer like myself, my friends and family. After I receive this order it will be highly likely my last from GC. I will not forget to tell my friends how well I was handled and just how great GC is to deal with.

Rip off Artist
By -

I went to GC in Overland Park, KS on 1/2/10 to look at trading in my ESP M-II (Japan authentic ESP) and here is my experience. I went into the store with my ESP and Case, told the guy at the counter that I was looking to trade it in on a Gibson. He tagged it and told me to go to the guitar counter. Talked a little bit to the Kid (a lot younger than and I am 39) and he took it to someone else. Next it was but 15 minutes of looking and calling people to look at it. The originally thought it was a LTD with the ESP name on it. Not true it was a true ESP M-II model in pretty much pristine condition.

After the 15 minute lag in time, and looking at the gibson guitars, they came back and said they could offer me 300 dollars. Well here is what went through my head. They didn't know anything about the guitar, what type of pickups or anything about it (they are a Guitar Center correct.) Strike one. Next they said they might be able to sell it for about 400 dollars. And they looked on eBay and said it was being sold for 600. (Lie number 2)

Well after you pretty much try to snow a musician with 35 years of experience you get a pretty bad taste in your mouth. I have been a music teacher and a musician for 20 years professionally. I was not trying to give them a bad guitar it has simply gotten to heavy of a guitar for my liking, it's hard to play with a Chrysler around your neck for 2 hours. I want something lighter.

Well, I have to honestly say I am going to steer all of my students and anyone I know away from those rip off artist. 1, these people don't know guitars, and I looked on eBay before I went and after I left the store for the guitar they were talking about on eBay and well apparently they can't read either the 600 dollars was actually 750 GBP if I'm not mistaken isn't that british money. American it was around 1200 dollars. I paid 1700 for mine new 3 years ago.

My advise to anyone reading this if you are a true musician do your homework on the company ask them questions only guitar players would know. They should never have to go back and look something up to tell you about it. A good companies sales person will know the product, the competition and be very knowledgeable. These jokers are simply not honest with their customers. I would tell anyone looking "if you're looking for a guitar go to someone who knows guitars and that would be anyone other than Guitar center."

Why Musicians Should Avoid Guitar Center
By -

RIVERTON, UTAH -- I am a longtime professional musician. Guitar Center is a chain of music stores, over 200 of them, that have dominated the MI industry over the last decade and have succeeded in putting countless independent music stores out of business. Here's what to expect when going into almost any GC:

Store stock limited to a select group of mainstream products; very little out of the ordinary. Young, clueless salespeople, many of who have very little product knowledge, who treat customers with indifference or rudeness. Every time you go into any GC, there's a constant turnover of salespeople, so there's very little chance of building a relationship with a salesperson. Not the case with a smaller, indie music store, where like Cheers bar, "everybody knows your name."

A new no-haggle policy on prices instituted by Bain Corp, a holding company that bought the financially-troubled GC chain in 2007. Make no mistake, GC is in serious trouble. It's almost certain they will be closing stores in 2009, given the state of the economy and their financial problems.

Prices that can almost always be beaten by your local, indie music store if you are willing to shop around. So, if you're a serious musician who wants to be treated like a human being, patronize your local, independent music store instead of a Big Box chain that has turned the musical instrument buying experience into something akin to going to Wal-Mart. Indie music stores need your business NOW, or they will disappear, and that would be most unfortunate.

Time Issues And Lack Of Control Of Local Locations
By -

I ordered this package on Monday... I ordered three days shipping thinking that it would be here by Friday. I called the other day to ask if it would still arrive on time and they assured me that it would arrive on time. When I called today they said that they wouldn't be able to do anything to help me as its already in UPS transit.

As I really need the product for tomorrow Friday the tenth, I asked if they could possibly ask a local Guitar Center to let me borrow the same product for the day. They could not help me in this matter. I asked why the product was taking so long to arrive and they told me it was UPS's fault. I called UPS and they said the product was not brought in to be shipped until this morning Thursday the 9th.

This makes no sense to me, the product should have been in UPS hands yesterday and in my hands tomorrow. If I knew this was going to happen I would have bought 2 day shipping. This is ridiculous that a company like Guitar Center has no control of their stores, shipping department, or even customer service. Thanks a lot.. I hope the person reading this realizes that your company is losing a customer and will tell others about my bad experience. THANKS A LOT.

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