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Worst Dealership Ever
By -

Gurnee Hyundai has given me the worst dealership experience I have ever had. I give them 0/5 stars. If I could, I would give them a negative number rating as they deserve it. Gurnee Hyundai is part of the Bob Rohrman Auto Group with the local IL entity name of "€œROHR-GURNEE MOTORS, INC".€ They made me lose faith in good salesmanship and business practices.

When you think of car salesman and the all the negative sleazy, dirt-bag stereotypes come to mind, this place meets them all and makes them look like child's play. They are the worst of the worst. They lie, cheat, and attempt to rip off the customer to their best advantage. I don't believe anything they said to me was the truth at this point.

My experience with them took about 5 hours total, over 3 spent in the dealership on Friday night. We had the vehicle picked out, agreed on a price, discussed financing criteria which were met, but told something was not approved. I questioned what wasn't approved if we met all the criteria; we were not given a straight answer. We were told the "€œfinance manager"€ would have to call the bank as the one on shift currently is a "€œnew guy"€ and not so great with these "€œmore complicated deals".€

I requested to hold the car, to which I was told no. I requested to put a deposit down on the car, which I was told no. The next day I received a voice mail stating the deal is "€œnot doable"€ without any concrete explanation. I called back numerous times to speak with the sales person or the finance manager, but none would answer the phone or return my voicemail and messages left with the receptionist. The sales person answered once, only to say he has to call me back and hung up on me. No one called back.

I sent a message to the Bob Rohrman Auto Group, with the same outcome of no one contacting me. I am sure the car has been sold to someone else and we have been neglected and discarded at this point. These are all terrible business practices. This establishment is a model example of an unethical dealership, let alone a business. They do not care about anything and anybody at all.

I am concerned about the illegal actives that could be taking place behind closed doors in the finance office. If credit was run and not approved, they are legally obligated to provide the denial of credit reasoning. Since I cannot speak with anyone at the dealership, it is difficult for me to request and receive this information.

Please take a look at all the other reviews online. You DO NOT want to visit this place and definitely DO NOT purchase a vehicle from here. Choose a reputable business to make such an expensive decision at. I hope this helps future Hyundai customers choose a better dealership. Thank you for looking!

2008 Hyundai Elantra Poses A Serious Danger And Should Not Be Purchased
By -

GURNEE, ILLINOIS -- I had my brand-new Elantra for about 26 hours (I drove it 100 miles since I bought it), when it malfunctioned and died in the middle of an intersection. I tried to have it towed, but HRA was a total failure. They could not get a tow truck until the next day. I was able to restart the car and have my husband drive it to the nearest dealer to repair it.

We are now at DAY 10 of the brand-new car being in the shop. They don't foresee having it fixed until DAY 12, which is 7/21 (I bought my car on 7/8/08). In the course of these 12 days being in the shop, the car was hooked up to the computer ONLY ONE TIME that I know of. That process returned an "error code" which stated there was a misfire on cylinder 1.

The dealer has then only driven my car to try replicating the problem, and checked wires & cables to make sure "they weren't loose". Meanwhile, they have put 300 miles on my car! They now say that the regional office told them to replace the fuel pump on the car. The dealer had already told me that there was nothing wrong with the fuel pump (I asked them if the fuel pump could be the problem). I don't understand why they are replacing the fuel pump now when they said it "tested" OK?

The dealer said that when we pick it up, it will have about 3/4 a tank of gas in it, which is about the same amount I dropped it off with. They have piled 300 miles onto my brand-new car, they haven't given me the courtesy of a FULL gas tank.

I've paid 12 days of car insurance, loan interest and lost out on 12 days of free XM radio service. I also had to use my other car for commuting, which doesn't get as high of fuel economy as the Elantra (I bought the Elantra to SAVE MONEY ON FUEL COSTS, etc, but I haven't seen the benefits of owning the vehicle since its been in the shop for going on 12 days). The dealer has no intention to make anything right, and they act like this isn't a big deal to have a 26-hour-old car break down and then be in the shop the next 12 days.

This car poses a serious safety issue. My 26-hour old Elantra with about 125 miles on it lost all power and died in the middle of an intersection during a simple left-hand turn. This happened during the first 24 hours I owned the car. This car purchase was a complete mistake.

Company Response 04/11/2011:

Althought this review appears to be several years old, I would like to sincerely apologize for an aggravation you felt.
Our dealership is under a New Management Team as of Fall 2010.
I hope that you will choose to contact Gurnee Hyundai for your next vehicle purchase.

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