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Outright rude; hostile demeanor and cruel attitude and terrible customer service
By -

WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I was shopping at the West Hartford Gymboree for my grand children. I bought 4 items. At the time of paying (4 items) the cashier, Erin - I believe, took as payment my check No **, People's United Bank, for the amount of $ 51.03. Erin then asked me for my driver license. She annotated information on my check and processed it. Then in front multitude of public she told me that my check declined (twice). I was shocked hearing that. I couldn't believe it, because I have enough of money in my account.

I respectfully asked her to please dial the processing center or/and my bank, she refused twice saying, "No Ma'am I can't do that." Then I asked her to let me use her phone so I could call the Bank myself. I asked her to do that because I wanted to prove that it was a mistake. She refused. Then I gave her another check from Sovereign Bank (check No 101). This new check did not have my name labeled on the check. She refused to take it.

On the meantime there was lot of people waiting on a line and looking at scene like I was a perpetrator. Lastly, I had to give her my credit, debit, card and paid with that account. Then after I got off the line I called the Bank (People's) and had Cristine (Bank Staff) on the phone. I didn't see Erin anymore so I asked another woman (employee, one that was looking at me meanly), to please ask Erin to see me because I had the Bank teller on the phone to clarify the incident since I had plenty of funds on my account. So she can see that I was not misleading anyone.

This other meanly looking female said to me "No ma'am." "She is not gonna see you, because we don't accept personal checks with no name." I try to tell her that it was about the people's Bank check that we wanted to clarify because the banker said it is impossible to believe that I was advise that my check was declined. Then this woman, Amy, was looking at me in a condescending manner and was shouting about Sovereign Bank but I was talking about People's Bank. She was not listening. She made up her mind that I was probably a fraudulent customer because my skin was dark and I am Latino look.

She loudly accused me that Erin never processed People's Bank check. She embarrassed me, humiliated me and created a hostile environment for me. She shouted at me in front of customers, "lady you have to leave the store now." I left disappointed and embarrassed. Cristine, the Banker heard it all because she was on the phone with me. Cristine told me that she heard the whole thing the way I was treated by Amy and she advised me to file a complaint and she would witness. Then I got home and I only had three items in my bag and I was charged for four items. They were busy giving me a hard time that they did not include all the items in my bag.

Yesterday, I went to claim and bring back one of the items. The attendant told me she couldn't give me a credit to my account because I didn't have my receipt. She told me that Amy advised her. I spent gas to drive back and forth which cost me money and I was offended - outrightly, therefore, I am asking for remedy. I was targeted and profiled as a non-trustable Latino.

I had a relationship with this store for many years. I am a teacher and honorable. I also have Gymboree credit card. However, I was treated as a criminal and finally told to leave the store for no good reason. Amy was mean, cruel, rude, unprofessional on 12/24/11 late afternoon. She had no right to shout at me. I am not violent. I am a teacher, a reputable citizen and I also a community advocate. I need you to please pay me for the expenses incurred due to this incident and terrible customer service experience that ruin my day.

Bullied Into Quitting!!!
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I have worked in children's clothing for over 5 years now. I started out at The Children's Place and loved it. The company is great, and the morale and genuine concern for everyone is real. Well I recently relocated to a new state and was hired in as a part-time manager for Gymboree. I was so excited.

The store manager who hired me ended up moving shortly after I came in and a new manager was relocated to our store. She was a part-time manager just like me, at a nearby store that we consistently got complaints about. (Cleanliness, helpfulness etc.) As soon as the new manager came in, things didn't seem right between us. Shortly after that, I was so excited to find out the my fiance and myself had finally conceived. I decided to tell my boss first, because I was getting sick a lot and not feeling too well.

I wanted her to know that I wasn't slacking or being lazy. Shortly after I told her this, she brought in our district manager. They took me to the back and basically bullied me into quitting. They told me if I didn't quit they would be forced to write me up for being late. (I clocked in 3 minutes late that day. I got there and ran to bathroom and threw up. I clocked in as soon as I was done, being three minutes late.) Then they also said they would have to write me up for an earlier incident of missing a manager's meeting I wasn't properly informed of. I talked to the new manager the day of the meeting and she failed to mention the meeting at all to me.

Every explanation I gave of my loyalty and service to the brand was not good enough. If I mentioned having excellent customer relationships, I was told that was not my job, that was a salesperson's job. So I would describe the hard tasking jobs and standards I had for the store and myself while I was there, and was told I needed to be focused on customers.

They were looking for a way to get me out of there as soon as I informed them that I was pregnant. Unfortunately I was dumbfounded at the time they were bullying me into resigning, if I hadn't been I would have let them fire me. Then at least I could go to someone higher up who matters and do something about getting fired for being pregnant.

I gave my all to that company and thoroughly enjoyed working there. I will not shop there or recommend anyone give there business to them. I have never been treated and made to feel so inadequate in all my years of working.

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