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Hotel Refuses to Reimburse for Hearing Aid
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Rating: 1/51

SCOTT, LA. -- While relaxing in bed after a long day's drive, the night stand fell off the wall and crushed a hearing aid. The hotel apologized, change our room, and assured us that insurance would cover our loss. Our room was not comped.
After several calls and emails, and a final assurance that the hearing aid loss would be reimbursed, it was ordered for $1500.

At this point all return correspondence from Hampton Inn stopped. They refused to return phone calls and they refused to reply to emails. I finally called and asked for a supervisor. She put me on hold while she called the General Manager or the owner. She then informed me that the hotel would not be covering the loss because the hearing aid looked like someone stepped on it.

Needless to say we were angry and weary, upset. It is far beyond our understanding how a large hotel could treat long-term customers this way. We must now hire an attorney and take them to court. These are very bad people and we won't be staying at Hampton Inn ever again.

Do Not Ever Stay at the Hampton Inn & Suite in Victor, NY
By -

VICTOR, NY -- I had a terrible experience at my recent stay at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Victor, NY. I unfortunately had a death in my immediate family. My family chose this hotel because of proximity and use of the suite room for my disabled mother. We had three rooms total that they could not accommodate to be near one another. Our day began early and we went to the funeral home, church, burial and the after reception. As you can only imagine we were exhausted.

We returned to the hotel wanting to just rest around 3:30 P.M. We came back to dirty rooms. All three of our rooms were not even touched. We called down to the main desk to ask for housekeeping and were told that they had 102 rooms to clean. We then asked if it could be done now and they sent someone up. What we saw them do was grab towels, make the beds with the current linens, vacuum the rug and spray something in the air. They did this in about 5 minutes. They also started the dishwasher since it was full of dirty utensils and plates when we arrived on Friday. Appalling.

We called to get our third room cleaned but had no answer from the housekeeping line. We called down to the main desk who told us housekeeping left an hour ago and that our room could not be cleaned. Excuse me? This is not a budget inn. This is a hotel and suite and when we pay $130 (+) per night for a room, I don't expect that housekeeping leaves at 4:00 PM. We did not occupy the room from 8:00 AM–3:30 PM. Our room was not cleaned and to have housekeeping leave a hotel and have no other option in a FULL SERVICE hotel. What? We were also told if we wanted fresh towels, we had to come down to the lobby main desk and get them ourselves.

So now in addition to not providing housekeeping, they do not have any guest services. To make it worse, the rooms that we had were placed directly next to and under a birthday party. Anyone else find it odd that a guest decided to have a birthday party in the hotel rooms and on the floor. Of course too, their rooms were not adjoining but at least 5 or 6 rooms apart. So they had a dozen screaming kids running up and down the hallway.

The parents put the lock in the door jamb so the room door wouldn't shut so that when the kids slammed open the door, it would swing shut with a large thud, over and over and over again. In our rooms below, we heard the running up and down the hallway. Finally after hour one, we called the front desk. They advised that there was a birthday party and that it shouldn't last much longer. They told us to please not yell at the children.

We left for dinner after hour 2. We went down to the main desk at one point about the clean room guarantee. The hotel has it advertised clearly all over the walls and in the room. We were told that we had to talk to someone tomorrow about the 100% guarantee we were asking about. I woke up on Sunday morning to have my bill under my door for two nights at $250. We also have a bill for around $600 for the other two rooms. Close to $900 for two nights in what was the worst experience in a hotel I have ever had.

Beware! Guests Will Be Treated As Criminals... It's Our Policy!
By -

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- I write this letter with a completely different outlook on Hilton Hotels due to my most recent experience at what should have been a quick 2 night stay at a Hampton Inn & Suites in Roseville, CA. My fiancee and I were headed to Roseville on a little getaway where we planned to visit family for 2 days and then proceed to Tahoe to enjoy the Sierras. We made an online reservation through Travelocity for 2 nights, 1 king size bed, no smoking for a rate of $104/night for 3/12 through 3/14.

Upon check-in, everything seemed to be somewhat normal… I came in and a man by the name ** assisted me. He asked me for my last name and a credit card for incidentals. I responded with my last name and asked if he needed the reservation number. He told me that it wasn't necessary and I then handed him my fiancee's credit card, the same card in which we had made the online reservation with, he swiped the card handed me my room keys and briefly explained where my room was. I told him thank you and went back out to the car to grab our luggage, and my fiancee and I proceeded to our room.

Having been in the car for nearly 2.5 hrs, I felt the need to take a shower. As I got out of the shower my fiancee informed me that a lady called from the front desk and said we might want to call Travelocity. I picked up the phone and dialed the front desk and the young lady informed me that Travelocity had phoned the Hotel, apparently because they weren't able to reach our cell numbers, and requested we give them a call. She gave me the number and we hung up the phone. Not knowing what was about to transpire... I didn't feel that a phone call to Travelocity was an urgent matter, after all, we were already checked in.

Being newly engaged, we did what every couple does upon first entry to the room. To make a long story short without all details, there was 1 missed call in our room, followed by a thunder of pounding on the front door accompanied with shouts of "ROSEVILLE PD, OPEN THE DOOR" My fiancee became petrified and ran to the bathroom. I went to open the front door to the room, and was immediately met by 2 officers who sternly requested I step out into the hallway. Half dressed, I acknowledged their request and stepped into the hallway.

For the next 30 minutes, I was interrogated about who I was, where was my I.D., whom I was staying with, how I paid for the room, where I was from, etc. etc. I then had to furnish proof of not only my identity, but my fiancee's as well. We were then told that there was suspicion that we were some sort of credit card thieves who had booked the room with a stolen credit card.

Fortunately enough, I kept my online reservation print out and was able to finally turn the officers away after showing them the paper. This whole thing took place in the hallway where other guests walked back-and-forth as they watched the officers completely humiliate and intimidate, myself, a half-dressed man who has never once had legal troubles of any kind through his entire life.

After this subsided, I quickly took the elevator down to the lobby to speak to Mgmt. about what had just happened. To my surprise, not only did the same arrogant kid, **, show a total lack of sympathy for the obvious poor Mgmt. decision he had made by calling the Police, but he made it clear to me that "Not only is that Our Policy… You don't like we can ask you to leave!" WOW!!! Is all I could say to his quick response that wreaked of a person that clearly had no meaning of what customer service was about, but definitely had no business being in Hotel Mgmt.

Moral of the story… STAY AWAY FROM THE HAMPTON INN & SUITES, unless you're alright with criminal treatment, at higher room rates than your reservation, topped off with a staff that really wishes you just hadn't stayed at their hotel.

Protect Your Credit Card
By -

NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- This hotel places a pending charge against your credit card even when they are told no and you do not give them authorization to do so. I reserved and paid for my room online with my credit card weeks before my stay with a prepay non refundable status. I verified my card had been charged properly weeks before my arrival. When I checked in at this hotel, I was told I needed to give them a credit card for incidentals. I told the desk clerk I had pre-paid and would not be using any incidentals so I did not need to give them my card for incidentals.

When I got home, I found a pending charge of $50.00 against my account anyway. I do not take lightly people placing charges against my credit card without permission. I called the hotel only to be sent to the manager's voicemail. I left a message and called back again and again to discover no answer at the hotel. I finally used a second cell phone to get the hotel to answer my call. I asked who was in charge to be told there was no manager at the hotel to help. I asked for the district manager to be told they did not know that information.

When I pushed further, I was finally told the District manager's name and number. I called only to go to yet another voicemail. I called the Hampton Inn complaint line only to be told by **, the representative, she could not help, only the hotel could release the charge. I asked to speak to a supervisor only to be told there was not one on duty. I pushed to speak to a supervisor and magically there WAS one on duty and available to speak??? Again I was told by **, the supervisor, there was nothing they could do.

BE AWARE THIS HOTEL USES YOUR CREDIT CARD EVEN WHEN YOU DO NOT GIVE THEM PERMISSION. You would think the use of a customer's money for two extra weeks when the charges are prepaid online, which by the way is non- refundable, would be enough compensation when you tell them you will not be using incidentals and do not give them your card.

They obviously get the credit card number off the online transaction and place pending charges against it anyway. I know it is a small amount of money but that is not the principle for which I am angry. I do not take kindly to anyone charging my card without my permission. I will not be staying at this hotel again. If I find out this is standard procedure, I will not be staying at any Hampton Inn again.

Thief in Housekeeping
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Rating: 1/51

FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- My wife and I went on a cruise out of Ft Lauderdale in March. We stayed at The Hampton Inn at 2301 SW 12th Avenue for one night. The following morning we took the shuttle to the cruise terminal. When we got on board the cruise ship, my wife began to unpack. She discovered that she had left a small plastic bag in the room containing all of her earrings. As we had been preparing to leave the hotel room, she decided to change the earrings that she was wearing. Somehow in the hustle and bustle of getting ready to leave, she left the bag in the room.

I immediately called the hotel from the ship and asked to speak with the manager. The person who answered the phone informed me that he was busy and asked what she could do for me. I explained what had happened and asked if the bag containing my wife's earrings had been turned in by the housekeeping staff (one can hope, can't he?).

She put me on hold to check and when she came back, she said that nothing had been turned in. She also told me that she had spoken with the General Manager and he said he did not have time to talk with me. She said they would check with housekeeping and that I should check back with them when we returned from the cruise. We did that but as I expected, nothing was found.

That bag contained at least 20 pairs of earrings, some costing over $500.00. There is definitely a thief working in housekeeping at that hotel and I believe the General Manager could have gotten to the truth if he had been interested. Yes, I know. My wife created this problem by leaving the jewelry in the room but don't we have a right to expect honesty from people who operate the hotels that we pay our money to? I know this -- I will never again stay at a Hampton Inn.

Unnecessary Charges
By -

Several weeks ago (June 3-5, 2011), my organization (from Freeport, IL) took some adult students on a field trip to Kansas City, Kansas. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Olathe, Kansas. Since we had gone through a touring company, I believed that the reservations would be the same as we requested. When we got to the hotel, the desk people were not accommodating because we needed extra beds in the room and they told us that it was against the law to put rollaway beds in the rooms.

After seeing the rooms, we understood that reasoning. After figuring the situation out ourselves, we still encountered a very unhospitable desk clerk who seemed offended when asking her questions. Some of the students are smokers and since they didn't see anything posted in the hotel; neither on the door, at check-in; nor signs in the room; these students assumed it was alright to smoke. After being alerted by the desk personnel, the students quit smoking and were told by the desk personnel "not to worry" because they would not be charge.

As the leader of the group, one would assume that we would have been informed of this infraction so we could make sure it did not happen again. Our bus driver who was staying in the hotel with us was reprimanded about where he parked the bus and was "rudely" informed that he should move the bus (one block away from the hotel).

Our overall stay at the Hampton Inn turned out to be very unpleasant and we were ultimately charged $150.00 = $450 for three rooms that students had smoked in and $10 for each pillow the students took (which we didn't know were missing) and have no problem paying for replacement pillows. The Hampton Inn contacted the tour company who made the reservation for us rather than contacting us - even though during check in, they got our names and addresses.

My issue is: why someone didn't contact us to let us know what the smoking policy was and alert us that these adults were violating the rules. Hotel personnel seemed unhappy with our group (30) being there so it was probably a (serves them right) kind of attitude. Why didn't the desk personnel say there was "no smoking" in the hotel during check-in, we were from out of state. I am unhappy with my experience at the Hampton and although I have the experience of staying in other properties, I believe I can fairly say that THIS experience has left a very bitter taste in my mouth and the 29 other adults.

Hampton Inn Danbury, CT
By -

DANBURY, CONNECTICUT -- I prepaid for a reservation online with Hampton Inn in Danbury CT on January 27th 2011. Hampton Inn Danbury - 81 Newton Road, Danbury, CT, United States, 06810. Tel: 1 203-748-6677. Fax: 1 203-744-0891. On January 31st, 2011, after looking at the weather and storm reports, I called the Hampton's toll free customer service number and spoke to ** who told me that the hotel would issue refunds for reservations if they needed to be canceled due to weather-related issues. I decided to wait one more day before making a decision but when February 1st came along and the weather conditions were not improving, I decided to cancel my reservation.

I called the Hampton Inn's designated prepaid reservation line: 800-236-7113 and spoke to an agent who said they were in fact issuing refunds due to the weather but that I would need to call back the next day (24 hours prior to my reservation date) since my check in date was not until February 3rd. She also stated that the weather was so bad that THEY would be closing in 1 hour and that SHE was personally suffering due to current weather conditions as her father who has cancer would have to be airlifted to the hospital because the roads were closed! I thanked her and told her I would call back as she advised on Feb 2nd.

When I called on Feb 2nd, I was met with a recording that their offices were CLOSED because of the weather. So I called back today, Feb 3rd, and was told that they were no longer willing to refund my money! I was kept on hold, hung up on, and treated very insolently. Even though they acknowledged all prior conversations with prior customer service agents, they refused my request for a refund.

The last agent I spoke to was ** who refused to let me speak to a manager she called **. I told her I would be contacting my bank to dispute this charge. The amount was for $336.90. Fortunately, I was able to report this to my bank, Wells Fargo, and get the refund that was owed to me. Shame on Hampton Inn for preferring to put families at risk than to honor their own refund policies!!!

The Worst Customer Service
By -

PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY -- My wife and I booked a room for Sunday January 2, 2011 night through Full disclosure - the information we received when we booked the hotel stated they have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Saturday, January 1, 2011, night was terrible for our family as my kids were sick and vomiting all night long and consequently, we could not make our trip. We called early in the morning and they stated that they had no problem providing the refund under the circumstances, however, they needed the approval of the GM of the property.

The GM, Mr. **, was contacted and he would not approve the refund because we did not cancel within 24 hours. We explained to the hotel that we could not have possibly foreseen the Saturday night events and that we still wanted to stay at the hotel at a later date, however, they will still not approve the refund. In fact, in my opinion, the hotel staff seemed uncaring and unhelpful and couldn't care less about our circumstance.

The Guest Services toll free number was of no help and their staff seemed just as uncaring. After my third call to the Guest Services number, I finally reached someone who seemed to care, however, she was unable to help me. I called the hotel again on January 3rd to speak to Mr. ** but unfortunately he was not in. Instead, I was put through to the manager on duty by the name of **.

After him not being able to help me satisfy my issue, and once again a Parsippany North staff member who seemed to care less, he proceeded to use profanity and go off on a F-bomb tirade towards me. Obviously, I was shocked. Once Mr. ** heard of this conversation, his reply was not of apology or even concern. He blamed me as ** had obviously lied about the conversation in order to make himself look better. Regardless, a hotel manager telling me to ** and "Go ** yourself". Are you kidding me?

I have been met with nothing but poor customer service at almost every turn from the Parsippany North NJ hotel itself to almost every person that I have talked to in Guest Services at the Hampton Inn/Hilton. I even had someone I know personally call anonymously to the hotel to ask a question that I thought might help me and the Parsippany North staff member who answered the phone was also rude to them.

I have no idea what is going on there but I strongly suggest that you stay away from this hotel. I can only imagine if I would have stayed there and I had a problem in the middle of the night with one of my kids. It sounds like if I would have had to ask for hotel help, I would have been greeted with a resounding NO and a WE DON'T CARE.

Reservations Mean Nothing
By -

PINE KNOLL SHORES, NORTH CAROLINA -- I made a reservation at the above property three weeks prior to our arrival date. Checked on it twice prior to the trip. While enroute on July 25th during our 8 hour drive with three children, I received a call from the front desk at 5:22 pm saying that the credit card that was on file was declined. I tried to give her a new number but phone service was bad in rural South Carolina. I called them back with a new card number several minutes later.

At that time, I was informed that my reservation had dropped from the system and that my room was reserved by someone else. I argued the fact that I had a reservation first and they had no right in bumping me. The front desk clerk asked if I would like the general manager to call me back, I requested that she did. The GM, ** never called me back, I had to call her and then she would not make herself available.

Upon arriving at the hotel, she did come to the front desk. Funny thing, when researching for a hotel to stay at this very same issue was posted online at several sites. The previous guests stated that reservations don't mean a thing at this location. I guess, I experienced it first hand while having a road weary family in tow. I asked Ms ** why she did not call me back, her response was "you were going to come here anyway."

That was not the right thing to say. She mentioned that they have no control over the computer system and could not help me. However she could "walk" me to another property in Morehead City. I said, “if I wanted Morehead City, I would have booked Morehead City.”

My complaint is the attitude of the General Manager was unsympathetic, rude and lacking any customer service skills. I find it extremely hard to believe that a reservation can "drop out of the system" and someone can jump online and grab my room. Systems must be designed with flexibility since many circumstances can happen in your industry.

I have a strong suspicion that I was bumped because they had a wedding party in the hotel that weekend. I bet my room was sold at a higher price to a wedding guest that failed to make a reservation. Clearly, reservations mean nothing at this location and customer service skills are non-existent. Do yourself a favor, steer clear of this shipwreck on the beach!

$250.00 Fine Charged to My Debit Card
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Rating: 1/51

WEST POINT, TENNESSEE -- Don't ever check into a hotel that does not take time to tell you any rules or regulations, especially something important that may be put on your card and then you have to go through a dispute process to find out why and try to reclaim your money. Worst hotel stay I have ever experienced in my life and I am in my 60's. No full explanation, max you can be charged I was.

Why have someone at the desk late at night if they don't tell you any information, or even worse give you the wrong information. No one word about a non-smoking installation, who knew I never stayed there before. Charged $250.00 to get this ** ( flip the room) which consisted of cleaning all bed linen, excuse me but was I sleeping on dirty linen?? All they had to do was explain things to me.

If I break a rule, punish me, don't take every last cent I have. Why the max amount, the room did not smell. One cigarette was lit by my roommate and immediately put out. It was not on purpose, at the time, the executive housekeeper was in the room. Sorry it was a mistake, don't break me. Hampton Inn Suites have a whole lot more money than I do. I need help.

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