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They Were Great!
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My husband and I purchased a 12 week old puppy from the Lombard store, as she happened to be on sale. She was healthy and happy, the store manager ** was kind, sweet and helpful. The store even recommended a few vets that we can take puppy to for a check up. One vet location (The Wheaton animal hospital - was awful) so I took her to my own and after I found out she needed eye surgery I called the store. She said to check with the Elmurst Animal hospital and they took care of the cost TWICE, which way exceeded the cost of the puppy (her surgery is common on her breed, not the store or from the breeder)

Even after I went into the store to get another puppy and we had a 'misunderstanding' about the second puppy purchase and I was really disappointed, Sandra did call me back and explained what happened and apologized.
Overall, even getting an expensive kitten from a private breeder in the past, everything is buyer beware, however if you are an animal lover, its the love they give you over anything else.

Unethical Sales Practices
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DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS -- On Mar. 6, 2007 at the Happiness is Pets Downers Grove IL store,1226 Ogden Av; my wife and I looked at a puppy that was in a display cage, and verified the on-sale price with 2 employees, at $295.00, which was also on the sale sign on the bin the dog was in. The employees also informed me that a micro chip was already implanted in the puppy also. The Store was closing within an hr. or so, we left undecided for sure. After deciding to buy the puppy later that evening, I called back the next morning, the staff employee at Happiness is Pets first said she couldn't find the dog after looking for about 5 minutes..

I asked her to check the sales records to see if the dog was sold the night of the 6th, after we left. She had no record of that. I called the store back about a half hour later the morning of the 7th, after my wife called the employee **, and gave her the exact location of the puppy in the display case viewing pen. At this time the same employee, **, then said she located the dog, but its price was $698.00, and that the sign on the display pen was on backwards when we viewed it the night before, which it wasn't, and that the dog was new, and was never on sale, although 2 employees of the store verified the sale price the night of the 6th..

When I asked ** to speak with the manager, I was told she was on day off, and I left my phone number for her to call me. I then called another Happiness is pets Store and spoke with their Manager, who contacted the store in Downers, then, and without speaking to the employees involved the night of the 6th, spoke to **, then told me that the sign was on the cage backwards the night we saw the puppy, and that he would never sell the dog for the advertised on the sale pen price that the puppy was in, although he did not check this complaint out with the employees on duty at the time I initially viewed the puppy with my wife, although he agreed to speak to them about the matter.

I believe a store employee or a friend of theirs wanted this puppy, and that the employees and therefore Happiness is Pets deliberately tried to mislead us, so someone they knew could look at, or purchase the puppy for the sale price, or some other type of unethical sales practices that I am unaware of occurred. As myself and my wife were looking to purchase a puppy to replace our recently deceased dog, we were highly dissatisfied with the service provided by this company, its employees, management, and their overall unethical sales practices.

Their evasiveness and lack of logic in explaining this was almost laughable when they were put on the spot to answer my questions regarding the above. I am 55 years old, and never gotten deceptive answers to prior store employee inquiries and unethical service from any store,this bad, in my entire life. I'm following up with the BBB, Il. Attorney General Consumer Fraud Unit, and the Village of Downers Grove, IL Business complaint Division in regard to this, and letting everyone I can know about this company and its underhanded tactics. Anyway, Buyer Beware of this Company, in my opinion.

Puppies that are sold
By -

LOMBARD, ILLINOIS -- So everyone complains about Happiness Is Pets. No one ever compliments on them. Over 90% of sales there are referrals or precustomers! If all these dogs are puppy mill dogs and bad employees then why do they continue to come back??? they must be doing something right. Just like people some are sickly some are healthy. That's life get over it.

I was looking at a puppy there, they let me look at breeder info, phone numbers, medical records the whole nine yards. As myself being a vet tech, I no what's right and what's wrong. They are doing the correct things.
Please remember these are living things, they are TV sets. Some times pets require extra care. You cannot handle it... don't buy one.

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