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It Is Always a Delight Working With Harbortouch
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Rating: 5/51

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I own a small landscaping company and I have worked with several credit card processors in the past. Most of them are entirely dishonest and have horrible customer service. This is where Harbortouch is unique. I have been with Harbortouch for 2 years now and they are the first company that has been fair with me. They actually stick the pricing and fee structure that was promised when I signed the contract.

The setup and day to day processing is fast and professional. When I talk to their customer support, I actually get someone who is knowledgeable and understanding. The owner even writes me emails to build a personal relationship. This is a great company and I do recommend them to anyone.

Harbortouch POS & United Bank Charge Before Your Business Opens!
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Rating: 1/51

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I called Harbortouch since I heard their Point of Sale system was cheaper and worked all right. I told them my shop was not open and I could not give them an opening date due to construction problems, and I also let them know I didn't even purchase the business license yet since I wasn't ready to open. However, Customer Service called me almost every day to get my contract signed.

They told me I needed to open a bank account simply in order to open the account, and that money would be taken out only after the business opened. It felt harassing by all the phone calls and couldn't believe the audacity of this company getting their Customer Service center to bug me every day, but I wanted a POS system, so I opened the account with a minimum deposit and signed.

However, Harbortouch began withdrawing from my new business account for the POS system, even though I had informed both the representative as well as Customer Service to explain the shop would not be open for some time. I had made it a point to call them again to make sure they knew.

I was NOT in possession of anything from Harbortouch except for the contract. That is - the shop was being worked on, there was no system, no register, etc. I wasn't aware of the withdrawals from my bank account until I went to make a personal account deposit and the bank teller told me that my new business account was overdrafted.

The bank called United Bank which does the processing for Harbortouch. We discovered that they were charging $30.00 over and above the Harbortouch monthly fee. That was a surprise because Harbortouch only tells you it only costs $59 or $69 depending on which register you get. United Bank agreed to refund a certain amount but did not remedy the overdrafts and neither did my bank. They said that I would continue to be charged whether or not the business is open, because I signed a contract.

My bank told me that Harbortouch and United Bank are responsible for the overdraft fees. However, Harbortouch was not getting back to me and when they did, did not refund the fees or offer any solution. They also said I signed a contract so I can be charged. Customer Service only gave me robot-like answers every time, as if reading a script, and no one spoke to me like a normal person having a normal conversation.

What happened then is that my bank went into my personal account and took out the money to cover Harbortouch and United Bank. It felt as if I were robbed. In the middle of trying to open my business, I had to deal with all this trouble from Harbortouch and United Bank.

I called, texted, and e-mailed the rep, who didn't even bother to get back to me until after I made a complaint. She told me that only Customer Service handles this. Customer Service is only a bunch of fast-talking automatons who do not have any responsibility or authority and will not resolve problems. They refused to remedy the overdrafts and take a hard-line stance that you signed a contract so you have to pay, regardless of whether your business is open or not.

If you want to cancel, you will be charged $35.00 per month for the entire contract or $250.00 whichever is greater. I called them to find out whether if you go ahead and pay the $250.00 if you will also be charged $35.00 a month from the United Bank processing side of the cancellation. They seemed unwilling or incapable of answering this question.

They said time and time again "it says clearly you will be charged $250 or $35.00 whichever is greater". I refused to get off the phone until they answered me. Still, the answer still wasn't very clear. They refused to send me an e-mail clearly stating what the cancellation fee would be. Of course, I didn't want to get scammed by paying the $250.00 fee then also having to pay $35.00 a month for 3 years or more, so I needed a clear answer.

I wanted to write a letter about this experience to the CEO whom Customer Service said is Jared Isaacman; however they aren't willing to give any e-mail to write to their CEO or to any assistant of his. The supervisor in Customer Service seemed equally hard-line about backing up their reasons that they take so much money from you before your business is even open. I had to close my new business account and also put stop payment on any withdrawals. In the end, I lost $431.00 for absolutely NOTHING but headaches.

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Rating: 1/51

SNOHOMISH, WASHINGTON -- Do yourself a favor and DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT! This company will overcharge you, has ZERO customer service and will rob you blind. Please do this for yourself and so these crooks don't get anymore of our hard earned money.

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