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World's Least Customer Centric Company
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EVERETT, WASHINGTON -- I bought one of the model homes from Harbour Homes ( Me and my wife both liked the house very much. Floor plan was excellent and upgrades and colors were to our liking. Everything went very smoothly until the closing day. Lots of things from the list we had submitted to be fixed weren't done (paint touch-ups and fixing double paint in some areas) and the Harbour Homes representative kept insisting that the fault mentioned has been reviewed and doesn't need to be fixed.

When we said that we want it fixed as we had pointed it to her at the time of inspection and she had agreed that it needs to fixed. She said that we will have to postpone closing and it will be at our expense!!! We went ahead with the closing even though we weren't satisfied.

Also before closing we had asked the representative to give us a demo of the sprinkler system in our backyard at the time of inspection which she postponed until closing and on the closing day, she said that it has been tested and works properly. There were few left over items at the time of closing which the builder agreed to complete after we move in (changing a window glass and installing remaining fence and doors).

Once we moved in, I noticed that sprinkler system was spraying in wrong direction, it was spraying on the house, etc. I wrote to Harbour homes about it and they kept insisting for 2 months that we had checked it and it works. After two months I said that I can get them the pictures of what it is doing and then they scheduled the landscaping company to come and re-check the sprinkler system. The landscaping guy spend 2 HOURS fixing our sprinkler system and replacing some sprinkler heads.

Another issue which hasn't been resolved yet is the partial fence that they installed after we moved in. On the day of installation, I saw that the new fence was different color than the part of the fence that was already installed. When I asked the fencing guys about it, they said that after staining it will look the same. After the staining guys completed their job, there wasn't much difference in the fence color and now the new and the old fence looked totally different and also they ran out of stain in the middle and never came back to complete the job.

I reported this to Harbour Homes and after six months this issue is not resolved. They pretty much never respond to my emails. I tried calling the customer service and they are always busy (don't know with what, because they don't seem to be doing anything) and the assistant asks me to leave my number so that they can callback which they never do. After 4 months of repeated contacts, they sent the fencing company to REVIEW the issue and at that time the fencing guys told me that the wood in the old and the new fence is different. Doh!

I reported this REVIEW to Harbour Homes and they replied that fence was installed by two different companies and hence the difference and said that they are trying to contact the old company to find out which stain they used!!! After this email, I haven't heard back from them since 2 months!! There were few other issues for which we received equally WORSE service. Their customer service reps believe that customer is always wrong and lying.

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