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Beware They Are A Rip Off - Many Names, But All Mean The Same Thing - Rip Off
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MANY CITIES NATIONWIDE -- PJP Agency, PJP Health Agency, Health Essential Affordable Healthcare Solutions, HII Quote, Health Insurance Innovations, Benefits underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, The Beech Street PPO Discount Network, Administrative Concepts, Coordinated Benefits Plan, Med-Sense--BEWARE of RIP OFF! Many of the names listed appear on my "insurance card". Others were revealed, I believe, mistakenly.

Based on my experience with this company, this is a total rip off! These people bold-faced lied to me about what they were selling and what I would be getting. I was told I was purchasing a PPO, getting 80/20 Major Medical, $20 co-pays for doctor visits, well-woman exams, mammograms. Yeah, right.

This is not a PPO. Major medical? There is no 80/20. According to one of their reps, if I had to go into the hospital, this "insurance" company would pay $50 per day, not the 80/20 "insurance" coverage they promised. $50 per day doesn't pay for aspirin in the hospital! Well-woman or mammogram was supposed to be a $20 co-pay. Instead, while I was at the doctor's office waiting for service, this company denied coverage for these services, saying it fell under "preventative care", something they didn't cover.

On the card, it clearly states "Doctor's Office Visit $20 copay per visit." In reality, they denied coverage because "charge incurred after policy terminates not covered." Of course, this happened after 5 months of premiums were automatically withdrawn from my checking account, one premium just withdrawn from my account days before coverage was denied!

Caution: According to my credit union, they used multiple IDs to withdraw premiums from my account. This made it possible for them to continue to withdraw premiums after I cancelled the policy AND put a "stop payment" on my account with this company. Unfortunately, I found this out the hard way. How did I find all of this out? It was only after going to the doctor, I found out how absolutely dishonest these people had been with me.

Why am I posting this online? Like so many other Americans, I've been laid off and find myself in a position I've never been before. No paycheck/unemployment, no cobra, and to top it off, a company like this preying on those who can least afford to be preyed upon. Bottom line, I may have been ripped off for over $1,500, but I refuse to help them rip off anyone else. BEWARE.

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