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Wish I Could Give 0 Stars!
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Rating: 1/51

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- So I had quit my job to stay home with my daughter and that meant we were going to lose our insurance. I needed insurance for myself and my daughter. I went online like many of you looking for coverage quotes. A women called me from Health Insurance Innovations. She was very nice and personable. I explained that I needed coverage for myself and my then 4 year old so that we could go to the Dr. when we needed to and so that I would not get penalized by the gov at tax time for not having insurance.

She asked me what I could afford and I told her. She then went through a few general health questions but said I would not need to speak to an underwriter. I should have hung up there... I asked why I didn't need to have my medical records checked and she said that they didn't need to do that with their company, as long as nobody had cancer or HIV we would be covered. She went through this whole spiel about how she had gotten me a great rate on an incredible policy due to her connections with this company and that she could only offer the "special rate" right then!

So I being desperate to get coverage for my baby I paid out 563 bucks that day for an insurance plan though Humana. My payments would be 383.00 per month for the both of us! I was excited and thought YES we have coverage! so I wait a few and get my cards and welcome packet only to see in bold THIS IS NOT STANDARD INSURANCE BUT A SUPPLEMENT TO INSURANCE! Are you freaking kidding me! not only did this women tell me I was purchasing actual insurance real insurance that I could use but she also had me tell her where my daughter went to the ped, I told her and she says oh yea your covered there (I'll get to that in a bit).

So I immediately call Health Insurance Innovations and demand to know why I was mislead. They just kinda blew it off like I must have misunderstood the lady who sold it to me. I did not misunderstand, at NO POINT did she say that this was a supplement and we even spoke about how I didn't want to get penalized at tax time and she assured me I would not because I was getting insurance! They assured me on the phone that even though this was a supplement my child and I could still go to the Dr. and be covered so I just kept it.

At that point it was past the time I was allotted for a qualifying event so I would need to wait at least 8 months to get a new actual plan at open enrollment. So I felt I had no choice in the matter and my baby needed coverage! So I've been paying my premiums thinking she would be covered to go to the Dr. I take her in today for a nasty cold only to be told that not only do they NOT ACCEPT this particular policy but that they NEVER HAVE!! I am LIVID and have called and cancelled my account! I have asked for a refund and they said it will be 3 to 5 business days. Fine we will see but I've blocked them from taking ANYMORE of my money at the bank! Bunch of SCAM ARTISTS SHAME ON YOU!! I will tell everyone that will listen about you guys!

Misrepresentation/Fraud Alert
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- So angry I fell for this! I was researching insurance plans and, like another reviewer here, I also made the mistake of checking for healthcare quotes through a website I thought was the Affordable Healthcare Marketplace (BTW, that reviewer stated the Marketplace official website is: I promptly received a call from "a licensed insurance agent" named Erica. Erica told me the plan, called "Simple Insurance" [except it didn't turn out to be "Simple Insurance"], was a PPO plan with approved providers nationwide. It was represented as a full health insurance plan, with Dental and Vision coverage included, for $222.80/month.

I forgot what visits were supposed to run, but cost was reasonable as long as you saw one of their preferred providers and I was reassured they had plenty of providers that would be accessible to me in my area. Medications were quoted to cost "$20-$50/month, per medication, depending on type and whether it was brand or generic. I was told that **, a costly medication, would cost me only $30/month with this plan. There was no deductible. The only things it would not cover would be maternity care, drug rehab, or hospitalization for a mental illness.

Never having had to shop around for insurance plans, I asked why this plan is being offered when the open season for plans doesn't start until Nov. 1st and she gave me some excuse about "other insurances not wanting you to know because.... yada yada yada." Whatever reason she gave, I fell for it. Another big red flag was that this offer was time limited and quoted prices were increasing, so there was pressure to hurry and sign up if you didn't want to miss out. I wanted something to read.... a brochure or something, but was not given that information until it came time to sign up via online.

When I decided to sign up, I was told I "would be transferred to the confirmation line," where someone would walk me through the documents and I could sign with my electronic signature. However, since the person signing me up would not be a licensed agent, I would not be able to ask that person questions about the plan, but would have to call the agent every time I was unsure about something I read [but it's not like you could print the info out and then call].

If I asked a question, they would have to start the process all over again. As typical, the pages went on and on. I had been reassured, however, that I had 30 days to try it out and, if I didn't want it, I could get "a full refund". So, I skimmed, signed, and figured I would print out the brochure and read it again, more carefully, as soon as I got the chance [another foolish mistake].

As I was going through it online, I saw they offered some "telehealth" services referred to as "4 Core Health" with "wellness specialists". I thought it was an added service. So, when I saw it described as a supplement to health insurance and not a substitute for major medical coverage, I thought that was just referring to that portion of the policy. There was also accidental death and dismemberment offered as part of the package. I didn't need that, but if it was part of the package, no extra cost, what the heck, I thought. So, I signed away. Afterwards, I got to thinking.... I never saw anything about "Simple Health Insurance" [?]. They kept calling it "Health Insurance Innovations".

I started reviewing the paperwork and I never found any piece of the plan offering major medical coverage. Instead, all that stood out was the big bold letters stating that this was “a supplement to health insurance and was not a substitute for major medical coverage.” [huh???]. Unfortunately, I already signed this crap, which "indicated I have read and understand and agree to be bound by these terms, whether or not I have access to policy documents." Great.... So, what about the full refund?

It did state, somewhere, that I could be refunded, but I would have to pay "a processing fee" [amount undisclosed, but I am guessing this is the $257.85 "one time enrollment fee" I paid for the combined medical and dental insurance misrepresented to me as a “full” insurance plan]. I will be calling as soon as they open, but they got me, as well as my credit card info. All I could do now is try to contest the charge with my credit card company. Corrupt!!!.... knowingly taking advantage of people.... makes me so angry!

Fraudulent and Misleading "Health" Insurance Policies
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- While trying to research an affordable Health Care Plan for my family (thanks failed Obamacare!) I clicked a link I THOUGHT was for health insurance quotes. In minutes I received a phone call from a sales person at Health Insurance Innovations. To be QUITE HONEST, she did tell me that they were NOT a "Major Medical" Insurance company, but the rest of what she said was VERY MISLEADING. She led me to believe that they used First Health and Coventry providers and looked up our doctors to confirm that they were on the plan, THEY DON'T HAVE ANY CONTRACT WITH FIRST HEALTH OR COVENTRY TO VERIFY ANYTHING!

What they are really selling is a BUNDLE OF SMALL WORTHLESS LIFE INSURANCE AND "HEALTH BENEFITS" aka Home Prevention and Workouts, TeleMed (who do not really help you) and a bunch of worthless pharmacy information. UNFORTUNATELY by the time I found this out, I had already given them all of my personal information PLUS my debit card information to start a "Limited Medical Liability" policy on August 1, 2017. While on the phone, they sent me to the "confirmation" line where the gentlemen walked me through approval paces, and then said that he would walk me through the email with the "automatic signatures".

I'm glad that my brain kicked back in when my I saw the email. It was a whole LOT of worthless programs and insurances. Some of them nothing more than REFERRAL services!!! 18 pages of it! Most of them stating that if you agreed by signing, you pretty much signed away to rights to anything! I told him I needed time to read through it before signing anything. He wanted to wait on the phone with me, I told him to call me back in an hour and we would discuss. When I started reading the mess, I meant to print it out, but initially couldn't.

What I did see only then was a "DECLINE" Button, which I used, along with a "Reason for Declining" box: I left a strongly worded explanation as to what lengths I would go to if they tried to put through ANY of the charges. I finally decided to do a little online research and OMG, these people are ripping folks off right and left all across the country! Based out of Florida, they call from numbers beginning with (954) and (754). My legal background finally paid off. READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING!!!

My common sense really kicked in then, and I called my bank and had my debit card CANCELLED. TAKE THAT HII Imposters! You will never get a legal cent from me, and if I find that you have used or abused any of the personal information you have about me I will report you to every bloody agency, state, or federal program to take action against you and your employees. Especially Ms Prem **, agent for HII who was feeding me the lies about "no out of pocket" expenses, cash prices negotiated and payment to doctors, with maybe only a little balance left to pay if out of network. "Pennies on the dollar," she said. They don't HAVE a network!!! They are liars!

You could incur tens of thousands of dollars or millions before they would pay out anything to you. I will follow up with a fax to their number tomorrow of my DECLINE message and the automated return message from them that acknowledged I declined to sign. RUN AWAY from these sleazy sales people, report them to your state, add them to your blocked call list and report them if they continue to try to call you! Legal action IS available in every state against these types of practices if they get enough complaints. Hopefully they will get the hint, because they sure a hell ain't gonna get my money!

Worst Mistake Ever! A Complete Scam!!!
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I advise EVERYONE to stay away from Health Insurance Innovations. I switched to their health insurance on May 1. On May 3, I had an emergency and had to go to the hospital. I submitted my insurance information and trusted this company to at least discount my services, as promised. At the end of May, Health Insurance Innovations called me with an upgrade to a better policy with their company. I told the salesperson who called that I would like the upgrade, but I wanted to make sure it would not affect my claim earlier that month. No, no, my claim would definitely be covered; the upgrade won't affect it at all.

I received a statement from Health Insurance Innovations in early June for my May 3 hospital statement, and everything looked fine. I even called them at that time to confirm. Yes, I would be receiving my discounts, the bill was pending, everything was fine.

Fast forward to October. I suddenly receive a bill FOR THE FULL AMOUNT, no discounts applied, from my hospital visit and another statement from Health Insurance Innovations telling me they would not be applying ANY benefits of my coverage to my hospital bill.

Why? I wasn't covered during that time. Even after assuring me my claim would be covered, even after I received an official statement confirming that the claim had been received and the discounts applied, even after I called in and confirmed everything was fine, Health Insurance Innovations STILL decided, months later, to violate their own refund policy (which states that coverage CAN'T be cancelled if there's a filed claim during the first 30 days) and cancel my insurance for that first month because I did not keep it longer than 30 days.

After speaking to what seemed like every employee in the company, who told me it was my fault for not catching their mistake sooner, I was finally transferred to one Mareeta, Customer Service Specialist Health Benefits Center, who after completely misunderstanding the situation, chose to ignore my repeated attempts to contact her. Health Insurance Innovations DOES NOT care about good customer service, nor do they care about the customers they claim to want to help. Take my advice. Stay as FAR AWAY from this company as possible.

This Company Is a Total Scam
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I went online looking for health insurance through the exchange. I made an inquiry and was called on the phone almost immediately. I didn't find out until well into the conversation that the insurance they were talking about wasn't through the exchange. I was told that I could go to the doctor of my choice and there was no huge deductible. And, for just a little bit more monthly premium, my husband and I could get life insurance. I was told that I didn't have to pay my full first month premium all at once. I could pay some now and the rest in about 6 weeks. I felt really good. I had secured health insurance in the enrollment window and promptly forgot about it.

After about a month I had received my life insurance packets and a card for supplemental accident insurance I waited for my health insurance cards and benefit/prescription drug info until after the holidays. When I still didn't receive anything, I called. I was told that my cards and benefits info had been mailed in Nov. I knew that was a lie because they had told me that I wouldn't get them until they withDrew the remaining premium amount in late Dec. They said they would re-send the cards/info by mail and send me digital insurance cards via email. When that didn't happen, I called back and was told more BS.

That is when I went to my bank statements and found that they had withdrawn more money than had been approved. I was told that they would be withdrawing $218.00 on Nov. 8th and $107.00 on Dec 23rd. Totaling $325.00. They actually withDrew $221.16 on Nov 25th and 221.16 on Dec 23rd. Totaling $442.32. They STOLE an extra $117.32 above the amounts I authorized! I contacted them back and demanded a refund. I will give them some time to send my refund. If they don't, I will be going after them through my bank. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I had to include their business address in the complaint, looked it up and guess what? It is a UPS STORE!

No Payment For Service
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I started a policy with in September 2017. This was for short term medical insurance. In November of 2017 I had to go to a hospital emergency room for treatment. HII (Health Insurance Innovations) has yet to pay for any service. HII takes my monthly payments automatically. There is no reason to deny the claims. Next, I saw a doctor in 2018 who said I have a deviated septum and needed surgery. He said he would have his secretary check with HII to make sure that the surgery would be covered. The surgery was scheduled for March 22, 2018. Prior to the surgery I was contacted by a person with HII to renew my policy. That was done early in March. Monthly payments were made for my policy from September 2017 to present without any skip of payment.

I went for the surgery and the billing department was getting "double talk" from HII about getting their payment. I called HII multiple times to check on getting payment for service. I was told "relax we are processing the claim..." Calls about my claim were from June 2018 through September 2018. In September 2018 I called to find out what was happening with my claim. After all these months and talking to people at HII I was now told my claim was denied because "there is a 5 day waiting period for new members and my policy started on March 21..."

I explained that I have been a policyholder since September of 2017 and my banking statements show that payments were made for my medical insurance policy monthly so there should be no skip in service and I wasn't a new policyholder in March 2018. So I have been payment for medical insurance since September 2017 through September 2018 but received no payment for claims. HII just took my monthly payments and denied everything. This is the most horrible company I have ever dealt with and I would recommended that NO ONE USE HII (Health Insurance Innovations) for medical insurance.

Scam Website - Bait - Fraud Alert!
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Rating: 1/51

WAYNE, COLORADO -- Please be careful of phishing websites that represent themselves very well as Legitimate Insurance using well known names, educated and informative 1st Call "agents". In my case her name was Jenny and she gave me her direct line and I have never been able to speak to her again. TOTAL FRAUD and MISREPRESENTATION by these 1st Contact "Agents".

Thereafter, I tried and it goes to a call center. This call center also sounds legitimate, taking your name, phone number and birthday, then asking how they can help. When trying to get more information, and starting to ask specific questions the lines would always either be put on hold then go dead, or just go dead. I would use another menu, same thing. Big Red Flags as I started looking further into the company.

PLEASE READ SPECIFICALLY ABOUT THIS TYPE OF FRAUD!!! They fraudulently represent themselves both on the internet and over the phone. I even told one person I was recording the conversation and asked to talk to her manager about refunding my money. I was sure to address the well documented notes I had taken and again the line went dead.

Now I am left knowing all my person information is out there, I was forced to call my bank and cancel the debit card for fraud and move forward. I am now going to put in a report for the INSURANCE INVESTIGATING UNIT IN TALLAHASSEE to look into this company that has set up these (hundreds) of fake sites, communication networks and false Medical, Dental and Even Life insurance policies.

I would encourage you to do the same if you have had this happen to you. It is not ok to believe you have insurance, pay for it and then when somethings happens, find out it does not exist or is no good. Please beware of Health Insurance Innovations and any of its "underwriting" companies.

Deceptive and Predatory Scam, May Result in Death
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- Please STOP and read every review on this page as they are accurate. Do not I repeat do not do business with this company. The name alone should be illegal as they are in no way an insurance company. Here's my experience-A family member has had this plan for a while. She was diagnosed with a type of cancer that is rapidly malignant. She must start treatment now or she is dead in 2 months. If she does start treatment now, she has a 95% chance of being fine. Great - start treatment.

It's at this time she realized what everyone on this page is saying- this policy is complete crap and has no benefits related to any actual medical treatments, conditions, or medications. Given that she has a pre-existing condition now of cancer, she is not able to get insured by any insurance on a direct basis. The ACA and Healthcare marketplace, while I disagree with the pre-existing condition legislation, is meant to assist in this situation. Given that it is outside the enrollment period, she can only get coverage via the special enrollment period.

The only one she remotely qualifies for (since pending major medical condition that may result in death is not a qualifying criteria) would be if she ended an insurance policy within the last 60 days. If so, great. If she dropped insurance on 4/26/18, she could technically be covered by a BCBS marketplace plan on 4/27/18. NOPE- this isn't real insurance, even though it says it and pretends to be. Therefore, she is up a creek.

Her Medicare kicks in late July. If she starts treatment now, it will bankrupt her family before then and she won't do it. If she is still alive come Medicare coverage, her health will have been extremely deteriorated due to the delay in treatment. Attn Health "Insurance" Innovations- please prepare for some major wrongful death, pain and suffering, all kinds of lawsuits.

Misrepresentation and Shame Tactics
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I posted a review/warning about this company on BBB recently, but I feel the need to make note on here as well. This company is a misrepresenting trap. Their "legitimate" function is as a supplement to already existing coverage (which even then, isn't taken as legitimate in much of my experience). However, their advertised function is to be a full out insurance policy, which they are anything but. It's full blown misrepresentation. The company preyed upon an inexperienced me when I was attempting to wait for callbacks related to Medicaid, under Covered-CA.

Do not be fooled however, they have nothing to do with National Health Coverage, or Obamacare, whatever you want to call it. They must have some way to know when people register, especially during the busy coverage season of November-January, and prey upon those unaware and waiting for legitimate insurance to call them back because that's precisely what happened to me...and looking at other reviews, what seems to have happened to others in general. Their rates might seem reasonable, but it's too good to be true. They WILL siphon months of cash from you and offer next to nothing in way of actual use.

What's especially telling, is the sheer hostility you will be met with when you attempt to cancel the policy. Constant attempts to veer you from the subject with buddying up pitches to give you "better rates" or other such favors and when that doesn't work, there's a good chance the agent will attempt to guilt-trip you by trying to make it seem like you're being irrational in the face of their "help". I know this is a tactic, because I attempted to end this twice and both times I got the exact same treatment from two different people. It's like clockwork.

Never raised my voice, always listened to the full pitch before simply saying "That won't be necessary thanks, I'd just like to cancel", and I still got a "why are you trying to argue with me when I'm just trying to help?". It's not you, it's them. It's a trick to keep you on board, and it's dastardly. Probably the most telling bookend to this is when I finally got them to cancel my policy, I was hung up on without so much as a thank you or a "will that be all", while I was mid way in saying "thanks for your help". If that level of unprofessionalism doesn't say everything I don't know what does.

I was inexperienced and foolish and now I know better, but if these people are still in business and they contact you, do yourself a favor and save yourself hundreds of dollars by listening to both this review and the hundreds of compounding negative reviews that are thankfully showing up about this scam of a company. I'm tempted myself to file a fraud report, though they probably have some loophole ready. Nonetheless, spread the word and be wary of HIIQ.

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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I spoke with Jeff ** of Health Insurance Innovations. I was told that I could qualify to get coverage from Humana. I was told I would get eye and dental coverage too. I was also told I would have prescription coverage too. I had a million questions all of which were answered by a very knowledgeable Mr. **. I took notes and felt very prepared.

I thought I had insurance from Humana, as well as eye and dental insurance. After this conversation, I was on the phone with another agent who read to me all the details of the coverage I was going to get. I was not allowed to answer questions otherwise the conversation would have to begin again.

I went to make an appointment with the dentist and I did not have coverage. I called Health Insurance Innovations, they told me I definitely had insurance and gave me the number of the company that provided the coverage. I called them, they are a concierge service and only book appointments with dentists they do not provide insurance. I promptly called HII Back and they told me again that I had dental insurance.

Fast forward three months, I wish to make an appointment at my primary care physician and my doctor tells me I do not have Health insurance. I called HII and demanded to speak to a supervisor, I was told this was not an option, instead, they gave me the number to Humana.

I called Humana and came to find out that I did not have insurance. I called Health Insurance Innovation and it took me an hour to speak to someone who would finally cancel my 'insurance'. They refused to let me speak to a supervisor. This company is a scam, they are all sheisters at this company and I believe the world would be a better place if this company did not exist. If I had money I would sue them for the 400$ I paid for 4 months of no coverage.

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