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Know Your Rights
By -

I received a letter from Healthy Online Services claiming that I owed 124.95 for "Purity 12"? The letter provided was received from an address located in Scottsdale AZ and claimed that I participated in a no obligation 14-day free trial of "Purity 12" (Whatever That is). The letter further stated that failure to contact within 10 days would be met with negative reporting to the credit reporting agencies, which could negatively affect my credit. BTW Federal Law allows a person 30 days to dispute a debt and I have never ordered anything with a claim of FREE - NO OBLIGATION. (SCAM ALERT)

I explained to ** (who claimed to be a manager) that I never participated in a free trial offer from the Internet, and that I had no idea what "Purity 12" was. I asked him what HEALTHY ONLINE SERVICES was and was told that it is a collection agency to recover debt. I asked him if HEALTHY ONLINE SERVICES had a license to do business as a collection agency. He wouldn't answer that question.

I advised him that I was an attorney and that under the FAIR DEBT COLLECTION ACT, I was requesting proof beyond a reasonable doubt (which does not include my personal information) that their claim was legit. He said because they had my name, phone number, email address and mailing address they felt the claim was legit. (WRONG). I requested their email address so a dispute letter could follow our conversation and was told that they "do not have one, but that they are only a branch of a business that attempts to collect unpaid debt." (THE SCAM AND THE CROOKS BECOME EVEN MORE TRANSPARENT.)

I then advised ** that if any of my personal information was provided to anyone (i.e. collection agency) he and HEALTHY ONLINE SERVICES would become a permanent project of mine in court and that whatever he or the company had gained from committing their SCAM would soon be awarded to me. (HINT: They have already become my project.) After hanging up....I researched HEALTHY ONLINE SERVICES and learned of the many scams they have attempted on a number of innocent individuals. I wonder how many they actually get away with.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't pay them one red cent. You have rights, up to and including suing them for numerous violations of the FAIR DEBT COLLECTION ACT. And **, if you or any of the other associates of HEALTHY ONLINE SERVICES monitors this site your troubles with me have just begun. I vow to each of you that I will see you thrown in jail for computer fraud (to start) or to take all that you have acquired from scamming the innocent. I will ensure that the pain you have caused all is returned 10 fold. That is a promise. NEXT STOP 60 Minutes, who just recently did a story on collection agencies and their illegal practices - wonder what will think about this?

Colon Cleanse 3000 - Healthy Online Services - Free offer is scam where free = $133.95
By -

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- I purchased a "free" trial of Colon Cleanse 3000. The only cost to me was in shipping fees. Or so they said. I received the product in a box with no other information - no "terms" no payment forms, no envelopes. I did not see any caveats on the site where I purchased it... I thought I was giving them my credit card info for shipping costs only. I never used the product, in fact I still have the sealed bottle. I ran the ingredient list past a naturopathic physician who told me that the product would make me rather sick and that the process it used would be very uncomfortable, if not painful. She suggested that I do not use it for my safety.

Yesterday, I received a collection letter in the mail, dated March 3, 2010, stating that the provider of these "free" pills wants $133.95 in late fees since I "kept" the "free" bottle, which was they claimed was not really a free sample as stated but rather a 14 day "free" trial - which also wasn't free. Their Customer Service representative said that I was supposed to contact them within 14 days and then return the bottle with unused pills within 30 days of their shipping it to me in the first place. THIS INFORMATION WAS NOT AVAILABLE TO ME WHEN I SIGNED UP FOR THIS "Free Sample".

When I called their "customer service" department at 1-877-537-2434 to find out what this was all about, the "gentleman" on the phone claimed it was not his problem but rather "my problem" that I didn't know about their policy. They would not accept the sealed bottle back - instead he said - "pay now or I will send you to a more aggressive collection agency and ruin your credit".

He did not care that their practices are fraudulent or that I was advised by a medical professional NOT to take it! He instead continued to threaten (blackmail) me by saying that if I didn't send the money immediately he would send me to an aggressive collection agency and ruin my credit. He repeated this more than once.

What To Do Now
By -

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- After reading a number of posts on this site, it is very apparent that Healthy Online Services is nothing more than a bunch of criminals perpetuating a scam on numerous innocent individuals.. This is the first thing that must be done. Because the company is based in Scottsdale, AZ, a criminal complaint must be filed against them by everyone whom they have tried to rip off. Now, this would not only include individuals that ever ordered anything from them.

Criminal First: If by somehow they got your personal information and then attempted to extort money from you, they committed a crime. If they contacted you by mail, they also committed mail fraud. 1 count for each time they mailed a letter to you. If they contacted you by e-mail, they committed computer fraud, again 1 count for each contact. If they obtained your name, by some means other than you giving it to them, they have committed identity theft.

If the contact was because you signed up for a 14-day trial offer, which you canceled and they continued to charge you credit card, they committed credit card fraud. Each of these are criminal in nature and should be reported to the Scottsdale, AZ police department 1-480-312-2800 (ask for dispatch).

Civil torts: If you received the "Extortion" Letters and they violated any portion of the FAIR DEBT COLLECTION ACT You can sue them and be awarded for each violation of the act they committed. This would include contact at work, harassing contact, contact before 8 AM and after 9 PM (your time) and use of foul language or threats.

First step though is call the Police Agency who has jurisdiction (Scottsdale, AZ) and file the complaint. Don't let the PD tell you that it is not their jurisdiction, or that it is a civil matter. This is where the crime perpetuated from; therefore it is the proper jurisdiction. The criminal laws violated were listed above. I'll be filing my complaint tonight as soon as I get their mailing address. I am also contacting my local FOX NEWS station to inquire if they would like to do a nationwide investigation concerning this issue.

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