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Scam Writing Website
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I had discovered a few months ago the Helium website where "knowledge rules," a place where writers go to improve their writing and get paid for it. This is the biggest scam out there for a content site. They are trying to copy off of Wikipedia, but the information that is on their site is absolutely incorrect and possibly life threatening. The site does not have an editorial and almost anything can be published. However, they censor the most important questions and answers that may reflect a negative light on them.

They do not pay their writers, only some of them, and the money earned is reduced or cheated on a daily basis. They owed me money and never paid. They also are a bogus company buying "publishing" websites to make them look legitimate. The marketplace where publishers choose an article is completely bogus. Their rating system, customer service, ethics, and honesty are the worst in the business. They offered the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting and this is bogus too. They make these things sound legitimate by enticing young high schoolers into their program thinking it is the real Pulitzer Prize. It is not!

They use gimmicks to steal work and money from those that work so hard giving them content. They will never allow you to take your work off of the site and let partners and other sister companies make money off of your hard work and time.

In addition, they expose your personal information in the flagging process they have and those people know your email and other personal information. There are several people complaining about being stalked, harassed, and abused by other Helium members when they got the other members private information. The site claims to protect the users, but it does not. There are criminals on that site and Helium doesn't care as long as they get your to give them free work and give them money. Please do not write or give your work away to this site, and do not let a friend, family member, or anyone else to participate on this site!

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