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Service Department
By -

NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS -- I've purchased two new Hyundais at Herb Connolly Hyundai in the past 3 years. I brought one of them in for a routine oil change on 6/18/08. Felipe, the service manager, waited on me and told me I was past my 30,000 mile service (34,442 was on the odometer) and that this was important because my automatic transmission fluid needed to be changed. I told Felipe I thought that was done at 70,000 miles, or more, per the manual. He said it's done at 30,000 miles because I was driving the car under "severe conditions". I asked him how he knew I was driving it at severe conditions and he said all of Massachusetts drivers drive their cars under severe conditions.

I asked him "What made Massachusetts severe?" and he said "the cold temperatures we have here." I asked Felipe where it isn't severe conditions and he said Florida. I asked Felipe if there were any other conditions that determined "severe conditions" and he said he didn't know. He volunteered and gave me the Hyundai phone number and suggested I call them to discuss this with them. I declined the 30,000 mile service until I had a chance to research the "severe condition". Felipe told me my transmission warranty would be void as a result.

I followed up on Felipe's passing me off and called Hyundai. The Hyundai rep said "there is no geographical designation for severe conditions. Severe conditions are more a matter of driving habits and distance driven." The Hyundai rep also told me the "severe conditions" are listed in my car manual, and as long as I wasn't using my car normally under those conditions, I would have no warranty problems with the transmission. I do not normally use my car under the "severe conditions" listed in the manual.

Obviously Felipe and the Hyundai rep have opposite views of the definition(s) of "severe conditions". The rep is supported by the manual and other Hyundai printed matter. Felipe offered me no support to his opinion. IMO, Felipe was wrong when he said:

All Massachusetts drivers come under "severe conditions", Florida doesn't have "severe conditions", Implied severe conditions are designated geographically, that my car is used under severe conditions, that my transmission warranty is now void as a result of not changing it's oil on 6/18/08, that he didn't know the 7 conditions related to transmission severe conditions and review them with me to determine if my car is used under those conditions, telling me to call Hyundai to learn these conditions, and telling me a technician looked at the oil on the end of the dip stick and determined it was due for a change (I doubt that's possible, but that's another issue.).

IMO, Felipe is either an ignorant Hyundai Service Manager, or attempting to drum up needless service charges for their customers. I reported my experience in writing to Adam ** (I believe the owner). While he didn't justify or criticize Felipe's actions, he said he supported him. That leads me to believe Felipe's attempt to perform needless service on my car at my expense is a Herb Connolly company supported action. I would highly recommend avoiding this company for automotive repairs.

Sales Manager Trash Talk
By -

NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS -- I want to complain the salesman at Herb Chambers Hyundai, Natick, MA. ** who is a manager at Hyundai Dealership in Natick, MA. I went to inquire about Hyundai Elantra car and I test drove the vehicle and started negotiations with ** who was a sales guy. I asked for 12,500 to start with and ** told it is not possible but he went to inquire with his manager who happened to be this **. ** came over and started talking to us. I said "My price is 12500 and that is it." He then started talking all salesman stuff.

I said "Herb Chambers Hyundai in Auburn offered me the vehicle for 13,500 and if you give me better deal then I am willing to purchase." Then he started saying "You Indians lie and you can never get an Elantra for 13500 and if you can get that vehicle for 13500 then I will give $1000 to you." I then challenged him to give in writing that he will give $1000 if I buy vehicle below 13,500. Then on his business card backside he wrote that and gave it to me. Then I walked off from there and went and bought the vehicle with Herb Chambers in Auburn for 13,350 which has even more features than the vehicle that originally looked for 13,500.

I then drove to this guy (which is around 30 miles from my place) and showed him the purchase and sale agreement and showed I paid already for the vehicle. ** started checking the Herb Chamber's website to look for that vehicle along with other people in his dealership and said to me I can't find the vehicle with that vehicle identification number. He started lying there itself. He said "I live with my own words and you bring me the vehicle and I will pay you $1000 in front of others."

I got the delivery of the vehicle on 04/03/2007 and drove down there to show him the vehicle and get $1000. I showed him the vehicle and then he said "Do you think I really give you $1000?" I said "Yes, because you said you are man of words and you will live with that." He just laughed at me and started talking trash. I said "You are fool and not worth of talking. Learn how to deal with customers otherwise you will lose lot of business." He is disgraceful person and I strongly advice you not to visit this Hyundai Dealership and it is all full of misleading guys. They are pretty bad and the dealership itself is horrible to deal with.

I have pleasant experience with Herb Chambers and if you are looking for any Hyundai vehicle you should and go try to deal with Corey ** in Herb Chambers. This guy was very nice to deal with and got me the absolute best price possible in Elantra. I hope people will recognize the way Herb Connolly does the business and how they cheat the people and lie.

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