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Reward Certificate Terms Are Well Hidden.
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Rating: 2/51

Hilton Honors credit card offers tempt you with offers such as free night reward stay if you spend $15000. Only when I tried booking the reward stay for my immediate family member, I realized that the offer doesn't let any of my immediate family member such as daughter, son, sister, brother can stay in the hotel unless I accompany them. Basically the reward can't be booked for your immediate family. That is such a relevant piece of information well hidden from you when you apply for the card, so my reward certificate went to waste since I couldn't use it by the expiry date of December. Don't bother paying annual fee for this so called "reward certificate" which is a dishonest scheme.

Fraud Rates
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Rating: 1/51

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have never been so insulted by HH in my life! I just checked my email on my reservation to show my fiancé and it had the incorrect dates!!! I was having problems online so I called the hotel! I wanted to see the rooms by pictures. I chose March 6-7th! I am having major surgery! The rate 140 was the quick book for those dates totaling 159! You guys are refusing to honor the rate your system jacked up! I was told I couldn't speak to a supervisor w/ reservations nor at the hotel! Contact me ASAP.

Hawaiian Elevator Entrapment
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Rating: 1/51

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- My longtime boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to Hawaii. We began making plans approximately one year ago. When looking for hotels I was having difficulty making a decision. Honestly, I am an Omni Gold Member and rarely stay at Hilton hotels for work or recreation; however, a co-worker highly recommended Hilton citing the excellent customer service. Therefore, I booked a room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort.

A couple of months prior to the scheduled vacation our area was hit by Hurricane Harvey. My boyfriend and I suffered severe damages to our home as a result of the storm and had to relocate to his mother's house to have repairs completed. At that time we contemplated whether or not we should take our previously planned trip to Hawaii but we ultimately determined that we should: We already bought non-refundable plane tickets, prepaid for the hotel room, and felt like we really needed the opportunity to relax with so much chaos occurring in our lives. We were displaced from our residence due to the storm anyway so we decided it may be worthwhile.

We arrived in Honolulu on the evening of October 24, 2017, checked into the hotel, and fell exhausted from the flight. The next morning we ate breakfast by the ocean and enjoyed and entire afternoon of sitting on the patio of our oceanfront room. We are both individuals who work high-stress jobs. We both remarked about how incredibly relaxed we felt in such a lovely setting. We bought tickets to the Hilton Luau, so at approximately 5:45 p.m. we headed to the elevators so that we could make our way to the lobby in order to find out the luau location. The elevator door opened with one guest inside. We quickly shuffled in and the door shut.

The elevator car began to drop and shimmy then it came to a complete stop. We realized we were stuck. The other guest, who we later came to know as "Gary" kept trying to press the call button but initially received no answer. Luckily I had my cellular phone and called the number to the front desk. After someone answered, I stated, "Hi! I'm a guest at your hotel and there are three of us stuck on the elevator." The receptionist flatly stated, "I'll transfer you to security." The security personnel answered the phone and stated someone would be there.

Eventually a security agent by the name of "Dan" arrived. Dan told us he had cold waters for us but this was confusing since there was no way to get us the waters. We asked him repeatedly if he could open the doors. In the meanwhile the elevator would periodically shake. I, my boyfriend, and Gary all stood on opposite sides of the elevator with our backs pressed against the armrest in order to try to even out the weight in the elevator and also to prevent us from falling on one another during the violent shaking spells.

We questioned Dan about whether the elevator could fall and he assured us it would not, although this did not prevent the shaking. Dan told us "someone" from the elevator company was on their way. During this time Dan had given us several instructions: Once or twice he told us to pull open the internal doors, other times he told us to push them shut. We could tell at that point that we appeared to be stuck between floor six (6) and five (5).

At one point Dan pushed a wooden ruler through the door crack, although it was obvious the object did not have the fortitude to pry the external doors open. We kept informing Dan that the elevator was hot because there was no ventilation and the air was stagnant. At times it was difficult to breathe and we would try to pry the outer doors open simply to get airflow but it was pointless, they would not budge.

After approximately an hour, an elevator repairman did arrive. He began working on the elevator and it abruptly dropped halfway below floor 4 at this point. The elevator repairman said he could not open the door and he would have to climb on top of the elevator car. He did this several times, and every time the elevator would shake. We could hear him making comments like, "Why is this bent?" and "I don't know what the Hell is wrong with this!"

After approximately two (2) hours at 6:45 p.m. the elevator repairman pried the doors open and pulled us out through the top portion of the elevator. Because we were trapped between floors, I had to be hoisted up by my boyfriend and Gary by grabbing my legs while the elevator repairman grabbed my arms. I sustained bruises on my arms and legs as a result.

When we all three (3) were pulled out no one was there except the elevator repairman. It was obvious the floor we were on was under construction because as I was pulled out I had to crawl on my hands and knees on the hard floor. There was no carpeting, simply paper placed over the floor. We were all frightened and shaken up from the experience. I turned and asked the elevator repairman, "I don't understand where we are. Where do we go?" He stated, "I can't help you. I have to fix the elevator." There were men walking around with hard hats and hammers but no one that appeared to be obvious hotel personnel.

We eventually found a dusty hotel phone in the corner and called security. Dan arrived and escorted us down the stairs to the lobby where we were met by paramedics. My boyfriend and Gary had high blood pressure. My blood pressure was also high and my heart rate was 140 beats per minute. We were all very upset. After the paramedics evaluated us and left, we were approached by a Hilton Manager. He offered us a coupon for one free meal. I explained to him that we were on our way to the luau but missed it after being trapped in the elevator. He assured me someone would contact us to replace the tickets.

We had dinner but could barely eat due to the stress of the situation. When we returned to our hotel we saw a woman at the check-in desk on her cellular phone. I stood there for a moment and she asked me if I needed anything, all the while she remained on her phone. I asked, "Yes, could you please tell me where the stairs are?" She stated, "The stairs are locked and only used for emergencies." I was extremely frustrated and immediately became tearful as I turned to walk away I could hear her saying, "Some guests were wanting to use the stairs" to the other person on the line in a snide manner.

My boyfriend and I had to ride the elevator to the sixth (6th) floor where our room was located. I held my breath the entire time and I could feel my heart pounding inside my chest. I had difficulty falling asleep that night and when I did shortly afterwards I woke with a panic attack.

The next day I was sore all over my body, particularly my back. I noticed there seem to be pain all the way across my lower back in a horizontal straight line. I couldn't figure out at first what could be causing the pain. I also noticed bruises on my legs and arms. My boyfriend stated he was sore from all of the pushing and pulling on the elevator doors. We were booked for a couple's massage that day because it was my boyfriend's 40th birthday.

We went to the spa and that's when I noticed the pain on my back coincided with the handrail in the elevator. Then I knew the pain was from leaning against the rail and holding onto the rail all the times the elevator shook and fell. I was scheduled for a deep tissue massage but told the massage therapist that she would need to be careful due to the pain in my lower back and the bruising on my arms and legs. It was extremely painful and sensitive to touch. She stated she could tell my lower back was swollen and would likely bruise. She rubbed some ointment on it that she believed might help.

I noticed I could not lie down or sit back against a chair due to the swelling and pain in my lower back. I spent most of the rest of that day and the next day lying in bed on my side and occasionally walking around. I could not attend an excursion that we booked on Friday because it would have required me to ride in a bus or van. We went on a sunset dinner cruise on Saturday but I had to stand for most of the event because I could not sit on the chairs without feeling pain.

By Saturday I still had not heard from anybody regarding the replacement of my Luau tickets. I called the manager and he stated he did not know why I was not contacted. I explained the entire situation and my disappointment with the series of events. He also seemed surprised that security staff was not present when we were pulled from the elevator. He asked me if I wanted to complete a formal complaint and I told him I did. He also added that I could see a physician at the property but I would have to pay upfront and Hilton would have to reimburse me at a later date. A security agent brought up forms for me to complete and I did so.

I called the physician on the property and staff there said they would not accept my insurance. I contacted my insurance and they advised I would have to go to an Urgent Care to be covered. I called a service through my insurance known as the "Nurses' Line." The nurse advised me that a physician's exam may be unnecessary at this point unless I had a fever or more extreme pain. She recommended an ice pack and ibuprofen for the pain. I did take her suggestions.

The manager ultimately replaced my tickets and he upgraded me from General Seating to Diamond Seating which was admittedly very nice. He did say he was sorry repeatedly but also advised he could "do nothing else." I am very disappointed in the manner in which this situation was handled. My boyfriend and I work in a high-stress field, we are public servants. We are not wealthy. We had been saving for this trip for a year and it is not often we have an opportunity to go to a place like Hawaii.

Our home was severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey and we were displaced. This vacation was supposed to be a reprieve from that horrible situation. I am claustrophobic and suffered several panic attacks in the middle of the night after the incident. I could not drive or even sit inside our rental car for several days afterwards due to my swollen back. I could not lie out by the pool or enjoy some of the other amenities in Hawaii because I could not sit, lay down, and I had bruising on my legs and arms. When I tried to notify hotel staff I felt I only received an apathetic response.

After filing the formal complaint I did receive a message from someone at Sedgwick Liability on behalf of Hilton on October 30, 2017 (while I was still in Hawaii). I tried to call her back that same day and ended up leaving a voice message. I received another message from her on November 1 and November 2 but those were our last days in Hawaii and I was trying to enjoy them without thinking of the horrible elevator incident.

I called her back twice on November 3, 2017 and left voice messages. I never heard from her again until I went online and filed a complaint with the corporate website. Then she attempted to call me on November 10, 2017 and left a message that she had been" trying to contact" me. I left her another message on November 13 and 14 and still have not received a response. The corporate office keeps telling me there is nothing they can do about this. I will never stay at a Hilton again!

Worst App and Customers Ever Don't Get Caught
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Rating: 1/51

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I went to the site to purchase a two night stay reg $126 nightly and after using the app for points ended up paying $101 to the hotel. Another $356 to honors programs with after asking the same day of the purchase if I made my reservation right and told yes for the $101. I found out I was charged an extra $356. I call for help with the issue but they are fully ready to not help. For the start of the call very rude and condescending, it really operate like a scam and I was one of the one caught.

I have been asking this company to do was right. Why would anyone want to just give you money for no reason? Without the reward it would have cost me $252, it hard being taken advantage of a company with sure a big name, and this is a True situation that their customers service will let you know in the own way you got caught and there nothing you can do about it. Hilton do the right thing. Why is that so hard to treat people right!

Reward Program Advertises 5000 Points for Stay but More Like 20,000 Plus
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Rating: 1/51

ARIZONA -- I'm Rewards member and went to Hilton website to see what I qualify for free stays after over a month in days stayed recently. Website reads, "Hotel stays for points vary as low as 5000 points. However cheapest hotels is in 20,000 stay." Where are the 5000 point stay? Check it out for yourself. They need to update website to truths about the program. Feels like scamming.

I think they over sold their program and being a rewards member with Hilton not worth it. Sounds like a vicious cycle of promises. Marriott and Holiday Inn I've had many many free stays without stringing along. Also I travel a lot and Marriott points don't expire like Hilton. Hilton goes away if no stay in a year. Ill just have to make better stay choices with better rewards programs. But this one is a disappointing mess.

Advance Purchase--No Refund for Medical Reason!!!
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Last fall, I made an Advance Purchase Reservation for our family to visit my elderly parents near Washington, DC, over Thanksgiving. We had stayed at this Hilton a few times before and had no complaints. The Advance Purchase rate was not much better than the regular, but I thought we may as well save a few bucks, and had no idea we might need to cancel.

Then my husband got sick. Bad cough that kept him up all night, went on 2 long rounds of antibiotics over the next two months, & he just kept getting worse. He looked and sounded terrible, was pale & sweaty with that horrible cough and an ongoing low-grade fever. None of us had been able to get either the seasonal flu vaccine or the H1N1 vaccine from our GP or Pediatrician, and when he went to the doctor again for the fifth time, 2 days before our trip, she said it was dangerous for him to travel -- she suspected he had H1N1 & needed to rest, and either way, he might be contagious.

I thought of going without him, but she said it would be better for me to stay if I could, to keep a close eye on him. But I also thought, what if I get sick too, while traveling w/ my 2 daughters, or get my 90-year-old parents sick? Not to mention all the folks in the airport, on the plane, in the hotel, at the restaurants, etc... So I called Hilton Customer Service the day before we were to leave and said I needed to cancel & did not need a refund, only to change the trip due to illness, to the next holiday when we could travel as a family, which would have been Christmas (and we actually did stay there over that Christmas).

They told me that I couldn't change the dates (OK, no problem), but of course I could expect a refund for medical reasons, & that all they needed was a letter from my husband's doctor concerning his condition & inability to travel. More than three months later, after the doctor faxed the letter twice, rewrote it with more details & faxed twice again, after countless phone calls & emails from me, and after countless empty promises that they'd get back to me with an answer, they finally emailed me to say that because my husband had not been given a blood test confirming H1N1 or been HOSPITALIZED for it, that they couldn't refund me.

I asked them, what is the point of having an Advance Purchase Customer Service Department if they won't give a refund for MEDICAL REASONS? They wasted more money on employees' pay dealing with me, not to mention months of my frustrating time & theirs, just to end up turning me away from Hilton forever. I also asked them repeatedly for a main office or some higher authority I could appeal to, but they refused to give me further information.

I hope somewhere the Hilton managers are paying attention to my & others' complaints about their Advance Reservation Customer Service Department. I was completely ruded out by the process. It's a shame, because I was a Hilton Honors member, I liked that particular hotel & the staff there, & planned to stay in the Amsterdam Hilton this summer. But it sure makes you think twice about staying at a place when customer service doesn't care about spreading contagious diseases, huh?

Hilton Grand Vacations and Timeshare Telephone Scams
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK CITY, PENNSYLVANIA -- My home telephone received an unsolicited call from Hilton Grand Vacations offering a free stay in New York City. So much for being on the “do not call” list! We agreed to take the free hotel stay in New York City. After taking our credit card number complications ensued when it was discovered that our credit card was going to be charged an additional “penalty” fee if we did not fulfill Hilton's obligation requirements.

At that moment and on the telephone we were locked into Hilton's telemarketing scam. There was no 3 day waiting period or opportunity to change our minds after the “pushy” Hilton representative got our credit card number. Locked into the dollar commitment for the trip, we were further pressured in New York City until we signed to buy a timeshare. We were given approximately 5 inches of Hilton Grand Vacation Amendments to the timeshare plan to read once we returned home. Almost immediately the Hilton Grand Vacation experience started to self-destruct. Confusion, unkempt promises and other bad experiences ruled the year.

Finally, full of disgust and ill feelings I demanded that my money be returned immediately. That started the “convincing” that we would be happy once we started using our Vacations. I wasn't impressed and continued to demand my money be returned. Hilton would have none of this! Hilton would rather have the money of an unhappy customer than part in a congenial manner with a happy ex-customer. Hence, I believe herein “lies” (pick your own meaning) the problem with Hilton's operation.

I feel that we have been misled and taken advantage of by “The Hilton Club” and its New York based Managing Director of Business Operations, Mr. **. Mr. ** has not responded to my letter of December 17, 2012 which, as a courtesy to a Hilton Club owner, should be mandatory for his position. If Hilton would like to solve my complaint they should contact me in writing, not by telephone.

My wife and I have been trying to get our “investment” money out of this despicable contract since we realized that it was a scam. Hilton Grand Vacations should not be allowed to continue operations until its questionable, and likely, illegal methods are brought to a higher standard. Therein lies the problem for Hilton as they probably would not survive if they operated in an ethical manner.

Mr. ** was very direct in his support of staff and their methods. He denied that Hilton operates its programs by scamming its potential clients and owners. The high standards that Mr. ** believes Hilton abides loses some validity when one investigates the internet. In Surowitz v. Hilton Hotels Corp, “the complaint alleged that (Hilton) had defrauded stockholders and illegally depleted corporate assets to enrich individual defendants.

In 2010 the Boston Globe reported that the illegal hotel operation “was one of the biggest child-prostitution cases in state history... While the Globe doesn't identify the names of hotels where the girls were brought to meet customers, Boston public radio station WGBH's July series about sexual and human trafficking in the Boston area suggests that they could very well been higher-end chain hotels frequented by business travelers.

Hilton's “high ground” defense of its operations and family oriented vacation properties suffered additional embarrassment in April 2011 when it was reported on the internet that “a Hilton Hotel in Southwest China lost its five star rating this week after an underground brothel was found to be operating out of the hotel...” “This isn't the first time a brothel has been operating at a Hilton Hotel. In 2008, a brothel was being run out of a Hilton in Ireland. And Consumerist named the Hilton in Washington, DC the third most prostitution-friendly hotel in the city.” “... Similar brothels have contained children and human trafficking victims.”

As one continues to investigate Hilton experiences on the internet, there are many people who believe that Hilton is a scam, and that it operates illegally. Some guest clients of Hilton want to sue and enjoin a class action suit. Many dissatisfied persons report Hilton's actions to the numerous websites that permit “venting” for people who have been wronged and/or ask the Attorney General's office and other government/consumer agencies to investigate Hilton's operations.

In New York State, the Attorney General was ignored by Hilton Grand Vacations Club when the Attorney General's office requested information regarding a scam complaint filed by a dissatisfied customer. Is Hilton Grand Vacations Club too well connected “to abide by New York State law? Let's hope not but evidence is accumulating to the contrary when no visible actions come from the State's highest law enforcement agency.

A dissatisfied customer's actions may include educating people about the failures of Hilton by email, websites, newspaper, television, legal and any other opportunity available to me. If you have experienced some unfair treatment and would like to take some kind of action to eliminate these blood-sucking scams, feel free to contact me at **. I, for one, plan to continue to use every means available to have my money returned. Thank you for your time.

Horrible Experience
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently called the Hilton front desk to ask if they partnered with any local florists so that I could send my girlfriend flowers there while she was staying in San Francisco. They stated that since they were a five star hotel that they don't allow outside flowers to be brought in to their hotel. They stated that I would have to contact the concierge and have them purchase and have the flowers delivered for me.

After contacting the concierge I had specifically told him several times that I had a maximum dollar amount that I would like to spend on them, and that if he could find her a nice arrangement under that amount I would appreciate it. Several times I specified that I didn't want to spend over this amount. The next morning I woke up and checked my bank statement, and was very surprised to see that the flower shop had charged me much more than the dollar amount I specified that I didn't want to go over. I originally brought this to the hotel management's attention. I was told repetitively that there was nothing that they could do.

I had spoken with the front desk person in the evening, during the day, and ** the night manager, and ** the concierge that took my original request. I was told that I would have to take this issue up with the flower shop that charged me, if I wanted any amount of money back due to the hotel not having any of my money and did not take a fee for this, that they cannot be held responsible for any refunds.

My answer to this was that ”If I were to have given your concierge $40 cash and said that I wanted flowers for said amount that he would have to adjust the cost appropriately, correct?” in return I got this response from the manager “But you didn't give him cash, did you, you gave him a credit card.” I feel that this is an unacceptable response.

When I spoke to the concierge that placed my order, and asked him why I was charged more than I asked him to place on my card he responded with this statement, “Sir, you asked me to get her $40 worth of flowers, and that's what I did. On top of the flowers, the florist charges for delivery and for the vase.” Again I feel that this is an unacceptable response. This feels like it is just word manipulation.

After speaking with 3 different employees and a manager, the manager said that if I would like to return the flowers that she would see if the florist would accept that. And yet again I was appalled by her even saying this as an option. The flowers had already arrived to the room and my girlfriend had already received them. This was not the fault of the florist and I was continued to make feel at fault. I am really not interested in speaking with the management at that hotel any further. If you have a central customer service line I would be happy to call that, or I would be satisfied continuing this conversation via email.

Most rude employees I've ever encountered
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Rating: 1/51

DEL MAR, CALIFORNIA -- I really have been dreading writing this review. I can, sometimes, get into the mood and write reviews that are negative, and I've been able at times to have fun with that, but this time? This time I wish so, so much that I didn't have to. This time, the negativity I need to review touched my kids, especially my daughter, and that just makes me sad. And now that the anger is a week old, it's really settled into disappointment. I have never been so poorly treated in my life, and neither has my daughter. Not from a company, not from a big or small company, ever.

We were there for a conference. A conference that was for kids and about kids. In other words, they knew we were coming, they knew that many kids would be there... this is really painful to write. First - the opening scene:

It began before I even checked in. We had to wait a bit to check in, so we decided to go get lunch in the hotel's cafe/bar area. I asked the front desk gentleman if sitting there was OK, if they had table service and if children were allowed in that area. He said yes, that was just fine, and we went and sat down. A man who appeared to be a manager glanced at us after more than a few minutes, and I asked if we could order.

"You want to order food?"
"Yes, please, I was told we could sit here...? We just need some menus."
"You want to eat here?"
"Um... yes, we do."
"You want to eat in the restaurant?"
"Are we able to eat here?"

At this point, I'm confused and think that maybe I misunderstood the front desk person, or maybe he was wrong... Nope, that wasn't it. "I'll go see if I can find a waitress," Mr. Maybe Manager says to me. Okay, that's cool... I'm still confused, but still laying that on me at this point.

A really nice young woman came over, said she was sorry she took so long, and can she get us drinks? She brought them, the table settings and the menus (the menus, by the way, were paper, like the kind you see that are often if not always, disposable. This comes into play later - trust me).

The young woman, whose name I would LOVE to have remembered was so good to us, so kind. She shared that it was her first day training to be a server in this capacity - Hilton? She is a lovely young Latina woman, her first training day was Wednesday, September 5th and this was around noon. She was one of two employees at the hotel that made me feel welcomed. That's it, out of all the others I ran into, so YAY to you, Miss! Thanks so much (my son's name is **, said in Spanish, she may remember us, at least I hope so!) for your kind personality and sweet disposition, let alone actually caring about our order and customer service.

I ordered the seared ahi and avocado salad. The tomatoes are sad, anemic things, but the rest tasted pretty good. My friend who arrived a bit later sat with us and then ordered the same thing - she noticed that she did not get the salad-y parts, like you know, green leafy stuff, like mine had. I didn't really grasp this until later, however, whatever, right? Places have off days, errors occur, life is not perfect and humans make mistakes - none of us are immune. But looking back in retrospect - this was the start. On to the rest...

We check in. Room is fine. Bathroom door opens up to the edge of the counter. Ah, not the best design, but no big deal. The plug for the bathtub? Broken and not attached. Ah, that happens, that's OK.

Housekeeping, while very sweet to arrange my kid's stuffed animals in a totally adorable way on the bed, forgot fresh cups for the coffee maker and gave me all decaf and no more sugars (the following day). The day after that, I told the front desk - please no service in my room, number __, They came anyway. Hmmm… front desk error, or their error? Don't know. The guy at the front said he took care of it, maybe wires got crossed? So they came when I asked them not to, and another time, didn't complete the mission properly. Ah, well things happen, right? Humans... errors... all that again.

Then I began to notice some other things happening... (see the updated review for part 2 - I took up too much space, lol!! As soon as I can update it, part 2 will be here - no luck yet!!!) The wedding party was loud. Late into the night, well past "quiet hours." We, as a group, had been admonished to keep our children quiet, to keep them close to us at all times, to have them in their rooms at 9 pm if under 18 (the ages ranged from baby to young adults in their 20's) & many other things that were quite unusual for the other (lovely!) Hiltons we have had conferences in. The wedding party however, were not chastised as so many of our kids were.

Seems if you are a drunken adult NOT a part of the conference, one can climb & then FALL off the huge, silver statue of a horse there. One can leave cans of Coors about the hotel. One can throw up in the ladies room & outside the elevator - no problem! But kids, skipping, playing, cartwheeling? Oh, no, no... not acceptable. I know I'm biased, but really, we have kids that are respectful, used to being treated with respect & as the equals they are (equal is NOT "same" btw). Some poor conference stepped in the vomit, I hate to say. Others have stories too, about the unbalanced guest care, the hypocrisy. They are telling their own tales, however.

Next night, sitting outside on the patio & my mom is leaving soon, we want to have a dinner together before she leaves. The waiter comes out & asks for her credit card! We were ordering DINNER, as we had before, & never have we had to give over a credit card (here or anywhere else)! These days, we are taught to never do this, it's bad enough that we "have" to for an open tab for just drinks. But who pays for their dinner before they even order it? Was this policy put in place that same day, as it hadn't ever happened before, patio, bar, restaurant or otherwise?

My mom refused & he, with an attitude, said that that was the only way we could order, unless we charged it to a room. My mom had checked out, but I hadn't, so I said to just put in on my room number & be done with it. We ordered. He asks what we'd like to drink, my mom gets a glass of wine & I say, nothing yet, but I'll order something soon. This really became much worse.

He reached over & began taking my daughter's new paper airplane & I stopped him & said, "Oh, that's not trash, that's my daughter's airplane!" He said, "It's our menu." I said, "Now it's a paper airplane." And he said, "This is the second time this has happened, these are our menus, you know!"

Hmm. So the story was out? And the manager said nothing to me at all about not doing this again, they had seen us playing tic tac toe & hangman on other ones, no one had ever said to us that we shouldn't do that, & as I said, they were those flimsy, regular paper ones. No laminate, not cardstock, not thick paper - cheap, paper-paper! The kind that many places actually MAKE kid's menus on that have printing so kids can play on them & whatnot. But had we been asked, of COURSE we wouldn't have used them for play. But you all need to ask & tell us, how can we know otherwise, especially if it had been done before & no one said anything?

Then he says, with a smirk no less (& no, I'm not kidding or over exaggerating) "You know you can't have outside drinks here. What's in your cup?" Really?? OK, here's my mistake, & I will own up to it & own the situation. I had a beer. Yes, my own beer. In a plastic cup. A cup that actually I had been using previously with beer I ordered from the bar. I ordered a lot of drinks & a lot of food there. Was I supposed to have it? No, & yes, I know that. And yes, I broke a rule & for that, I admit to being in the wrong.

But this... person was RUDE. At this point, I'm pissed off. Each thing had been adding up & I just broke & I said, with equal 'tude, "Ginger ale," & smirked right back at him. He said, "That's not ginger ale, ginger ale doesn't foam like that. You are not allowed to have that here." So... I lost it. I said, "Fine, I cancel my order!" & I left. And left I did. I had it with all of this. I checked out a day early & went home.

I will NOT go back there again. I hope the conference is elsewhere next year (it's pretty much an annual event that we REALLY look forward to each year) because I really dread going there again. The 2 wonderful waitresses (both Latinas, & man do I wish I had their names!) were LOVELY - they deserve a raise & respect. The 2 bartenders I dealt with? Sheesh, take some customer service training & learn some respect. Front desk - same with you all. You know? All the women I ran into were GREAT... interesting. Those 2 were just GREAT. But I really will have to consider if I will go back. Both my kids don't want to, & they LOVE the conference(s).

The people in our group were GREAT & we love them to bits - but I'm not sure it'll be enough to have to possibly cope with this kind of rude behavior again. I hope they take a lesson from the AMAZING staff at the Hilton Vancouver, WA. Time to review a few more places, in fact! Happier ones!

Heartless Gettysburg
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GETTYSBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I check into the Hilton Garden Inn in Gettysburg, PA for A quick stay so I could attend church the following morning. I check in with my children, sister, and parents. When I first arrive I was treated with great customer service, no complaints whatsoever. They were very friendly, attention to detail, and just plain pleasant. It was not until the morning that I was shown the true color of the Hilton.

My room was on the first floor close to the pool area so me and my family went back and forth to the pool often. My family's rooms were on the 3rd floor so it was easiest to go to my room for things. Let's just with so many people going back and forth my towels in my room was used up quickly. So in the morning when we took our showers, We need more towels. My sister realized this first (who is an ex-Hilton employee) so she grab a towel for the weight room and took her shower. So when my girls went to take a shower there were no towels and I didn't see any employees so when they got finish I decided I would just run to the pool and grab 3 towels thinking that would be quicker than waiting for staff to come.

In doing this I went to the pool area and retrieved the towels and on my way back to the room I was approached by a very irate looking woman who tried to snatch the towels from my hand. I ask her watch she was doing after I gave her the most bizarre look that my face could show. She said she was housekeeper manager and I cannot have those towels. I am still walking away from her (thinking I got girls in the shower that want out, I have to go to them that are alone) she is still in pursuit trying to rip the towels from my arms. I kindly tell her my dilemma and I have to hurry.

She said that people that take towels from the pool room are stealing but she will go get me some. She said you are not allowed to take a towel from the pool because they are counted and they know who takes the towels and where they go. We are not at my room. I hand her the towels like no big deal just go and get me some, the kids are finished. Now my kids are out of the shower just in the bathroom screaming, "where is the towel?" The housekeeper leaves and comes back with one towel. Remember I gave her three. I said "I need more towels" then, "this one is not enough and please hurry the kids are out of the shower."

She said who do I think I am to give her directions. It is not my place to tell her what to do. This is all in an irate tone with kids screaming in the background. So I tell her in a very strong tone to go get the towels and bring them back right away. She told me where were all the towels for my room and she say my sister take a towel earlier from the weight room where is that towel. She said, “where is all the towels?” I'm so upset that I go in the room get the pile of dirty towels and throw them at her feet including the weight room towel and say "see here is all your towels, I do not steal." And I resent the remark or accusations as if I did or would.

I told her I want to speak to her manager now. Turned around and went back inside the room fuming and told my kids to dry off with a blanket, because she never did come back. After I got them dress I went to the front and the housekeeper was at the front desk telling the front desk clerk she had to stop someone from taking towels. Again she talks as if I wanted to steal.

I go to the front desk and ask to speak to a manager right away. No one comes, instead the front desk person ask what is going on. I give him a quick version while I tell him I need to speak to a manager and the housekeeper then says it is Hilton Official Policy to check towels of every hotel guest. She told me that when I check out they will count my dirty towels and if any towels is missing that the Hilton will call the police and press charges.

I look at the front desk attendant and said "do you hear this?" She continues to accuse me of trying to steal. Now there are other hotel guest in and out the lobby and one woman was leaving the pool area with a towel and nothing is said to her. Did I mention I am AFRICAN-AMERICAN and this lady was white? But the front desk clerk backs the housekeeper play and says "yes we will count the towels."

And to make matters worse the maintenance man comes up front and says what is the problem, meanwhile my father has join in the conversation, and the housekeeper says towels might be missing and he says "yes you people left beer bottles in the swimming pool area and there was no drinking in the pool and you people left the gym room dirty." I called him a flat out liar. He said "yes you people did I have a surveillance camera" that only he can look at and he knows it was us. I told him he lies. I am pregnant and we were not drinking.

I demanded to see this surveillance camera and see us with beer going into the pool area and drinking while there. He said no he was the only one to see it. We saw the night before two couples going into the pool with beers (remember my room is right by the pool) and seem to be having fun, not that it matters to me but they were two white couples, and enjoy the time away for home. So I say back to this maintenance worker that he could not have look at a surveillance tape because if he did he would of saw who went in the drinking, I know I did.

I was getting nowhere this people they were a united front and they would not get me a manager. Finally some woman walk up and tells me that it was just a miscommunication because the housekeeper and maintenance worker for foreigners. I told her to "please stop it and don't insult my intelligence they know exactly what they are saying. They speak clear English." So I walk away and tell them this is not over I will be complaining about my service here. I go back to the room and take the kids to breakfast in the lobby area, come back to my room at like 10 am and my room key was not working. They disconnected my key and closed the weight room.

I was fuming. I went to the front desk to the front desk a few choice words and demanded my key be re-keyed. He did, I grab my stuff and left. A few days later I sent an email to the GM of customer service in which she got back to me right away and apologize for her rude staff and said she spoke to the parties that was there and they told he about the terrible way the housekeeper was acting and she explain to me that she behave this way because she was pregnant and that she is like a golden employee of the hotel.

I told her, her behavior had nothing to do about being pregnant and what about maintenance he is not pregnant. She apologized and said she would refund me my money back since I had a horrible time. This was in February, I need received my refund. In March I went to the PA human relation commission about my treatment believing I was discriminated against. We were the only African-American family there. They took my complaint and contacted the hotel and that is where we are at. See what happens.

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