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Hit Web Design Unethical Deceitful, Fraudulent Company
By -

PROVO, UTAH -- I contracted a company by the name of Hit Web Design in Provo Utah. In short they promised me a website in 3 weeks...totally overcharged me by 500 and have NOT met the agreement we originally agreed on. I was told I would receive 5 pages, a finished LOGO design and a store E-COMMERCE with cart. I was promised that it was going to be a state of the art "custom site" for 640 dollars. And NOT a dime more!

When I asked about a refund on all my money if it there's any problem. This salesman told me I had up to 3 months that if I wasn't totally satisfied 100% they would refund all my money back all my contents and my domain name that I am currently known by and that my business has been known by in other website in the internet. At the end of all these headaches they flat out told me NO MONEY BACK! Even when I presented my situation to their "customer service representative ** and their "Senior Accounts Service Rep ** back on August 10th and stated that I was absolutely besides myself and totally NOT HAPPY with how I have been treated.

My dealing with "HIT" turned into a total nightmare, endless headaches, loss of my work sent to them via email and loss of my time. It was a unacceptable total maze of confusion as to where my graphics, my calls, my e-mails went. The information that in previous been instructed to send and email to the "many" different people they directed me to send it to over and over and over again. They purposely were stalling, lying to me, not answering my calls. Giving me the run around... escalating to other customer service reps, manager, switching logo designers, and account manager on me to create even more chaos etc., and NEVER getting a clear answer.

I have been shuffled around and passed around until I had enough of this. I also, made many attempts to reach the QCA & CEO of this company as I learned in the interim of googling, this company's name and finding out that there's alarming information made regarding the derogatory practices of this particular company also known previously as Heritage Internet Technologies.

Many site and forums have been set up by people such as myself that have been "taken for their money" that depict them and their business ethics and practices as "FRAUDS" on every level. And that they have treated many people in the EXACT same fashion and continue to deceive and change their company's name because they have a crystal clear UNETHICAL AND DECEITFUL reputation. Enough so that their ex-employees have posted the same comments for not being compensated with pay for their work and many other issues. For this reason I need your help in helping me get my fair share of restitution.

I tried to make contact as I mentioned to the QCA and CEO that 'also' post rebuttals to "us" the consumers through the various forums i. E, rip off and complaints board. To "contact them only". They provide their company titles such as or and do not give a "real name". Well, I have tried to contact them based on their information posted and in addition, based on the information provided by their own people at hit web design. And to my disappointment the emails came back to me 'host unknown, no such email address' undeliverable.

I then decided to be proactive and thought to myself after reading and learning about this company's deceitful business practice and since, I cannot make contact as again, they're running me around by not delivering what they promised. I will file a "charge back - dispute with my bank, contact the BBB, FTC. Attorney General in Utah, and also, your organization. I will also, and going forward, have posted my experience with them on rip off reports, and complaint board and will continue to expose them. Please understand that this has been going on for quite some time as I stated in the first paragraph of this letter and regarding the email I sent to **.

At HIT back in early August before the 3 months were up. I had asked for my money back in one of the conversations and they told me absolutely no. That I don't get my money back. And that what the salesman meant to say was that HIT has up to three months to deliver a website etc., and in between I, the customer, has to accept or deny until it's right. And that at one point, HIT will (only allow me several layouts) and then they will have to stop and tell me that it's gone past the 3 layouts and to redo the site they will charge me more money. How is that right??? But, you never get your money back... Ever!

So, in short the customer is stuck with whatever they feel they want to sell to you, or it will cost you even more money for changes since they can revise up to 3 times. And guess what.?? You can never reach them to make these necessary changes "within their three months time". Is this customer satisfaction or your money back?

It's been impossible to get them to finish right or fix it right, or address issues because they never answer, they can't be found, they are on a break, talk to somebody else, and you never get anything accomplished. They switch you from person to person and no one seems to know anything ever! I had paid for a logo that was supposed to have been custom built they instructed me send what I would like to see my logo look like, videos, images, colors etc., I sent them a picture I took of a coliseum and a dog I have in my homes.

And guess what I received after never receiving an update on progress or a call /email. And only when I kept making a bunch of phone calls. I received the same graphics I sent them just shifted the dog in front of the coliseum and that was the 'done project three weeks into the making. When I argued that "What was that?" they said they enhanced it. But, "you cannot tell" because it's subtle. I told them that I was so unhappy with all of it that my 5 year old son can come up with something original, creative. Also, for the record this has been the second logo designer who also had the same bad business habits as the newly assigned one.

Oh, also, let me share that they tell you that you should not contact them by phone. Only by email. Another weird and unethical deceitful lie is how they post a rebuttal on the sites only after the customer has had enough of their run around and lies and when they rebuttal they specifically tell you to deal with them. And furthermore, tell you to email them directly. Well, as I said earlier only to find that their email addresses were not working emails, 'returned undeliverable", "host unknown, no such email address corrupt path", etc.

Now they are threatening me and coercing me by intimidation of the following to sign their one sided contract that favors them only. Also, please take notice of their TOS/terms of agreement. IT'S a contract to "defraud the customer" with all the advantages for their company and absolutely no recourse for the customer. They are threatening me of slander/defame when in fact all I've said is the total truth! That if I don't' shut up and eradicate my posts that I'm going to be hit with lawyers' fees on top of fees and not only that but, that if I file a charge back from my bank that I will be charged $200 for every time I go to file it and they will win.

They make mention of their TOS or terms of service is and that I will lose. They also, tell me that by no circumstances will they refund my money back and because I posted negative things on these sites and no emailing attorney general and bbb they will not give me my website. My business name or my contents. Even though I paid for it all. And the domain is my business name. Their term of agreement is totally one sided.

Also, for the record I never received any statements because coincidentally they said they mailed it to the wrong address. I have supporting items emails from the operations manager and all the rest. I will include with the exception of my agreement that they never bothered to send. They only sent a "microsoft word table of the charges and deductions on my account that's it! No formal contract., no formal billing and this table of charges came to me embedded in an email after asking and asking for it. That's "my 3 cent's on this company. Beware and do a Google search on your future company.

HIT Web Design
By -

PROVO, UTAH -- DO NOT get involved with HIT Web Design in any way shape or form. They have NO regard for anyone, including, and perhaps, especially, their customers. I have been trying for almost a month to see the first ideas for my company's website. Not only have I seen nothing, I can't get anyone to respond to my numerous phone calls and e-mails. Most of the people with whom I have spoken at HIT Web Design are amazingly arrogant and condescending.

These twenty-something white males are so convinced of their importance and superiority over all other living creatures that they do not feel the need to assist their customers or fulfill the terms as outlined in their printed materials.

Buyer beware--HIT Web Design had their name changed recently from Heritage Design. There is much speculation, although I have no absolute proof, that the name change was due to the poor reputation that the company has had for some time.

One of the reasons that I originally cast my lot with HIT Web Design was the fact their company headquarters is located in Provo, Utah. I falsely assumed that these people would have only the highest integrity and ethical business practices. Was I ever wrong! I would be shocked if HIT Web Design will even be in business by the end of the year. Do yourself a favor and do not repeat my costly mistake. Don't walk. RUN away from HIT Web Design!!!

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