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USA, MARYLAND -- This TV Was purchased from Sam's Club for use in a business. We hooked the TV up to a video conferencing unit on a commercial high-grade surge protector on a very stable $800.00 commercial TV stand. The TV was only used for an hour on 3 occasions. On the third time being used, the screen turned to just colored lines going up and down the screen. Knowing that the TV was only a few months old and we had all of our receipts we should have nothing to worry about.

HOWEVER, when I contacted HITACHI to have the TV repaired they informed me that because a business had purchased the TV that the warranty was no longer valid and they would not replace or repair the TV. I was SHOCKED!!! I have never heard of a manufacturer doing this.

I can only say DO NOT BUY HITACHI PRODUCTS!!! This is ludicrous behavior from a manufacturer of a product being sold by Sam's Club who sells to business. We have contacted and are in contact with Sam's Club to let them know what is going on with this manufacturer. They should not sell products from this manufacturer if this is how they treat their customers. I personally recommend to hundreds of business, products on a regular basis. I will recommend that HITACHI PRODUCTS NOT EVER be purchased under ANY circumstances as this is not the kind of support I wish anyone to have to deal with EVER.

What else can I say but DO NOT BUY HITACHI PRODUCTS as they don't care and don't support the products they sell. you would be throwing your money in the trash by purchasing HITACHI Products. This is an absolutely unbelievable response to from a company this large in this day and age.

May as well not have Customer Service!
By -

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA -- Hitachi does have people that answer their phones with no help and promises of returned calls, which after days I had to call them over and over. I purchased this LCD TV for Christmas and out of the box, it would not go to the start-up screen. I tried everything and after two days I called their CS and was told that it has a defective circuit board and has to be taken into a service office, which they have none within 50 miles from me. Hitachi does not stand behind their merchandise.

I was told that since the TV is a 32-inch model that it "no longer" qualifies for in-home service and that it would have to be carried into one of their service centers. I would think that right out of the box it should be in working order or replaced. Unfortunately this was a Christmas present and the company that I purchased from does have a 30-day return policy but they are out of stock. I will be refunded from the store when they receive the TV back. I am disabled and since the shopping channel has my money tied up and Hitachi won't make good on their product, my Christmas is screwed. At the rate this is going, I won't be able to buy a TV 'til late January or February.

No matter how good Hitachi's sales demonstration is on a shopping channel, if you get a lemon don't expect Hitachi to step up to the plate. The two main shopping channels are great at replacing if they have stock and I know I will eventually be refunded. I ordered on the 5th and got the Hitachi lemon HDTV on the 20th. Hitachi, part of me wants to cry, thanks for ruining my Christmas. Obviously I cannot recommend Hitachi HDTVs to anyone. Only buy Hitachi if the store will take care of the warranty.

Don't Waste Your Money!!!!
By -

CHULA VISTA, CALIFORNIA -- I bought my Hitachi for $2,000.00 and they gave me a one-year warranty knowing that every 2 years, 6000 hours, the lamp needs to be replaced. They did not inform us of this when we bought it. The lamp is $300.00. So on top of paying the high price, every 2 years I'm going to have to replace this expensive piece. The company told us there is nothing they can do about this, so I advise everyone to save your money. This company is not worth it.

Hitachi 42HDS69 HDTV are lemons
By -

Buyer beware, BUYER BEWARE! Hitachi TVs are lemons (junk). They look good at first, price is good but after a month or 2, they die. So if you do not want to waste your good hard-earned money, run from Hitachi. Boycott Hitachi products. If it is too good to be true, then it is. That should be Hitachi's slogan. (Sounds like a duck, quacks like a duck; it is a duck).

I bought a brand new 42-inch Hitachi 42HDS69 Plasma TV and it just died after a month. It has been serviced 4 times already in 9 months. Replacing digital boards, power boards and other internal circuitry. Remember this is a brand-new TV but you would never know it. 3 of those months we were unable to even use it because it was out of service.

I called Hitachi and spoke with senior manager who said he would look in to my complaint about my TV being a lemon and call me back. After a week, what a shock, he never called back. After going to pick up my TV from Industrial Electronic Repair (407-855-7214) on Sand Lake Rd. in Orlando Florida for the 4th time (they are clueless idiots) and seeing that they damaged my TV even further by putting a 3-inch gouge in the front.

I call Hitachi just to be told by customer service that the senior manager said that having the TV serviced 4 times and the service center putting a 3-inch gouge in the TV did not fit the bill to either replace the lemon or even provide an extended warranty. Hitachi said there was nothing they could do and the senior manager did not even have the courtesy to tell me himself but have customer service screen and flag my call. So now I am out all this money. Hitachi TV is a LEMON; and to add insult to injury, the TV is damaged on the front as a reminder every day what a piece of junk Hitachi products are.

Hitachi products are made poorly, customer service is non-existent, senior manager is a 'Yes man' who does not believe 4 repairs in 9 months plus damage by Industrial Electronics Repair warrants any action by Hitachi for this TV being a LEMON. BUYER BEWARE, stay away from Hitachi products. Unlike cars that have Lemon laws, electronics do not, so it is big business who will win every time.

Do not learn the hard way like I did. Once again boycott Hitachi products or you will get burned the hard way as I did. Hitachi products are junk lemons with a quick expiration date. Send a message to Hitachi and boycott their products! And make sure you post your bad experienced about Hitachi on the boards and reviews so people know the truth about Hitachi.

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