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Broken Furnace - 28 Days Waiting for Repair
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Rating: 1/51

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- DO NOT USE HMS UNLESS IT IS FREE. Summary: furnace broke in the winter with many days of below freezing temps and it took them 4 full weeks to try and repair. I had to fix it myself, so that my entire family didn't freeze to death, but was still forced to pay the $100 deductible and they would not reimburse me for parts.

Detail: I wish that I could give 0 stars for every single step of this process. My furnace broke down in the middle of winter this year, so I called HMS for assistance. They said they could get someone out the next day to look at it. Annoying, but understandable since not many places work after 5 pm. Serviceman shows up in the morning and diagnoses the problem and says he will place an order for the part, but that it will take 48 business hours to place the order AFTER he logs his request that evening, THEN 7-9 business days to receive the part, THEN we can schedule an appointment to fix it.

Based on the day of the week, this means my furnace would be fixed at the earliest 14-16 days post-break... in the winter... with subfreezing temperatures. I call HMS and ask why we can't just order the part on Amazon (I have Prime - 2 days max!) They are only allowed to work with specific providers. I order the part on Amazon anyway to hope against hope that HMS can figure out a way to get their part to me in a timely manner so that I don't have to fix it myself - thankfully they assured me that my case was logged as an emergency (lol, yeah right).

Not once was I called by HMS to update me on how long it was going to be, so I call a couple days later and the service report is still not in so they can't even begin the 2 day process of placing the part order. None of this process makes any sense. Taking 2 days to find a part in the days of the internet is horribly absurd. My 75 year old grandfather and my 6 year old nephew could both complete that process in less time than that.

Luckily I receive my part from Amazon and fix it the furnace myself. This is 4 days post break. At this point I have paid 100 deductible for the visit, paid for the Amazon part and they should be ordering the part from HMS, so I decide that I could at least get the extra part, since I have basically paid $100 for it, so I decide to wait to see how long it takes HMS to run through their process of fixing my furnace.

Still 0 phone calls from HMS. I mentioned this process to my real estate, who keeps in touch about these sorts of things and she tells her representative to contact me. 2 weeks post-break Rep contacts me basically to tell me that 14 days is pretty normal and reasonable. REASONABLE TO HAVE NO HEAT IN YOUR HOME FOR TWO WEEKS IN THE WINTER.

I have no idea how their customer service is allowed to work this way. Not once was I (sincerely) apologized to. He also tells me that if I fix it myself the furnace is voided from the warranty. At this point I have fervently decided that I will most definitely not be continuing the warranty. Thankfully this year was included from the seller when I bought the house.

4 FULL weeks post-break, serviceman comes to fix the furnace. I tell him I really just want the extra part, because I had to fix it myself and paid $100 plus parts already for them to do literally nothing. He then proceeds to tell me that he cannot leave the part, because HMS wants it back if he doesn't use it. I try to see if HMS will at least pay for the part that I had to use on the furnace, and they will not.

Throughout the process I tried to just be honest about my desire to get my money's worth after having to fix it myself, but that definitely did not get benefit of the doubt at any point. Hoping that if someone who has HMS now reads this, they can learn from my mistakes. Incredibly frustrating and slow process. Would never recommend to a single person.

Dishwasher Repair/replacement
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Rating: 1/51

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Please be aware that HMS is dishonest in their business practices. We have been with this company for over five years and when our dishwasher stopped working, we made a claim in June 2017. The repair/service person they sent was EXCELLENT and easily diagnosed the problem and called them for the order of a new part.

After about ten days, I called the repairman and he was shocked that I had not been contacted. Our dishwasher was no longer manufactured, replacement parts were no longer available in our region, but HMS was still searching wider for a replacement part. I allowed a few days and contacted HMS who advised they could not find my claim and later explained that they had system problems and were continuing their search for replacement parts for my dishwasher.

By mid-July, I had followed up with HMS twice, initially told they could not find my claim AGAIN, then found it. Explained that they were looking for parts and that they would contact me. Each time I called, the wait time was 45 minutes at minimum.

Of course I explained that it had been a month without success on the part and that it was unreasonable to force me to wait longer while they lose my claim again. I wanted to know the next steps, but they insisted that they needed more time to find the part and that they were in the middle of a systems change and this accounted for their lack of continuity. Over the next several weeks I followed up and was told the same again and again after a 45 min to 1 hour hold. We were very upset.

Unfortunately, we had a death in the family that took us out of normal operation for about 3 weeks, but when we returned I followed up with HMS, who had left no messages for me. After finding my claim, they advised that the repairman was coming back to complete the repair. We were SO happy as we liked our dishwasher.

The gentleman returned and tried to repair the unit without success. We needed a new part as he first determined. This was now September. It took five more calls from me to move the claim that spent about 3 weeks in 'Authorizations" for a go-ahead to replace. They suggested a unit and claimed it was the replacement unit for my old one. I could not see it at the store, only online and the exterior measurements were in line with my old unit. This was now November and when the dishwasher wasn't in place by Thanksgiving, we were exhausted.

Ten days later, I had to follow up again and wait on hold (1 hour) again for them to advised, "Our Authorization department is behind on giving the request for replacement." This was waaaaaay crazy and we'd never had this problem in 7 years with HMS. My next call was the following week where they promised I would receive a call with my replacement options. They actually called--I was surprised and although we wanted to take the cash option rather than deal with them on the replacement--they said we would be given $274.00 toward the dishwasher. "Wait. What?" We could not replace our unit for this price and so we went with their replacement.

The unit arrived, taken out of the box and looked pretty normal--just a standard GE dishwasher. The installers worked on getting it installed and I left them to their business rather than stand over themBIG MISTAKE!!! They were running the unit to make certain it was running correctly and I was overjoyed that we had a working dishwasher at last.

Fifteen minutes later, I went to the kitchen to rinse my coffee cup--and had no hot water. "Huh?" I called the installers back and they advised that due to the design of the new dishwasher they had to install a by-pass water line. "What in the world?" I had to get under the counter and open a new water valve that they installed without telling me a thing. I open the dishwasher and 60% of the top rack isn't there. The front part is there and could hold two rows of glasses, but the back half is flat. I stared at it for a full three minutes trying to figure it out.

I called GE. This was NOT the dishwasher they recommended to replace mine. This was an UNDER THE SINK unit that is designed to have the sink fit into the top half of the dishwasher and 60% of capacity is lost in order to save space. The by-pass water line was necessary because it was installed under the counter and away from the water line. No they would not take it back. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT.

Although HMS's contract advises that they would replace with like type quality and capacity, since I allowed the unit to be installed I was stuck with it. Yes, I have called several times and other than an apology that I waited 6 months, lost capacity and had a water line installed without my permission I was stuck because the unit was actually installed. Neither HMS or GE would take it back.

This is unacceptable, dishonest and cruel trickery against the consumer. As much as I have tried, other than a letter to HMS copied to the BBB, the Attorney General of my state (which I am currently writing) and the Consumer Protection Agency. It looks as if I have simply been duped by the warranty company who was supposed to treat me fairly. Of course, we are switching as soon as we are advised of whether the BBB and the Consumer Protection Agency need us to do something more.

Beware of HMS, there are several other companies with A ratings who treat their customers honestly and without tricks. In this particular situation, it would have been better for me to have replaced the unit myself or taken the $274.00 and paid the additional cost to replace the unit. Unfortunately, we are now a family of four with a dishwasher designed for an apartment in New York. Normal sized plates do not fit on the lower rack and just as I have over the last few months, I will be washing dishes by hand.

Learn from my mistake. Do not accept an appliance that you cannot view at a store and is offered only online. Do not allow an install of a product until you grill the installers on every aspect of what they intend to do--whether you're a licensed repair person or not--you are expect to know their business. Please don't trust HMS and if you're with them... run. For the same cost you can have one of the top three home warranty companies in the nation. Google the list and prices and you'll agree. Good luck.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BEL AIR, MARYLAND -- On July 2nd called about refrigerator being inoperative. Customer service representative said 1st vendor could respond on July 9th. Unacceptable, then left message for second vendor. I called 4 hours later for another vendor (no response from 2nd vendor) but was told I must wait 4 business hours and that the claim could not be assigned to another vendor. Plus the representative and supervisor said it was too late to get a response from other vendors (7 pm that evening).

The following day the 2nd vendor called to say that his father in law has died and he could come out on July 9th. Called HMS and relayed same. The representative said no one could come out till next week. But they would forward to dispatch to continue to find a service vendor. At 9 pm HMS called to say someone could come out on July 4th to ascertain problem (already knew it was blown compressor and had informed same, but the sequence is for service tech to come out, tell HMS what the problem is and give price for repair, if HMS doesn't like material price, then they purchase elsewhere and ship to service rep).

Funny the day before the supervisor said no one would respond after 7 pm, so I had to wait 20 hours to hear that that I wasn't getting service. But the next day I get phone call that a service representative could respond on July 4th (call was at 9 pm).

At this point I had waited 30 hours to get a service call scheduled for an inoperative refrigerator. Then a wait from the representative to tell HMS what the materials would cost for repairs, and in the meantime hundreds of dollars of food lost. So knowing that a service call on July 4th and then a call to HMS if answered (it is a holiday), for material approval, if not, then HMS will ship parts to service representative or approve a new refrigerator (this one is 8 years old). So basically looking at July 11th for completed repairs or replacement (at the minimum). So basically 8 days without a refrigerator. So HMS won the battle and we purchased a new refrigerator.

Have had HMS for 8 years and never had this bad of customer service!!! We could live with bad service from HMS for an oven (could use microwave or BBQ grill), a dishwasher (could wash by hand), a dryer or washing machine (could do by hand or go to a laundromat), etc... But without a refrigerator could not keep stuff cold for the babies and grandparents, so we spent 1100.00 and had a refrigerator delivered the next day. Funny the same company who could not come out till July 9th, 7 days after the initial service request, but can deliver, remove and install a new refrigerator the next day!!!

Also funny the supervisor on July 2nd at 7 pm could not get a service representative to respond at that time of day, but the next day the representative found someone and called me at 9 pm to say that they had talked to someone. HMS is basically out for themselves, no urgency from their employees and whatever hardships you are encountering is of no concern to them. They talked to me like I was a child and were very condescending. Looks like I will change to a new company next year, maybe they will be more customer orientated!!!

Terrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

LEESBURG, VIRGINIA -- Towards the end of last year I placed a claim with HMS as my convection oven (part of a dual wall oven) was making a very loud noise whenever we turned it on. They sent Sears to come out to take a look at it. I took off time from work to be here for the appointment. Sears said they needed to order a part to have it fixed and that when it came they would fix it. The part came 1 week later. I contacted Sears to come out and replace it. The day they were due to arrive I took time off work again. Hours passed before Sears finally sent me a text saying they had to reschedule. The next reschedule date, I took time off again, and Sears cancelled again. I then called HMS to have a new different company come out (Moonstar Appliance).

Moonstar appliance came out (took another day off work) and replaced the part. Unfortunately, it was a part for the conventional oven, and not the convection oven. The technician said he would contact you all (HMS) to put in another ticket to have the correct part ordered so they could replace it. I never heard back.

Today (July 8, 2019) I called and spoke to a representative from HMS and a supervisor who both told me that they would have to put in a NEW claim with a NEW deductible. This is terrible service. I shouldn't have to pay another deductible for the same issue. I took time off work for this type of poor and shoddy service, and HMS has only exasperated the problem. The supervisor was rude and uncompromising. Would not sway at all and was adamant that I should have to pay again. They have set up a new claim, and I will pay the new deductible. But I will not be renewing my contract with HMS next year. In an industry as competitive as this, I'd think customer service would be a way to differentiate themselves. Obviously this is not the case.

Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

LORTON, VIRGINIA -- I have had nothing but issues since day 1! The companies that they work with are scam artist and issues are never resolved. I have had better luck contacting companies on my own to resolve problems I've had with my home. I've had HMS for a year (I did not cancel due to the previous owners that I bought my condo from paying for my home warranty) and none of the companies that they have sent out were able to fix two of my toilets (I ended up calling another company myself that was able to fix it), and misdiagnosed why I would only get hot water from my shower heads (they replaced the water heater but the cold water ended up being due to old faulty shower knobs). On top of this, they sent out a company that over charged me and I'm still fighting to get my money back (this happened January 9th and it is now June 22nd). HMS said that this is between me and the company that they sent out and that they have nothing to do with the issue. Please read all review prior to mine. I wish I had. If I took the reviews seriously I would never had any of the issues that I currently have. I no longer have HMS (I let the year contract run out) but I'm still dealing with issues that continue to be unresolved due to their neglect. They are very rude. They will hang up on you. They will refuse service. They will send out companies that are ill-prepared. They will send companies that will overcharge you and you will never see a dime of the money that you are owed back. I have written numerous review and I hope that this will some how get someone's attention or prevent them from taking advantage of anyone else.

Horrible Customer Service + Service + $1K in expenses
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Rating: 1/51

The first contractor that was sent to our house was absolutely incompetent. They literally had one star on Google reviews and "F" BBB rating. The fact that HMS would even associate with a company like that is horrific. That company was either 100% incompetent, or 100% fraudulent - either way, not a good look for HMS. He couldn't even remember which type of refrigerant my system had. His initial diagnosis was that I had a system leak - confirmed by the tag on my system that said a dye test had been performed six months earlier. Then, he called HMS and decided to backtrack, saying the system simply needed cleaned *eye roll*.

Either the refrigerant was low, or it was not, and that should have been easily verified. The contractor refused to show me readings or give me numbers to verify anything, so I refused to sign anything and asked him to leave my house. I had a separate company come out, at my own $100 expense, to clean the system out. Obviously, that didn't fix the problem because the problem was a lack of refrigerant due to a leak, not a dirty system, and any reputable contractor could've discovered that within 5 mins with a simple system check. Then, you guys were supposed to send another company out to diagnose (again), and the guy no call/no showed me.

I had someone sitting at my house for over two hours, with a 1/2 hour drive there and back, waiting for this guy who never showed up because his van apparently broke down. Even if true, a phone call would've been nice... I finally got you to send out a reputable contractor who properly diagnosed and repaired the issue. But then we experienced over $900 in "uncovered expenses" which were actually just routine items that need to be done in every instance when an air conditioner or heat pump have to be replaced, but which you didn't want to cover to save money.

In order to get all this done, I literally spent dozens over hours on the phone with HMS "customer service" agents - arguing over sending me crappy contractors, incorrect diagnoses, not covering 100% of the replacement costs like stated in the paperwork I signed, etc. Horrible customer service, horrible service experience with the first and second providers, and cost me an extra $1,000 out of pocket than it should have! Will never recommend HMS unless I get a $1,000 refund back for all the hassle.

No Water And No Fix
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Rating: 1/51

An issue with the plumbing system in our house caused us not to have any water since July 29th. We called on the morning July 30th for help, and we were told this is an emergency and it will be forwarded to Dispatch Department for immediate service; we never received any call or email or any help that day. So we called again on during the early morning of July 31st, requesting help; we were told this is an emergency and it has been marked as an emergency in the system and the Dispatch Department will reach out to us later in the day and told us to call back if we did not hear anything that day.

Of course, we did not receive any phone calls or emails and any help, so we called again during the afternoon of July 31st; we were told there is nothing we can do but wait. So we waited until the next day and called again during the morning of August 1, we were told this will receive immediate attention and will send us the contact information of a service provider as soon as possible. We never received such information, so we followed-up during the afternoon of August 1. Again, we were told there is nothing we can do but to wait.

We called again early morning of August 2, and we were told this is already marked as an emergency in the system and we just have to wait as there is nothing else they can do. A total of 7 calls has been made over the course of 4 days just so I can have water at my house (which I believe it's a basic human right), but each call has been a waste of time. It is now August 3, and we still have not received any help.

I believe my case demonstrates the way HMS treats its customers; no attention or help was given to an emergency situation. My understanding is that if this is an emergency situation, it should receive immediate attention. My case was even noted as an emergency in the system, and yet we received no help at all and it's been 5 days and counting without water at our house. How can I expect HMS to help us or anyone else when a problem arises?

Most importantly, I purchased a home warranty at HMS so I can have a peace of mind and that I can feel confident that someone is there when I need help; but I have received neither except endless stress and anger. For those who are shopping around for a home warranty, please consider my experience during your decision making; I would not want anyone else to experience what I have experienced.

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Rating: 1/51

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I have had HMS for 5 years now. I have never had any problems with them up until now. I am clueless of how they have gone from a great company to a horrible company. I called them regarding my refrigerator not working properly. They assigned me a service date of August 3, 2018, which is an entire month to go without a working refrigerator. I call them several times regarding my concerns of August 3rd not being an acceptable service date. The first agent told me they would check with other vendors to get me scheduled and someone will call me. Well everyday that has come and gone no one has called me.

Everyday that I call HMS regarding this situation, I get a different agent with a different story. I never fail to pay them on time every month. This is totally unacceptable service. After all the lies, hopes and false promises that HMS has been telling me for almost a week, I decided to look them up to see what the reviews are. Well lo and behold, every review is similar to my situation. No one is satisfied.

Well today I called to cancel my warranty and wouldn't you know it, they had the nerve to ask me why am I canceling. LOL!!! I basically told them to go online and read all the reviews about your company. This company is horrible. If you are reading this review and are thinking about purchasing a warranty from them. PLEASE DON'T DO IT. I wish I could give them a -10 rating. I also wish that I could be reimbursed for this entire year of contract fees. I am praying that HMS will at least stop my contract fees from coming out of my checking account on time. That will be another issue of trying to get them to refund me. SMH.

This "Warranty" Is A Joke
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Rating: 1/51

APPLETON, WISCONSIN -- I'd give this company zero stars if I could. Do not waste your time or money. This “warranty” is a scam and it's designed to make you choose between paying out of pocket or waiting and risking more costly repairs/damage the company won't cover.

I purchased a HMS home warranty with my new home which I closed May 18, 2018. 12 days after closing (Sat. June 2) I noticed my water heater had begun to leak. I immediately sent pictures to my realtor and told him I was going to go buy a new unit and have it scheduled for installation before it flooded my basement. Then I went to Lowe's on Sunday, bought a new water heater and had installation scheduled for Tuesday, June 5. On Monday, my realtor told me to contact Karen & to help file a claim with HMS.

Karen told me I had to do everything online and that even though I had gone through Lowe's I could still get thing covered if someone from HMS could look at it and verify the leak and Lowe's was using someone from their list of approved contractors. So, even though I was on the phone with Karen and I'm sure she could have helped me, I went and tried the website only to find my policy was not yet on file. I emailed Karen, told her I couldn't access the website and asked what my options were. I told her if HMS couldn't get someone to come out today, that I would be going forward with my Lowe's install and wanted a refund on my warranty purchase.

I simply couldn't afford to have 40 gallons of water dumped into my basement waiting on HMS who can't even upload their new policies within 2 weeks of purchase. Her response: “Got it, sent request to client services for refund.” She didn't even try to get someone out because this is a total cash grab and they'd rather give me my premium back than pay for a more costly repair. They aren't protecting you from anything; they just want your money and then hang you up on red tape to avoid paying.

Basically, my choices with HMS were pay for a new water heater out of pocket or wait for them to schedule someone to inspect/repair it without providing a timeline while risking costly water damage repairs if the leak worsened. That's not protection, that's a joke. Thankfully, because I was still within 30 days of buying the policy, I was able to cancel it and get a refund (which will pay for about half of what the policy would have covered). Had that not happened, I would have demanded a full refund. Can't stress enough to stay away from HMS and Karen **, they aren't in business to help people save money.

Terrible Service, Payment MIA, Lack of Response
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Rating: 1/51

FORT LAUDERDALE, OHIO -- After our water main line broke at our house and we filed a claim and called and emailed HMS multiple times without response or resolution, we were finally advised by HMS to find our own licensed contractor to fix the problem, as we were without running water for weeks and HMS could not find a contractor for us. We did and found a contractor best fit to resolve this issue.

As instructed by HMS, he called before work was performed and followed the process. He fixed our water main in October, and sent an invoice to HMS soon afterward for over $2400 for the service and parts. He then started getting the runaround every time he called in to inquire about payment, with HMS saying they needed something else each time, saying they wouldn't pay for this or that, etc. He was patient and provided what was needed. The warranty stated they would pay up to $2000 for this type of claim, but they told him that they would only pay $1500 and we had to pay the rest. In December he reached out to us as he had not received payment.

Since then we have called in at least 7 times, and each time we get different questions and different information. The last two times they said they issued payment to the contractor in mid-January (yet the service was performed in October/November). However, the contractor has not received the payment and it is almost mid-February. Each time HMS says they would follow up with us nothing happens. Today when we called in, someone from their service department hung up on us when we asked to speak to a manager. That is the second time this happened. I have written emails to their service department multiple times as well, as well as their e-relations department. I receive no response, nothing gets resolved and they don't do what they say. It seems like they are lying to us.

We have paid the contractor a substantial amount so far to cover what HMS wouldn't. If HMS truly believes they sent a payment to the right place in mid-January and it hasn't arrived nor has it been cashed, they need to stop payment on that check and overnight a check to this contractor - and send proof to us it has been done. At this point it's hard to believe anything they are telling us. If I could give zero stars I would. How can they run a business this way? This has been one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had by far. Not acceptable.

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