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Is convenience of HomeDepot or Expo worth a future trouble?
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PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY -- I have purchased omega kitchen cabinets from home Expo, Paramus, NJ, worth of 11,500$, spent most of my savings hoping to enjoy the beautiful cabinetry. Cabinets arrived 90% damaged. Home Expo gave me a very hard time to replace damaged cabinets. My pantry that arrived damaged never got repaired and still at the store, same situation with 27 inch cabinet. After 2 months (!!!) the replacements arrived! (pls. note, not all of them), but damaged again!

At this point I ask for a total refund, after a long wait, district manager refused to give the money back. Then I tried to get new replacements, but now the company saying that "no one could guarantee me any time frame". Meaning replacements could take another 2 months or even longer.

Today July 8,2005 I had a meeting with two assistant managers Steve and Orrin they were agreed to pick up damaged cabinets, but immediately started telling me that they will send a person who will be will determining what have to be replaced what not. In real life it means if this person decided that cabinet look "OK" even do for a normal person it will look damaged and could not be used, this cabinets will not get replaced. At this point I'm very frustrated and upset, but I know that it is exactly home Expo's goal to make give up. Only now I have realized that as soon as this company got my money I was out of the picture.

I don't exist for them as a customer any more. And believe you me no one is trying to resolve this issue in a reasonable time manner. Store manager ** I was dealing with got fired not long ago. Till this day store have no manager: Everything is a mess. Two assistant managers have no knowledge of what is going on themselves and more than that no authority to make any decision.

In a mean time a recent interview with CEO of home Expo Mr. Bob Nardelli clearly showing how proud he is of the company, braving himself of becoming rich every day. Yes it is no doubt that he is becoming rich. Does he know what is really happening in his stores? Answer is "yes" he do, but the truth is he does not care, his goal is to get people to his store to spend savings of our life's and if any problem occurred you are in your own. You could ask "wait a second, but isn't that true that his company have a big customer resolution center in Atlanta with the customer service support and legal department?" Yes it is true. I have contacted them all.

Outcome is zero. Customer service is listening to my problem apologizing for inconvenience, promising to get back with the result in a day or two. But no one really do. Legal department: I have written a letter, but no one got back to me either. And never will. Is it obvious that bob nardelli created those departments not to help customers, but to protect himself from them? Remember the ad on a TV "we can do it, we can help!" with a nice smiley clean looking guy at the Home Depot store? Now when I see it I would like to rephrase it: "yes, we can spend your money, but after that we cannot help!"

I would like to warn a people, pls. think before you spent your money with this store. Is convenience of Home Depot or Expo worth a future trouble? Would you like to step in into my shoes and say "goodbye" to 11,500$?

Don't Get Burned - -Buyer Beware
By -

BRONX, NEW YORK -- We worked with a Home Depot Designer (showed us her computer designs, never photos of completed kitchens) for almost a month. Throughout the process we were pressured to sign NOW, lock in the deal!! All of those statements were tied to special store or vendor promotions. When we started the process the cabinet estimate was $10,000, when we finished it was approximately $25,000. Again we were pressured to close the deal based on vendor promotions. However they saved the best for last.

The Designer (more of a sales person) after having us come back and forth to work on the design Hit us with two major NO No's that made my attorney feel queasy they are: “You MUST PAY IN FULL FOR THE CABINETS THAT YOU HAVE NOT SEEN OR RECEIVED AND YOU MUST PAY IN FULL FOR THE INSTALLATION OF THE CABINETS THAT HAS NOT OCCURRED AND THAT YOU HAVE NOT APPROVED," but wait another deal to sweeten the pot, if you use our installer we will rebate the tax on the whole deal HUM! Now since when does IRS rebate tax? And who is paying the tax? This all smells like a dead RAT.

We questioned the manager about our rights after the fact, because once they have our money what recourse do we have? The manager ** proclaimed " I have worked for Home Depot for 15 years" that is not what I asked him and I never got a correct reply because there isn't one - he did say he has never heard of any kitchen problems in all the years he has worked for the company - I guess he does not read Consumer Affairs, Better Business Bureau, etc. "BUYER BEWARE- This is not fair and honest dealing.

We live in a troubled economy, Home Depot is not offering any guarantees and once they have your $20,000+++ try to get some satisfaction when the cabinets do not arrive, arrive damaged, the measurements are wrong, the installation is inferior, the prices go up and they want more money, etc. etc. Home Depot is committing fraud, bait and switch, pressure tactics, invalid promo deals to snag people.


Kitchen Remodel
By -

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA -- We went to Home Depot to purchase Cabinets for our kitchen remodel project. We had a very detailed sketch, right down to the inch of our kitchen layout and what cabinets we wanted, and where they had to go. The salesman made a sketch on his own computer showing our kitchen. He put the cabinets where we wanted them but made some changes we were not told of. We spent over 1 hour going over this project. Not once would he look at our sketch. He would ask me about the placement of a cabinet and I would tell him "if you would look at my sketch it shows all of this" but he just showed a lack of concern for my sketch the whole time.

When we were done with the cabinets he asked about counter tops. He gave us a price that was much lower than the other bids we had, but told us we had to buy now to get that price. We fell for it and bought the counter tops also. $12,788. Total. Four weeks later the cabinets arrived. Half were wrong. The store manager would only take them back after charging us a 15% restocking fee. He said "you signed the sales order". It's all in item code so you can't tell what it is. We took the salesman's word that the order was right. After that we went to Lowes and bought the rest of the cabinets we needed. Got them in 2 weeks.

When the counter people came out to make patterns for our counter tops they said it was going to cost us $1700. More than we had already paid. I went down to the store and tried to talk to the store manager. I did talk to 3 other people that said they were managers but they couldn't do anything for me. They were very rude. They looked like they just got out of rehab. They were clueless. After 2 hours of waiting to talk to the store manager a woman came out and said she could refund me all but $200. I told her that's cheap to get rid of Home Depot. We bought our counter tops from a dealer in Oakland for much less than what Home Depot charged us.

Dealing with Home depot was a very frustrating experience. From management on down to the checkout clerk there is a lack of concern for customer satisfaction. The money we lost at Home depot we made up by going to other stores. We spent almost $6000 elsewhere. This Home Depot in Pleasanton is very dirty, carts all over the parking lot, just a mess.

Kitchen Cabinets Restocking Fee
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Rating: 2/51

MIDDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT -- I purchased over 18K worth of cabinets from Home Depot. I ran into some measuring problems from my first contractor and had to return some cabinets and pay a restocking fee. I paid it because I knew that it wasn't their fault. I hired a new contractor and received new measurements for 6 other cabinets. The design person suggested that I order 2 cabinets with different measurements than what my contractor had requested. She said that it was the same in total and that the doors would look better. He requested a 33' and a 12', she suggested a 30' and a 15'. I signed off on it based on her recommendation.

I don't know anything about kitchen design and I am not a contractor. When the cabinets were delivered and my contractor came back to finish the job he said that there was mistake on the cabinets delivered. I explained that the new measurements were a recommendation from the designer. He said that it would look wrong because the bottom cabinet was a 33' and now I had a 30'. I called Home Depot to speak to the designer but she was on vacation. I spoke to another person in the same dept. And she said that I had to pay a restocking fee if I wanted to return them.

I explained that I had signed off on it based on the designer's recommendation but I still was not able to convince her to take them back without a restocking fee. She explained that I should have used their contractors because then they would stand behind their mistakes if any. I am being penalized for not using their people which in the past I had a problem with. I started this remodeling back in June. I still don't have a kitchen and don't know what is going to happen. I was contacted by someone in Atlanta who was supposed to look into it but I have not heard anything yet.

Strung Along For Over 3 Weeks With Successive Dates On When My Cabinets Would Arrive
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Rating: 1/51

CLOVIS, CALIFORNIA -- I was told my cabinets would be ready on 3-25-13. I called the Home Depot store on 3-26-18 and was told they would arrive on 3-28-13. I called on 3-28-13 and was told they were scheduled for delivery on 3-30-13. I called to complain to management and was told that they had to string me along because they were at the mercy of their supplier who was stringing them along. I called a few times afterwards and was told that they were listed as delivered, but they didn't have them so maybe they were on a truck somewhere and they were looking into it.

Eventually I heard back that they finally did arrive but were missing the kick plates so the front of the cabinet would not have a finished look. They wanted me to pick them up w/o the kick plates, but I chose to wait until I got the plates, to make sure I got the plates (who wants unfinished cabinets?). I was told they would call me with the status on the kick plates. I never heard back and was sick and tired of calling the store and waiting on hold, so I used the Home Depot chat service to complain and they said they would have the store call me back.

I did hear back last week on 4-4-13 from a representative at the store and who told me that they had no idea when the kick plates would arrive and would not be able to find out the status until 4-11-13 when they were able to call the supplier (I guess the phones were out of order until then???). I was also told I would receive a call soon after the 4-11-13 call to the supplier with an update on the status. It is the end of the day on 4-12-13 and I have not received a call. I'm very very frustrated, unhappy, and angry. If they are really at the mercy of unreliable suppliers, they should tell you that before they let me make an order.

Never Use Home Depot
By -

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- My husband and I contracted Home Depot for installation of cabinets and countertops. Dealing with this store has been absolutely horrible!!! From start to finish everything has gone wrong! We finally got our cabinets in two months later than the salesperson told us it would take. That was only after constantly calling them to get things scheduled such as measurements. The salesperson assured us after we paid way more money than we expected to, that there would be no hidden costs or any extra money expected.

My husband asked him at least ten times if there would be anything else we would have to pay after the $8,000.00 that we spent and he swore that we were done. So, with that said, I am now being told that we have to pay an extra $800.00 because there was a "glitch" in the computer at Home Depot which made the measurements wrong.

Finally after multiple phone calls I speak to the store manager and she tells me that she is willing to cut the amount in half so that we only have to pay $370.00, I of course start laughing hysterically and couldn't believe what she was saying! She also said "If I wasn't as nice of a person, I could make the $800.00 stick because you signed a document stating that there could be changes. This of course is after she said the computer had a "glitch".

She also said that it is our word against ** that he told us there would be no further cost! We thought by going with a big company we would be safe! Ha! I will never so much as buy a light bulb from Home Depot again and I will let everyone I know to never use Home Depot for anything. I work in customer service and If I ever acted like these people I would have already lost my job!

What happened to making the customer happy? Oh wait, that is before you pay $8,000 and sign on the dotted line because after that they've got you and you're screwed! The only bright spot in all this has been talking to a very nice person by the name of "**" who works for the customer service 800 line. She is the only one that actually wanted to help and seemed to care. People like her should be working on the sales floor not the people who are currently there!

By -

SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA -- I went to home depot because I believed that they had good prices and people that knew what they were doing while designing a kitchen. I ordered my cabinets on 2/26/05 and after one delivery that had the wrong sizes and another delivery with broken cabinets and warped fillers, I am still waiting for the replacement items before I can start to install them. The whole experience has been a nightmare, they charged me to come out and measure my kitchen and after five different times they still had the wrong measurements.

Whenever I would try to get answers the so called designer would pass the blame to somebody else and would tell me that he would take care of my concerns, which he still hasn't done. I was not even interested about whose fault all the problems were I just wanted help. He gave me three different sets of drawings to work off of and if I had, my kitchen would have been a joke, his answer to a lot of my concerns are "well I assumed you knew". He changed the design without ever discussing it with me and says things that are not at all true or accurate. He's not aware but since I have a bad memory, I record just about every conversation that I have when it concerns important things.

Ever since the first wrong delivery I have recorded every conversation so that I would be able to review them at a later time. The employee is disrespectful and dishonest. I was a regular home depot shopper and just in the past three months have spent over $10,000.00 there. I will definitely let my family and friends know how bad my experience was with home depot this time around. It's june 1st and I can't even get an answer when I asked about the remaining pieces that I'm missing. I would much rather have paid the extra money and received professional service.

I would say "you pay for what you get", but their prices are not much better than other stores like I once thought. I have taken the drawings to other stores and even to a couple cabinet shops and they all had a good laugh when I explained what I was being told by home depot. The mistakes are in black and white but they only see what benefits them.

Reverse Discrimination
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Rating: 1/51

FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA -- Remodeling 3 rental properties in this area. Went to the local HD to order cabinets, flooring, interior doors and paint. In each department we were treated as if we were interrupting their social life. Saw more than 1 shopper overlooked or ignored while customer of a certain race were placed ahead in lines (paint mixing). Witnessed more than 1 customer leave buggies with item and walk out of the store. We drove many miles farther and did our shopping at a Lowes store. By the way we spent over $17,000.00 on supplies to remodel these properties. Maybe HD does not need our money. Guilty of shopping while white.

HD doesn't stand behind their product
By -

In September 2007 I paid almost $9,000 to Home Depot to get my cabinets refaced. The price seemed high, for the mid-range cabinet doors and drawer fronts I had chosen, but I wanted the work done right and I thought that by going with a large, reputable company, I'd get better workmanship and a better finished job overall. The workman who did the refacing did a great job. They looked amazing, and I was really pleased. That was 3 years ago, and now the drawers are disintegrating and some of the veneer is starting to peel.

I called their customer service folks only to be told that my warranty was up and they'd charge me by the hour to come out and fix the cabinets. They wanted $75 over the phone before they would even schedule an appointment and couldn't give me any real idea of what it would end up costing me. Not sure how they'd fix them in any case, since they are basically falling apart. I understand that the warranty is up and I was prepared to pay something, but to be told that I had to pay the $75 UP FRONT was insulting; over the years, I'm sure I've spent well in excess of $20,000 with this company and it's galling that they take no responsibility for their products.

For $9,000, cabinets should last more than 3 years, warranty or not. I'll find someone else to fix them and they have lost a good customer. If you're shopping for cabinet refacing, be warned. After a year, you're on your own.

Cabinet - Counters - Flooring
By -

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA -- Three projects, three nightmares. What are the odds?

Nightmare 1: Kitchen cabinet refacing. Three day project took five weeks. Seems they showed me samples from one manufacturer and delivered product from another manufacturer with crappy quality and wrong stain color.

Nightmare 2: Silestone countertop in kitchen. Ordered and paid extra for the beveled edge. Counter installed had beveled edge but the edge was not polished. Had to remove counter top, take to factory to fix then reinstall. One day project took 10 days.

Nightmare 3: Kitchen floor. Paid to have old floor that was installed in 1988 removed, floor leveled and new vinyl put down. Guy shows up at 8:00 a.m., said he had to get an additive for the filler to level the floor, never came back. One day project took seven.


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