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Home Protect does not want to help
By -

I called in a claim in May 24, 2010 and paid a deductible for a full diagnostic test. I obviously did not get a FULL DIAGNOSTIC TEST. Home protect recommended and sent out Air Cool, which is not a reliable company. Air Cool came out and worked on my outside unit and replaced the fan and called it done. The inside unit was not even looked at, nor did he check to see if it ran properly.

On June 14, 2010, I called in again regarding my air conditioner. I requested not to have Air Cool to come out, but the answer was that I should if I don't want to pay another deductible. I expressed how Air Cool was not professional, and it seemed like Air Cool did not do a good job because my air conditioner never really cool proper. The air was blowing but not really cool. Air Cool said it will work properly soon.

On Jun 27, 2010, I had to call in another claim regarding my air conditioner. Once again my fan motor needed to be replaced. Air Cool was called out again, and I requested not to have them sent out. If Air Cool was sent out, then I want a different technician. Air Cool sent out the same technician, and he did not perform a full diagnostic test, nor did he do a good job repairing my air conditioner. Moreover, the technician always had a bad attitude with me and I continuously call in to request something to do about it.

My last claim that I called in, once again Air Cool came out to my house to look at the air conditioner and the same technician showed up. The technician looked at the inside unit and basically said he did not look at this before and said he will come back later. I did not hear from him for 3 days, so I had to call the Home Protect the situation that I been sitting at home with no air conditioner and never heard back from Air Cool.

Home protect finally did something about it and call Ward Mechanic out to look at my unit. It did not even take Ward Mechanic a minute to determine that my unit was installed in 1978 and the blower has no longer made. Furthermore, Ward Mechanic immediately stated that my AC unit cannot be repair and the whole unit needs to be replaced. It took a few days for the equipment to be shipped to Ward Mechanic and on top of that Ward Mechanic schedule was full due to summer time in Louisiana, so my inside unit was not installed for over a week on top of the time wasted waiting on Air Cool.

Even after my inside unit was installed, my AC unit was still broken. My outside unit needs to be replaced. I called Home Protect for an answer and it took a few days for Home Protect to come up with an answer. The answer I got was that Home Protect did everything that is possible. I don't think it's enough. I think you should put yourself in my position.

Every time Air Cool or Ward Mechanic came out to my house, I have to take off of work or someone else has to, so someone can be home. That is money that is taken out of our pay check because we didn't go to work. Also, because of Air Cool did not catch the evaporator coil leak inside my house and it got worse by the day, my new floors need to be replace now. Again, that'€™s money out of my pocket. I live in Louisiana and its summer time, so I had to buy 3 window units in the meantime because it takes forever to get my unit fix/replace. Again, that'€™s money out of my pocket.

There were a few nights prior to buying the window units that I had to get a hotel room because it was too hot, which is money out of my pocket. Even though I had window units in my bedrooms, we still had to go out to eat because it was too hot to be anywhere besides the bedroom and cooking would have made it hotter. Again, more money out of my pocket.

Even though Home Protect help me out with the inside unit, it still cost me over $700 out of my pocket. Home protect supposed to help me out with my AC unit, but it seems like Home Protect does not consider what I had to go through. It cost me a lot of money and stress. My family had to sleep and live in the heat. All I ask is that Home Protect would help me out with my AC until it is running properly.

Furthermore, my outside unit is now broken and I ask Home Protect to help me out especially since my family and I had to go through with all of this all summer. Home protect simply said that's all Home Protect can do. I asked if Home Protect can reset the cap or take it from next year especially it only a few weeks until October which will reset the cap. I also requested to cancel my policy so I can take that money to assist me with my outside unit.

Moreover, Air Cool came out to my house multiple times to replace things that took money out of my allowance for the year, which is my cap has reach so quickly. Air Cool should have replaced my OLD 1978 unit and I would have more money and would not cap of so soon. Home protect should have put that into consideration and that everything that was paid to Air Cool and put it toward my outside unit due to the unreliable and poor job Air Cool did. Air Cool basically did not understand what they were doing and did not properly diagnose my unit. Home protect should recognized that and put that into consideration, but Home Protect did not.

I tried to ask what else I can do or who I can talk to. It took another few days for Home Protect to get back to me to see if Home Protect can help me. I have for a supervisor or manager to call me, but I have yet to hear from them. Thus, tell me how I supposed to feel and think regarding this. I have yet heard from you to see what was my plan or how things are going regarding my AC, so how do I supposed to feel that you did a good job or helpful? How do I supposed to react? I bet if they were in my position, they would be upset too. They aren't trying hard enough to help me.

Don't Purchase a Home Warranty with Home Protect
By -

Home warranty with Home Protect (HP) - what a waste! Purchased a home that included a 2 year home warranty allowance in the selling clause ( What a joke this has turned out to be! House has a HVAC unit in basement with outside unit compressor. The outside unit went out in May 2011 and is NOT fixed as of today Aug.12, 2011! We live in south Alabama in the tropical zone... I could not imagine anyone being crazy enough to actually purchase this type of insurance from this company.

May-June 2011. First in late May, the compressor started smoking and clanging. Serviceman John from 45 miles away was needed because he was "their certified and qualified repair man". Had to pay him $100 for his initial visit (our deductible) to tell us that, yes, the compressor ($1600) needed to be replaced. He said he'd contact us later after he talked with the Home Protect people. Several days and many phone calls later between myself, HP and the service man, I was advised that John would come at 4 pm but he never showed... "truck broke down".

Finally, 1 week+ later was informed it would cost us another $75 out of pocket because he had to dispose of the old compressor according to EPA standards and our warranty didn't cover that... This new fix worked for 2-3 days then froze up.

June-July. More phone calls and no visits and two weeks later, John comes back and puts more freon (sp?) in - says he didn't put enough in the first time. The unit worked for 2-3 days and then froze up again. More of the total cap ($5000) money is used up... Plus Serviceman John tells us the problem is now with the condenser/coils are leaking - not the compressor.

Many more phone calls between me and Home Protect and Mr. Fixit returns and discovers they sent him the wrong part (after he arrives), but puts more freon in unit which last for 2-3 days then freezes up again. More of our cap money is used up for this useless trip...

July-Aug. 12 2011. Home Protect says the condenser was available August 5th and was ready for Serviceman John to pick up, but as of August 12, 2011 - no show from John. ALSO, I will have to pay another $95 out of pocket to have John dispose of the old condenser according to EPA standards...!!! I have been on the phone all day today with Home Protect because John will not answer my calls... 9:00 am, 11:30 am, 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm and I've talked with Tracy (twice), Anthony, and Cassandra from HP and they have all assured me that John would call back, but he hasn't.

This company is totally uncaring, unprofessional, have inept, dumb, unprofessional service contractors, and together they provide you with nothing but a scam service! And, if you are ever given a Home Warranty with Home Protect in a selling clause, or if you are thinking about getting one with this company - good luck because all you are purchasing is a joke! I cannot imagine why anyone would choose this company to provide them with nothing because that is exactly what you will get.

The Most Useless Home Warranty Available
By -

ARIZONA -- Today we got the pleasure of seeing our home warranty from “Home Protect” in action for the first time. It was a disappointment to say the least. First of all, our fridge stopped working on Monday of this week. When we called to file our claim, they wouldn't be able to do anything about it until Thursday. I explained to them that the fridge was not working at all and that all of our food would spoil, they said that they would not be able to come out till Thursday. Fine. Four days to look at a fridge seemed excessive, but fine.

Then, today the fridge repair people came out to fix our fridge and realized that our compressor had broken. Our repairman called to approve fixing the fridge and was on the phone with our home warranty company for about 20 minutes. When he finally got off the phone, he said that he was shocked and had never heard of what was happening. He had compressors in his truck that he could fix our fridge with, but our home warranty company “Home Protect” said that they needed to ship out their own compressor.

I called them really frustrated because this just didn't make sense to me. I got a particularly “helpful” guy on the phone who informed me that they get cheaper parts than the repairmen, so they wanted to use their parts if they decided to fix it. He said that now that they had the information on our claim, it would take 24-48 hours for them to review the claim and see if they needed to repair or replace our fridge, but that we probably wouldn't hear anything from them until Wednesday of next week. Then, they would still have to send out the part if they decide to fix it, and I am afraid to find out if they would actually replace our amazing fridge with one as good.

So, by Wednesday at the earliest, it will be ten days before we will know anything about our refrigerator. I just cannot believe that they would leave people without a fridge for a minimum of ten days. After that, we will actually have to go through the process of getting the fridge fixed or repaired. All I can say is that “Home Protect” is, in my opinion, completely useless as a home warranty company. I hope people look elsewhere when they are trying to find a company that actually takes into consideration the needs of their customers.

By -

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Beware of an ‘offer' for home protection warranty from Home Protect. I was offered this coverage when I purchased my home and thought it was a great selling point. NOT! This warranty insurance is worthless. They have every reason in the book to deny coverage (read the details of the terms), take days to return calls for appliance pricing, refuse to give the physical address of their corporate office… their emails are returned as undeliverable… the list goes on and on. So I asked for a refund of the unused balance of the warranty and was informed that there was ‘no out of pocket' expense to me so there was no cancellation refund.

I was told I could ‘choose not to use the warranty' and that was my only option. Hello… does this smack of fraud to anyone else? I wish I had asked for the additional $1000 taken off my sale price… at least I would have something for the money. THIS COMPANY IS WORTHLESS!!! DON'T LET ANY BANK TELL YOU DIFFERENTLY!

Home AC Fix Refusal
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Rating: 1/51

SAN MARCOS, TEXAS -- I should begin by saying our realtor and the listing agent could be partly at fault. I'm sure our lack of experience contributed as well. We made an offer on a Freddie Mac foreclosure. However the AC was not keeping the house cool so that was an issue. We were reassured that it wouldn't be a problem. The house had a "warranty" and they would take care of it.

Throughout the whole purchase process the house was visited several times by AC repairmen who told us the problem had been fixed. Every time we went to the house and turned on the AC after 15 minutes it would stop cooling. Every time we were reassured that the home had a "warranty" and that it wouldn't be a problem. Moving day came and went and in 110 degree Texas heat the AC unit was not working.

We called Home Protect to file our claim for the Air Conditioner only to be informed by their staff member that they had a recording of my wife saying that the AC unit never worked properly and therefore was a preexisting condition and they would not honor the claim for it. We were forced to pay for a brand new AC unit on top of all the expenses and headaches of a new home purchase.

When my wife and I decided we wanted to drop the warranty from our contract because we felt it was useless, we were told that the warranty was written into the contract and couldn't be waived. You pay for it whether you want it or not. As a consumer it is extremely important that you read the fine print on these things. I'm not convinced that a home warranty is worth the money.

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