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Still Waiting For My Refund
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- Paid Home Relief Services $2000 in October 2008, first loan modification was submitted to my lender December 2008. First modification was denied January 2009, my lender denied second modification at the end of February. I filled out a refund request form 02-28-2009. They sent a settlement agreement for us to sign, we returned signed document 03-03-2009. I was told it would take 10 business days to receive our refund. As of 03-20-2009, we have still not received our refund. I've been told no one is available to sign the check. Also, I've been informed I will be escorted off the premises should I show up at their offices.

They Scam Me As Well
By -

TRACY, CALIFORNIA -- I was sucked into trying to save my home through these scammers. They told my wife they would lower the principal to match the current home values which had dropped in value by 50%. We filled out their paperwork on our debts and what we could afford as a monthly amount. Which was 1800.00 per month. Now if it was unrealistic then they should tell you that that would not work. Anyway they took 3000.00 up front stating if their lawyers could not negotiate what we had put, they would refund the money of 2500.00. I called several times to speak to ** who gave me the run a round by saying they lawyers are still at the negotiating table.

What they did was lower the interest rate only. Then they said they never said they would lower the principal amount. It became a yes you did and ** says no I didn't. ** spoke with my wife and I was the one trying to follow up on where our 3000.00 went. She never gave a straight answer. Deny Everything is what they do. They sent us their new payment documents. They were unacceptable to us.

Their lawyer calls my wife and intimidated her for she felt, what could she say against some crook lawyer? I have been looking for others who were taken by Home Relief Services. I did notice their website no longer exist. These are crooked people who took advantage of our situation and caused us to ultimately lose our home and now looking at bankruptcy. If I could get my money back it would help.

Want My Money Back
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- On Oct of 08, wanting help with a loan modification, paid upfront to the company. To this day, they did not do anything. There is no longer a website/no phone numbers to reach them. It has been 7 months and nothing.

Home Modification Assistance Scam
By -

NEW JERSEY -- I paid them $2000 to do my home mortgage modification but lately they cannot be contacted after collecting my payment.

Loan Modification
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- These people did nothing to help out with loan modification, submitted to them through Infinity Financial Alliance. Both companies blame each other for lack of results. Even though we have a binding contract to refund my monies if no results are made. It's now 6 months since I submitted my loan modification and I can't recover over 3,000.00 from an already cashed check. These are deceiving companies, ripping people off, from what little monies they have. Be careful.

HRS Is A Scam
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I also used Home Relief Services and they have owed me a refund since November 2008. I keep getting the run around and blown off. I can't afford to take this money as a loss. I really didn't have it if I would have I would not have needed them in the first place.

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6 reviews & complaints.
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