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ALL TRUE - Homeclick delivery SUCKS
By -

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY -- Like so many others – I wish I had read the comments about slow or nonexistent delivery BEFORE I ordered a $6,000 Jacuzzi from Homeclick LLC. That employee training Mr. ** (Homeclick - Director of Marketing) bragged about must have been to cheerfully stall, mislead and delay instead of instituting procedures that actually get the product to the customer in a timely manner.

When I placed the original order the sales person assured me that while the website said 3-5 weeks, things were slow and it would ship in three weeks or less. When that did not happen the second customer service representative said that “he checked with Jacuzzi” (a lie they do not deal with Jacuzzi directly) and that the tub had to be “made” and it would be an additional two weeks. When that did not happen the third sales representative actually checked with the “VENDOR” who said it would be another 3 weeks PLUS time in transit.

Speaking of “time in transit”; other companies' ship direct from the manufacturer to the customer. Homeclick adds an additional step of shipping, by shipping from the manufacturer to a vendor, and then eventually, maybe, to the customer. Other vendors ( i.e. Faucet Direct) order DIRECTLY from Jacuzzi and shipping time is 3 to 7 days (not 3 to 7 WEEKS or more), the product ships directly from the manufacturer to the customer, and they willingly matched Homeclick's price.

Mr. ** was correct when he says they do not actually charge your credit card until the product actually ships. Good news for me because I closed the credit card before I cancelled the order and they could not charge me a restocking fee.

Advertisement is a Crapshoot!!
By -

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- offers great products at great prices... if you are lucky enough to get your order!! They are infamous for immediately charging your credit card within seconds of placing an order, and then continually letting you know that your order is backordered, 2, even 3 or 4 months! And just try to get a refund! If only that was half as quick as the charge! I ordered a set of dishes and a completer set, and was told after ordering that they were backordered and should be shipped by December 6 (over a month after placing the order).

When I failed to receive either item, I called requesting a refund. The courteous customer service person told me that one of the items was shipped and was received a week earlier. Well, not by me or anyone in my family! I was told that they would request a refund, and it would take a couple of days to process. I called again two days later, and was told that they were researching why I didn't receive one of the orders, and it would take a little longer.

I called a third time, and was told that they didn't process the return request properly the first time, so within 3 days I should receive a refund of the item that they acknowledged was never shipped, but I'd have to wait for a refund on the second item, pending the results of the tracking and why it was never received. Apparently, after reading other reviews of this site, it is a common occurrence. As another writer said, it is akin to a free loan.

They charge you immediately, and it takes a while to get a refund. So essentially, they've had my money to 'play with' for a month and a half. 128 dollars is not a lot, but multiply that by 10 or 20 or 50, and voila! You could get lucky on this site, but be prepared for backordered merchandise that may well never, ever be available.

By -

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- I have been subjected to a fraudulent misrepresentation of goods which the company represented to have for sale. On 8-20-07 I had the misfortune to find 4 Waterford Pilsner Crystal Glasses advertised on I was ordering the glasses as a third anniversary present and suspected that since the company was located ONLY about 30 miles away in Edison, New Jersey and that they offered a competitive price that they would be able to deliver the product within a reasonable amount of time.

The advertised price for this product was at or about $179 USD and came to a total of $191.53. This sum was placed on “hold” status in my Wachovia Checking account and then on 08-22-07 the bank dispersed this sum of money to Home Décor Products, Inc. The website specified that this product was “in stock” and that a tracking number would be emailed to me when this product shipped.

After not receiving the email confirming the shipping information, on 08-27-07 several “customer service” phone numbers were called associated with Home Décor Products, Inc. to include the one supplied by Wachovia Bank which the charge itself was associated with. Home Décor Products, Inc was called three different times and some disturbing information was repeated by each of their customer services representatives.

1) None of Home Décor Products, Inc's representatives acknowledged that I had an order placed with the company.
2) None of Home Décor Products, Inc's representatives acknowledged my name or any other personal information was in their system.

3) None of Home Décor Products, Inc's representatives could explain how my Wachovia Bank Card was charged and linked to their company. Because of the very suspicious actions of this company, I am filing a formal complaint. I have suffered real damages of having $191.53 from my bank account. In addition I have had to spend hours, on my wedding anniversary at that, to complain about this New Jersey business which has stolen my income.

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