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The Worst company and customer service I have ever dealt with
By -

6320 N. DAVIS HWY, PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- Apparently the person who sold the furniture to you is your "ally". They are supposed to help. ** sounds helpful but I think his hands are tied. When CUSTOMER SERVICE NEVER places a call to you, there is a problem with customer service. After one week of purchasing this sofa, I asked to return it. There was a $500 restocking fee! I should have paid it and considered myself lucky. No, I trusted them.

I thought ** would be working to help me but I don't think they can. Customer Service needs to step in and they don't. Almost 2 years of calls, emails, photos, forms. I had to send them 3 sets because "customer service never received the form or the photos of the furniture." 3 TIMES. Unreal. IF YOU ARE SMART STAY AWAY FROM THEM. I WILL NEVER GO TO THIS STORE AGAIN! ...EVEN IF THEY GAVE ME FURNITURE.

I can'€™t remember how many calls I have made to try to get someone to care enough. I know I have placed at least 10-15 calls to the Pensacola store. I called corporate 800 961 3159 for help with property damage on my front door and the cushion replacements. I was kept on hold from 12:12 PM to 12:30 PM. ** said she would have to send replacement claim forms. (I had already sent in 3 sets with pictures.) I asked to talk to ** and she refused. She said "that's what he hires us for." I'€™m so happy your ads encourage customers to come by because it's just a nice place to be HOME PLACE.

I have never been so disgusted and disappointed in my life. I purchased a sofa with obvious problems and have been complaining since. No one there either cares enough or your system has broken down. I feel I have been getting the runaround and Home Place is stalling because when June 11th, 2010 comes up, I will not be able to sue them.

This is the worst company I have ever dealt within my life. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. They could sell decent product but they chose to sell what they do and in the process, they can stall and drive you nuts until you give up and go away. That's when they sell again and the circle of selling, not doing what they promise, keeping the customer running in circles starts and then the ultimate for them, when the customer gets so tired of their run-around they give up. Home Place wins again. Crummy way to do business.

5/7/2010 UPDATE: Well surprise. Home Place called me!!!! Yes they called me Monday May 3rd and said they thought the manufacturing company that made my sofa was going out of business but Home Place had insisted that the manufacturer make my cushions immediately. Home Place called and said the rep would bring my cushions on Wednesday, May 5th. I was elated. Wednesday he got here and... Of course... they were the wrong cushions. They were 2 inches too narrow and 3 inches too shallow. My cushions are T cushions and they sent all square ones!!!

Why did I not see that coming? After having ONE YEAR AND ELEVEN MONTH of history with Home Place for an issue that started ONE YEAR AND ELEVEN MONTHS ago. I said, "install the cushions"; this is as good as it ever will get. The rep cut the "T" off the old cushion Pad and stuffed it into the cushion cover, then inserted the new "too short and too narrow" cushion pad in, then cut the old cushion foam into wide strips and stuffed them into the sides of the cushion cover.

Each cushion cover now has... one new too small pad, one added foam piece to the side, one added foam piece to the depth. A couple cushions have four total pieces in them. Golly, does this sound professional or am I just a picky witch? DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

If you think I am crazy for letting them put all these little chunks of foam and fiberfill into the cover to "make-do", you're right; anyone that would allow that is crazy but I'm also 2 years of tired of fighting to get them to do right by me and their merchandise. I spent $1800 on a sofa and now know what is underneath those cushions, the pads are in pieces. I know it won't last long but... I also know that Home Place is not going to do right by me. They have stalled for two years (1 yr and 11 months), I know this is the best they will do even if it is a ridiculous job. They don't have to look at it or sit in it!

They know I won'€™t sue. It will cost $750 for an attorney and by the time I have paid for that, if they lose, I will only have the balance of $1050 (if that). That won't be enough to buy a new sofa and love seat and they are banking on that. Yep all the way to the bank. What a shame. Their store looks nice; the ads makes you "feel" like they are "family"€. They have the opportunity to do good and give everyone a WIN WIN but they have chosen to WIN over your LOSS.

MY loss, but I am tired. I'm 64 and probably will never buy a new sofa again. I once was thrilled with getting a new sofa but each day I wake up and look at my mess of pieced together pads and think about their friendly ads. I also think "The joke was one me". I don't like thinking the joke was on me but I guess it was. The store is A NICE PLACE TO VISIT BUT DON'T BUY FROM HOME PLACE! I will never go into their store again and hope by informing you of their treatment and "warranty" on my sofa helps you decide the best for you so you will have a WIN WIN. They will never get a good recommendation from me...EVER!

Most Dishonest Store I Have Ever Dealt With
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Rating: 1/51

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- My husband and I, we moved from TX to FL three months ago. And we decided to buy some new furniture for our living room. At 7/17/2012 we found a couch set which we loved. In their ad said that this set was on the promotion and came with free delivery and free 5 years protection program. I told ** I want to get down the price, if I pick them up myself and no 5 years protection program. He took couple hundred off, so we got a deal with him.

In the meantime we were waiting ** for paperwork; I found an entertainment center set was on a special promotion too, it would be looking good in my living room. So I told ** "hold down second I want to buy this set too."

In the AD said, they have 3 different prices for this set, first price is $2400 which is 6 pieces everything you see in the picture is include. The second price is $1466 or $1499 I forgot which one was. Which they called big wall entertainment center set, which comes with TV stands, bridge, two bigger side cabinets. The third deal was small wall they called, which comes with TV stand, bridge and two small side cabinets the price was 1299. So I picked big wall set.

But I worry about my 65"€ Panasonic wouldn't fit in the entertainment stand. But ** (sale person) said "I'€™ll go to website check it for you right now if it fit or not," and he did and said to us that TV would fit in no problem 100% sure. In earlier a woman before me who was **'€™ customer. They had an argument before ** came to help me up, and I asked him what happened. He said that lady tried to return her furniture that she didn't like, but she made some excuse to avoid the 25% restocking fee. ** told me that happen to a lot of customers try to take an advantage from them without paying restock fee.

Because he told me that they have a lot of returned issue with customers so I was very aware of it, I don'€™t want that happened to me if I don'€™t have any document with it, if I need to returned the entertainment set, they would charge me restock fee too. (They still charged me restock fee and delivery fee late on.) So I made ** wrote it down "we can return them if don'€™t fit"€ on the receipt. Few days down the road, we got all the furniture, and I found out the chair and ottoman were defective and TV stand didn't fit. So I call ** and he said he has a van so he can bring the good one to swap out defective one and take the entertainment set back as well and give me a refund.

But he didn't show up over three times that he promised us to do so. By 8/10/2012 finally two deliverer came to pick up all the furniture and bring the new furniture to us (almost a month for waiting, calling and dramas, by the way the new furniture were worse than per-one's), I got the received from the deliver showed that I only got refund $1081.15 back because I have to pay $89.95 pickup charge and $365.23 plus tax. So my husband and I we went their store very next day to find out what was going on? They said we need to pay these fees. My husband said that was ** fault he told us the TV would fit so we bought it base on what he said otherwise it wouldn't happen in the beginning.

So we shouldn't pay those fees, and also we had a document said that we can get full refund if TV doesn't fit. Later on store manager came out and said "OK we would give you refund" so we left with a lot of doubts. So I keep eye on my credit card every day. One week later, I got pickup charge fee$90 back but not restocking charge fee. I called ** and he told me their financial department didn't have my credit card number so he needs it, and I gave that to him (one of excuses). Another week later I still didn't see my refund, so I called ** again. He told me they are going to send a check because some other excuses (another excuses again).

I waited another week still not seeing the check came, and I called ** again, I was told we need write a review letter to their Company website, because their VP was the one reads the reviews so he would give us the refund in order to keep their reputation. We did what he said, and I called next day to **, check how is looking from our review letter. He said my company VP had read it and will give you refund within few days. Once again, I didn't see the refund so I called again. ** told me that stocking charge is not real stocking charge was he gave me too much discount on that couch set. Therefore, they are going to give me store credit instead.

I was shocked and speechless and angry. They could make a store from restocking charge to too much discount story. I said to ** "how can I get my money back. Do you want me go to get legal matter action?" And he said "I thought so too, and do you are going to do." So that'€™s why I file disputed on them. I reject their settle for few reasons. First, I don'€™t want to go shopping at their store to see those dishonor sales people, bad product, and bad attitude.

Now I still have one set of defective couch and ottoman seats in my living room which ** promised me that he will swap out with good one within short period time. But never heard from him since I have filed dispute on they with my credit card company. I just got my credit card company which Capital One (They are very good by the way) information about Home place Furniture's dispute investigation. Their respond to Credit card company was they gave me too much discount on the couch set. So they couldn't give me full refund but store credit. That was big lie.

I got discount on the couch set was from my own delivery and with no 5 years protection program, and also we set the couch set price was before I went over to see the entertainment set. Can you believe that they can change the store from restock fee to too much discount. What kind of company would've done that such thing.

In conclusion, this store is the most difficult to deal within my life. They are dishonor and liar and sneaky sales people. They can't be trust. They don'€™t care their reputation but money. When they got your money in their pocket, that is no way you can make they to return to you no matter you have a document to prove or not. They would use any ways to keep the money in their pocket. What a shame!!! Please stay away from this store for your own good.

Horrible Customer Service from Manager
By -

DESTIN, FLORIDA -- We bought two twin captains beds from Home Place Furniture in Destin Florida. We were told they were in stock in the warehouse and would be delivered within the weeks end. At weeks end we had not heard from them so we called on Friday late afternoon and were told they had received them already but a piece was damaged and they had to wait for another to be sent to them. We asked how long and they responded "not sure, could be weeks". You would think that when an entire order is sitting in your warehouse ready to be delivered and one small piece is holding it up that you would expedite that piece. Not Home Place.

So we waited a couple weeks and had not heard anything from them so we called again. They said nothing yet and we are still not sure what the delivery schedule will be. We pressed that this was not a sufficient answer for them to actually look into and figure it out. They called back and said it would be delivered on Wednesday. Like 4 or 6 weeks after promised. On Wednesday we called again a different person answers who has no idea of what the situation is so we ask to speak to a manager rather than explaining the ordeal we have been through. This is where it gets ugly.

**, the manager, gets on the phone and my wife explains to him what has happened. She explains to him that this is the second time we have bought from Home Place because it was a local store and the second time we have had bad customer service. The truth. **, then shows his male chauvinistic side, and yells at my wife that she has no right to have an opinion on what good customer service is! He actually screams at her and in an aggressive voice to the point that she actually starts crying because of his demeanor over HIS stores horrible customer service! This guy ** is the scum of the earth when he treats female customers like this over the phone.

Yes we are a disgruntled customers after the way we have been treated at this store. But BUYER BEWARE!!! Do yourself a favor and ask around town to any of the locals. We did this after we had purchased the furniture and kids hopes and spirits were up for new beds. That's when we found out that some of our friends that had dealt with Home Place - Destin (3 different families) have actually had horrible experiences there also and would never go back again. So, heed the warning and ask around. I would go to Home Place Panama City before buying anything from the Destin store and that coward **!!!

Defective Franklin Dual Recliner Sofa Presidential Pecan
By -

6320 NORTH DAVIS HIGHWAY, FLORIDA -- I have had this Sofa 1 yr or less and both recliner seats have gone flat it's like sitting on a board! The store told me I would have to bring the sofa back to them or pay 69.95 for a house call. If the couch were not defective this would not have happened this quick they should come out and fix or replace it!

My husband and I are older and alone so we have to pay the 69.95!!! If it were not defective it would not have fell apart this quickly and I tried contacting through website. No response. I would have not found out about them receiving the replacement parts if I had not went by the store! I will never buy anything else from Home Place Furniture. I probably could have done better at a second hand store!!!! I have pictures I wish I could post.

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