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Car Garage Is Not Safe
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Be very careful. We had our truck broken into while parking in their parking garage (which is the only place to park). We asked the hotel before we took a family vacation to their hotel and the local staff said it was a very safe place and a great location. They failed to tell us that they have had a huge problem with cars being broken into. They didn't tell us that they were thinking of adding a gate to the garage and/or security cameras (which they don't have right now). There were 7 break ins reported over a 2 night period that we were there. Ours was one of them.

We asked the local police and the local staff (after the break in) about this and they all stated that it has been an ongoing problem (the manager and the employees shared this with us) that they have had. The police said that it has been a huge issue... that they had focused on fixing the issue at the Galleria Mall and after they addressed the break ins at the mall, that the criminals targeted the hotel's garage. We found out that this has been going on for a while now and the hotel only has a part time security guard that seems to be an "independent employee" (not part of an official security guard company?).

The guard was there DURING the break in. On the second night (when there were 5 break ins), we alerted the guard and the employees on night duty that car alarms were going of (including ours - yes the criminals tried to break into our truck again on the 2nd night). The night time employee AND the guard were very unresponsive. They said it was probably just loud music. Well, guess what - there were 5 more break ins that were reported (The Window was smashed in on our truck. We saw the same on another truck as well.) The staff did not warn us or any of the guests that they have had an issue with break ins.

After our truck was broken into, they said they are not responsible. Please be careful! We lost over $2500 due to this... and are really disappointed that we were told that everything was safe and that they did not alert us to the problems they are having.

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