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Spontaneously Exploded Sunroof on 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- It seems so eerily similar the details of exploding sunroofs with Honda vehicles. My unfortunate ordeal began 5 days ago when my wife calls me at 7 am on a Monday morning to tell me that the sunroof on our 2010 Honda Crosstour has just exploded. My reaction? Did I just hear you correctly? The sunroof exploded? She described it as two “creaks” like stepping on thin ice and then “BOOM”, the sunroof explodes.

So I go to swap cars with her and take a B-Line to Goodson Honda. I called Goodson on my way to tell them I was coming and the reaction in the voice of the representative had as much dismay as I had. Once I get to Goodson, the service manager takes a 10 second look and tell me that it was due to impact and proceeds to instruct the representative to quote the repair to me and he disappears. At that point, I was plenty ticked, late for work and since Goodson is such a small, pathetic dealership, I thought I'd take my battle to a larger Honda dealership with more resources and history, Gillman Honda.

I take my car there the next morning and the service manager there inspects the car, agrees with me that the sunroof has exploded outwards and now has a very unnatural concave flex in the glass. He explains to me that they will contact Honda's district representative and reply to me shortly.

Later that day, I receive a phone call and an email from the service director of Gillman telling me that the my request for warranty repair has been denied due to her assessment that in her experience, any type of shattering glass is caused by "impact of some sort". I proceed to ask her for any observations that lead to this assessment and none can be given, only referring back to her experience. She added that the decision really is in Honda's hands and that I should call the warranty hotline, and so I do.

The response by the hotline was initially positive. They gave me a case number and told me that they will contact Gillman and the district manager to schedule a follow-up inspection and get back with me to let me know when that would happen. A couple days later, I offered the service director some research which I had come up with which counters her and Honda's argument that shattered glass MUST be the result of impact.

There is a current recall from Webasto, a manufacturer of sunroofs which states that a defect may cause a seal failure in the sunroof causing the glass to separate from the sunroof and cause "damage to trailing vehicles". This recall in fact involves other year and models of Honda vehicles. Although this does not directly relate to the Crosstour, it's evidence that there are other possibilities than impact that can cause a sunroof to break or shatter.

Honda's warranty itself states that broken, chipped or scratched glass is not covered under the warranty UNLESS it results from workmanship or material defect. That means Honda itself acknowledges that it is at least plausible to have means other than impact for shattered glass. Lastly, I've emailed her posts by other unfortunate drivers of Honda's or Crosstours who have had exploded sunroofs and had the dealership made the warranty repair in certain circumstances. I also offered her the name of the service director at the dealership which I had knowledge of making the warranty repair.

The director distinctly recalls the situation and I hoped that Gillman's service director could draw upon the experience from another case. That also sets precedence for Honda of at least acknowledging the possibility of defect in its sunroof. Put it more directly, those repairs were made with the assessment that the exploded sunroofs were due to manufacturer's defect, otherwise it would not have been covered

To my surprise, the immediate reply that I received was an email from the service director explaining that the district manager has visited the dealership and supposedly inspected my car. His assessment? "He has concluded that this is not a factory defect, but some type of impact damage." I reply requesting an explanation for what he found, what observations were made that led to this assessment, because I know there is none. This is when the correspondence becomes testy and I am simply asked to pick up my car.

Finally, I make several attempts to call the case manager at Honda to find out why she didn't notify me of the District Rep's visit as originally planned. I also make a plea for some sort of written documentation explaining what observations were found that led to the assessment, nothing. My case manager said that the only assessment will come from the dealer and my case is CLOSED, no ifs or buts.

So for a week, I was Ping Ponged between the dealer and Honda America while both deferred to each other. What good is an written assessment from the dealer if they aren't the decision making authority? I also made repeated pleas to be given the opportunity to contact or be contacted by the district representative but was denied.

It's a shame that in the wake of the Toyota recalls that a car manufacturer would take such safety claims with such disregard and carelessness. I guess nobody bats an eye until someone gets hurt. Is that the way it should be, Honda? Should the consumer be always given the runaround to call the dealer and call the hotline and then call the dealer and then call the hotline? Is that in the company manual to defer responsibility so that the consumer becomes too confused at who is the authority and finally throw their hands in the air in defeat?

One last bit of background. I'm one of the original Crosstour owners, purchasing the car in Dec. of '09. I've followed the car's release ever since its days of a possible diesel engine and I made my release within weeks of its initial release. My other car is an Acura MDX, manufactured by Honda. I consider myself a loyal Honda owner... that is no longer the case.

Honda Ignores Repeat Customer
By -

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- Perhaps the following representatives don't share the marketing department's efforts by ignoring a legitimate claim from a repeat customer who has bought a new EX model vehicle every 3 years during the last decade. Perhaps they don't share Honda's advertising department's efforts to market Hondas as reliable and ecologically sound transportation. The following "penny wise, pound foolish” responses will leave me describing my dissatisfaction to my neighbors rather than sharing my pride in owning Hondas.

The catalytic converter on my 4 cylinder 2003 Honda Accord EXL was replaced under the 8/80 warranty on 7/10/09 at Joyce Honda, Denville, NJ. The car had only 67,187 miles on it. Now, less than a year later and after only 18,348 miles on that genuine Honda replacement part, the Joyce Honda service manager says it needs to be replaced. He says that the code P0420 came up after the mechanic diagnosed the reason for the check engine light to come on.

That is an extremely short life span for such an environmentally important part. It is also an extremely short life span for an expensive part replaced under warranty. **, the Honda factory Representative, said that Honda will not stand behind the replacement Catalytic Converter which is a Honda part, installed at a Honda dealership within the 8/80 warranty period. His rationale was that although the car is within the 8 yr. time period, it is 5,535 miles over the 80K mile limit.

** from Honda Automobile Customer Service (**) says that although the replacement Catalytic Converter is within the 1-year parts warranty period it is slightly over the 12K mileage for the parts warranty. Thus Honda refuses to acknowledge the unusually short life of the replacement part that was installed under the warranty.

As a consumer I am suspicious of a genuine Honda warranty replacement part that lasts for less than a year and only 18,348 miles. As a citizen I am concerned that Honda won't honor any reasonable longevity for an environmentally sensitive part. As an automobile enthusiast I am amazed that a manufacturer is providing a Catalytic Converter that last less than 18K miles.

I expect Honda to accept responsibility for their warranty parts and installation. Surely Honda will reverse a blatant disregard to honor a request to provide an environmentally important part with a reasonable live span from a repeat customer.

Paint Honda Accord
By -

ASHLAND, KENTUCKY -- In February 2007, we bought a new Honda Accord. In April 2007 we were hand washing it and we discovered small white chips where the clear coat had peeled. We told the dealership, received no satisfaction and contacted Honda Corp. They blew us off by contacting the dealership. They blamed it on tree sap, but no trees in our yard. Then blamed it on environmental. We live in very rural area.

Finally they said to take to our insurance co. and see if they would paint it. The adjuster opened the hood, took one look and said, "This car has been repainted." We then took it to 3 body repair shops and they all agreed it had been repainted. We requested to talk to a Honda representative from the company and were told he would call when he was in the area. You guessed it. No call.

Bottom line: We were sold a car with a bad paint job from some dealer before it got to us. Finally the dealer said that they would pay for half the cost of painting, but would not use official Honda paint, not acceptable to us. We should have been told of the repainting and bought it as new. We were duped and cheated by Honda. Our third Honda and our LAST!!! We have a new dealership owner, and I'm sure since it is now 5 years, too late for help. But no more Hondas for us.

Air Conditioning System Not Cooling Well
By -

The air conditioning system does not cool as well as it ought to. It seems to take a long time to bring the temperature inside down to a comfortable level. I brought this to the attention of the dealer and I was told that the Accord does not have a great A/C system, and that this is normal for the Accord. I was stunned, I did request that they evacuate the system and recharge it. They complied, but the system still does not get as cool as the system in any other car I have ever owned or been in.

The Honda dealership insists this is a common complaint for the 2011 Accord, and there is nothing further they can do. This is quite a surprise to me as I have never heard of this before. Is there anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions as to what course of action I can pursue to remedy this problem? Or am I stuck with it? I find it hard to believe that a manufacturer such as Honda motors has a problem like this that they aren't aware of, or haven't fixed. Everything else about the car is exactly as good as I had expected. Please HELP!!!!

Honda Accord EX V6 3.0L
By -

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- Honda Accord EX V6 3.0L with 44,000 miles. Received error code 0780 "Death of transmission". My ABS braking locked up - I would have had a serious accident had I made it 10 more feet onto Route 53. My transmission shows failure - engine produces errors in coding... causing my ABS braking to lock up.

There needs to be more complaints on this to Honda and forums. This is a safety issue and possible accidents/fatalities will occur. There should be a recall by Honda Corporation for transmission problems. Honda knows their transmission is defective they need a recall immediately before somebody is killed on the road. The best part is that transmissions do not fail overnight.... I only have 44,000 miles on this vehicle. People are continuously replacing their Honda transmissions only for them to fail time and time again.

Honda Corporation said they would pay for some of my replacement... But I would have to pay for tow, diagnostic, and at least $3,000 dollars from my pocket. This is NOT fair, just, or right. Consumers are being ripped off. We need a recall!!!! Honda told me my VIN wasn't on the recall list of 2004. This is ridiculous. I could have died on Route 53!!!!!

Honda Doesn't Care About Consumers
By -

TORRANCE, CA -- Was a loyal Honda customer until recently. My Accord has 16000 miles on it. Brought it into Moon Honda for routine state and emissions inspection. My surprise to find out needs nearly $500 of rear brake work. They informed me it is known issue but their hands are tied. They told me of the class action suit. After doing a little research on web finding out their 750000 Accords with same issue and Honda refuses to do anything about it.

It is one thing to have a design engineering issue. It is another thing to completely ignore the safety and satisfaction of your customers. The class action will only cover a third of the cost of this repair which I guess I am looking at again every 16000 miles. Moon Honda has also taken stance to do nothing for their customers. I think the least they could have done is to waive the labor charges.

I have had many Honda over the years and was always a loyal customer. I currently have 2 Honda leases. When they are done in 6 months I will never buy another Honda after this poor customer treatment. Has anyone looked into another class action suit about the mpg. Since this issue makes the rear brakes rub continually, it explains my poor gas mileage with this vehicle. I am sure the stated mpg does not account for the factory designed faulty rear brakes. STAY AWAY FROM HONDA.

Rear Brake Issues With 2009 Accord
By -

Rear brakes have been an issue starting in first month of ownership. The car was back a number of times to dealership for squealing brakes, where the dealer said they know there is a problem but won't warranty since they're a wear item and could replace at $319. Now after 24,000 miles the brakes are shot. I replaced the pads ($41) with an aftermarket set from AutoZone.

Now after 2-3 months I get a letter for a Class Action Settlement on the rear brakes. Honda will reimburse $125-$150 for rear brake repairs IF you buy their brakes. WTF!!! I'm going to pay them to fix their screw-up so they can give me half my money back? Hell NO!!! People were all over GM with their issues, but I guess Honda is exempt from public scrutiny.

Mass Frustration With Head Rests
By -

THESE HEAD RESTS ARE THE MOST RIDICULOUS AND AWFUL ATTACHMENT I'VE EVER SEEN ON ANY VEHICLE!!!!! The head rests tilt extremely far forward and are very thick and uncomfortable. The extreme forward tilt in the head rests puts pressure on my neck and head which results in neck stiffness and in some cases, significant pain. Honda should have made flatter head rests or better yet made the current head rest adjustable. OMG!! Adjustable head rests, now there's a novel idea.

I loved my Accord's styling, performance, and fuel efficiency. But after 9 months of being uncomfortable, I've given up. First thing in the morning I'm headed to the Nissan dealership to check out Nissan Altimas. Buyer beware before purchasing newer model Honda Accords.

Rear Brake Pads Defective
By -

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- I have a 2008 Honda and the rear brake pads went out at 17,000 miles plus the rotors had to be turned. I understand that this is a brake design flaw on models 08, 09, and 10. It cost $225 and I cannot see doing that every 17,000 miles, plus the rotors will wear out soon if they are turning them already.

I have a friend who has a 07 Honda and the rear pads have not worn out yet at 52,000. So I'm angry. I contacted Honda America and they will give me a partial refund, but would not deal with any future help. I've contacted the LA Times about this as well as the biggest Japanese newspaper, Nikkei. Hopefully we can get more exposure on this.

If something is not resolved, I'll keep on fighting. I'm also leaving notes on Hondas I see in mall and grocery parking lots to join the fight. I will also be writing to Honda Japan as my car was actually made in Japan. Their export market is down 64.1%.... They need to stand behind their product because it is hurting their image. I think lifetime replacement of pads and rotors would be appropriate or just recall the models for those three years or give us a new car when they get their act together.

2003 Accord Transmission failure
By -

I drive a 2003 Honda Accord V6. It has 92000 miles. The transmission started slipping out of gear on the freeway as I hit the gas doing about 60 mph. And when it went back into gear, it went to 2nd gear causing severe braking and nearly caused an accident. Later in the evening it got progressively worse. I took it to Honda and they determined it needed a new transmission which would cost $4000. They did offer a discount of $1000. I went onto and noticed this is a major issue with this car.

Honda did do a recall to add an oil jet to the 2nd gear but it apparently didn't work. I don't understand why they don't recall them altogether and replace the transmission completely with ones that won't fail so soon. So right now I am stuck because I can't afford $3000 for this and don't really know what to do.

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