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Poor Service After the Sale
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I purchased a CRV three weeks. The salesman asked me to give a $500 deposit to get the color I wanted brought in from another dealership. I thought that was odd, but did so anyway. He told me the check would be refunded or applied when I closed the loan. Of course, when I signed the paperwork, the check was not ready. I was told I would get it the next week. I didn't. I called and emailed, and was told: "The check will be in the mail next week." It was not. I continued to call the salesman who stopped returning my calls and emails.

After three weeks and talking to everyone I could at the dealership, I was told that I could pick up the check this morning after 10:00 AM. I received the check at 12:45. That was only because I was persistent and kept asking why the check wasn't ready. (Seems the finance guy who was supposed to get me the check had been gone to lunch most of the time.) I could go on and on over several things this dealership did, but today was the "Nuts on the Sundae!

Unethical business practices
By -

I bought the car from Honda Cars of McKinney, when I bought the car they offered me 2.9 APR. Since I am getting low APR even though increased my Car price I bought the car. After 3 weeks of car delivery they called me and saying that my loan is not approved and asked me look finance by myself. When I went to finance by myself with bank I got 6% APR which will increase my total payments. But when I asked to reduce the car price with the dealer, since my interest rate is gone up, they said they will not reduce. Please be aware of this sales manager and also aware of their finance guy. I never recommend this dealer to buy a car.

Service Scam
By -

MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- My wife took her 2008 Accord to Honda Cars of McKinney for its first oil change. She mentioned to the service advisor that there was a light displayed on the instrument panel. It turns out that it was the low-pressure warning light for the tires. The service advisor gave her a hard sell on filling the tires with Nitrogen to reduce the possibility of this happening in the future. So instead of just checking the tires and adding air, she was sold a $40 procedure to replace all of the air in all the tires with Nitrogen.

What a scam! This is the first time in 20 years of owning Honda cars and having them serviced by Honda dealerships that I feel that my wife was taken advantage of. So much for getting factory authorized service from a reputable dealership. I can only guess what the markup on this is and what incentives are given to the service advisors to push this "snake oil" onto customers who are not technical enough to see through it.

Dishonest Sales People
By -

MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- The same old bait and switch routine by the salespeople at this dealership. Some real sleazebags at this place. When they quoted a price they added on a lot of accessories and tried to say that these accessories had to be purchased and that the car would not leave the lot without them. I could go on and on but the point is these people from the salesperson all the way up lied through their teeth. These folks cannot be trusted.

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