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2000 Honda Transmission Problem
By -

I am the unfortunate owner of a 2000 Honda Odyssey with a transmission problem. On January of 2008, my check engine light came on. I was already familiar with a class action lawsuit concerning the transmission. I took the vehicle to a local Honda dealer in Smyrna, GA. The transmission was replaced under the class action settlement. I thought everything was great. My vehicle had low miles and now I got a new transmission.

Fast forward to present day, my check engine light came back on recently. My vehicle only has 84K. The code for the check engine light was shown a transmission problem. I contacted the dealership and Honda Customer Service. All they could say was, "We can't help you." I guess they don't want to stand behind their product. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I don't think I am the only one.

Third Transmission in 70,000 Miles
By -

1919 TORRANCE BOULEVARD, CALIFORNIA -- I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey with 70,000 miles. The second transmission just went and I need a third transmission. Because it is a few months out of warranty, I need to pay for it - almost $3,000 worth. Honda basically said too bad. I bought this car because of its reputation as a reliable vehicle. The fact that I now need a third transmission in 70,000 miles is insane! This car has been a disaster! I will never buy a Honda vehicle again.

Transmission Nightmare
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- As all you Honda owners know, recently Honda extended its transmission warranty on some 2000 and 2001 models because that the transmission on some of these vehicles fail. My transmission failed at 70,000 miles. I brought my car to a local dealer where they at first tried to charge me $3,500 for a new tranny until I reminded them of the extended warranty. The only problem I have with Honda is that they will not approve the dealers to supply loaner vehicles while the repairs are being done (which took 2 weeks).

Now I think it is unfair that I have to pay out of my pocket for a rental since I didn't cause the vehicle problem, it is Honda's crappy transmission. I am getting rid of this car and never will I even think of buying or recommending a Honda made vehicle to anyone. Honda, you just lost a long-time Honda customer.

Defective Used Engine
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- On a weekend in December 2005, I took my 1993 Honda Civic to Honda of Concord outside of Charlotte, NC because it was running hot, and left it there. On the following Monday, the service adviser called and informed that the engine needed replaced. He told me that he could get a used engine. I told to get the used engine and installed. I picked the car up on December 23 and everything seemed fine. On January 20, the oil light came on. I thought that the car needed oil and I added oil. The next week the oil light came on again. Two weeks later, it came on again.

On February 13, I took the car back to Honda of Concord. I told the service advisor that something was very wrong with the used engine they put in the car. He said they would flush it out and put some lubricate in and change the oil. He said that ordinarily, it would cost $115, but he would talk with the manager and it would cost $90.00. I told him that I shouldn't have to pay anything apparently since the used engine was defective in the first place. I had just paid $3,500 for that used engine.

I made an appointment to take the car back on February 27 since I had no other choice at this point. I spoke with **, Service Director, and asked why hadn't the engine been tested. He said there was no way to test it. I took the car back on February 27 to have the second used engine installed. The service adviser told me it would be ready that evening. He called me back and told me while he was test driving the car, it cut off. Later he called me back and said that I need an ignition coil and ignitor. I wasn't having any problems with the ignition before. He told me the cost would be $145. The total including the labor for engine came to $377.

Later that day, the service adviser called me back to say that the used engine that they put in needed to be replaced with another used engine because the oil light might continue to come on. This would cost me $277. Although this happen in December 2005, I just wanted to share my story to make you are aware of unscrupulous dealerships or anyone services your car. Please make sure you know the condition of the parts, and where they are purchasing them. Do your research. Also, pay attention to the warranty.

Honda Transmission
By -

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA -- At 87K miles, the transmission on my 2000 Honda Accord failed. My mechanic told me that there was a default with the transmission and that Honda should replace it. There was also a class action suit pending. Honda extended the warranty on the transmissions to 109K miles. After having the transmission replaced at 87K miles, the "new" or rebuilt transmission has failed again at only 127K miles! That is only 40K miles on this transmission. Honda is saying that since the 109K mileage has passed, they will not replace the transmission. The new transmission was obviously also faulty and should be under warranty since it has only 40K miles on it.

I bought a Honda for reliability and have never been more disappointed in a company or product. If Honda is not willing to stand by its products, I will not buy another Honda and I will discourage anyone I can from purchasing one.

Transmission Failure
By -

I own a 1999 Acura 3.0 CL with 80,000 miles on it and the transmission already needs to be replaced!! The transmission is the same one used the Accords. Honda only extended the transmission warranty on 2000 and 2001s, which just isn't fair because the 99s have the same tranny. I'm dismayed that such a huge company would treat their customers this way.

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