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Honeywell Security Phone Harassment
By -

After an initial phone call taken by my husband in order to get us to switch from ADT, Honeywell Security company repeatedly has called our house easily over 50 times in the last 3 days alone. The first time I answered, he asked to speak to my husband and before I could ask to take a message he hung up on me while I was still talking. The second time he called I demanded to know who was calling first and then told him to call back after 6 if he couldn't speak with me. He did not call back that night but the following morning immediately started in calling repeatedly, declining to speak with me and hanging up when I inquired further what it was about.

After that I just let the phone ring or the machine pick up which he would promptly hang up on and redial. I finally ended up taking the phone off the hook. The harassment promptly started again today. I just picked up the phone this time, declining to say anything knowing I'm just going to be hung up on again. This time he engaged in harassment tactics saying things like "Hello, hello, do you know how to speak? Are you a robot? Do you know how to speak?"

I've tried calling the company to speak to a supervisor, but get the runaround. This is not only no way to run a business, I can't even begin to understand how they think this strategy is going to persuade us to change from our current security company to one that is clearly all about intimidation and harassment. There is NOTHING about this company that makes me want to do business with them at any time. EVER.

By -

CALIFORNIA -- A guy shows up on my porch and rings doorbell. I asked him "How can I help you and who are you representing?" He stated he is representing the Local Police Department and to please step out of the house. I said again "Who are you representing?" He said the Police Department and "I need you to step out of the house." He kept flashing some badge as he would say who he's representing. I did finally step out because I had other family members home and he asked to me step out to the city sidewalk and asked me if I had any new neighbors on the block. I said "yes" but did not point out where.

He asked me several other questions that I thought was suspicious that I did not answer directly. Then he asked me do I see the signs on the block? I said no and what is this about. He then pointed to an ADT security sign in my neighbors yard and that's when I looked at his shirt that said "Honeywell" and his badge that said "APX" on it and I then told him that this is a bunch of crap.

This is a sales technique and that he should not be falsely representing that he is with the local Police department. I told him I already have a home security system and to please leave my property. He then said "Maam, I need to check your old security system. Let me in your residence to check your system."

Reminding me again that he is with the local Police Department. I told him "No! I do not know who you are" and he then said "I don't know you either Maam". My son, then heard how loud, and belligerent the guy was getting, so my son told him to "get off our property right now. My mom said she does not know you and does not want your product." He told my son, "I don't know you either and I was talking to your mom." I then locked the door immediately.

The Honeywell sales guy once again said "I am with the local Police Dept, please open the door and at least take my brochure." I said "No! Leave it on the door," and then I said "no don't leave it. I'm calling the POLICE!" He then left. I called my local police and after talking to three people including the watch commander, they said they would send a unit but it would be a while before they could send someone. In the meantime they would beef up patrol in the area. NOTHING... happened so these guys are still out there. Just BEWARE! This is not a Sales approach that would make me consider buying their product EVER!

Upgrade From Analog to Digital
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I purchased Honeywell Home Alarm system in July 2006, the alarm was installed with Uplink because I did not have a landline, only cellphone. In February 2008 the FCC allowed these companies to go digital and no longer analog. My daughter's home alarm is monitored by ADT and they came to her home and upgraded her system to digital and charged her nothing. Honeywell told me in order to upgrade my system it would cost me $850. This is just about what I paid for the whole system!

I am now looking for an alarm monitoring that will upgrade my equipment and hopefully at no charge. I have been a customer of Honeywell's for many years, this is my second home alarm system with them. That doesn't seem to matter!

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