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Oppression of Injured Workers
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DESTIN, FLORIDA -- I am a 35 yr old single mother/widow. In April of 2009, I took a part-time job at Hooters to supplement my income. I was injured on the job, and refused the right to file an incident report - on three different occasions. Finally, I had to file my own report with the bureau of workers comp. I have been injured since April of 2009, it is now October. Hooters has refused to release my last pay check that I was on the clock for. They have also refused to pay for any of my medical bills/or treatments.

I am still injured and after the opinion of two different specialists, the conclusion is that I am in need of surgery to repair my ankle. The surgery is necessary - if not performed in a timely manner, there is great possibility of losing the use of my foot. One of my managers at Hooters used profane language with me following the injury while I was making my third attempt at filling out an incident report.

After being shifted from one insurance company to another, I finally found the correct insurance carrier for Hooters, FFVA. The representative at FFVA, has refused to release any medical care for me other than an MRI, and one doctor who looked at my face (not my injured ankle) and said that there was nothing wrong with me??? Since then, I have been fighting for this necessary surgery, what they call an authorized Dr, although I have a specialist authorized by my state, and any medical cost reimbursement for treatments/medicine/visits. I have received nothing from Hooters or FFVA except one MRI, and one Dr. who refused to look at my injured limb.

I need help - I am too young to lose the use of my foot, and my spring, summer, and fall have been ruined for not only me, but my son. I am not asking for a lawsuit - I am asking for necessary medical treatment, and reimbursed so that I can repair my now ruined credit. Can anyone help me?

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Our area Hooters restaurant was a participant in our townships annual July 4th parade. This is a family event and hundreds line the streets to watch. Well Hooters passed out "I love Hooters" stickers to all the children along the parade route. I quickly gathered all my children's and neighbors children's and threw them in the trash. This was not suitable for children and thankfully the weather was on the cooler side that day and the Hooter girls were dressed in orange wind suits instead of their normal uniform.

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