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Toyota RAV 4 Mass Air Flow Repair
By -

FAIRPORT, NEW YORK -- My wife had our 2007 Toyota RAV 4 taken in for an oil change at the Hoselton Toyota Dealership. They were told at the service counter specifically to only change the oil. When she picked up the RAV 4 she was presented with a recommended repair bill of needed services of approx 810.00 dollars. I appreciated the effort for them to drum up business for themselves. What I did not like was the fact that they were told not to do anything but change the oil. My complaint is that the same day after leaving the dealership, the lights on the dash for service, four wheel drive, and VSC came on. They were not on prior to coming to the dealership and the RAV 4 only has 40,000 miles on it.

I took the RAV 4 back to the dealership. They told me that the Mass Air Flow Sensor might be dirty causing the three service lights to come on and they would clean it for $89.90 plus tax. I took the RAV 4 to another repair shop that I had better dealing with.

I explained that all the service lights that were highlighted on the dash. Within 45 minutes of me dropping off the vehicle they called me back. They informed me that someone had removed or loosened a 1 ½ inch air hose next to the Mass Air Flow Sensor and it had caused a leak in the air system. They pushed the hose back into the proper position and cleared the codes. The car works great and my oil change now has only cost me $106.35.

Education is not cheap. My wife was called on a service survey from the Toyota Company and she gave them poor marks across the board. No call back from the dealership.... What would I like. A refund for the money I spent on an unnecessary repair.

Scammed by Hoselton Automall
By -

EAST ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- DO NOT BUY A VEHICLE FROM HOSELTON IN FAIRPORT!!! I went there to buy a jeep they had advertised. The salesman said the one I was interested in was already sold, even though there was one like it on the lot. He then interested me in a 2004 trailblazer. It looked and felt alright, so I went through with the sale.

Four days later, I picked up the vehicle and on the way home from the dealership, I noticed the tachometer was not working. I called them when I got home, but was only able to leave a message. I called again the next day to another person (service dept) and had to leave a message.

Two days later, another call and another message to be left. I had to go out of town for a week. That's when the speedometer quit working (less than 1000 miles). I also started having problems with the transmission shifting into gear (less than 2000 miles). I finally got in touch with someone, and they had me bring it in for service. When I got it back, the instrument panel had been replaced, and they supposedly did some kind of upgrade on the transmission. However, I was still having the same problem with the transmission. They assured me that it was fine and that their "computer" found no problems.

I bought the truck as a winter vehicle, so I hadn't driven it that much. Less than 1000 miles after they looked at it (less than 3000 total), the transmission went altogether. But because the 60-day warranty had expired, they said they were not responsible for the cost of repairing it. But they said they would give me the warranty rate of repair at $65.00/hour instead of their normal $90.00/hour rate.

I know doctors that don't make that much, and hoselton certainly isn't in the business of saving lives. The final bill was $2260.39. I think this is outrageous. My contention is that hoselton knew the transmission was about to go, but realizing I didn't drive it that much, all they had to do was wait and see if it lasted another 2 weeks. If it did, the warranty would have expired and they wouldn't be responsible for the cost of fixing it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND STAYING AWAY FROM HOSELTON IN FAIRPORT.

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