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HP Top-of-the-line Laptop HDX Premium Series - Worthless Warranty - HP HDX Premium Laptop
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I have the same problem as Lakehouse Bob. I bought a premium HDX Series laptop. I am two days short of my warranty and called to report that 6 or so of the keys, the E, D, C, N, M and the space bar key are all smudging to the point where they will shortly be unreadable. In addition the ink from the keys is smudged on a few other keys.

I'm told it is outside the warranty for the keyboard. She kept using "normal wear and tear" as she talked. I kept pointing out that smudged and unreadable keys are not normal on a laptop. I've purchased 4 HP/Compaq computers since this one this year and won't purchase any others as they clearly don't stand behind their product. I don't even want to go near the horrendous operating system that came with this laptop they also have also refused to do anything about.

I've had Dell computers in the past where a technician was sent from Buffalo to Rochester to repair a keyboard that had bad keys and some friends who have a Dell laptop with a defective battery had a tech come to their house and replace three different parts for no charge. I had read and heard that HP was a better company than Dell or Sony to deal with. While they were certainly polite, they offered no remedy for what is clearly a defective product. She only said if I bought a new keyboard it would cost "hundreds of dollars."

I then mailed in pictures of the laptop to HP customer care. ** wrote back and said they would take care of the computer keyboard. I was on the phone with the Escalation department at the time who proceeded to waste 45-60 minutes of my time and told me "it's not under warranty but if you will send the laptop in a well packaged box we will repair it, but know that this is not under warranty..."

I hung up on the dude. Dell would have come to my house and made the repair. This is my business laptop, can't be mailed and I asked when I bought to the computer if the price included in home service and was told it did. Amazing what these big corporations will say to make a sale. Here is what Lakehouse Bob said. I haven't gotten to the "escalation people" yet, but they are supposed to call me next week. LakeHouse Bob-see the whole review on this site:

I bought an HP HDX Premuim laptop 6 months ago. A couple months back I noticed that a few of the keys had the ink smudging. These are metallic keys with the key etched in. Only 8 keys are affected. Other frequently used keys are just like from the factory. I called HP and they said even though it's under Warranty, this constituted 'worn' keys and it would be $374 to get it fixed, including requiring me to send the whole laptop back to HP.

I Needed Technical Support to Get My HP Envy Laptop Working Correctly Again
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Rating: 1/51

DANVILLE, OHIO -- My HP laptop was freezing up and running slow. I phoned HP tech support and they wouldn't help me without a $99.99 fee on my credit card which they guaranteed a solution that came with a 30-day guarantee. They were unable to even retrieve my data and back it up to an external hard drive. Took it to a local repair shop and they were able to immediately retrieve my data and repair hard drive for a very fair price. I phoned the HP support department for a refund and they informed me they put in a "request" that had to be approved.

Five days later I received a call that my request was denied and that the fee was a "troubleshooting fee" which is not what I was told. I was told that when I gave them my credit card number to fix my laptop that I was authorizing them to use the fee how they wanted to use it.

Why do I Hate HP Customer Service. Let Me Count the Ways.
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Rating: 1/51

Why do I hate HP customer service. LET ME COUNT THE WAYS. This has been on my bucket list for so long. I finally decided, today, that I cannot take it anymore. I am going to share this with everyone because I know you all have similar stories and are equally frustrated, but do not have the time to do anything about it. I am going to speak on the behalf of everyone who hates the service we are getting in America, the beautiful.

The worst part of all is that most companies in America are outsourcing everything. Some of these customer service representatives can make you go from one to ten in a nanosecond. Their thinking is very concrete. Many do not have a good grasp of the English language. I believe they rely on flowcharts. If you say, “No,” they look to see what it says in the corresponding box and repeat it verbatim. They should start answering the phone, “How may I be of absolutely no assistance to you today?”

Two years ago, I sent my Special Edition HP laptop to be serviced. I really loved that computer. The hinge was coming apart, which I realize was my fault because I sometimes picked it up by the cover. I had just a few days left on my three year warranty. I got the computer back and it was working well, but five days later it completely crashed. I ended up buying a new HP laptop, which is not nearly as nice. Just recently, I sent the new one to be serviced. I made a joke to my sister that in five days, it would crash.

Lo and behold, that is exactly what happened. It is telling me to use my recovery disc. I just find this to be too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. I remember buying a three year home contract when I bought this computer. When I called for service, the representative said I did not have a contract. I read off the product number from my invoice. The service representative said that it was not a valid number.

I kept calling to see if I could get a representative who could help me. They kept saying, “No, you do not have a service contract.” How about the customer is always right. How about saying they are going to check into it and get back to you.

I eventually found the paperwork for the service contract. I had to register my service agreement. This must be one of their latest tricks to make money. I did not read my receipt because I was too busy and that is what they are counting on. By the time you make your first service call, you cannot remember if you bought the extended service contract or not.

Once I registered my service contract, they admitted I had a service contract. If I had not found that paperwork, I would be dead in the water. That is exactly what happened to my husband's computer. I bought a service contract via phone and had no way of proving it when he needed technical support. I wonder how much profit they make on this little scam.

I am so sick and tired of these people repeating everything you say by using the alphabet. “A” as in apple, “B” as in boy. A call that would ordinarily take five minutes can take over an hour. I heard that they enjoy torturing us and laugh about it in the bullpen.

When I called about renewing my service agreement for my last computer, the service representative gave me a price, but I realized it did not include hardware. I said, “I did not want to pay for their HOTLINE service only.” She said, “Sorry, ma'am, you are not listening to me.” I said, “No, I get it. You want me to buy your lousy service without hardware support for the same price as I was paying for telephone and hardware support.”

Honestly, I would rather break my computer over my head than talk to them. I started to realize that I was doing everything I could to avoid having to call them. My son refuses to call them. My husband does not even bother to get the service contract extended because he also refuses to talk to them. I decided from now on, I am going to use their chat line. In this way, I do not have to go through the alphabet multiple times. I wonder how many other people feel this way.

Once a customer service representative gave me instructions on how to fix my computer. I said, “Won't this delete my programs and files?” He assured me it would not, but it would take a while. He asked me to call back when it was done. I called back and the next customer service representative said that I had deleted all my files and that there was nothing he could do about it. He said, “I am sorry.” You are not the only one who is sorry, buster!

My son's computer was in warranty. I was told to send it to the HP Service Center. I would call to ask the status. They would say that they did have the part. After a month went by, I called to state that their service contract indicates that the computer would be sent back within 10 working days.

One representative said, “Well, do you want us to send you back your computer without the part.” That was obviously not from the flowchart, just plain stupidity. It took me three months before this was resolved in a satisfactory manner and more aggravation than I have ever known. I could go on and on, but I know you have your own annoying stories. So many Americans cannot get employment and would do a great job at this if given the opportunity. They would even be happy to accept the same salary at this point. I would be willing to pay more for the option.

I remember watching a skit on Saturday Night Live with Gilda Ratner. She was all tied up. She managed to call 911. The recording said something like this: “Touch “1” if you are being burglarized, “2” if there is a gun pointed to your head and “3” if you are getting raped.” That is about the size of customer service in America. I feel sorry for the elderly who need to make a phone call. These phone trees are getting more and more expansive. It is really bad when they cannot recognize a simple “Yes” or “No.”

Oh, by the way, HP will no longer give you a hardware contract for a laptop after three years because it was built to only last only three years. I have had to buy a new laptop every three years. Dell is no better. I hear the same complaints from my sister.

Appalling Product Quality And After Sales Service
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Rating: 1/51

SINGAPORE -- TO HP CEO: I am writing from Singapore to you as I am totally disappointed with your product quality and especially the after sales service in Singapore. I purchased a HP Envy Beat edition notebook last year and started using only in June 2011. Within about half a year, the notebook failed twice. The 2nd time was in Jan 2012, the motherboard failed.

As it was the 2nd time, I am quite sure there's some kind of fault with the notebook and demanded for a one to one exchange since at that time it's still under warranty and expiring on Feb 2012. My request was rejected and the engineer by the name **, assured us that after changing to a brand new motherboard, it should be fine and assured us that we can look up for him if encounter any problem within a year.

We therefore took his word for it hesitantly. Never did we expected the notebook to fail again within 4-5 months, in May 2012. And it was the motherboard again! We expected that HP Singapore will be more responsible to change it for us free. We made a complaint and one of the case manager, by the named of ** who simply pissed us off. (By the way, the engineer **, we were told that he was no longer with the company and what he told us, was not recorded by HP.)

We then wrote in to HP USA, and not surprisingly, it bounced back to HP Singapore and another representative by the name of **, contacted us. It's a long story to go into detail what had gone through with the conversation with these 2 representative of HP Singapore. The main points that I wish to highlight is the insensitivity towards customer's feelings from the service staffs. Based on the number of times that the notebook was brought down to the service center within a short period of times, it enough evidence to show that it is a faulty one. And I don't think our request is so unreasonable.

In fact, end of the day, we had compromised to paying 50% of the charges but requested to have a free extension of the motherboard that we going to pay to 6 months instead of 4 months that HP Singapore had offered. However, again, we are rejected. Worst, we received an email by another party by the name of ** from HP Singapore, that we are given 14 days to accept the quotation, otherwise we will be charged even though we intend not to service it.

We have never encountered a notebook that breakdown so frequently within a short period in the past and you guys couldn't even able to assured us of your product quality by simply complied with a 6 months warranty, Is this to show that your product quality is so poor to this extent?? When asked about the caused of the failure, yours guys told me "Don't Know!" "It's Electronics!"

It's simply appalling to heard such words from a global branded company! Then my question is why should consumers choose HP than other brands? Why should consumers like me choose HP Envy Beat Edition rather than other HP lower range notebook?? Your Case Managers repeated mentioned they tried their best to "help" me by giving the discount which pissed me off. I am not seeking for your "Help!". It is not the matter of money but principle.

Even with the 50% discount, my wife and I don't feel good accepting it as we felt cheated. I am totally disappointed with HP, the trust in your product and not to say the horrible after sales service. And to highlight to you, both case managers spoke English with different accent, which I believe are foreigners, which I had a hard time figuring out what they trying to say most of the times. First it came the unsatisfactory service, then now came the threat that I had to made up my mind within 14 days whether to accept such offer. I wrote in to US, and bounced back to Singapore. I really don't know what the hell is going on with you people.

My notebook is still hanging at the service center Singapore and it seemed I have no choice to accept the bullish offer. I think you can forget about your company's philosophy under "Customer Loyalty" which is to "TO provide the highest quality of equipment and Service". To salvage the last piece of trust from me and other consumers, I hope that there's a certain reply especially from the CEO because this letter supposed to direct to you. Hope you won't disappoint again.

Incompetent Technicians
By -

I purchased a Compaq Presario CQ61 in March this year in the UK to use at my new home in Spain. Everything was going fine until a few weeks ago when the speakers started to crackle badly. I contacted Ebuyer in the UK who said I would have to take it back to UK or contact HP direct. This I did and eventually they put me in touch with consumer support???? in Spain who virtually had no English and I still only have limited Spanish.

Eventually they agreed to collect it for repair on Monday 15/11/2010 - that never happened - then they would collect again on Wed 17th - that never happened as the courier couldn't find my house - I live in a town not the back of beyond - and they refused to call me as I still use an English mobile number as all other call are Skype or MSN or Face book so eventually the guy got here Friday lunch time 19th.

All appeared OK until they sent an email saying the machine was ready and also texted a friend who has a Spanish number so I called the number they emailed me and NOBODY could speak English so was not sure how I would ever get it back. However on return to my home there was a note in the letterbox saying Casa 15 which is next door so was overjoyed when I rang their bell and found they had taken it in on Tuesday 23rd.

I was feeling very relieved as being in a foreign country I use the laptop a lot to stay in touch with friends and family back home. Switched it on and my desktop picture had gone then it refused to open under my password protected log in which had gone so had to log in with the Spanish name they had given it.
Then I found ALL MY PHOTOS AND DOCUMENTS TOGETHER WITH WINDOWS WORD APPLICATION HAD BEEN WIPED CLEAN over 6 years of personal family and friends photos including Mum and Dad who are no longer here.

I called them and again no English - so emailed complaining and eventually and now after a multitude of emails they do not accept they have done anything wrong and claim it is my fault. I had already advised prior to collection that I had two log in's and that one was password protected and to use the other if required which was not.

It seems they have got in to both and wiped them clean and refuse to accept that as it was a hardware problem - which they clearly described it in a Questionnaire I completed regarding my experience with their repair - you can imagine my replies to that BUT THEY HAD NO NEED TO TOUCH MY SOFTWARE - all it needed was a new speaker - job done.

If anyone has had a similar problem or any idea how to get past their self righteous attitude please let me know. IN THE MEANTIME DON'T BUY ANY HP PRODUCT AND IF YOU ALREADY HAVE PRAY IT DOESN'T GO WRONG UNDER WARRANTY - IF IT DOES TAKE IT TO SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

DO NOT BY AN HP - Terrible Product & Customer Service
By -

I'm in disbelief right now. I just called call tech support at HP only to find out the company is deceitful and not consumer friendly. I purchased a "lower end" HP laptop at Best Buy about a year and a half ago. I was having problems with the power cord charging the battery. I had to keep repositioning the cord to get the battery to charge. It got progressively worst to the point where it didn't work at all.

I'll try to make a long story short... I called HP tech service and spoke to CORY, who just happened to be VERY rude. I told him the problem and he immediately knew what the problem was just by me mentioning the words "power cord" and "not charging". He explained it was a loose (I think he said pin) that holds the power cord in and that it was a COMMON problem in "lower end" HP's. Then he said it was too bad that it was out of warranty and too bad that I did not purchase the extended warranty. So instead of it costing $49 to fix it, it will now cost me $300.

I asked if there was some way to resolve the problem since my computer was not that old. He said no and I was better off PURCHASING a new HP. I said you have to be kidding; why would I buy a new HP when I've had problems with this one. Then he proceeds to tell me that since I bought a "lower end" model, they put USED parts in them. Yes, I said USED parts. I told him I NEVER heard that from anyone. I asked if it's disclosed anywhere and he said in the warranty; then he proceeds to say "but who reads the warranty" and then chuckled.

He made several comments in the beginning of the conversation before he knew I was angry. When I repeated some of the negative things HE actually said about HP, he said he did not say those things. I mentioned that even he said it was a common problem with HP's and he claimed he never said that. I called him a liar and asked if this conversation was recorded and he said yes. I got his name and operator number and I'm going to pursue this. I told him I would never buy an HP again. And I told him I just purchased a new computer and I was looking at the HP's but decided to go with a MAC (which I LOVE) and now with this type of service, I'm GLAD I did not buy the HP.

So we just went round and round. I wanted to speak with someone else (because he was of no help) and he claimed there was no one else he could transfer me to. The best he could do was put in a request to have and higher level tech get a hold of me and its takes 3 – 4 days. I asked for any other HP phone numbers and he did not have any other phone numbers. I said I can't believe that is the only phone number for all of HP. At that point I was getting so angry, I had to hang up.

In the conversation I told him I would never buy an HP again and I'm going to tell everyone I know about the customer service and the deceitfulness of the used parts. I guess you could say "shame on me" for not reading the "fine print" but as I told him, I purchased the computer trusting that HP was a good product and they would stand behind it. I also think the people at Best Buy should disclose there are used parts. But I'm an honest person and would never try to trick or cheat anyone but unfortunately everyone is not like that.

I told him that instead of going to Best Buy to purchase a "USED" computer I could have purchased a used laptop from Craig's list for half the price. The BEST part of all is (and I told him this too) I work for the VP of Technology at a major, major company and we use HP's here. When I asked him for advice on a computer, he told me to buy a MAC!!! That's what he personally has... so what does that tell you!!

Unreliable products. Incompetent Service.
By -

Buyers Beware! I'€™ve now purchased 3 Hewlett Packard laptops over a 2 year period and I personally will never purchase another HP product again!

My first laptop became excessively hot to touch and by the 6 month mark would give me small electrical shocks!!! It was dead by the 12 month mark. Putting this down to just bad luck and naively continuing to think they're a good brand - I purchased another two HP laptops one for my partner and myself. His laptop had constant startup problems from the 4 week mark onwards and the DVD player and hard drive needed replacement at the 5 month mark.

My system (DV5) at the 4 month mark started to feel very hot to touch (even after 5 minutes of being switched on) and by the 5 month mark became sluggish, slow to start up and often froze. At the 7 month mark it completely failed and had to be sent for warranty repairs where the hard drive needed replacing as did 3 other parts. It when you get to the HP support side of things that your real HP experience begins where their promise of a 7-10 day repair turn around really means in excess of 37 days.

During this time I: made 39 telephone calls to them that I paid for; lost 5 work days while I waited for them to turn up at a time that they made with me to collect/return my laptop where they didn't turn up at all or call to advise of a change of plan and I had joy of talking to at least 12 different people in their South African service and complaints areas and their UK logistics and repair center not to mention I also got to speak to people in their courier company.

I was hung up on 5 occasions; promised to be called on 6 occasions and then not called; and contacted on 5 occasions from people in different departments to be asked the same question that the previous people who called 3,5 and 14 days earlier had asked. I had to lobby one telephone operator who insisted on telling me that my product isn'€™t under warranty even though it was already established that it was 2 weeks earlier - and as she felt she was right - proceeded to infer I was lying and hung up on me. It was only after I managed to get to a complaints area that I received a verbal apology and was told she was reading the wrong date.

On top of this is that the complaints area is based in Cape Town South Africa which in itself isn't a problem however no one has the ability to provide real service or have the ability to influence UK-based operations or service - nor can you get escalated to someone who does as the people you speak to are only authorized to send an email to state your case to "€˜Head Office"™ and also point blank refuse to escalate you to a senior member of staff! Oh and the token external hard disk that was offered in compensation for my troubles, costs and lost time -€“ still hasn't been received.

So if you can afford to waste an excess of time and money which has so far cost me personally at least 2.5 times my original laptop price, and if you enjoy spending hours resetting up your laptop and love the thrill of living on the edge of not knowing whether your precious data is safe as its on a HP product, then go right ahead. Otherwise BEWARE. My advice is to search the laptop performance review sites - I wish I had - apparently 1 in 4 HP laptops are lemons with HP being the most unreliable of a pick of 7 brands reviewed in terms of their hardware reliability.

And for some reason you are still keen on a HP product, then just know that it is likely you will get limited support from HP should you need it (and you will) as central to everything HP do is a bungling incompetent culture that fails to live up to any HP CARE promise. Please value your sanity, your time and your wallet - just don't buy Hewlett Packard.

HP offers bad customer service and won't stand behind their products
By -

O -- First off I got a computer that is a complete lemon. It is a year and a half old and I have had 3rd major break downs. I have had numerous software problems (vista which is all I need to say on that subject)I was able to fix on my own. But I have had 3 hardware problems and HP refuses to replace the computer. I called and tried to make a complaint with the corporate office and was told that I have to have the same 3 hardware problems to get a replacement. When I asked to speak to a supervisor about my problem they told me the supervisor would tell me the same thing & refused to allow me to speak to anyone else.

So now back to my current problem it has been almost a month now that I have been having the current hardware problem which is the disk drive door will not open and I need to send it in for repairs. First of all the tech support number you have to call is in the Philippines so even though English is spoken it sounds broken and they are hard to communicate with. When it was determined 3 weeks ago that my computer needed to be sent in they told me they would send me a box, I asked them if I could use the box from the last time they sent it to me and they said no a new one would have to be sent to me.

About 3 days later a Fedex guy showed up to pick up my computer and I told him I did not even have a box yet. I waited a few more days for the box and when it did not arrive I called HP back and they gave me a tracking# for Fedex and told me to deal with them. The 2nd week I worked with Fedex they told me that HP still had not sent them the box to wait a few days and call them back. Speaking with them again still no box. Week 3 was dealing with HP again I was told the order had been set up wrong, they had put in the computer that I was to ship it to them in my own box and they have been waiting for me to send it in.

Now they are turning it around & telling me something different when I have been talking to them & and Fedex about waiting for them to send me the box? So after this mess up they said they would have to cancel this order and I would have to call back on Monday to generate a new order because I could not have 2 open orders on my account on the same issue and this one needs time to close out. So now I am waiting for another week to roll around so I can start from square one again.

So my major complaints are not that I got a bad computer, I understand that sometimes when you purchase a product you can get a lemon but first off the company should stand behind their products and second they should offer the customer a good technical support team. I will not purchase another HP and I advise other consumers to think twice before purchasing one of their products because if you get a bad one they have lousy technical support and the company does not stand behind their products.

12 Year Old Get's Screwed By HP
By -

LEAMINGTON -- So my daughter 12 yrs old saves her money to buy a laptop $560 later and buys a Compaq which I tell her good choice because I recommend HP to everyone! 62 Days before the 1 year warranty is up she shows me the screen and it's filled with ink blotches and lines! I look it over no cracks no software issues and tell her it's something with the hardware and will send it back under warranty and get it all fixed up for her.

She treated this laptop so careful and the minute she goes downstairs and the laptop is sitting on the coffee table. She comes back upstairs and there is this damage! Never fell, wasn't closed nothing touched anything and the screen just changed to these images!

However HP treated us like crap both reps one starting with an S and another with an R since I can't post their names would not do anything for us. In fact when asked the question well are you willing to explain to my daughter of 12 that she saved $560 to buy this laptop that she's out of luck. They replied back with "that's unprofessional and I refuse to talk to a 12 year old about it". Funny though you were more than willing to take her money in the first place and to boot your more than willing to take another $600+ from her to fix it!

She's the consumer she purchased it but you refuse to talk to her about the issue. Funny I don't remember signs saying you must be over 18 to purchase this product! I've purchased 3 HP computers within the last 2 years over $2000 spent and not to mention all the hype I've given them to friends and associates. I told them I was willing to give them model numbers of each one so they could confirm that I was a good customer of theirs and their response "well we appreciate that you are a good customer of ours". We're speaking about this one computer and your other's don't matter!!!

Guess what I might have spent $2 K to get these computers but do you think I will ever buy another HP product again!!! All I have to say to them is thanks for saving me money in the long term! I'm only 33 years old figuring I buy a new computer every 5 years which is conservative and my daughter who is 12 same situation until the time were 70 at an average cost of $550 a computer you just lost over $10k in business over a cracked screen that wasn't the case when it left!!!

Not to mention the old adage of 1 bad customer customer tells 10 potential customers not in this day and age! I'm going to approach every site, every paper and by the time I'm through you're at min. Look at losing at least 100 customers conservatively which now brings you over almost a half a million dollars lost! Nice work considering you already are the worst in customer service according to Consumer Reports and companies are struggling to survive in the current economic environment! All you had to do was return her laptop back to the condition it was when it was working! Which was under warranty! And she had no wrong doing! I always take of my customers maybe you should learn the same!

Repair or Not
By -

HUTCHINSON, KANSAS -- I bought a HP Laptop nearly 3 years ago from Best Buy. I bought the warranty directly from HP, my worst mistake. My first laptop developed some minor speaker problems about 6 months after I bought it. We sent it in for repair. They at the repair facility left all the USB ports loose, the sound problem was never fixed, and they never hooked up the cord so when you closed the lid it would not turn off no matter if it was programmed too.

Plus on receiving the same laptop back after one of their so-called attempts to repair it, it came back with someones finger smudge on the inside corner lower right hand of the screen. HP replaced that laptop because they claimed they were unable to fix it. I had a nice laptop until HP Repair got a hold of it. HP replaced that laptop with another supposedly an upgrade, it made my first laptop problems like a walk through a park. I began to wonder if they sent me a refurb.

When I first received it the DVD player did not work, some USB Ports were loose, and some keys on the keyboard did not work. I fought with HP for a while concerning repairs on it. It was an uphill battle because either HP Repair would not repair the issues at hand or they would break something else in the laptop they would not own up to easily.

So they replaced that second laptop with what I currently have right now a DV6500. Within a month after receiving it one speaker went out on it. I was afraid to send it in for repair, and I told the Case Manager that, she said she would personally oversee the repair. For a change I got a good manager that proved her word was good. I actually got my laptop back without anything else broken in it, and it actually worked.

About 8 months later the DVD player stopped working and the fan cooling system stopped working. I sent it in for repair, when I got it back and they took 2 weeks to send it back and they did not even fix the issues at hand. When I got it back all USB Ports were now loose. The DVD Player still scratched DVD's and CD's. So my Case Manager decided to replace the laptop with a DV5t and it was the laptop from Hell. Nothing worked in it, could not even program it. In the meantime HP laid off my Case Manager. Some other Case Manager took over this case and I am sorry to say I don't think he really cares.

I sent the DV5t instead of my DV6500 to be disassembled, because at least my DV6500 at least did more than turn on. I asked for my DV6500 to be repaired at a different facility where they had sent the others to. And without contacting me first they sent my laptop back to the same place where they couldn't fix the first time.

My Case Manager claimed they didn't have a choice. They did have a choice of calling me being that they had all phone numbers to reach me at, before sending it to another Repair Facility. I only found out after the fact from the Case Manager. My laptop has been gone for 15 days and I am having to use my husband's laptop to even type out this review. At this point I am so sorry I ever bought an HP Laptop or an HP Warranty.

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