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Lemon Computer And Bad Customer Service: Wasted Money
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- On June 2nd 2007 I purchased HP Media Center PC (HP Pavilion Media Center M8010Y TV PC). While I was happy with my old DELL computer, I had read good reviews of your products and that together with a good price decided me to become one of your PC customers. I owned my DELL computer for 7 years with no problems and did not expect to have any issues with yours considering your reputation and brand.

However, on May 18th 2008 my computer suddenly showed an error indicating that the system could not boot and that I should insert a system's disk. I tried the disk from Windows that came with my PC and since that did not work; I called your service desk.

The experience with my first call and your Indian technician was as bad as it can get. The conversation started with him telling me after I described my problem, that what I had done was "œWrong, very very wrong, sir, what you did was very wrong. Why did you do such a wrong thing?"€ Needless to say this gets anyone in the wrong foot to have a productive conversation. From there we moved into a brief troubleshooting before he went onto telling me that I only had 21 days of guarantee left so I should give him my credit card number to extend it for another year.

When I asked the reason to do that he explained to me that my problem was going to take a few "€˜weeks" to be resolved and hence, I needed to extend the coverage period. It should not come as a surprise that I told him to first take care of my problem before I would invest money on a service that so far, had not solved my problem yet. After over 1h of troubleshooting there was not clear resolution and I was asked to run a test that took about 3h, so I was asked to call the next day.

On Monday 19th I called back and I was lucky to get someone from your office in Portland. He was knowledgeable and did not treat me like I was a 6-year old. I was happy with this support though the decision was to send me recovery disks for which I had to pay the shipping. He also discussed with me what he thought the problem could be and tried to make copies of my files to prevent me from losing all my information, but the computer did not allow us to do that.

Two days later I received the disks and when I tried them in my PC, I got an error again that indicated I should contact the technical support. I spoke with **, also from the Portland office. He was the first one actually paying attention to the error messages I had explained to all of your technicians, and he also identified the potential issue as well as the fact that my computer seems to have a double hard disk. Since I had to run a new extended self-test and that takes a few hours, we were done for the day.

I asked him if I could have his extension so I could continue troubleshooting with him the next day, and explained to him my bad experience with your service desk in India. He told me he did not have an extension but that I had a higher chance of getting the USA office if I were to call between 9AM and 9PM Monday to Saturday. He also offered to call me at 6:30 PM PST on Friday May 23rd. Unfortunately, he called two hours later and I was not at my place at that time since I had a previous commitment.

** also mentioned I should extend my guarantee to what I told him I had to first see my computer fixed since I was all but happy about the computer having issues whiting a year from purchasing and also, considering the fact that after a week I had no solution yet for my problem. I also told him I would assume my problem would be taken care of even if were to go over the guarantee expiration date. In my mind, that makes sense since I had reported the problem while the guarantee was active and was actively working on fixing it as soon as I could. He told me HP may do that but it was not a must.

I mentioned to him that in my company, a problem that comes during the guarantee is followed until it is fixed no matter what happens with the original coverage. I also asked him to make a note in his system about our conversation regarding the guarantee options.

With the results from the last test, I called your technical support on Saturday May 24th and had a hard time reaching a person on the phone since your system was experiencing technical difficulties. I actually got dropped 3 times after doing your whole phone menu, very frustrating when you have an accent and you are "€˜talking"€™ to a computer system that uses voice recognition to route your calls. I finally got hold of one of your technicians, this time and to my horror, from your Indian office. This was the most frustrating conversations of all so far.

After giving my service ticket, serial number, computer model and describe my issue for the sixth time, I was asked to do the same troubleshooting again. I refused and asked the technician to please either listen to what I was saying or read the notes from the other service requests. He then asked me if I was sure I had a desktop computer and not a laptop. I seriously wondered if I was in a hidden camera program of some sort. The next thing was him trying to get me to pay for the extension of my guarantee. After five minutes of arguments, he put me on hold for a while and finally told me he was sending a new hard disk to my address.

I received the hard disk and it took me three other calls to finally get it all installed and working. I had contacted the Board of Directors of HP at that time and had been assigned another useless Customer Service representative that did nothing but repeating the same information I was given before.

Five months after this issue my computer breaks again and since the guarantee expired, I take it to the Geek Squad. My PC tested out with a bad processor and the video card needs to be replaced. I paid $70 for this diagnosis and have an estimated of about $500 to $600 to repair my computer. At this point and after having a bad hard drive, I am not willing to spend the money on this unreliable computer.

I contacted HP CEO and Board of Directors again a week and half ago and only got the acknowledgment of the fact that they were going to review my case. I hope you don't make the same mistake I made buying a HP computer thinking it was a quality product with reputable customer service.

Complaint HP m9340f PC
By -

PINELLAS PARK, FLORIDA -- I bought this computer in good faith, thinking that a new computer would work, I was mistaken! I bought the computer August 28 2008. Set it up. The card reader would not work. I called several times before I found someone who could walk me through it and get it working. I also had a problem with the screen saver. It didn't work. Yes it was set up correctly, I was also walked through that several times, each time It was the same... didn't work, except during the preview. I was given various reasons but no solution and no working computer. I also had a problem with a noise coming from within the computer.

I was told it was a fan. I was asked to take apart the computer and determine the problem! I told them I was not comfortable taking apart a "new computer" myself and that I am not able to see well. If it comes apart I may not be able to get it back together, but they insisted. For this I bought a new computer and paid extra for in-house service They were told it is a fan, and they sent a part to a tech and sent them out to fix it. It was the wrong part and it was not fixed. I came home and turned on the computer and it was not working, it was slow and the sound was still loud.

I called back again several phone calls that cost me a lot because that I do not have a home phone and use my cell to call. Being put on hold for long periods of time. This is also a trick used by many companies to get consumers to do what they want and be happy even though the product doesn't work. So Nov 26 I called again to find out where the correct part was, as no one had called me to schedule to fix it. They then informed me that the part wasn't ordered it was canceled. They'd have to go over the computer w/ me again and make up a new ticket to have parts ordered. Again they insisted I take it apart.

When I tried, the screws had been put back on so tightly that they were stripped. I did get it apart and started to procedure. Then he wanted me to take apart all kinds of things. I finally said "No am not comfortable doing this. I can't see well. I am afraid to do it. I could hurt myself and/or damage the computer." I insisted it be replaced or send a tech out. We went round and round. Finally I insisted it be replaced. I feel it is a lemon. I was not getting proper support from Hewlett Packard either! He said he'd have to have a supervisor call. He said they'd call within 2 hrs. Well that was almost 2 days ago and so far no calls

Personally HP's support and backup of their products stinks. To expect the consumer to take apart, diagnosis and fix a computer problem on a computer that was less than 3 months old is uncalled for. Consumers need to beware... the computers HP sells are terrible. The support is non-existent. They don't even call back as they said they would.

HP Are Frauds
By -

CANADA -- HP sucks. Save yourself your money. Seriously it's not worth the rude service plus the crap PC you get that work very well when your under manufacture warranty. But as soon as that expires expect it to fall apart as this computer will need repairing a million times, or sending in some type of parts! HP are frauds. If they had a customer complaint line or somewhere I could actually complain to, I would!!! But I have been transfer, put on hold, hung up on, and sent back to the same person I was speaking to previously.

My story: I have the DV Pavilion 2000 and it has given me serious problems from the day I bought it. When I had explained to technical support in April 08 that I had been sending it back and forth for repairs and that I am very frustrated because that I was in school with exams, they had transfer me back to technical support to speak to a case manager. At that time the case manager had explained that he can see how frustrated I have been because that the first time it was an accessory problem, then it was the motherboard which couldn't detect the internet. Then when they sent it back, I had a French keyboard when clearly I had an English keyboard prior to that.

And so the case manager had explained if I have to send this PC in one more time in for repairs, he would send me a new computer top of the line. He also explained that he had the authority to do so. I had told him to write it down for future reference in case a situation would occur like this again, as well I had taken the case number down... Well guess what? My PC broke down once again (not a surprise!). And when I explained my situation and what the previous case manager had explained to me, they all spoke to me as if they had no clue how someone could do that or guarantee that I had told them to check their call history since it is recorded!

And I just kept getting transfer from one person to the next, in total waited and was ignored by HP from 12:00 pm until 5:30 pm just to hear that I had to send my pc in for repairs yet again and wait probably 2 weeks from now to receive my pc back after the 3rd or 4th time of problems.

The case manager I was speaking to could well be the same one who just manipulated me into believing something, so that he didn'€™t have to speak to me again and the problem would be resolved for that time being.
What he doesn'€™t realize is that I take this very seriously, and if I have to put it in the paper and report the type of dysfunctional service or the non-speaking people that work for HP, and cannot comprehend a customer's needs or concerns. I will, after all the money I have spent to not be able to use my PC, then of course there is a problem.

You can red flag my account and think that I am being just another crazy customer, but all due respect HP, if you put your hard working money towards something that you assume would work and everyone is making you look like a fool and giving you the runaround with everything! Then you would be very well in my position. I am glad to see all the people voicing their opinion and noticing it is not just me that has this problem. Maybe HP should start taking these complaints a little more seriously. Thanks for nothing. Very unsatisfied customer. You can guarantee I will never buy from HP again and that I will spread the word.

Absolutely ridiculous!
By -

I bought this laptop in February 2009, and loved it since that day. The first problem occurred when I got vertical lines in the screen, sent it to HP, they fixed it and sent it back. OK that problem solved. Next problem was the overheating, sent it to HP, got it back one fan was fixed, but another vent still overheated. At the beginning of May, my computer stopped charging and turning on, and assuming my year manufacturer's warranty was up, I took it to a computer repair shop who said my motherboard is fried which is typical of HP laptops.

So being upset over this $800 laptop only 14 months old and broken, I emailed HP and **, my "case manager" calls and says each time you send the laptop in they extend your warranty 3 months and I'm still under warranty so she sent me a box, I sent it in, and get a call today that there's liquid damage inside the computer which is absolutely impossible. I contacted the computer repair shop and told me that they would have noticed liquid if it was there (obviously so they could make the money).

So "**" sent me pictures, how do I know it's even my laptop?!?! She said it would cost $400 to fix. This laptop stays in a bedroom, for my online schooling only, now why would I spill liquid in a laptop and attempt to send it back for them to repair for free?!

HP MS 213 Computer Issues
By -

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an HP MS213 All-in-One Computer in November, 2009. In February (77 days into warranty), I received a blue screen error message followed by an automatic restart and a black screen with "Operating System Not Found." I contacted HP. After several hours and days of troubleshooting, I was sent a new hard drive. It was installed and would not run the Installation Disks. Another several hours and calls to HP and I was finally permitted to return product pre-paid to factory. Approximately 60 days later (May 2010), the computer started going through the exact same scenario - blue screen message - black screen, "Operating System Not Found."

I again contacted HP, spent hours on the phone troubleshooting with support and was again permitted to return product pre-paid to HP. The computer was returned to me with a new hard drive, and less than 72 hours out of the box, the computer AGAIN started the same cycle. It was returned AGAIN to HP, returned eight days later with the note "No Defect Found." Twenty six hours out of the box, and it is again popping up a Blue Screen Error Message and reverts to a black screen with Operating System Not Found.

I have requested a new machine from HP on the last two occasions and was told by very apologetic case managers that was simply not possible. I have written a detailed letter to the president of the company, and requested the courtesy of his reply. To date, I not received a response.

In less than eight months, this machine has been returned to the factory three times for hard drives, and had one sent from the factory to be installed by me. I have logged well over 20 hours with Telephone Support trying to resolve the issue. This month alone, the computer has been out of commission 20 of the 28 days. HP support personnel are friendly, polite, and incredibly reassuring, but unfortunately, I am still dealing with the same issues, and requests for a replacement machine have been denied.

Worst Service EVER
By -

HP Pavilion dv6700 - I spent $400 to get the motherboard replaced on the computer. When my computer failed to boot less than a year later, I called HP to troubleshoot the problem. The representative who I spoke to informed me that I had to spend an additional $130 for a 1-year extended warranty before our conversation could go any further. I asked him if this would cover any repairs and he said that it was the cost of telephone support, if the computer needed work done I would have to pay additional money as needed.

I took the computer to an outside technician who confirmed that the motherboard needed to be replaced. I was advised by my personal technician that the computer was not even worth having any additional money spent on it and that my best bet was to call HP and see if they stood behind their product. I called today and spoke to **, who again advised that I needed a warranty for telephone assistance. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, he advised that he or she would only tell me the same thing. Naturally, I insisted and was placed on hold for 15 minutes only to be told that the supervisor REFUSED to speak with me since my computer was out of warranty.

At this point, I asked ** for his name and the name of his supervisor. He muted the call and refused to give the name of the supervisor. ** kept proceeded to keep the call on mute, releasing the mute button periodically for over 51 minutes at which point I finally disconnected the call. I am appalled that this is the way that HP treats their customers. I am further amazed that HP keeps a supervisor in their employment who refuses to do his or her job and handle escalated calls as needed. Shame on you HP!

On a side note, I also purchased an HP inkjet which ended up in the trash 6 months later because it stopped being able to load paper. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH HP.

I will never buy another HP product!!
By -

I purchased an HP Pavilion p6320y on Feb. 18th, 2010. Not even 2 months after I bought it--it started freezing up on me--screen goes out--not to mention how SLOW it was and is!! I e-mailed HP tech support a few times--they e-mailed me back saying the same thing over and over. I need to uninstall a driver and re-install it. I need to do a system restore also!! I e-mailed them back and said I am not a computer whiz and there was no way I was going to do anything. THIS IS A BRAND NEW COMPUTER!!

Finally I got an e-mail from a tech support person telling me if I don't want to do anything-I should call Customer Care and gave me the phone number. They would remotely take over my computer and do whatever to fix it. I called them around the end of June--the phone call lasted 93+ minutes. By the end of the phone call -my computer was FIXED alright-it didn't work at ALL!! Oh yes, the lady I spoke with told me to hang on the phone for another 20 minutes and she would have my computer up and running again. I said there was no way I was going to do that-said good bye and hung up. Oh yes, then she wanted to call me back later that day and do whatever.

I called back the following Monday and spoke with someone else--that phone call ONLY lasted 83 minutes. I had to re-do my computer like it was brand new!! THAT IS TOTALLY DISGUSTING!! It is STILL messing up on me--this started happening shortly after I re-did it. I wrote to what I thought was the main place for HP in California 3 weeks ago at least. I put the about the same in their letter as I have here. I told HP I have had 2 other computers and they both lasted YEARS--not 2 months!!

I have never heard anything from them AT ALL!! I still have the box and packing materials for the computer. I am not keeping the computer--I just need to know where to send it back to!! I will be contacting other places to let them know what has been happening in the past 5 or 6 months with the NEW computer!!

HP Customer Service Top Notch for me!
By -

A few weeks ago I bought a HP Pavilion Notebook at Costco because it had everything I wanted for a good price. It came with a 6 cell battery which I quickly realized would not last long enough for my needs. I decided to buy a 12 cell battery and purchased this online at HP. When the battery came it did not fit in my notebook, I must have ordered the wrong battery for my notebook. I cringed because I have heard horror stories about HP customer service and figured my $100+ investment was lost.

Three days ago I contacted HP, and yeah, it was someone in the Philippines but he spoke perfect English. I told him I was just sick because I must have ordered the wrong battery. He told me not to worry and that he would make sure I got the right one. After giving him all the info about my notebook he found the right battery. One problem was that I used Paypal the first time, and for some reason that messed up a swap. Anyway, we made a new order for the correct battery, paid for it and also was able to use the same coupon, and then I waited for the shoe to drop and figured it would be difficult to return the other.

Before I knew it he had ordered a RMA through FedEx. Because I live in a fairly remote area he arranged for FedEx to pick up the old battery at my home. I did not have to pay for shipping back to HP!! He told me once they received the package that they would refund the original order payment to my Paypal account. FedEx picked up the package yesterday and there is NO way it has gotten back to HP yet, but today my refund came through!

I cannot remember when I have gotten such good customer service from a company and I only have extremely high praises for this company as of now. I love my HP Notebook, and only hope if I ever have problems with it that I will receive the same wonderful service as I just did.

HP Pavilion Notebook PC DV2312US
By -

I purchased the HP DV2312US laptop for my son when he went away to college. It made it through the first year fine but right after the warranty ran out, the motherboard died. I looked on the website and found out it was recalled so HP fixed it and I purchased an extended warranty. This was during the summer when my son didn't really need the laptop. He went back to school in August and the motherboard died again in October. That created a problem because he was using it for school now and all his communication with professors and all his work is done on the computer.

I was ripped and did get passed on to a case manager who was sympathetic but the computer had to be sent back for repair and that would take 7-10 days. He was without a computer during that time except for the computer lab. The case manager also refunded the price on my warranty because of my problems. She was the best case manager I spoke to. The computer lasted through the rest of the school year but when he came home for the summer, the CD drive stopped working. On the phone again to get it repaired. That case manager was useless. Again no computer for 7-10 days but it was summer and he didn't really need it.

Now for junior year - his present year. He is studying abroad in Spain and the motherboard died again...the 3rd time. He does not have ready access to a computer because the school is 30 minutes away by train. He still has a month of school left. I am livid with this company. Do they use 2nd hand parts in all their repairs? I had to beg to speak to a case manager and then none were available and will have to call me back in 24-48 hours.

If he has to send the machine back to the US that takes 5-6 days - 7-10 to repair it - and 5-6 days to get it back. That is way too long. After having the motherboard die 3 times, I think I deserve a new computer or a refund for the money I spent on that one. I will never purchase an HP computer again and I have told everyone I know to beware - HPs are junk!!! I also wanted to send an e-mail to the corporate office but there is nothing on the website and asking customer service didn't get me anywhere. DO NOT PURCHASE AN HP COMPUTER...

HP Pavilion TX1000Z CTO
By -

WASHINGTON -- I had this laptop for a while now with no problem. One day, I used it in the morning then went out for lunch after turning it off. Later on in the evening, I tried to turn it on and it will not turn on. Symptoms: Lights will flash for a few 1-2 seconds then turn off: laptop will not turn on.

I tried it with the battery plugged in, the battery and power cord plugged in, just the power cord plugged in. I went to HP's website and search in their forum for other who had the same problems. I tried all their recommendations to try to turn on the laptop. There were quite a few with the exact same problem. Then I came across a website: notebookreview and they had a thread in their forum for people who had the same problem with the same model of laptop. Apparently there is a manufacturing defect that cause the laptop to not be able to turn on.

The Fix: You have to use one hand and press firmly on the keyboard near at the J,K,L area while using your other had to turn it on. It worked! The laptop turns on just fine if I do that. Tell me, if you have to do something like that to turn on a laptop, is that not a manufacturing problem? HP is trying to deny that their laptop have manufacturing defects. I called their tech support. Guess what? Their representative was trying to sell me a 'plan' so that I can get tech support since my one year warranty period was over.

I guess if you just keep denying all your problems they will go away...well only if you are a large corporation with lots of money and lawyers. Just keep denying until one day you have to admit you're wrong, but by that time all those who complaints would have given up. By then, no need to fork out money to repair or replace those laptops. Lesson learned: NEVER ever buy HP products. Well at least for me, never again.

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