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Hewlett-Packard Company Photosmart Printers Consumer Reviews

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Hewlett Packard ships Refurbished printers as New
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PALO ALO, CALIFORNIA -- March 15, 2012, beware hp fraud: hp ships used photosmart printers as new. I contacted hewlett packard via their customer support website to replace an existing hp photosmart (ps) c5200. I did this because I felt the vendor could provide the fastest info on this product's successor. I was sent to sales and told my initial machine, although still available, had far been surpassed by their latest ps printer, the hp photosmart premium c410. I fell for the pitch and was confident buying from hp directly instead of amazon, newegg, etc. The product arrived and has been problematic ever since.

1 - My biggest complaint is that hp fraudulently misrepresented a factory "refurbished product" as new (the customer will eventually find a small label marked "factory re-conditioned" cleverly hidden in the rear of the machine) and continues to cover this up.

2 - My second complaint is extremely poor software (don't be sold on impractical software bells and whistles on a unit that can barely print in monochrome).

3 - I am equally unhappy that hp hid the status of a used machine and insisted I buy several rounds of original hp cartridges factory direct that did not help the printer function. Don't let them sell you print paper exclusively either.

4 - Fourth, customer support was unresponsive and the csr (cust. Service rep) failed to follow up as he promised (they won't id themselves and never provide a means of staying in contact with any single support person).

5 - Finally, customers will discover that businesses who don't purchase the recommended supplemental warranties have abbreviated or non-existent warranties.

Consumers should note that in addition to the fraud, the company will continually push product accessories at the customer's expense, and avoid establishing a customer encounter record to hide evidence of consumer complaints. The object is to also charge the customer for product support as much as possible. In my case, I have been ripped off on all counts, in addition to the cost of a minimally functional product. My experience has been (after four machines, from laserjets to all-in-ones) that nearly all hp products have strong design flaws, but function well in one or two capacities only.

In this case, the c5200 prints quality photos but is inadequate as an all-in-one. Conversely, the c410 has very poor photo print capability and poor, slow general print function. These printers have no legacy quality, i.e. Because one in the line functions well does not mean subsequent photosmarts will. Given the fraud, I would not buy another hp printer regardless of its reputation. The company has already sacrificed theirs.

Same photo image comparison between hp photosmart c5200 (left; 5/2010 yr.) & hp photosmart prem c410 (right; 10/2011 yr.). Despite using the same idealized photo print color settings of the c5200 (image 1; below left) all images of the hp photosmart prem c410 (image 2; below left) have a "solarized" photo appearance with an inaccurate color profile that could not be corrected. Note that the c410 also has mechanical issues. Using the same paper, the c410 feeds improperly with photo paper. Printing was only minimally effective for b&w non-photographic copies and documents.

HP is unable to make its "all-in-one" product work as advertised
By -

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- I requested repeatedly that HP provide me with the proper software to run its newly purchased Photosmart Premium C309g "all-in-one" so that it can scan documents and save them to my computer, and also read SD memory cards from my cameras to save the photos on these cards also to my computer.

HP is advertising its machine as an "all-in-one" but has so far been unable to provide software that lets it perform the above functions. I have given their support technicians repeatedly all the data about my computer and system that they requested but none have been able to send me the software which HP's advertising promised. They produced a 15-page thread of questions which I have all answered, some of them several times, as shown on their ticket number 8038129400, but they have not produced any solution to the simple problem I described: HP's machine does not do what HP says it will do.

Instead of providing this promised software, their technicians sent me six pages of lengthy instructions with multiple steps and interventions in the registry which I believe goes far beyond what any supplier can ask a good-faith customer to do, just to compensate for HP's inability to supply non-defective software with its product.

HP's lack of concern for the working of its software extends to the notifications about updates for that software: that notification pop-up is incomplete, it cuts off much of the text and all the links where to click to get those updates. Moreover, this intrusive pop-up does not even let me close it, so each time I have to email to HP to find out the new URL where I should obtain those updates and make that pesky notification disappear.

HP is well aware of this problem because it mentions it on its website, but it has done nothing to fix this annoyance. Similarly, HP knows about the problems with the scanning and photo-saving software, but it has done nothing to remedy them except posting an alert about the disappearing scans on its web page and offering a download. That download does not work with HP's software but tells me after the downloading and installation attempt that the software installed on my computer does not need this patch.

I told HP in a recent email that I prefer they solve the scanning and saving problem by sending me properly written software instead of obliging me to endure another tech support session on the phone, like the one that was needed to make their machine connect to my network, which is about as desirable as a root canal procedure. Here is what I had written: I don't want to give you my phone number because I prefer to communicate by email -- I am often not near a telephone or unwilling to be interrupted by it, and I don't want to spend hours in a typical tech-support phone conversation.

Still, despite this rather clear rejection of another tech support phone session, a case manager at their "escalation team" emailed me in response to my alleged "request to speak to someone at HP", showing again a total disregard for all the prior correspondence with the technicians at their lower support level.

All I am asking for is that HP send me the software its "all-in-one" needs to perform its job, but so far that appears to be beyond their capability. Their tech support behaved so far in the same dismal way that another dissatisfied customer described on this forum on 4/20/2010 at ** under the title "Hewlett-Packard Company Complaint -- HP makes customers do more work - Terrible procedures in place".

Like the customer who wrote that complaint, I have been an HP customer for a long time and own several of its earlier printers, such as a Laserjet IIP Plus and a Photosmart 8150, but it has become clear to me that the old HP which supplied these once reliable products does no longer exist and no longer appears to have the basic competence to make its products work as advertised without trying to have the customer perform their complicated repair work, and without caring that some of their commercially offered software is defective and does not work.

Bad Printer - Horrible Policy To Their Customers
By -

In the spring of 2008 my old HP printer bit the dust. It had been a great printer, and we still use what is left of it. However, I needed on that worked completely so I purchased the C5500 (?) because I had such good luck with the last HP. It worked fine until last March of 2009. It went out so I called HP. He walked me through several steps to check it but came to the conclusion that, probably during an electrical outage, something (I forget what exactly) blew and it was irreparable.

On March 30, 2009 I went to Fry's Electronics in Manhattan Beach, CA. 90266. I purchased the same printer, now the HP C5580 All-In-One, because I was familiar with it and felt that the reason for the last one to go out was beyond anyone's control.

When I brought it home, my husband installed it. Saying it was very complicated and difficult to do. He has much experience with printers and he is a photographer and does most of his own printing. He has also owned many printers over the years and many of them HP without such difficulty. Shortly after that, April 4 2009 to be exact, my 'new'€™ printer would not print on the Versa Check paper that we used for our checks. The error message continued to say 'Out of Paper'™. Both of the previous printers worked fine for this printing.

I called HP assistants and he went into my computer and fixed the problem. He was just great and patient as so very helpful. He spent over an hour with me... his time and mine. My service ticket # was **. Not long after that I couldn't get the scanner to work. The printer says, "€œTry starting scan from computer. Refer to documentation for details." I never could get that to work. I don'€™t scan very often so I thought I would deal with that later.

In the meantime, my envelopes would not print. The standard #10 envelopes which had printed at the beginning of my ownership of this printer... and both the last printers. The error messages says, "Wrong size paper". I tried changing anything I thought might be the problem.

Now, June 3, 2009, the printer again would not print on the Versa Checks. I am now furious! I called HP service. They couldn't even find my last Service Ticket #. They wanted to go through all the fixing again. I run a business and do not have time to spend hours on the phone fixing a product that is basically new and has ALREADY been fixed before... now it has more problems.

I told HP that I wanted my money back, a whopping $162.36. I need to immediately get another printer as I need to print checks immediately. The service representative continued to say, "So. How can I help you today? What is the problem?" I continued to repeat over and over, I did not want to spend any more time on it and would like to speak to a supervisor.

They made me wait 1 hour and 25 minutes until they would finally put her on. During this time the conversation with the representative continued with "So. How can I help you today? What is the problem?" I was about to blow my mind. I said, "€˜Did you not hear with I said in the beginning and have repeated many times?"

After this 1 hour and 25 minutes, Nadia in India, came on the line. She began by telling me that she had been in a meeting and had to leave that meeting to help me. I informed her that I had been in the middle of keeping my business running when I had to stop and deal with a printer that stopped working, losing my time and waiting so long for a supervisor. Not only, I was unable to leave the phone even to go to the bathroom. She asked what the amount was I was requesting which was/is $162.36. She assured me that someone would call me back the next day to speak to me in regards to my problem/s. My service # was **.

On Monday, June 8, 2009, a HP representative contacted me. He said it was impossible to take the printer back and refund my $162.36. The only thing he could do was sent me a refurbished printer... YES, A REFURBISHED PRINTER!! NOT ONLY, BUT IT WOULD HAVE SOME PARTS MISSING THAT I WOULD HAVE TO TAKE FROM MY BROKEN PRINTER. It is very clear, to me, the importance of Hewlett-Packard's customers. I asked him, "For $162.36, to keep a returning customer you can't do that?" "No." he replied.

I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HP EVERY AGAIN AND WILL BE SURE TO TELL ANYONE I KNOW HOW I WAS TREATED AND WILL BLAST THIS ALL OVER THE INTERNET. TIME! Time lost trying to fix problems, TWICE. TIME waiting on the phone with HP losing time for my business plus having no printer when needed, making it necessary to purchase another (NOT HP) printer, immediately so as to continue my work. $162.36 for printer.

Don't bother with HP "Tech Support" if you are past the warranty
By -

I received a hp photosmart 8150 printer as a gift some time ago. During a move, I lost the box & all of its contents, but I kept the printer, as I had taken it out of the packaging & set it aside. I simply had never gotten around to setting it up. So, of course, unable to find the remaining cables with which to connect the printer, I viewed hp's website, found their toll-free sales phone number, and called in to talk to someone. I was bounced around 4 times, from sales agents to parts store agents, but I had no problem with this. The 2 different departments each had access to information on 2 different cables that I needed. So far, so good.

I found the parts numbers for everything I needed, but I had one more technical question: would I be able to use a 3rd cable to enable the usb port on the front of of the printer as a data link to the computer, or is data transfer only possible with the mini usb port on the rear of the printer?

As sales & parts departments weren't "qualified" to answer this question, I was forwarded to their "technical support" staff in India. Once connected with a man identifying himself as **, I repeatedly tried to ask this very simple question, but was interrupted repeatedly: name, email address, mailing address, daytime & nighttime phone numbers. Fine. That all took way too long for the obviously script-prompted reader to ask.

Finally, he got to the only question that matters for their "tech support" department: what is the serial number of the printer? He asked this to determine if the printer was still under the 1 year warranty. When he found out that it was over 1 year old, he promptly ended the conversation, saying that he could not help me, but that I would "have to" contact the online tech support via chat interface.

Hello?! I got the toll free number that connected me to him from their website. Nowhere did I see a disclaimer stating that telephone tech support is strictly for customers currently under warranty. He wasted 10 minutes of my life following moronic prompts, only to refuse even considering my very basic question. I hung up, as "assistance" was clearly not forthcoming.

I called again, and was lucky enough to speak with the only sympathetic "customer service agent" I had reached after dealing with 5 previous agents, who was in their central american parts shop department. This agent did not know the answer to my question of port functionality, but she had me hold for 30 seconds, asked her supervisor, & got the answer I needed with very little fuss. By this point, I had spent a total of 45 minutes on the phone will hp staff. I was lucky in that I was helped by the one agent who actually did his/her job, & this person did it in 30 damn seconds.

That department also apologized for the lack of sympathy, pertinence, & stupidity of the Indian "tech support" department, and helped me file a complaint with the tech support supervisor. According to the parts shop agents, supervisors from different departments have the authority to do so. Who knows if that will lead anywhere? But the point of my story is: tech support will make you jump through hoops, with the purpose of determining if you are covered under warranty. If you are past warranty coverage, do not even bother calling those useless script-prompted readers in India.

Hewlett Packard's Pitiful Tech Support And Product Performance
By -

GAUTIER, MISSISSIPPI -- I have always had HP printers: emphasis on HAD. Sadly I shall never have another. I got a new computer with Vista on it and I was unable to use my old HP printer to fax. I send approx 40-60 faxes per day in my business so I need the fax capability badly. I ordered a new Photosmart printer and paid for express shipping. I installed the printer and tried to fax to no avail. I spent over six hours on the phone with HP's technical support, who were largely in other countries with poor telephone connections and accents that impeded resolution.

One technician in the Philippines came close to fixing it but after spending two hours on the phone problem solving with the fax seemingly working we thought it fixed and upon hanging up the problem returned. When I called to be reconnected to him was told 'there was no authorization' to do that. He might have been able to finally fix the problem but there was no possible way to contact him or speak with him again on the phone. Every time I called tech support I had to start all over with a new technician. In the six tech support people I spoke to only one really had the skills to resolve the fax issues but I could not talk to him again.

In the end I just wanted a shipping box and return number to give HP back their printer. In calling for product return help one HP associate told me to wrap the printer in paper and ship it to Memphis, TN and I would get my money back... yah, right!! I could not find any number in the U.S. to call for help, could not fix the fax and cannot believe that HP will operate profitably much longer under these conditions. As a customer I had been loyal since 1995. Now I go and look for a printer that I can use immediately without six hours of failed on-line assistance and take back to a local store if the product fails. Nice going, HP; you've cut your costs and cut your lifeline to your customers.

Why Bother With Hp-Short Life And Higher Cost To Repair Than Buy New
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Rating: 1/51

After only 1 year, my beloved HP Photosmart all in one printer suddenly could not print black. All other colors printed beautifully! I tried everything to self-diagnose and correct the problem. I then took my printer to a well-known retailer that sells multiple brands/products. The retailer was very helpful but warned me that it was likely I'd have to bury my printer, even though it was really only approaching adolescence.

I didn't want to give up so I called HP for support trusting they would want to assist - especially since in my view, my printer was really very new (after all, we should be able to get more than 1 year's service from expensive products with only moderate to average use, right?).

HP informed me I would have to enter into an extended service agreement which would cost more than to buy an equal and NEW HP replacement; the only way to address the issue. WOW - what service! Thanks, HP! Another HP consumer reported all kinds of problems with expensive HP hardware including missing screws - guess what - I think HP just gave them to me!

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Rating: 1/51

COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- The HP Scanner has not worked from day one - I continue to get an error message - "The scan cannot be performed because another program or computer is using the network, try again later." HP customer support, in two days, wasted 6 hours of my time and could not resolve the issue - they uninstalled and reinstalled their software so many times and I shut down and restarted my PC many times. I was then told the issue would be escalated to their next level for a fix. HP gave me a call time of 11:00 AM and did not bother to call me. I contacted them again and they said they would call me at 3:30 and once again it was a lie and no call!

I finally called them and a supervisor, **, was rude, curt and did not speak good English, stated he had the solution - same issue on the phone for two and 1/2 hours and the software was again uninstalled and reinstalled. When it did not work and the same error message appeared, he hung up on me!

If you call support you get either someone in the Philippines or in India - I immediately hang up if I reach India because the techs are downright DUMB and DO NOT speak good English!! What a nightmare. I am going to purchase a new scanner and it will NOT be HP! What is wrong with this sub-standard company that they cannot fix this issue. Looking at the web, this particular error message is a common issue!

Terrible Customer Service
By -

I had problems with this product out of the box. The software does not work with the product and messed up the software for my other HP printer as well. I wanted it to print CD's which it will not do. I tried the tech support several times to no avail. They will only replace the printer with the same model, which will not solve the problem. I have 2 HP computers, 2 printers and a laptop, and they will not send me a newer model which costs about the same. I have to take the old one which does not work and will just cause the same problem. No more HP products for me.

Poor service
By -

I have no problem with the printing. The "copy menu" on the panel does not exist. A half hour telephone conversation established that it should have been there. Several E-mails of testing and trying established that it was a hardware problem. A phone call with a very heavily accented, fast speaking, swallowed words person offered (I think) a replacement if I would give my credit card number. The reason was "company policy". Not that I do not trust them but I refused. Used Paypal to buy direct from HP on line store. Unable to write a review on their web site. Blocked?

Does HP Understand Customer Service
By -

I have no complaint about the men and women who work at the HP customer service center WHEN YOU CAN GET HOLD OF A PERSON. I will never purchase a HP produce again. YOU can not get hold of anyone in the support department. I have called three time in the last week for the same problem and each time I have been on hold for over one hour. Each time I have had to terminate the phone call due to my lack of time.

Today I called the sales department and the phone was answered within 1 minute. Amazing sales is in the United States and promptly answered and service is out sourced. I tried to ask for help but was told the support
center was very busy due to the flooding overseas. If that be true why are they out sourcing if I can not be supported. If that is true why are they not putting more people on the call service here in the United States. I think its time we as buyer take back our country.

Don't buy a produce produced in another country or a product that is supported by someone in another country. Bad HP. You have just lost another customer. Please come and get my photo smart printer. It is yours. I will purchase another one made in the United States and supported by a team located in the United States.

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