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Hudson Energy "Slammed" Us - Warning!!!
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CLEAR WATER, FLORIDA -- We were "Slammed" by Hudson Energy about a year ago. They switched us without permission to their services. It took weeks to straighten out and now they call us weekly and harass us. We are on the Do not call registry which seems to mean nothing. I have filed many complaints with the FTC who does nothing. My husband works nights and I have a 2 year old who takes naps every day. I'm in the beginning of a high risk pregnancy and have tried to ask nicely that they just stop and take us off their list.

They deny calling us and point blame on some other company and promise every time to remove our number. But the same numbers call us weekly. In my opinion they enjoy harassing us and are ruthless. I snapped today and yelled at the lady and she yelled back and called me a **! She then called back two more times in two minutes hanging up each time. I would love to sue the pants off this company for harassment!

Fraudulent Charges on My Con-Edison Bill
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- In September 2007 I had cancelled my services with Hudson energy suppliers and I had stated to them that I wish to no longer receive their services as my main energy supplier. I went back to Con Edison as a customer because Hudson energy supply services are a bunch of crooks. Their kilowatts per hour is way higher that Con-Edison. On October 7th I received a letter from Con-Edison confirming that I'm their customer again.

On December 13th Con-Edison informed me that Hudson energy supply services placed me back into their account on December 13th 2007. I have a restriction on my account meaning that no supply company can put fraudulent charges on my account in which Hudson energy supply services did. I called them already and all I get is voicemail services. I already left two messages on their voicemail service. They are putting fraudulent charges on my bill. I'm a customer of Con-Edison not Hudson energy supply services. I want this problem rectified asap...

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Hudson Energy Services
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